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You sound like every black person in a predominantly white society. You also sound racist.
You can fix your living issue and hatred problem toward white people if you just moved to a country that is predominantly black.
Let's say like the "Democratic republic of the Congo". 99.9℅ are black people, so that means you will have 99.9℅ of the population that have the same view as you.

I always get a kick out of folks like you. Claiming someone is racist and in the same breath you say that white person or that pink person never just referring to them as a person or by their name. It's always the color with you folks. And that my dear is racist. Claim like all the American blacks do, (that black people can't be racist). Although their claim is ignorant and history backs that up. The first time the term "racism" was not used when speaking of black or coloureds. It was spoken in reference to Jewish people.
And if you actually look up the definition of racism you will find that oh yes you can be racist and black!

Like I tell all of our whining black people in America::
Start packing your bags and get out, in your case get out of Germany!

Sheryl 1 day ago

I.P. Freely

Well Put! Get out if you hate it so much. You probably aren't even contributing to society much anyways. Believe me, they won't miss you.

ZZ Top 1 day ago


Hi all, I’m a half German half Nigerian born and raised in the UK. I’ve spent a lot of summer holidays in Germany growing up and my only experience as a kid was getting stared at a lot, which didn’t really bother me or my brothers much. However a few years ago I visited with my girlfriend, who I was trying to convince Germany was a nice country. After going for dinner in Lenip with my Opa we noticed one or two black people walking around, then a few second later driving out we saw spray painted onto the side of a house “Nigger go home”. I was so shocked and embarrassed - here Id been telling my girlfriend how progressive Germany was and then we see something as grotesque as that. It was a stark reminder that Germany has a lot of racist people, especially in small towns.

Duv 11 days ago


Germany isn't racist yet. If it were racist the government would not stand for all these refugees. They would not get everything for free. This happens because Germany is afraid of its past. This is changing though. Because of all the migrant related crime the Germans are feeling, if you might say, betrayed by their country. Germany wasn't made for Syrians. The refugees must get out before the racists rise again. Watch how it will shock the world. Just today Germany has bought a new assault rifle and now that the U.S. has moved on to more important matters in Poland, Germany will be increasing its Army strength. Once Merkel leaves and the CDU loses the bubble will burst.

I.P. Freely 34 days ago

Why are you making your life difficult?

To me it sounds like you should make the effort to live somewhere where you feel more comfortable.

Phrases like 'her pink GERMAN skin looks whiter than ever' sound very racist. I can almost hear the thoughts you have that but were not brave enough to type.

Life is short Nandi, do you really want to live in a country that makes such hate bubble out of you? Reflect on it seriously.

AL 34 days ago

Bullshit is brown like Nazi Color

Well today NRW internal ministry found 5 chat groups in which policemen & policewomen were posting Hitler signs & Nazi symbols.They were talking about gas chambers for refugees. The ministry expects a lot more chat groups be found in the near future. Just a bit flavor of "welcome culture & tolerance of Germans".When I read the comments with title "Bullshit" about German tolerance, I just couldn't stop laughing and were thinking how exactly the content matches to the title i.e "Bullshit". Social system is not everything, honor, dignity and not feeling as a second class person in the society is more important. The result of such "Bullshit" mindset would be ending in totally divided society which happens now in Germany. Germans are talking about integrity but integrity has two sides, if the foreigners want to integrate but Germans dont accept, the result is a failure of the integration. The situation is so bad that some time a go a black gentleman who brought me a rent car to the door, just asked me how many Germans are living where I am living. I was quite surprised. I answered, here not too much foreigners,mostly Germans. He sadly told me then this place is not good for me since in my previous district of the city, nearly all people were German and nearly no foreigner living there. He explained "I had big issues, feeling very badly since permanently Germans were watching me out as if I was a kind of criminal". Good luck with such society. Discrimination is often origin of violence like the Rampage in 2016 in Munich. The poor foreign teenager killed 10 other teen foreigners to prove he is different from them. He has to justify himself to German teens that he is different/better from other foreigners and that resulted in hate of other foreigners. He mad other foreigners responsible for not being accepted among German teens.

