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Hang on Lauren...

... wasting pixels? Are they rationed?! FUCK!
#savethepixels #raiseawareness

Dirt McGirt more than 7 years ago

quod erat demonstrandum

The comment section really merely shows that this article was indeed necessary. Reflection can be found even in form of tongue-in-cheek commentary, though this seems lost on many readers. Suggesting the writer get a plane ticket back to the USA shows what this article needed to show. Is it necessary to wave the German flag in order to live in a country? I hope not. I thought not. That which had to be demonstrated, has been demonstrated. QED.

quod erat demonstrandum

Kitty Kettle more than 7 years ago

What a waste of time.

What an absolute WASTE of paper and pixels. You need to see if you can get that plane ticket back to the USA, mate, because this is an absolute load of bull crap. You're a DISGRACE on the people who actually live and work here AND DON'T MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SECOND BLOODY WORLD BLOODY WAR. Why haven't the Ex-Berliner actually REALISED what this piece is? It's not "journalism", it's out-right offensive.

Lauren E Healy more than 7 years ago

have to agree with many comments here

This is a dumb, poorly written piece that is nothing more than clickbait trolling. Agree with Ben Maddox: total lack of quality control. Just bad writing.

mr. procontra more than 7 years ago

wow. you publish this shit.

What a spuriois , pointless, badly thought out , intellectually bereft length of toilet roll. The problem doesn't lie with the writer who is clearly out on day-release but the bubble-head who thought it would be a good idea to publish it. Its fine to have an alternative view of the world cup but one that so obviously falls back on to lazy, prejudice shows a total lack of quality control. Don't pull the piece because of what it says, pull it because it is bad, bad, bad.

ben maddox more than 7 years ago

a sea of idiots.

looking at the comments below, it is very obvious that human idiocy is beyond repair. the writer has stated the obvious: the political problematics of wave-flagging patriotism and its historically unquestionable links with the extreme right. however, it is far far too early for the world to read such stuff (especially the largely uneducated, hip crowd of exberliner). our times seem to be the worst europe has seen for nationalism (rise of fascism everywhere) for at least 60 years and it will only get worse. let's just hope that our generations produce as little harm as possible and something better comes in the future. with bleak greetings from berlin.

fil more than 7 years ago

rhetoric 101:

don't start off a speech by insulting your audience if you want to convince any of them of anything.

Oh and so I did hear a guy start chanting Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles on Sunday...when I was in Estonia. And I heard antisemitic remarks for 3 years...before moving to Berlin where I was in Ukraine. And I grew up in a place where not more than an hour away a black man was dragged by a truck by a bunch of young white supremicists in East Texas. And my uncles there still think Obama is a muslim and you'll regularly see confederate flags on the back of pick up trucks. Extremism exists everywhere. Unless "fil," who fills up this lone sea of idiocy with Mr Riceburg (see i waited til I proved my point to call you an idiot) can show a real, tangible, and high volume of actual NATIONALISM (the word has a different connotation than patriotism...cause then you have to call anybody the slightest proud of their country a nazi), then you need to stop cherry picking a couple of events and calling it the 2nd coming of hitler.

Did anybody ever confirm if this guy who was waving the black,red, yellow was even German? It was probably just some idiot drunk American who didn't know any better. (the flag originated in a student movement to create the first democracy in Germany, then during the Weimar Republic and then taken away by the Nazis)

Chris more than 7 years ago


What a load of utter, utter shit.

James more than 7 years ago

Tiresome topic

Let He Who Is Without Sin Fly The First Flag.

Any suggestions? Well, obviously Germany isn't allowed to take part in this little game, only fair. But surely America, hm? How about England? Belgium maybe? China? Japan? Russia? Turkey? Serbia? Israel? France? ... Oh wait: Switzerland!

Clothilde more than 7 years ago

so what???

chill man... there are so many idiots on this planet. you can't do anything against this fact. your text is gonna change nothing.... you better go out there and beat them all up!
so next time you see somebody holding a germand flag at the holocaust memorial, you better punch him directly in the face! BAMMMMM!! it can be so easy....

sicko more than 7 years ago


Are you a football fan who's pissed by his own team?
Or do you just want to provoke?

If you can't answer one of those questions with an yes and a grin on your face, please stop writing about things you have no clue whatsoever.

