The Gay Berliner: Fuck queer diversity!



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Educate yourself

Hi Walter, I highly recommend you educate yourself on the value of diversity in leadership positions before writing such a poorly researched article. Your argument - essentially that LGBTQI CEOs are of no use to the rest of society - is moronic. A key element to a diverse and equal world is representation of minorities in every different field. If you were really interested in D+I, you would know that rather than making an overly reductive and simplistic argument. And the comment on diversity "where it really counts"?! Idiotic. Equality issues have to start somewhere, and that place is usually the top. It trickles down to people everywhere eventually, but if empowered CEOs can't have the conversation, then you better bet a social worker doesn't have a chance. ExBerliner should be utterly ashamed of this abysmal piece of clickbaity, pseudo-journalism that could do real harm. By the way, I'm straight and even I can see why having something other than white, straight, old men in leadership positions is absolutely vital to the progress of society.

Penny more than 3 years ago

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