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Big dogs rule!

Large breeds are way smarter, not to mention way more beautiful. The connection you can make with such a dog is amazing. It's truly sad, how small, weird unhealthy dogs like pugs, chihuahuas or french bulldogs are it right now. The stupid human demand of them creates more and more of those sick creatures that are gonna be suffering their whole life.
And BTW this new column sucks, Jancita seems like a very entitled person with no empathy. Not likeable at all.

Meg 7 days ago

You suck!

I wish I could dowvote comments. I adore Jacinta's columns and am so glad she's back and on fine form.

Gen X Big Dog Lover 7 days ago

Dogs > babies

I don’t understand why people coo over human children so much! At least dogs are actually cute. Understand that there are people who aren’t completely enamored with children in this world, let us have our love of animals and stop the judgement.

Liz 7 days ago

Barking up the right tree

I like dogs, but I strongly dislike how my generational ilk fawn over small dogs so much. Big dogs are much more fun. Plus, I once worked in an office with an "adorable" petite French bulldog whose farts were so disgusting, everyone would have to leave the room. I guess that's the price you pay for all that inbreeding – which is maybe not so süss.

MitteMillenial 7 days ago

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