Jacob Sweetman: Everyone's a sucker for a Brazilian



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Vlad rools ok

Aye dinnae forget though that Vlad saved us from playing our home games in the Meadows and has got us looking relatively secure. He´s playing the players wages and putting his faith in JJ.

Gorgie Rools more than 10 years ago

Vlady good

No problem, article was rather good, thoroughly enjoyed it.

You've and excellent memory with the 10IAR - Burley could've taken them places. Reckon they could've won the league that season. Then Gordon, Pressley and Hartley were shipped off to the Gulags of Parkhead and the Stadium of Light.

Look forward to your next piece. Bests

Kaiser Sauzee more than 10 years ago


Sorry, I get so easily onfused..... I still resent him for his treatment of George Burley when they'd won 10 in a row (I think)....

sweetman more than 10 years ago

Crazy Ivan

Not bad - just the one error: Vladimir Romanov is the Hearts owner (majority shareholder), his son, Roman Romanov is the club chairman.

Hearts had a decent second place a few seasons back when Paul Le Guen almost brought Rangers to their knees - they can't even separate an adequate Old Firm these days.

Good piece though.

Kaiser Sauzee more than 10 years ago

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