Berlin’s secret anti-vaxxers



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You need to differentiate

You need to differentiate between being anti-vax or being anti-forced-vax. Resisting very well tested vaccines can be a dick move. Forcing rushed vaccines into people’s bodies is fucking totalitarian. Maybe you want to research Nazi immunization experiments, like, yesterday. And yes, Schulpflicht and Meldepflicht are BS, too.

GrundgesetzRocks 351 days ago

you are wrong big time

GrundgesetzRocks 4 you are wrong big time. You can have all your weird ideas about the world, that there are the reptilians, that the earth is flat, that moonlanding was fake etc. You are free. But vaccines works because they produce herd immunity, this if a very consistent percent of people are vaccinated. What you call your freedom to decide, is your decision to cause harm and death to people that, because of certain health conditions, cannot get vaccinated (for instance, people that are in chemotherapy). So, it is your conscious choice to cause harm and death to people. Now, you keep using "nazi". One of the idea back them was that some lives were not so worth. If you don't get vaccinated, is like to say, you in chemotherapy, you were not so worth to live. And this is horrible. So, please if you really have time for conspiration theory, choose one that will not harm other people.

Vanessa 351 days ago

Dirty Debate Tricks

"You can have all your weird ideas about the world, that there are the reptilians, that the earth is flat, that moonlanding was fake etc. "

Strangely enough, the commenter "Vanessa" responds to does not mention a single wacky topic she tries to taint his/her comment with. Why would "Vanessa" do such an unfair, irrational and debate-disrupting thing? The commenter's point... "Forcing rushed vaccines into people’s bodies is fucking totalitarian"... is a reasonable one, supported by History. The decision to rush a product to market is hardly strange in the corporate world, but when the product in question is pharmaceutical, the unintended consequences of an insufficient trial period can be devastating.

History supports the comment from "GrundgesetzRocks" on two levels. One level: the substantial payouts the pharmaceutical industry has been forced to pay, after lengthy litigation, to thousands of catastrophically-injured consumers in recent decades. The other level has to do with the history of the 20th century's Totalitarian movements and the "useful idiots" without whom these movements could not have been possible.

We can only hope that "Vanessa" and her type, who clearly need a lesson or two in History, never get to learn about such horrors firsthand. But that, frighteningly enough, is up to the "Vanessas".

Steven Augustine 351 days ago


Nobody wants to force you, that is the point! Why even inventing something like that if not for questioning vaxxines in general?

Peter 349 days ago

Who is forcing rushed vaccines into people's bodies?

Answer: No one in medical history. They are also preventing people from jumping off tall buildings. But if you want to try it, be my guest.

Herr Doktor 345 days ago

Herr Doktor

A lot of drugs have been rushed to market over the years without sufficient testing and even deliberate obfuscation of worrying results from trials, and have destroyed countless lives in the process.

Betty 248 days ago

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