George more than 7 years ago

No, it's not too soon.

Germany is a wonderful country with so much to be proud of, I don't think there's a problem with waving the flag; a flag that actually wasn't used during the Nazi era, btw.Yes, the atrocities of the holocaust shouldn't be forgotten, but I don't see why a whole nation of people who weren't even born when it happened should continue to be ashamed and vilified. Yes, acknowledge it. Yes, confront it. Germany is very good at facing up to its past and I think that's definitely something to be proud of. You go, Germany. You wave your flag.

Also, I fail to see your comparison? Nobody was telling jokes about the holocaust. Although I've heard plenty of jokes about it, mainly from Americans. I've also heard Americans joking about the troubles in Ireland (Irish Car Bomb cupcakes? Are you serious?!).

Jemma more than 7 years ago

Yeah but come on

Not on the Holocaust Memorial. That is not okay

Jacinta more than 7 years ago


I saw people running on top of the stones of this memorial & a loooot of people taking inappropriate selfies. Many people don't really respect this place, but I won't say, they disrespect the jewish victims. It's pretty dumb though, but I won't say, it's a political statement. The difference between those cases and this particular picture is, that he's holding a german flag in his hands. So come on, does this mean, he's a Nazi and glad about the Holocaust or even proud? And even, if he was a dumb ass like that, is this enough to take this example of stupidity for a judgement of a whole nation? I clicked on the article because I thought, It would give me answers about this picture, instead I got vague and bold theories about the political future of Germany.

todum100 more than 7 years ago


the thousands of tinder and grindr selfies are much more in line with the memorial's intentions. and before smartphones, all the tourists sitting down on or jumping from stone to stone clearly established the legacy of remembrance

sprachlos more than 7 years ago


may be

todum100 more than 7 years ago

Thank you

Seriously, thank you. I think it's going to get harder and harder to write any criticism of HOW the world cup enthusiasm is being expressed, and what it is used for. As if a few articles could really spoil some good natured fun per se. That's not what is going on here.
Check out ANY article that lately calls out German individuals and institutions on racism and nationalism; no matter where, if someone writes something AGAINST RACISM; that apparently is equal to spoiling the evening of plenty of Germans as if it was an integral part of their mindset, which, of course, will be furiously denied; still, if you're against racism, you are, for some reasons, against them. For all those who think the Spassbremsen and Gutmenschen are the problem, now THERE is some real hysteria, in the comment section under any critical article that won't quite join the hurrah; the slurs, rants, and aggression of those "critics of the critics" are very, very telling. A comfortably large group of people right from the middle of our society who react on any form of criticism or call out with a well developed victim complex and perceiving themselves as censored because they don't like what they hear and are more scared by people stealing their Zigeunerschnitzel than they are of people being beaten up on the street. Apparently lots and lots of people are more comfortable by now in an environment where racism is laughed about -together, the people who are legitimately threatened by nazism and racism excluded, but they "may stay" if they're willing to laugh it off with the majority- instead of being called out. Where's the fun? Well, if that's your kind of fun, you are part of a huge problem, and yeah, it's not mitigated by the fact that other countries have this problem too.

Kantorka more than 7 years ago

to the generous wise man

okay, who's laughing about racism? I don't. So how dare you, talking about us, who're discussing here, in the third person and assuming people of being defenders of racism? This is quite heavy stuff, don't you think? At least, I inform myself and read stuff, which is sometimes a waste of time, like this "article" above. Look at your own grammar; You're using words like "their mindset", "against them", man, YOU are the one, who's building walls there (see? I can use capitalletters too to make my words more markable). You know, you're talking, like you ate worlds wisdom with a spoon, and you're pretty generous, sharing it with us unreflected & unlightened people, so I feel guilty, that i have to tell you: everyone here is aware of this "victim"-complex and this "we-are-censored-and-can't-speak-up-because-we-have-the-nazi-past" thing, people bringing up in serious conflicts with racism and nationalism in Germany and I'm sure, I'm not the only one, who'd vomit on the keys, if I read or hear this bullshit, but i won't consider the world-cup, and everything that's in it, like holding flags and teams being seperated in countries, within their nations celebrating, as a serious conflict with nationalism or even racism. Actually, we've got a pretty multi-cultural team, because Germany is multi-cultural. We would be nothing without guest-workers from other countries, who imigrate the last 60 years, either in football nor in our economy-issues. And nearly everyone knows about these simple facts. I feel insulted by you, thinking, we're not aware of the danger of racism and about your arrogant bla-bla, like we are unreflected retards. And if you're talking to me at this level, it IS appropriate, to remind you of the huge mistakes of the US-government, which appears to me like noone really cares or after all knows about. Deal with your own facistic state, and than you're allowed to criticize the way, i'm dealing with ours, but with all the cruel & insane stuff, america is doing at the very moment, you really should keep your mouth shut and souldn't act like the messias of political correctness, thats hypocritical.

