John Riceburg: Do cool kids wear a Palituch?



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Symbols & Truth

Strange that ://about blank started this policy, knowing their doormen & women are totally Nazis!!!
But then again: maybe BECAUSE of that?!

ASecretSource more than 3 years ago

yeah, obviously confused...

wait - so the ban on the Keffiyeh in ://about blank could press people's (read: some white Germans) buttons? And how does an american flag press the button of someone who has a consciousness about what happende, let's just say, in Chile 40 years ago? Let alone what buttons an IDF could press in someone who is not okay with colonialism, let alone in someone who is actually from Palestine or Libanon, or just an Israeli who is not content with his country's right wing, expantionist politics....

sidi mandelbaum more than 8 years ago


so on one hand this group are stating that loads off people wear these scarfs, but that by banning them, ://about blanc are specifically discriminating against people from the middle east somehow? wtf?
reality check time: you are in berlin, and it IS a melting pot, however, there are people here who want to have fun while avoiding fanatical, fundamental discussions or clashes ruining their good times, so accept that this thing presses people's buttons and howabout you wear a stripey scarf instead, mmmk? i have a friend that thinks because the swastika had other meanings before nazis adopted it, then it should be fine to wear but i somehow can't see that happening for a while, either.
ps: imho all tacky scarf-wearing trendsetters in aviators should have been banned from clubs ages ago, but i don't run one myself, so i don't get to be the fashion police. ://about blank only stuffed up by explaining themselves - shoulda just done a berghain and kept it 'mysterious' ;)

herr james more than 8 years ago

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