Seymour Gris: Exiled from total capitalism



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So I agree with you, Patrick Wilken, but I also think in some ways you just can't compare American and German culture. Germany has quite strict, quite restrictive, fairly conservative abortion laws.....but they doesn't seem sexist coz the discourse is different. (Is discourse a word? It is, isn't it?) Germany would never ever ever have positive discrimination in schools or unis. You know? Not in my lifetime. I think there probably will never ever be a Turkish chancellor, you know. Ever. I think about this kind of thing whenever I start feeling too sniffy about Tea Party-type people. In some ways, the US is a lot more progressive than Europe. In SOME ways.....Na ja. I cried on Wednesday morning, BTW, but I think it was just the Schlafmangel.

Jacinta more than 8 years ago


I cried in a bar in Boston with the rest of the crowd four years ago. Today I woke feeling somewhat satisfied that Obama won. I did drink the kool-aid, and for the last four years have felt its indigestion.

Whatever the problems in Germany and the rest of Europe, it's important to understand that the Democrats are to the right of the CDU (the tea-party should be renamed the nazi-party for clarity). Merkel would be seen as some sort of unelectable left-wing nut in the US.

patrick wilken more than 8 years ago

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