Red Flag: Corona Corruption Is Legal in Germany




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Why do you want to "peg" animals? What is wrong with the author?

Hospital 9 days ago

Dear Exberliner

I used to cherishExBerliner as a great Berlin resource, and I would gift it to friends.
What has happened? I call myself "left leaning" but this is simply stupid and badly written.

Jonah 9 days ago


What is the correlation between a decent salary for the country's top job and corruption? Evidence? Why is this rubbish published on our magazine...

Pepita 9 days ago

Corruption may be legal in Germany...

...but surely earning an upper middle-class salary as an MdB is not evidence of this. Why not stick to the issue at hand?

Beany 9 days ago

Comedy Relief

This is the comedy column, right?

Bozo 10 days ago


In today‘s post: Nathaniel is mad he earns very little. Proceeds to throw a tantrum and random arguments (corona, housing) at the wall.

Why is this on ExBerliner?

Why 10 days ago

Say more!

Ah yes, the old "envy" argument - as irrelevant as it is predictable. Please continue, Florian! Let us bask in your intellect, you anonymous champion of ad hominem attacks on journalists on the Internet.

Zugl 10 days ago

This post is brought to you by:

Nice try Nathaniel. How‘s the Hartz IV treating you?

Corrupted 10 days ago


Sweetie pie, I know it works on 4chan, but calling your opponent "poor" or "lazy" does not qualify as a good argument.

Regarding the article, I'm not sure what corruption has to do with their wage with regards to expropriation. You didn't mention Berlin representatives' wages but somehow suggested it's related to their failure to respect the Volksentscheid - how much do they make? Working class people can (and do) vote against their class interests all the time - even in the case of Berlin, those who voted for DWE also voted for parties that explicitly stated their opposition to it.

Zugl 9 days ago


Thanks Nathaniel, glad you agree the article is written like shit.

4chan4eva 9 days ago

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