Red Flag: Electric cars are a scam



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Dreaming of a world where this kind of article is actually prefaced with a banner saying [I am absolutely not a mobility expert and all opinions, even technical or quantitative, are entirely my own].
A coal-burning train has a smaller footprint than the EV per person footprint? You should be ashamed writing this kind of crap. And exBerliner should be ashamed to publish them.

Get-out-of-here 22 days ago


Interesting point of view, thanks for sharing. At times “red flag” has a bit too much of a classical lefty rhetoric, but it’s one of the most interesting sections on the website. It provides a different perspective in a very politically correct world.

Vi 29 days ago


Yes, it provides the perspective of the ignorant and angry without a cause lol

John 27 days ago

Leftism =

Be ignorant + Hate rich + Hate Progress = back to caves 🤣🤣🤣

Dmitry 31 days ago

wtf did I just read

Is the author of this this thing ok?

Moritz 31 days ago


Destroying ExBerliner one post at a time.

This is possibly the most ignorant, ill-informed, and self-serving thing I ever read about electric cars. I don't even disagree: I simply have no idea of what point you are trying to make.

Tasty word salad Daniel, keep it up!

saladmixer 31 days ago

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