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could not agree more, thanks ex-berlina!

kurt schmand more than 10 years ago

expats can be so annoying

Liebe Berliners,

I'm so sorry you have to deal with the annoying white Americans who move to your city in order to become instantly "cool."

It's really unfortunate that they are all migrating to Berlin because then when I visit, I have to listen to all their narrow-minded, unenlightened, sometimes racist and usually smug bullshit. Not to mention the midwesterners with their guns. Sheesh! What is happening to Berlin?

valerie more than 10 years ago

Midwesterns, to arms !!!

What a stupid thing to say ! Why'd you have to go an insult Midwesterners? You totally made that up because it's easy to pick on us. Well 'funny guy with a pretentious name', I guess that kind of makes you just as bad as the people you're supposedly calling on the carpet. So, shut the fuck up.

Next time we'll bring our guns. Oh, and have a nice day now.

a Hoosier in Berlin who can read more than 10 years ago

Dear Seymour, I agree

However, on all readers please stop using the term "Racist". We can no longer use such an ignoranr and out of date term. Because we the people of this planet are, regardless of external diferences, of the same race. DNA shows in hard fact that we are all of the same race. Therfore, it is time to stop looking at those who do not fit our own perferable refelction as of another race. As far as Americans go, my own experience is as follows: ingnorance and arrogance knows no borders and if you profile people based on their apperance, accent or first impresion, then perhaps you too are one of "those people".

J. Bergh more than 10 years ago

come off it

god, I'm just restraining myself from bursting into a politically incorrect rant about Americans.

MARSHALL PLAN. seriously? what's that got to do with racist expats in Germany? So you've done something good about 50 years ago and are therefore above criticism or how am I supposed to understand that first comment?

also being an eastie and therefore not having profited from American generosity can I still take the piss out of you or what?

so yeah thanks for your help 50 years ago and sorry about the holocaust.

Berliner Schnauze more than 10 years ago

so white

My family always say: "Crikey, it's really white, isn't it?" whenever they come over, I don't think they mean it in a totally wanky way, I think it is a bit of a shock after London and that coz people just assume it'll be the same here as in England/USA big cities. I mean, my mum always sighs mournfully when we walk round Ku'Damm, as well. She goes: Where is everyone? Where are all the people? It's so empty? Is it a bank holiday? I go: no, Mum, it's always this normal, this is pretty packed by Berlin standards. And she's like: well, the Germans obviously don't like shopping much, do they, Tesco's is more packed than this on a Boxing Day afternoon.

I really do think all British and American people who slag off the "Turks" should be shot in the head, sorry. It is about white FOREIGNERS slagging off non-white GERMANS and it is racism, pure and simple. They should be made to do that BZ Integrationstest and then, when they fail it, shot in the fucking head. FULL STOP. No more chatting

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

Racism and other forms of non-founded discrimination

It's easy to jump to conclusions even though they are often not well-founded. The police at the Reichstag obviously reacts upon typical profiles (origin, gender, age etc.) but of course that doesn't justify their behaviour and questions described above. Nobody should feel being victimised or discriminated but we should try to understand the reasons behind their actions. However, they need more training as to procedures, respectful treatment and so forth.

With regards to the Sarrazin book, we can see the same lack of analysis. I read it although I didn't want to initially and must say there are some very valid points in it (regardless of nationality because many are actually geared towards the society in general or Germans). Of course some arguments are crap and islamophobic but this is where a critical mind is needed. On the other hand, we only read and hear only about his (supposedly) islamophobic and xenophobic attitudes and the media completely ignores other aspects of his book. People who want to stir up some polemic, will always manage to do it.

Berlin is a great and fascinating city and it should definitely maintain some of its characteristics that make it different, unique, a bit rebellious etc., but people should also be constructive and forward-looking. So much to "financially-independent father"... Who can be proud of living on the state? Which by the way consists of his fellow citizens and is not some kind of abstract benevolent thing.

Iris Schoenauer more than 10 years ago

Dear Karthik

That's shocking - what happened to you in front of the Reichstag - but incredibly commonplace. It's absolutely humdrum for German police, German security guards (outside nightclubs, for example), German border guards (on international trains) to single out non-white individuals for ID checks. Despite all the talk of "multicultural training" that was supposed to happen for the World Cup 2006... they've forgotten it all. Next time something like this happens you should really make a major fuss. And tell every German you know about it, so they are aware of what is happening in front of their own parliament.

Seymour more than 10 years ago

In front of Reichstag

Yesterday my colleagues (2 French and 1 German) and me (from India) )went to the Reichstag and we were surrounded by 2 policemen. The policeman asked the papers of only myself and was asking why I was here inspite of my colleagues explaining that we just came there after a dinner just to see it at night. Even after showing my employee cards, the policemen were asking me how many years more I am going to stay here and why I have been to US and UK in the last years. In addition, the policeman was telling over the phone "we have found - a Inder here - what shall I do? Not a good time to be in Germany. If such things happen in front of the place of democratic govt - I can imagine how bad is the situation in smaller places.

Karthik more than 10 years ago


Seriously, I'm totally gving you props for standing up to racism-- though you evidently didn't do anything when you encountered it, but at least you know it's bad, right? But don't you think your little catharsis-inducing rant would hold a bit more water if you didn't apply a series of prejudicial characteristics to your vorbeigelaufende antagonists. As a ravishingly beautiful American expat living among the Schmutz of Berlin (and I'm talking about the sidewalks-- seriously, can't anyone pick up after their dogs?), I know the burden of being judged for my looks. But I wish you wouldn't say that I should be relegated to certain geographic locations. Pretty people have feelings too.

By the way, if you are also an expat, I want to congratulate you on your perfect integration. Only a real Berliner would bitch about a 'financially-independent' father. Like, yuck!

Oh, Seymour more than 10 years ago

there was a good one in p'berg somewhere

it said Rhinelanders raus, auslanders rein.

sweetman more than 10 years ago

Tötet Schwaben?

Dave, you never wanted to kill Texans?

Maurice T Frank more than 10 years ago

Racism and ex-pats

I dunno. Considering there's a big, fat TOETET SCHWABEN grafitti on my building at the moment, I wonder if maybe Germans really did learn from the past. Or not to mention the resounding support Germans gave to Sarrazin.

At least we elected a half-black president.

Dave Stohler more than 10 years ago

Yes, the Americans in Berlin are the worst - except for the English, that is.

Limey Douche more than 10 years ago

Two words:

Marshall Plan. (You're welcome).

American hipster in Prenzlauer Berg more than 10 years ago

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