Berlin art diaries: Selling your art and (not) yourself



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Do people recognize art..

... or do they see what the en vogue art scene, the market and the canonical tradition tells them to see? Interesting anyway that all 'successful' people in your article are male. I doubt that meditation will bring women more credit, or will anybody make recognize their work more likely, without having powerful allies. But how to undermine a male dominated art market? Maybe it's a way for female and/or minority artists to infiltrate the bubble, and to change it from inside? Maybe one has to play the game, without being corrupted, to get the power to change things? Would love to hear more from you on this! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Leo more than 1 year ago

great article

great article about the scene and i hope there will be a change one day

Denise more than 1 year ago

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