Amir 35 days ago

Thank you for sharing

I am a German, I was born here and so was half of my family members. My dads from abroad which is why I have a ‘non-German’ surname. As a kid I always wonderred why German kids really avoided me, when growing older, studying and engaging with the topic and most of all getting out of this place made me realize: The problem isn’t the foreigners, the real issue is being created and maintained by casual Germans - from gen to gen. What you observed, witnessed and get angry about is perfectly legit - in psychologial terms your causing most (not all) of your German recipients that will impulsively and/or categorically deny what your are saying a ‘cognitive dissonance’. When you are being fed nationalist shit with an attitude of ‘aber wir in Deutschland habens ja wenigsten gut’ you cannot stand a mirror that shows you how ridiculous all the ‘guten deutschen Werte’ are. Thanks again for your courage to share this and good luck! I wish you and your kids all the best <3

By the way: The ‘Bullshit’ comment in this comment section serves living example of what is being said. People like him/her are trapped in their German fantasy ;)

FMB 37 days ago

Thank you for sharing

I am a German, I was born here and so was half of my family members. My dads from abroad which is why I have a ‘non-German’ surname. As a kid I always wonderred why German kids really avoided me, when growing older, studying and engaging with the topic and most of all getting out of this place made me realize: The problem isn’t the foreigners, the real issue is being created and maintained by casual Germans - from gen to gen. What you observed, witnessed and get angry about is perfectly legit - in psychologial terms your causing most (not all) of your German recipients that will impulsively and/or categorically deny what your are saying a ‘cognitive dissonance’. When you are being fed nationalist shit with an attitude of ‘aber wir in Deutschland habens ja wenigsten gut’ you cannot stand a mirror that shows you how ridiculous all the ‘guten deutschen Werte’ are. Thanks again for your courage to share this and good luck! I wish you and your kids all the best <3

By the way: The ‘Bullshit’ comment in this comment section serves living example of what is being said. People like him/her are trapped in their German fantasy ;)

FMB 37 days ago


The whole world wants to live in Germany. I have an American work colleague. He moved here because Germany has a better social system than the USA. In addition, there are all the refugees who also want to go to Germany. We are the most tolerant country in the world! My girlfriend is half Polish. In Poland German conditions are unthinkable. They are not so stupid and let their country be ruined!

Edna Konrad 38 days ago

Edna Cockrad

Fuck off you unfeeling lil bitch! Nazi cocksucker! Racist motherfucker!

realtalk 3 days ago

Yes they are racist

I am living in Germany since more than 12 years got my Master in Engineering here, with 12 registered patents & wherever I worked, my German colleagues after a while admitted that I put most of the engineers in my pocket regarding knowledge and experience. Beside all difficulties I have got during job seeking and lots of rejections since I am coming from middle east, I was once in a city called Lohr am Main and I just asked a young German man, I am sure he was not older than 18 years old, in German language about taxis and bus arrivals. He told me I dont understand you and turned his back to me in a very unfriendly manner. Suddenly another German young man came from the other side of the street, seems to be embarrassed by the reaction of the first German and answered my questions without being asked directly from my side. Apparently he has witnessed the situation. I was asking myself how come the second guy could understand me and the first one couldn't and how shit should be the environment of the first young German in which he has been raised. As a 18 or 17 years old young man, you couldn't have built your mind about foreigners so firmly in such a racist way, unless you have been raised in a racist family.

At university, we needed a specialist in writing codes on GPU(Grafic Processor Unit) and a Bulgarian gentleman could do it from another department. He was a Phd student. My professor just told me I pay him this little money, I forgot the amount after twelve years, he should be more than happy. What could he earn in Bulgarian if he goes back there. Even this amount is much for him. He suddenly realised speaking his mind loud then left the room immidiately.

