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The rest of the world?

Many commenters here seem to think that "the rest of the world" is made up of Anglocentrics like themselves. Actually English as you know it is only spoken as a primary language in 5 countries, and this only because the native languages of those countries (native American, native Australian and New Zealand languages, Gaelic, etc.) were heavily suppressed by English.speaking invaders. German is the primary language of 4 countries, and is widely spoken as a second language in Europe. The rest of the world communicates in hundreds of awesome languages that you in your narrow minded anglocentricity have probably never heard of, much less spoken. If you like the idea of a globalized world, then start by globalizing your mind.

Joe more than 7 years ago

Berlin goes back

What a disappointment! That's a step behind into isolation and exclusion. That a huge part of the young berlin population doesn't speak german is, maybe unfortunately, a fact. If you made this decision for economical reasons that would be maybe understandable, even though disappointing. If you did it because you seriously think that the german community has been feeling "excluded", well, you're contributing to cut off the rest of the expat community of this city.

stefan more than 7 years ago

Even if a joke...

I have noticed a lot of German organizations moving toward a German only approach. This will only isolate this country from the rest of the world. I'm sorry to see what used to be a very international city turn into an increasingly isolated place.

Nathan more than 7 years ago


I hope this is a joke. Some of Exberliner's articles triefen nur so of political correctness.
But this would take the cake.

badgonegood more than 7 years ago

April Fools

I never thought I'd be saying this but... that one Crasshole is right.

Aj more than 7 years ago


it is sorry to see such a previously solid stalwart of neu-berlinism fall prey to this schockig political correctness, furthering the molly-coddling of our formerly stout and gerwürzig brothers & schwesters.

truly belittling of you indeed, the exberliner, to presume an average of over 15 years tertiary education, and am mindestens 20 jahre bad pop-music brain-washing, cannot provide berliners from near and far the ability to neither speak nor understand our basic english.

suggesting these well-rounded individuals would rather hear or read, the tragical comedy of so many ex-pats further murdering the men, women and neutrum components of such a fine language is bordering on the insane! if they really want to hear or read english, there's the radio and all those bloody kinos with englische unterschriften.

as to this practise of 'native' german speakers resorting to english in reply to ex-pat spoken german– more of this "do as i say, not as i do" hypochritical hogwash i say, die dass threatens to water down the fine flavour of berlin's unique and potent brew.

quite simply, germans will natürlich never commence conversation in english; as to instigate and then not be successful in finishing the conversation would be an unrepeatable loss of face... being the polite and schnauzenlos types they are, i find most germans will only reply in english out of pity for their poor neglected R's and slowly massacred Z's.

lest they adopt our poor ennunciation of german, i beseech we keep the gutter-press in the gutter. as any great populist online "news" institution of the gentrified class (seit 2002), i would expect the ex-b to carry on appealing to the lowest common denominator. only by presenting the sensationalist panderings of page 3 girl-esque columns by amok mama, and the far, far right-wing politik of walter crasshole in the guttural scrawl that english conveys, can we be sure to keep the masses manipulated into the selected pulled-pork, start-up cafés and third wave SEO programmer-photographer wunderkindergarteninnen that so truly deserve the multi-lingual custom, as paid by their over-bursting, burgeoning kapitalist bewerbung budgets.

if i want to read blutig poetry, i'll download göethe from amazon, danke so vielen!

herr james more than 7 years ago


I knew I'd stumble upon an April Fool's I'd buy at first. I do that every year. Love ya!

Kantorka more than 7 years ago

Rebuilding Babel

Echt jetzt?

Great decision. I hope Tip/Zitty/Prinz et al. are girding their loins for some serious competition.

But why stop here? If we're thinking about bringing native communities out from marginalization, there's plenty more work to be done.

Apart from reviewing English and German films in their original languages with optional translations (and let's face it, anything else is just a travesty: languages are self-referential systems and a signifier in one can sometimes be a signified in another), I can also offer a smattering of Spanish, French, Russian and Italian for reviews of films from those countries (or those speaking those languages) although somebody might have to help me out at the beginning.

I feel that we should also write in Greek, Polish, Danish and Rumanian, since these cultures have such a vibrant film scene, although I might have to draw the line at films from countries that speak Finno-Ugric languages. And whilst we're on the subject: visual literacy is a bit of a boom topic in our medial age--Marti is a huge fan. Shouldn't we be thinking about miming reviews as well and posting little mini-videos? We's save a lot of time. No more arcane referencing if only we could just insert a short scene from that iconic film by John Ford/Jacques Tati/Ingmar Bergman.

That should cover quite a lot of expat nests. We'd be addressing a far larger, film-watching audience, possibly plus alien species--who'd recognize themselves in any number of films. It could be make or break for their attitude to us.

So basically, quo vadis? Or did I miss something?

Eve Lucas more than 7 years ago

Joke or not...

IF it is a joke...then I love the detail you went to in writing it...I love Exberliner!

IF it is NOT a joke...then I love the boldness of the decision and I should be speaking/reading more German...I love the Exberliner!


Simon aus Kanada more than 7 years ago


welch eine fabulous Entscheidung. Endlich!

Philip more than 7 years ago


What a fascist decision! Why not change your logo to a swastika while you're at it!

Joey more than 7 years ago


lol @ u

z more than 7 years ago


April Fools :)

Dude more than 7 years ago


Titty. Surely.

Sarah more than 7 years ago

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