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Truth has been spoken

As a german I suppose all those nasty comments have been left by Berliners as they truly drive me just as mad as so beautifully illustrated in your article. Many germans are rude but Berlin is the cherry on top.

Stolz Kein Berliner 8 days ago


When my beautiful Wife and I were getting married, nearly ten years back, our Daughter (who, by some strange twist in the timeline, hadn't waited until she was legal before being conceived; she was already 5) was at the ceremony. The three of us sat at the official's desk as he *read out* the ceremonial paragraphs binding us. About midway through his spiel, our Daughter said, "Daddy, can I ask a question?" to which the official turned red, took a deep breath and started the spiel, again, from the very top (I bet he touches all the door knobs in the courthouse three times in the morning and five times at night, too). Well, holy hell if Daughter didn't whisper (very shyly, in my ear, in a tiny voice) "But Daddy..." at which point the official exploded. "One more outburst like this," he said, in German, "and there will be no wedding!"

Thank the Gawdz we got through the ceremony and are still happy! There is a bit of a vibe humming under the surface of this town... but I love it more than any other city in the world (been here since fall of '90). You get used to it. And it's better than being randomly shot in the US, even with the American hugs and smiles available (or stabbed in the UK, despite the better biscuits)...!

Steven Augustine 44 days ago


This is it. This is the bible. This is the way to survival. Thank you.

Germanshaevnosoul 70 days ago

Courtesy in Writing!

Is sadly lacking in this piece. The liberal use of expletives does nothing to enhance the theme. Incidentally, having lived in Berlin in the early 90s, and visiting regularly since, it seems that life in the Haupstadt has become less hostile. Moreover, the ability to speak the language and respond in kind is invaluable

John 89 days ago

Right on!

I have been here also about 19 years and your have formulated exactly what frustrates me. That ‘authentic’ thing ruined my last relationship with a German.

Carl 90 days ago

Terrible writing

I really hope you didn't get paid for this article, the quality of the writing is less than stellar. It reads like a word spew, of self-indulgent rambling transcribed. Then you include smatterings of Deutsch to show you are better than the rest of us lowly expats who have not been here for 19 years (you mention that a lot)

expat 93 days ago

Rudeness is relative

Coming from the middle east, I've never understood this 'Berlin-Rudeness' everyone is talking about. For me, people saying hallo and schönen tag noch when you enter and leave a store is already more than enough. No need to be a dick, but also no need to constantly please everyone with smiles and über-friendliness. That would make even the sweetest person cringe.
It feels like your reaction to these regular, everyday people reacting to daily events is a result of politeness being so exaggerated in the UK and not these people's monstrous intentions.
That said, people proud of their 'authenticity' while being assholes suck, but I really haven't met so many of these creatures you talk of. Maybe reevaluate your friend-circle...

AV 94 days ago

To Kent and Ge:

I've been living on Berlin for 19 or 20 years as well (coming from Southern Germany... white male, though) - and yes, I fully share Jacinta's experience. During all my extensive visits to the U.S. I have never experienced similar unfriendlyness as here in Berlin, almost every single day one leaves one's apartment. It's always so surprising if a bus driver - once every other month - replies to you in a polite manner. Also, after having been in Berlin for many years, one is tremendously overwhelmed by how polite and friendly people in other German places such as Munich or Hamburg or Köln or Goslar or whatever are able to be just in normal everyday situations! Thanks, Jacinta.

ijb 94 days ago

Lost in translation

What an appalling article. Badly written, arrogant, bigoted rubbish worthy of the daily mail. If you have really been living here for 19 years and still don’t understand Berliners thats rather a sad reflection on you. Embarrassing.

Kent 95 days ago

London and NYC

If you ever lived in London or NYC you wouldn’t find Berlin so rude 🙄

Ge 95 days ago

Cunty Berliners!

Thank you so much for writing this! Having lived in Berlin for a year now, I needed your perspective. I’m from California and we’re a special brand of warm and friendly. Its a BIG change for me but I’m already making a name for myself in my neighborhood by saying hello to strangers and by making eye contact despite the Berliner resting bitch face/zombie looks I get! If you’re ever up for a chat... I’d love to make fun of grump people with you! ;)

Holly 95 days ago

worse then ny

I was born in ny and lived there for most of my childhood and as the article says there has been a shift and a huge improvement in friendliness in ny.

A couple of years back I was delivering pizza on a bike and made a bad turn and flew off the bike into the pavement. First response was all kinds of peple saying hi are you ok. Are you alright. You need help.

I was shocked at how much nicer New York got.

Sadly for Berlin this article is on point.Germans are miserable angry and want you to be like them. I laughed in an amt once. I was just over whelmed and the beamter almost flew across the desk and hit me a stapler.

This article is the bible of berlin. Just like the other comment said.

Here here

livinginberlin 49 days ago

You are right

Adored this post. These German people are horrible.

Iván 11 days ago

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