These are just two examples from many which I experienced during last couple of years.

I have two kids and I dont want them being raised in such racist country. I decided to leave Germany. By the way I applied for lots of companies in Germany, I got just once a job confirmation from a German company, the other confirmations which I got were from big international ones which racism is not playing any rolle in their recruiting procedure. So as a foreigner come to Germany and study here but don't waste your time here more if you are qualified. In a country in which AFD party gets up to 30% approvals in some cities, let German thinks they are the best race. The Germans are losing any how since all new technolgies are comming from USA just look at apple, Tesla, Amazon. I think if the American hadn't pump so much money after WW2 in West Germany, Germany wouldnt have experienced such an economical surge to get them in a point now which they got the illusion that they are superior.

Amir 48 days ago


Ich bin jemand von denen, die man getrost als weiße Menschen bezeichnen kann. Daher ist es auch offensichtlich, dass ich keinen Rassismus erlebt habe und genau das ist das Problem: ich konnte meinem besten Freund nicht glauben, dass er so oft von der Polizei angehalten wird (schwarzer Deutscher) und meinem Ex-Freund nicht, dass er hin und wieder im Bus beleidigt wurde (gebürtiger Indonesier).
Nun gut, verstehen konnte ich es schon, aber nicht wahrhaben. Und das ist genau das, was ich aus den BLM-Protesten gelernt habe (und hoffentlich auch viele andere). Als jemand, der sein ganzes Leben nicht mit diesem Thema konfrontiert war, sollte in der ein oder anderen Situation einfach still sein. Und genau dafür schäme ich mich, dass ich es nicht getan habe.
Ich habe jeden Satz deines Berichtes gelesen, der auch gut nacherzählt, was teilweise schon Jahrzehnte her ist (da war ich noch ein kleines Kind). Ich sehe, dass es noch viele Dinge gibt an denen wir arbeiten müssen. Ich weiß nicht, inwieweit die Bundeswehr oder das Gesundheitssystem rassistisch ist (über die Polizei wurde ja schon viel geschrieben), aber es liegt sicher noch ein weiter Weg vor, den unsere Gesellschaft laufen muss und auch wenn er unbequem wird (aber sowas von!), sollte man ihn gehen.

Christian 89 days ago

Im Übrigen

Finde ich viele Kommentare einfach nur unmöglich. Nicht nur diejenigen, die das Problem schönreden wollen, sondern auch diese unsäglichen Nazivergleiche. Dem soll sich mal bitte ein Admin annehmen.

Christian 89 days ago

Article is in english

When the article is in English reply in English please

Jam 38 days ago

I am sorry

But I can express myself better in German

Christian 24 days ago

A place to live

What I do not get it why you would choose to live in a country were you dislike the politics, the people, the culture, etc..
What is keeping you there, if you hate it *a normal amount*?

I did not like the politics in my home country, so I left when I was old enough to do so. The country I live in now is not perfect, either. But I don't feel I am in a superior position from which I should judge.

Do you think you could do better? If you don't, why not be a better person yourself instead of thinking you are superior? The way you write about your "friend" is terrible.

Yui Han 93 days ago


I also do not understand this. I came here 4 years ago and sorted myself out with 0 German at the start – that is not hyperbole. I also elected to make this my home, and I believe there is a responsibility to respect what is in place culturally (generally speaking, don't freak out – I am not condoning racism). Shitty this or that? Ticketing system oder was auch immer? There is a history that built this place. If it's not suiting you, you really have the following choices: grapple with it yourself and make peace with imperfection (which is, like others have said, relatively minimal to other places, or, in my opinion integral to the character of the place), work on changing it constructively, if you decide you must, or go someplace else. Fuming rants do not qualify as constructive change.

