John Riceburg: Everyone is lying about Tempelhofer Feld



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John Riceburg writes...

"Just meant that the government is claiming this will be decided by a 'democratic referendum'," I am wondering, aren't all referenda (referendums) about democracy, ie, an exercise of a democratic process of soliciting public opinion on matters of governance and other similar and/or related matters? That said, the passion with which you wrote this piece, as you very often do in most of your articles is something to behold. You, Mr Riceburg, Konvvvrad Werner & Jacinta Nandi, in my opinion, are the most interesting-to- read columnists of this magazine. Or I should rather say, at least to me.

Ordinary citizens should not trust these slimy, slick talking politicians who speak from both sides of their corporate candy-stuffed mouths.
Anyone in their right mind cannot and shouldn't trust anything said by modern day corporate servants, otherwise masquerading as politicians, speaking with a mouthful and eating from a platter provided by their modern day corporate masters. Keep up the good work mate!

Ganja ' s slanted rant. more than 7 years ago

Panoramic Timelapse-Video

Made a small Film about the beautiful landscape of the Tempelhofer Feld.
Watch it here:

Dieter Gerling more than 7 years ago

The initiative, who started the counter proposal on the ballot needs your help.

And you need to vote yes on their initiative, all the details are on their page.

Jan more than 7 years ago

Tempelhof Song

Here you also can listen to a Tempelhof Song by Gentle Sonics. The Video shows activists, windskater and longboarders who fight against those lies:

Te Empelhof more than 7 years ago

Demonstrate for voting rights

On Sunday, you can demonstrate for voting rights for all Berliners! Come to Tempelhofer Feld at 16:00!

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago

How does the referendum lie?

I really dont get how the referendum is lying to us?

even though i'm French and can't vote, i dont get it...unless it's a way to confirm the title "everyone is lying"...?

Nico more than 7 years ago

Just meant...

Just meant that the government is claiming this will be decided by a democratic referendum, but they're shamelessly manipulating the process and excluding a large portion of Berliners. This isn't what direct democracy looks like.

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago

No Bedroom Communities Please!

If you look at the color coding on the proposed building plan, the majority of the blocks will be mono-functional residential only (or commercial only). What makes places like Neukölln so lively and desirable is the abundance of storefronts on ground level. The 1920's buildings on the edge of the park (by Kienitzerstr., Okerstr...) have no storefronts and therefore make for dead zones in Schillerkiez.

I would support building one or two blocks deep on the sleepy, non-activated edges of the park (in front of the 1920's buildings, S-Bahn edge, and Tempelhof entrance) with the ground floors required to be storefronts. These activated edges with Spätis, cafes, stores, restaurants, etc. would serve the park, not take away from it.

To keep real estate monopolies out, I would limit lot size to the size of a normal Altbau lot and publicly auction off these smaller lots. No single entity would be allowed to buy or own more than 3 lots for instance. Combining lots would not be allowed for the first 20 years. The auctions should also encourage the formation of micro part ownerships schemes with the smallest shares going for 500EUR.

Mega developments built whole blocks at a time for residential use only are very suburban and give nothing back to the city around them. It would however be good to urbanize the edges of the park to make it more lively.

Peter Rickert more than 7 years ago

green space in Berlin

"I dont think green space is really an issue in Berlin personally"
It's nice that you personally don't think so, but have a look at this:
page 60, there's a nice graph showing the lack of green space in neukölln and tempelhof-schöneberg. so, yeah. most people using the tempelhofer feld don't have the time to go to brandenburg, also as seen from neukölln, it is pretty far until you really get out of the city.

Hanine more than 7 years ago

More lies!

Since I wrote this article I've discovered even more lies!

The Senat has closed the Biergarten on the Tempelhofer Feld (on the north side close to Columbiadamm). They claim it's because of the referendum. But the referendum hasn't been passed. They're just trying to manipulate people against the initiative.

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago

Not affordable for everyone

"Obviously, €8 per square meter is not affordable."

Well, it's not affordable for *everyone*.

Affordable housing by definition is something that anyone earning the median income can afford.

In Germany, that means something that a household earning about €25,000 a year can afford to rent - not people who are on Hartz IV.

Depending on the size of the apartment, one that costs €6-8 per square metre can be eminently affordable.

James Glazebrook more than 7 years ago

What is affordable?

If we want to be precise, then every apartment is affordable. There are even people who can afford 100 million dollars or more for apartments around Central Park.

But €8 per square meter is not affordable for normal working people in Berlin (unless they're willing to live in a walk-in closet).

The sociologist Andrej Holm has calculated that families earning 60% of the average wage or less can only afford a maximum of €5,42 per square meter:

The people protesting at Kotti and Co are demanding a maximum of €4 per square meter.

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago

few years ago most flats in Berlin were Hartz-I affordable

there were even loads of flats cheaper. people can be all smug and capitalistic and wank off about how wonderful life in America is where you house the poor in fucking trailers or people can wake up and accept the fact that this is not what people in Germany or Berlin want.

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

the real problem

is that the rich get a free ride in this country, so they have too much cash left over to invest in extra flats etc. the rich should be taxed more, quite simply.
Nonetheless, I don't care if they build expensive flats in tempelhof, as long as they build social housing somewhere else. The rich have always bought up all the nice places on the planet...

Maurice T Frank more than 7 years ago

Number of appartments

You write: "They want to build 4700 apartments." and link to an agreement on the official website. The agreement, as well as the press release of the Senatsverwaltung, only mention 1700 appartments (50 per cent of which, i.e. 850, should be "affordable"). What am I missing?

Sebastian more than 7 years ago

Different numbers

The "Masterplan" calls for a total of 4,700 apartments. But the only concrete plans so far are for the Tempelhof side, where half of the 1,700 apartments are supposed to be "affordable". There are no definitive plans for the rest, but neither rumors nor much less concrete agreements mention anything other than luxury housing.

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago


Considering it was an airport a few years back and nobody could use it, I have no objections to things being built around the edges or even being completly filled in. I dont think green space is really an issue in Berlin personaly, and for most people it would be quicker to just go into Brandenburg than make there way over to Tempelhof for what is essentialy just a big ass patch of grass.
Shouldnt be used for luxury apartments though thats for sure =/
In the mean time we could let the Oranienburger Asyl people set up camp again, maybe that will put the idea of luxury apartments into perspective.

ash more than 7 years ago

have you been there?

Because it is well utilized by those not fucking off to brandenburg.

I'm in favor of construction on the edges, but nowhere near the depth the senates plan calls, for far taller building heights than what hte senates plan shows, and certainly not that stupid library.

pinksquiggle more than 7 years ago

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