todum100 more than 7 years ago


Okay, so you told me to shut up and added plenty of ad hominem attacks on top of it all. I bet if you inform yourself like you say you do you know ad hominem attacks aren't exactly the height of rebuttals. Care to explain why -if what you say about your views is true- you're so personally offended and upset if the shoe does not fit? And why you chose to take this so terribly terribly personal when it wasn't about you, and how that doesn't kind of illustrate my point at least a little bit?

You make assumptions here -me being a US citizen, apparently- and tell me that means I don't have the right to add to the discussion even though I live here. You are aware what a classic that is, right? Telling people they aren't entitled to their opinions and criticism of the society they live in because they have the wrong passport? Who am I kidding, you're probably not.

But I can calm you down to a degree, I am a German citizen, so yeah, I am dealing with my "fascist state". And I'll continue to do so because I do think if there's a lot of good about this country, and we shouldn't shut up if we see the more unpleasant -but extremely persistent- political reflexes shape it.

And if you don't identify with the garbage posted under every racism/ nationalism-critical article I was referring to - the bullshit which you claim to see yourself - to illustrate the current climate I see everywhere, if you would indeed like to vomit on your keyboard whenever you read it - why in God's name did it upset you so much that I attacked it? Care to explain that? Why would you take this as a personal offense if you find the stuff vomit inducing? The logic - it defies me.

People DO defend racism, by attacking everyone who calls problematic behaviour out -not criticising, but actually and disproportionally spewing bullshit. You can't post something simple as "Stop racism" anywhere without a dozen people piping up that this war was long ago and they can't even day N*gerkuss anymore and the PC terror is everywhere. They don't even need appropriate context. The comments here don't exactly disprove my point.

And that is why I am glad about everyone who writes something critical about the way this Schwarz-Rot-Gold Freudentaumel sometimes is gung ho'd by the kind of people you, with that multicultural world view you claim to have, should not want to leave it to. But apparently attacking these things -everything from inappropriate behaviour to actual attacks on actual people- is now attacking everyone and being against happiness and everything nice? Yeah. That was kind of my point.

Kantorka more than 7 years ago


I'm upset because of the credit you gave this bullshit of an article. If this is the way we will deal with the whole issue, it'll be a very short and sad way. No real facts, no sources, some vague half-knowledge.. and you say him, he's right to do so & even assuming everyone else, except him, to be unreflected and blind?
+ i like the world cup & i don't want to see this event being combined with nationalistic ideologies, it's the wrong place. See, being all pro about any anti-nationalistic-stuff you get, without requestioning it, you're as shortsighted as the people, you're complaining about.

I think, I pointed out enough, why americans should deal with their own problems first, but if i have to make it more obvious for you: you shouldn't let the blind ones lead the blinds.

I don't need "to care" an explanation to your other questions, because the hobby-psychologist you are, you already know everything about me, like my secretly fitting nazi-shoes or my hate against "wrong passports" and 2. you'll find the answers in my comment before.

todum100 more than 7 years ago


either get yourself a good decent book about what you want to write or talk with someone who lived in the 30's. Compare the past with what happened a couple of days ago is utter nonsense at the least. Really it is dangerous. Otherwise stop writing about things you don't know about.

