Seymour Gris: Bye-bye, BBC




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re: Still there....

Oh well... I've now turned eastward anyway:
This is actually good fun.

Klav more than 11 years ago

Still there....

Well Klav, they haven't fully "given up"...if you take your radio and climb on a ladder in the Tiergarten you can get half-decent reception - at least at full moon.

Seymour more than 11 years ago

I meant CANNOT listen

of course.

Klav more than 11 years ago

also: RFI

With the BBC giving up on Berlin, I have lost both my favorite news source and my best opportunity to train my English hearing understanding.

Deutschlandfunk is good but its fillers are SO HORRIBLE and so frequent that i can listen to it.

Another alternative: switch to Radio France Internationale (106 FM) to refresh your French and your knowledge of Africa.

Klav more than 11 years ago

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