Seymour Gris: Berlin - cheap? Dream on.



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Don't Go There


Let me give you some pointers to have a happier life based on the content of your ill-tempered posting:

Fancy looking dumpling bars with a neon sign and an automatic door: don't go there.

Bars for good-looking 30 to 40 somethings that are trading off a back-in-the-day bar's almost legendary status: don't go there.

Bobo waffle crepe and ice cream joints with adjunct fashion store: don't go there.

Anywhere that is at location to far to cycle or walk to comfortably within a given timeframe: don't go there.

On the otherhand Germany's insanely expensive health care make me smoke with anger. Every month the deductions from my paycheck inspire me with visions of bloated inefficient overpaid Herren and Frauen fannying around with paper clips and designing new pointless filing systems in hundreds of offices. A what is the point of all these letters i get from my KK. I am not sick! I don't need to visit a doctor just so he cam have a rummage around my bits to tell me i need some preventative treatment. Health is a cult. Doctors are weird priests. And it's far to expensive!

Dalry Scum more than 11 years ago


Well, I understand your point and I agree that good food, and being an atlantic european my concept differs from everyone else´s just seems I am picky the, is hard or doesn´t exist in Berlin, forget cheapness. Apparently all comes to trade standards, so for germans is beer, for me is salt and it seems gold reached a new max.

sergio more than 11 years ago

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