I am white, and, on a good day, when my accent is right, no one bats an eye at me. Surely I have benefited from a stream of luck and goodwill that I am not aware of in building my life here, but I don't think this is actually about skin colour, if I may hazard a likely wholly unpopular opinion. I have friends here of colour and not of colour, and the defining thing that marks their experience and mine is attitude. It's a big city, and life in the big city is hard, but I don't see the point in buckling under the temptation of 'hate' and feeling victimised. No one comes to your rescue but yourself, ultimately. More constructive is to actually consider what you can change either internally or externally (not by berating your friends about how shitty their country is).

I guess my point is simply that there is a limit to the value of the rant, and you're not changing any German minds by telling them that they're racists. This is and has been German land for all the history that matters, and whether you find their national history deplorable or not, these guys live here and run the place and are far and away doing a better job than many others in sorting their dirty laundry.

Integrate and make them respect you, or I fear the venom and vitriol will find you lying further on the margin.

name 85 days ago

Most entertaining comment section ever

Reading through these comments is a nice temporary cure for depression.

wahoo 95 days ago

Enough Already

The gas-lighting in the comments section here is cringe-worthy. "Its just jokes, you're too sensitive" , "look at other countries"..etc etc.... Due to some strange cultural quirk, emotional intelligence isn't a strong point among a lot of Germans, but that's exactly what you need to pull off any form of social engineering, including gas-lighting. Trying to deflect in such a clumsy way shows both insincerity and immaturity, you'd get a lot more respect if you dealt with your issues, including the ever present systematic racism in your country, like adults.

Alex 98 days ago

The circles you move in

I made the experience that your idea of what a culture / country is like, in terms of racism and other issues, 100% depends on the circles you run in. Of course, if you only know people from the underclass (aka the 'working class' but it is more of an intellectual underclass that has nothing to do with how much money they have), who are almost always fans of the US and are heavily influenced by Anglo-Saxon culture, then Yes!, you will come away thinking Germans are racist and dumb.
The highly educated Germans (who still run the country and economy, unlike the US where fascists have taken over the country) you probably will never get to know personally are not racist.

It's all relative anyway - even I who will admit that Germany is racist (if you move in the wrong circles) think that it is still a wonderful heaven compared to deeply racist and fascist cultures like Japan.

Yes, maybe you should live in Japan for a couple of years and then come back to Germany. Trust me, you'll never think of Germany as "racist" ever again.

Chris Sotomayor 100 days ago

Germany is racist and fascist

Do we really believe that a country with that history is going to give up on racism so easily, nazis are still alive and they raised nazi children, it takes more time to completely get rid of this history. It's only logical. Also Germans do not have low self esteem, if anything they are narcissistic entitled people. They believe what they do its the absolute best and everyone else is not worth it. Prove me wrong

A 109 days ago


they are very weak mentally. hence wannabee bullies. actually strong germans would be an issue ... and would be healthier for them.
very sick people.

weak 104 days ago

Not your meme world

You shouldn't mistake your 4chan and Reddit memes for actual reality. Racism and fascism is well alive in the world today, but Germany is the least place you'll find it.
Rather, the same people who fought German fascism in WW2, i.e. Anglo-Saxons, allowed fascism to rise in their own backyard.
Actual fascist countries today are Japan and Russia. Countries that have taken a turn towards fascism are the US and the UK.
Germany is only accused because it is doing so well nowadays while the US and UK are sinking into chaos and despair - even though they won the war, they are now desolate societies with little hope. Germany on the other hand is now the shining light of democracy and hope in the world.
In a perfect world, I would love to have the good countries like Germany, France, and the Scandinavian countries cooperate with China to once and for all end the cancer of Anglo-Saxon influence in the world. China has the numbers and the nukes, France has nukes. Germany has the brains to pull it through. Only this time it will be a just war and Germany won't have to rely in diseased cultures like Japan to pull it through, they will have 2 billion people (India and China) who still have a bone to pick with the Anglo-Saxon influence sphere behind them.
Only when Anglo-Saxon culture ends its death grip on the world will mankind be able to truly shine and progress.

