FOMO Factor: The ISM Hexadome



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Local Underground Artists

The author of this piece must have let the axe he had to grind cloud his judgement, as there were at least 5 maybe 6 underground Berlin based artists in this program....

Raoul Duke more than 3 years ago

Yorke & Barri

I can't agree more on Brian Eno's hyped up port of his winamp update for ipad, ported to beamers.

But don't skip the Thom Yorke and Tarrik Barri installation! Barri (a local talent) & Yorke have created a 3d composition together, especially for this installation/show, with its 52 speakers and screens.

Danny Vlasblom more than 3 years ago


Pretty short-sighted to write off the Barri/Yorke collaboration. This is an EXCLUSIVE installation and has nothing to do with the upcoming tour. Pumped AF for tomorrow.

The Zone more than 3 years ago

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