Watching Trump win in Another Country



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reality check

I'm sorry, Steve, but where do you get off blaming Trump on us who opposed him by claiming we didn't know why we opposed him? You would have had to be blind, deaf or have an IQ below 40 to not see the racism misogyny, xenophobia, lies and white supremacy on the rise that were the foundations of Trump's campaign. So, sorry, Steve, speak for yourself when you say we allowed this to happen. My "urbane" friends who protested Trump rallies also thank you. It wasn't the 2 million-plus urban voters for Hillary who gave you President Trump. OK, I'll give you apathy, the apathy of those who didn't vote and they will reap their vast rewards under President -yuck- Trump, but then again, with an electoral college and gerrymandering formt he right rampant, the vote is rigged- against "urbane," Liberal people like us. And may be I'll give you banality, too. Who am I to argue with you that I am not banal?

beepboop more than 4 years ago

Cute article...

...truth is though, all Americans allowed this to happen, not just the ones who voted for Trump. By treating his candidacy like a joke, you made it all about the man and failed to recognise the racist, misogynistic, isolationist mass movement he had built behind him. He got in precisely because no-one thought it could happen. Oh and 47% of eligible voters didn't vote. These fuckers are directly culpable for the world's new nightmare.

I don't care if you're one of the "good" Americans - you allowed this to happen with your apathy, your banality, your inability to understand that the USA's actions have far reaching consequences for every single country on earth. You allowed your political system to become an entertainment-horror show. And now it's not just you, but the rest of the world that'll be picking up the pieces.

I am pro-American. But now all the so-urbane liberal Americans living here who think they can pin this on the hicks back home need to fuck off and reflect on what you have done.

Steve more than 4 years ago

no, you fuck off

plenty of us have done what we could to try to prevent this monster from making it this far. Just how were those of us living on the other side of the world supposed to stop gerry mandering, voter suppression, or thick racist misogynist cunts? You make it sound as if we are so influential.

Tell us why 47 percent of eligible voters did not vote. Was it apathy? Or maybe for some was it because they could not get time off work?

So where are you from that you can be so smug?

flagburner more than 4 years ago

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