Berlin art diaries: Are you jealous?



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Berlin art diaries

Self obsessed shite.

Ginger 279 days ago

My work artist of the month. Interview me I did the whole xpat thing in west Berlin.Apart from Supalife life the Sameheads bar and others saved my neck.

Joe bentley 281 days ago

Embarrassing piece

This could pass for the gossip column in a small town high-school newspaper.

Zam 284 days ago


I agree, but maybe keep it and just call it Diaries of a Narcissist...more apt title. I mean, I take it this is more about self promotion than content anyway.

Matthew Wagner 287 days ago

Is this the full ‘article’???

These pieces are vapid..lacking depth of questioning, reflection or any real conclusion. Gossip column??? Exberliner, you are better than this ‘content’

Liz Nordmann 287 days ago

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