M. Basinger 100 days ago

No nothing

Do you even know what people the Anglo-Saxons are? I'm Anglo-saxon but I'm mostly Scandinavian. I'm however American first.
Scandinavians don't anymore to do with China the the rest of the world.


Sheryl 1 day ago

By nature

Or by passport?

Greetings from germany, spot on, i hate it for reasons you didn’t mention.

Wilhelm 95 days ago


I am not a fan of a lot of german personality traits, but that doesnt mean you are not a massive racist for saying Germans as an entire ethnic group are narcissistic entitled people. Its completely baffling to me how people can pat themselves on the back for "spotting" how racist germany is when the rest of the world is literally the same. I look at China systematically erasing entire ethnic groups for hundreds of years now, i look at the genocides still going on today in Africa or what the US is still doing to the black community. Are you calling germans racist for being worse than them or is everyone racist and this entire debate pointless? I cry every time i think of what my grandparents had to go through when they were kicked out of Poland after my family lived there for 300 years, when my dad had everything taken from him after the Stasi found out he wanted to run away to the West. Its been 75 years since the war and you talk about the Nazis still alive today like its an actual group of people, a person that was 18 by the end of WW2 would be 93 right now, that means they were children during the war and certainly not Nazis, unless you see all germans alive during WW2 as Nazis. Honestly screw you and the fact that even today i have to justify why i am not a Nazi to a world that has treated me like one since the day i was born.

Random German 83 days ago

Virus in universe

Hates humans

Adolf 25 days ago

Very correct!

You’re definitely right about the narcissism and the gaslighting. It is truly in unbelievably epic proportions to the point where you wonder “did he/she just tell me A is B and B is A?”.... truly epic.

Fred 21 days ago

disappointingly shallow

it is very dangerous to write like this. i would even say, this negative attitude towards germany, increases "spaltung" not decreases. regarding the question of how racist is germany: more objective facts are more helpful, like surveys of this kind e.g.:
i m proud that my country is far more advanced regarding job chances for people of different race then most other countries in the world, and this does not mean we cannot improve.
i lived in foreign countries as a german for 13 years, and it s like everywhere, as a foreigner you have also a responsability to embrace the culture of where you live and identify to be part of it. there is always aspects to improve and you can try to do that together. but independently from that you can choose to love a country/culture and embrace it. this is an emotional question. this feeling will come back and it s a highly healthy feeling for you and society as a whole.
i love other countries and i love my country and am willing to integrate. but emotional effort has to come from all, not just blaming a "racist culture", that s to easy and - sorry - zero self reflective. self reflection is a necessary condition however.

lovepeople 114 days ago

yup racists

yup racists. stop making excuses.

yup racists 104 days ago

I agree

I agree completely with your comment. Self reflection is absolutely key. I am an American with Italian grandparents. I have lived in Germany for 25 years. Like EVERY society in Europe, the older generation is sceptical of foreigners. I still get "that look" from people, I believe because of my darker skin, however this is not racism.

The fact is, I AM different than most of my fair-skinned neighbors, and I am not ashamed of that. If I am met with scepticism or doubt, I work hard to break through that. Say Hallo or even begin a conversation. This works. You can't just judge people because they treat you with caution, especially if you ARE in fact different.

Remember that it was not that long ago that Germany was almost completely destroyed in WWII and many people grew up in squalor and poverty thereafter. The mindset past down by their grandparents / parents due to that will leave ANYONE sceptical of that which is unfamiliar to them. This will take time to work out, and the people whose fault it is are long gone.

There is no more or less racism in Germany than anywhere else in western Europe.

