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The author's advice seems to have been taken to heart and over 6 million less Democratic voters turned out for Hillary than for Obama. And of those that did turn out, the vote for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson gave the election to Trump. Many of the hard left writers, such as John Pilger, practically endorsed Donald Trump before the election. The Donald's talk of "global elites" and "special interests bleeding the country dry", his cosiness with Putin, and his ignoring and dog whistle encouragement of anti-Semitism in his following neatly matched their own rhetoric.

Claire Finn more than 4 years ago

Imagine spending your entire life misreading history... that it might be wedged into your paradigm of fantasy.

Peter Kropotkin more than 4 years ago

qualifications for US Pres.

Interesting article except Jill Stein recommendation. The US Green Party is not like in Germany. She can be seen as a well meaning candidate, but scratching the surface, you will see her incompetence. There is no other alternative to HRC in this one- or Not to vote. The parallel to Hindenburg and HRC is a bit of a stretch but it is a clever association (one I had not heard as such). We will see.

Steven RITZ-BARR more than 4 years ago

Qualified for the Presidency

I think the real problem with casting a vote for Stein the other major 3rd party candidate Johnson, is that neither of them are anywhere near qualified for the presidency. There's already been a vote to change the program, and that was the overwhelming support of young Americans for Bernie Sanders.
I think it's all but inevitable that in the next 4-8 years there will be another candidate running on a platform as left or further left than his. (Warren *fingers crossed*).

I think the Hindenburg comparisons are bit of a stretch. Although it's democracy may be in present danger now, America has a robust history of government checks and balances preventing too much power from being concentrated in the executive. As bad as Bush Jr/Cheney was in expanding presidental authority, it's absolutely nothing compared to early 3rd Reich Germany, or present day Russia for instance.

America has had two presidents in the past 40 years who were mentally and intellectually unfit for the office of president, Reagan and Bush Jr. Both of their presidencies were disasterous and we will surely feel the reprocussions for many years to come. Casting a vote for Stein is further legitimizing the idea that people who don't have their critical thinking hats on straight should be considered for the office. She is only very marginally more versed in the policy knowledge necessary to become president than Trump is.

Furthermore, if anyone supported Bernie and they aren't voting Clinton, they just haven't been listening to Bernie then and I don't think really support what he stands for. There is a history of 3rd party candidates taking votes from Dem candidates. When Nader did in 99, at least he was qualified for the office of president. But, if it hadn't been for his run, we likely wouldn't have seen 8 years of Bush Jr.

Although it looks like we've averted the danger of a Trump presidency, I still don't think it's defensible to cast a vote for anybody but Clinton. The awful danger of such a vile, repugnant person being so close to the presidency is all the reason needed.

If Hillary can appoint a supreme court justice that will help to overturn citizens united, that alone will be a gargantuan achievement in helping to correct the course of America's democracy.

Dustin Shomer more than 4 years ago


I've seen many absurd conflations in recent times, but this from Claire Finn takes the biscuit. Are you really suggesting that to criticise capitalism at all is to support antisemitic conspiracy theories? Good grief. Antisemitism is a real problem that is constantly undermined by this sort of wilful misinterpretation.

Joe more than 4 years ago

"Profiteering of capitalists"

It's rather alarming that the author does not acknowledge that the slogan "profiteering of capitalists" was used by both Hitler and Stalin to persecute the Jews and still to this day fuels anti-Semitic hatred by both the far left and the alt-right supporters of Trump. The conspiratorial thinking that a capitalist cabal of bankers and 1%ers control and exploit the rest of us is directly tied into Jew hatred. If you want to avoid a new fascism, you need to address this.

Claire Finn more than 4 years ago

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