Konrad Werner: Germany's reputation has been trashed



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in corruption is like a tango dance you always need two .Ask siemens hochtief etc how they contributed to the destruction of Greek economy

yannis hatziemmanouil more than 6 years ago

With the exception of Ukraine...

...Merkel hasn't totally botched that one. Seems to be a voice of reason amidst the New Cold War, in fact.

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago


How the two stories run together I am not sure. Anyway, as the previous commentator has pointed out, lending a state money and then asking for it back is hardly being the bully boy of the West. That the Greek people are suffering is more to do with the monumental venality and incompetence of their own governments who have consistently refused to tax the oligarchs, borrowed tonnes of money and then screwed the ordinary citizen to pay for their own profligacy. The Greek state can't even collect the taxes that it has imposed. The exberliner seems turning into some sort of rag in which it is possible to level any accusation it likes without considering a the context.

Andrew Smith more than 6 years ago


Re paragraph 1, odd that you choose to defame your leaders without mentioning the cause, the consequence or the morality of the Greeks' predicament. Its as if some alien force impose billions in overspending on them.
At least try get some perspective before slandering.

Shane H more than 6 years ago

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