Robert 91 days ago

I have experienced racism even the upper class

As an employee in Germany with a very high salary I was able to travel every day in first class to Munich. Some germans could not stop looking at me (german starring?) and some called der Zugbegleiter to check my ticket (how can it be that someone like me is able to travel first class?), that happened several times. Am I having troubles with the integration?
When you apply for a job in Germany and you come from for example, a developing country your experience does not count, there is always doubts around the validty of your qualifications and you are also treated accordingly at your workplace (I have experienced entitled germans thinking they know more just for the sake of being born and raised in a developed country rather than openly discuss and realize that because I spent six years studying the topic, I did have more knowledge on the subject). In my country germans are seen like gods, all doors are open...Germans cannot compare their experiences to those that the nationals from developing countries have when imigrating...Germans are expats, the rest of us are inmigrants.
How can it be that a bachelor degree in LATAM that lasts 5 years is the same as a bachelor in Germany that lasts 3 years?
Germans live in a bubble and do not realize how privileged they are and when meeting people from other cultures they criticize their behavior experiences and decide to label the "german experience " as the valid one, as the one that everyone should have had. For them is strange that one has not traveled a lot ( "how can they not?they are so stupid "), well maybe because traveling is not a priority when you have to pay for you education or your trying to survive.... People in LATAM are so dependent on their families ( Is irritating how people live with their parents while they are studying), well many of us do not have parents that can pay an apartment for us, the option of working part time next to your studies does not exist or it so bad paid that there is no chance you can pay for a place.
Do I have to embrace this kind of culture? Before coming here I dreamed about going abroad, I never imagined Germans would be so not open minded and so racist.

Cucu 70 days ago

Can’t agree downright!

Sorry you have made discriminating experiences here. I myself am of colored race, but I have made lot of good experiences living about 25 years here and yes it is my Wahlheimat. Well no country is perfect and there are idiots everywhere and everywhere there is room for improvement. But what is so wrong about having a Leitkultur? Chinese can have it, Japanese, Indians, Turks, so do african nationalities and so on. But as soon as a predominately “white” country speaks of Leitkultur it is racist! That’s not fair either! I have seen even elderly people open up in farthest corners of Bavaria, after maybe an initial caution or prejudice. I think if you go around with less hate you might encounter better responses!
To say you hate Germany is bullshit!

Lisa 114 days ago

talking nonsense

which african countries have a "leitkultur" which gringo expats are supposed to wait...?
i'll wait...

right 104 days ago


supposed to follow ...?

wait 104 days ago

I really don't agree with that

Germany is not RECIST country the respect people they took they learned from the past years. I traveled around and you can see Norway.

Hassan 116 days ago

I totally agree

First of all I am actually German, like born in Germany and white skinned.
Although it is very sad to read this, I just have to agree with you. I know, I will probably never completely understand how it is to be the victim of this problem, but what I do understand is: It is a problem! Even if it doesn´t chance anything for now and doesn´t let it disappear; I´m feeling very sorry for everyone who is affected by racism.
I think the reason why most Germans deny racism is that they don´t feel it by thereselves or just don´t want to see it, but by doing this, it only gets worse.
I agree on you saying that you can do both: feel angry about the country and still kind of like it. I would even say one should do both. Only if you can get angry about it and not accept it as it is, you can see the problems and help to improve it. Only if you really care for the country, you can feel this hate which you have discriped. So now everybody may finally understand that this hate you are feeling isn´t about really hating Germany but about caring for it and want to make it better as it is by now.

Additional I read in the comment before that we should have more aspects of the topic racism in schools. Well, at least in my school we are working on that topic by now and in a rather deep way. Of course manly because of the current events, but nevertheless that proves that the protests already have brought a little bit of change. Maybe it is short-time and not the change that is longed for, but it is a small achieved profit, which may help to keep hoping.