a more than 7 years ago


but I'm a bit shocked & unwilling to get advices and prognoses of nationalistic tendecies by a person, who's taking part and living in a fascistic system right now. You should not judge so hard and above all with a lack of knowledge about the german culture, this is the most dangerous thing, judging with half-knowledge. Talk to german people about it (may be not only egoistic opportunists) & try to get your own image of it instead of writing cowardish bullshit online. You saw one picture & now you're into some idea of a second Hitler-Regime? For real? Come on, do you know so less about germans? And like I said, the USA are far closer to a new fascistic regime (even if they call it democracy), so why not starting there, instead of whining about the world cup and the german role in this interesting, but still not world-changing-and-cultural-counting-event? As if the atmosphere and political direction of a whole country can be read in a single sport-tournament.. I'm sorry again, but you're doing bad journalism there and putting prejudices against Germany on fire, so be careful, how you're dealing with your half-knowledge, cause, in fact, this let nationalism and racism spread far more and faster, than a germany-flag.

Todum100 more than 7 years ago

Being happy about winning does not equal zeolous-nationalistic fervor; we're not in Detroit

this article is the amalgam of the asininity of what my friend refers to as as hippie-dippie Berlin hipster bullshit...sometimes of which i'm part of and try at times to defend - this guy spews a lot of historically uninformed and picayune vomit (AND how dare to besmirch the name of Herbert...and how obvious the guy uses Anderson, why not just amend the end of the article with fleetwood fox lyrics?); all from his superficial moral high chair most likely festooned with summer-time wearing scarves, sleaveless white t's, blood-cutting-tight-as-hell pants and catering himself with a never ending of flow of club mate and vegan rabbit food to nourish such a needless and nonsensical argument. Schland's won the cup a couple of more times before this last round without forming new reichs and I'd bet 'Merica is still way more culturally ripe to trying to create Lebensraum in Canada for our fat asses right now than Germans were on Sunday night (visited East Texas lately?). I'm choking on the thought that Sean Hannity has more grasp of history and culture and has more journalistic integrity than this oaf. Does this guy even know what the black, red and gold stand for? It's historic link to the first seeds of democracy in Germany? That's its part of a larger whole of more than 1000 year old culturally, artistically, and intellectually rich history that narrow minded pseudo intellectuals like this guy seem intent on stuffing between 1939-1945? I don't do math, but with this guys disgusting, DISGUSTING attempt to create a "body counts into penalties for celebrations equation", then the US celebrate anything for like a million years if we total Slavery and Native Americans. How bout the obvious penalties like for Stalin for Eastern Europe (2 forced famines in Ukraine!) and Mao/Chang/The Japanese in China? Pol Pot in Cambodia? Want to know why the word progrom is a Russian word? How bout Columbus for the Americas? Europe for...everywhere else. I guess what I'm trying to say is: "Good job Germany, don't listen to this idiot."

Chris more than 7 years ago

is a bit of cheering really worth it?

i don't want to condemn the ones cheering without any hidden agenda. however, i do not think that a bit of careless cheering is worth providing nationalistic tendencies a wave to surf on. denying the consequences just because there hasn't been any ill intentions - that's just wrong. and yes, that does sound quite familiar, since, as far as i remember, the "mitläufer" during the nazi regime had no ill intentions either. they just ignored the unpleasant sides of their actions and didn't like people pointing that out and spoiling their fun

shia more than 7 years ago


Bullshit. Conversations like this actually make things worse. You once had a point to make regarding racism, but you are now so confused and focused on a minority of idiots that by the way, exist in any country, that we have stopped listening to you, so you cannot get your point across anymore. Germany is a great country, with great people, and they deserve to have some fun. I know lots of people that love football and wave the German flag around, and they treat me, a Brazilian, with great respect and care. Enough of this bollox.

Paula Daunt more than 7 years ago

I plead for NOT GUILTY

Reading that hurts everyone who was just enjoying the games and having fun. Can't we just be allowed to be what we are these days? A people in a free democratic country emerging from the oppression of bad feelings about their belongings.

I enjoyed every minute of the WM as well as the welcome-home party in Berlin yesterday. I felt sorry for Brasil and thrilled when the golden goal happened. Just like any other person from a championship winning country would do.

BTW, following through with your formula wouldn't spare many western countries from the guilt of their past.

Peggy Schatz more than 7 years ago

Is this real life?

If you're going for the Troll-Pokal from your 'pieces of writing' over the past month, then you've earned it by a long-shot. Literally the only positive of the World Cup being over is that we don't have to put up with any more of your mindless garbage...

Tim more than 7 years ago

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