Jacob Sweetman: Bloody Hurley and the cricket




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Dude - Veetle, man, Veetle!!

Benjamin Knight more than 10 years ago


Another reminder of why the yanks invented baseball. Cricket is just...sodding... gimpy. One day on a village green outside Woking in 1981 was enough for me to put me off for life.

Seymour more than 10 years ago

Cat guitar

See, now I am tempted to see if I can a vet to attach metal bits to the cat. And maybe a laser beam as well...

On the plus side surely if Warne gets too friendly with the pointless Hurley it could have a devastating affect on Australian morale. After all, she might go and live there (we hope). They gave us Danni Minogue, they get Hurley as revenge!

As for Test Match Special - never listen to it but would be very sad to see it go. Although it pales in comparison to the glory of Gardener's Question Time of course.

Ode to joy more than 10 years ago

Oh Boy

Thats a nice Pun to start the day off. And the poms will never win, That'll be the day.

Mark Waugh more than 10 years ago

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