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Same here

To be honest, I reply don’t understand dating in Germany generally.
You meet someone over tinder or whatever had several nice dates, become intimate and wanna take the further steps but they all don’t want a stable relationship. I have given up my wish to have a normal bed here.
To be honest, I am not ugly, mid 20s Asian. German men are up for fucking but never for commitment

Sanna 33 days ago


You are fat, what do you expect

name 159 days ago

It is the same in both sides

As a woman interested in other women I could say the same of most Berliner girls. They are like clones of each other, all of them with that

I am a poly kinky bicurious woman with a trashy lifestyle and a profile picture in a ugly and dirty men bathroom. Smoke enough to look like a 67 yo lady but I am 19, booze and drugs every other day and got severe daddy/bf issues and no ambition in short, mid or longterm goals. And then when it gets more serious than a hookup they just freak out.

I think in the solution that most of us adopt is to fly away from this wonderful but toxic and broken city.

SoonToBeExExpat 359 days ago

Missing a few shitty things

Lol, the reactions of the guys indicates they fit this article. Tbh, yes i have dated way more good-looking guys in other countries i lived in. Berlin doesn't really offer the finest of the finest. But looks are not everything and thats where the biggest lacking comes in: personality and respect for others. Time management is also totally a foreign concept here. I have been asked out ao many times, they asked me, and i say yes not because i like them but because they are not revolting and i would like to give people a chance. Yet they ask you for a date on a certain day, the day comes..... Silence. Three days later or later that evening you get a text sayin, hey sorry i went out last night and only just now woke up / am hungover and did not even think of letting you know in advance because fuck you you dont deserve respect. Like they said in pulp fiction..... Personality goes a long way. Just remember we are all humans boys. I lowered my standards of wishing to find love to just finding someone who is able to show me basic levels of respect before my looks fade.

Blub more than 1 year ago

sov·er·eign·ty ˈsäv(ə)rən(t)ē/

Mgtow more than 1 year ago

Relationships are futile

Because women are trouble and this city is full of trouble even without a relationship. Everyone has to work overhours to finance their overpriced flats and prefer staring at the wall to staring at a trillion text messages saying „when do you have time? / m can you take a day off, just to be with me? / call me, it‘s important. / really, call me“ and so on. Like their lives depend on getting texts every hour. It‘s annoying. I dont want to read all the blogs, links, I get all the time. I don‘t care. And also, I am white and old (38) and male and that makes me a target the whole day. You got your womanizer, let me come already and watch a game. Women around 35 are the worst, if they date you knowing you dont want kids (anymore) and secretly really want a child - like - immediately. Could go on forever. love to read your stuff.

llcoolt more than 1 year ago

Dear "Relationships are Futile":

you sound... like a f*%king nightmare.

my name more than 1 year ago

38 going on 16

You sound like a dick who has literally nothing to bring to the table. And I am 35 and not thinking so much about kids but just want to find love. Someone who is able to connect. Men around 38 are the worst when they think they are god, but fail to see they are scumbag losers who got stuck at age 16 thinking that is cool. I wish i was gay. Straight men are pointless

Fret more than 1 year ago

Overpriced flat?

Coming from NY, LA, BEIJING, and PARIS, you think Berlin is overpriced you twat. Look do us all a favor and continue not wanting children and allow the world to finally weed out your genetic seed. Self-centered, self-absorbed, and lazy. Frankly, whenever I hear a Berliner complain about how hard he works and how little time he has, I laugh. Just cause your in two 6 hour drinks meetings and fiddling around with your electronics for “work” reasons doesn’t mean your actually working. You just manage to waste more of your life, pretending to be anything more than useless.

Bosslady 342 days ago

Reality guy

Very black/white attitude. There is way broader palette of guys than 57yo Germans or 27yo non Germans. Looks more of an attitude issue of the author

Reality guy more than 1 year ago

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