Laura Herrmann 119 days ago

I completely agree

It's so sad to read this and I understand your hate for Germany. I know people deny racism in Germany because they have never experienced it themselves or while being with a friend who's Black or a POC. People also see Racism as something individuals do, which is not the only racism you mention in your text. I know the privilege I have being born white in a country where the majority is looking how I am looking. I am so sorry to read the comments of foreigners and Germans not "looking German" enough to be treated equal. Why is it so hard for people to accept racism happens every day. And that the white "normality" is not everyone's normality. Why is this for so hard for people to accept that their mindset is the part of the problem? All those answers of white people in the comments are the same: denial or claiming to be colorblind? That just shows how deep racism got into society. Not only German but all European (not to mention US and Australia) societies.
We should have the topic racism in school and not only the NS perspective but beginning with the trading of African people, to the genocide in Namibia, colonization and missionary work until now and how were socialized into a racist society and accepted it as a norm.

RacismSucks 121 days ago

You are right!

Hello thank you for this contribution,

I am a migrant and grew up in Germany. Unfortunately, I can agree with you! The problem is that many Germans do not fully accept foreigners or do not see them as equal.
By foreigners I don't mean white people from the States or Great Britain, but black people or People of Colour.
When you have a conversation with them. they suddenly talk about "culture and origin"! Then it's all about...namely your origin and they know more about your origin than you know.

they have many prejudices! I think because they are still afraid of foreigners.

That makes it difficult for me as a migrant to be integrated into their society or culture! I am very western and I also see myself as European, but unfortunately not as German, because I don't feel accepted by most Germans!

Another problem is that they simply have a big problem with their identity. They are not patriotic or nationalistic and they also criticize Germany and Germans, but as soon as you do that as a "foreigner", you are immediately sanctioned!

The Germans are very sensitive when a non-German criticizes them!

I think the worst thing is when they constantly correct you in a conversation and have to explain everything to you first, or rather enlighten you, because as a "foreigner" you are not equal to them.

I would love to exchange with you about your experience!

Vavaxoxo90 122 days ago

think they know

think they know more about your origin. in order words almost always wrong.

think they know 104 days ago

Used to live in Berlin

I think the problem is that there is casual racism and then there is hardcore racism that most Germans are thinking of (the far right). This is not only a German problem but perhaps a European one. The two are completely different. I personally didn't see much of casual racism in the Nordics (lived in Sweden, Norway and Finland) but I have read and heard of people talking about and their experiences should also be validated. Ironically I was told by the immigration authorities before leaving Germany to Finland that Finns were more openly racist but in my experience especially in professional settings this was not the case at all.

Many casual racists will admittedly tell you that they do not support the far right but certain "jokes" or "comments" that they make are not funny. And when informing them about it, they get extremely defensive and say they are not racist. And that's where I think the roadblock starts for many (not only Germans but Europeans). In the North of Europe where I have lived, people in big cities (Oslo, Gothenburg or Helsinki) are usually very polite to me and I have not had the sort of experiences that I have had in Germany (I actually lived in Berlin for 3 years) or France. I will not say that Northern Europeans are not racist because the same issues for employment regarding people of colour is also prevalent there. However, it's quite rare to see someone in public flinging insults at you or looking/staring at your with disdain in big cities (something I have personally experienced in public both in Germany and in France).

Personally for me, that level of discomfort when I was in Germany was so huge, that I decided to leave for the North of Europe and I was extremely happy I did and I felt personally much more accepted and integrated in their society. I had 7 beautiful years in the North of Europe before I had to come to live in France due to work and I am facing similar issues as I had when I was first in Germany.

I have gotten some progress explaining the crux of the issue with some of my French and German colleagues. And attitudes can change for the better, but it does take some time to unlearn them. When Germans or (other Europeans) support people of colour like us and accept us and help us, we want to do the same in return for you and contribute back to your society positively.

Brown Expat 128 days ago

Berlin sucks, but so do you

The North of Europe is actually far more racist and xenophobic than Germany. Your personal anecdotes count for nothing in regard to any judgements of how racist entire countries are. (In particular, Berlin is not representative of Germany at all. Berlin is a shithole.) Most "racism" in Europe is experienced by people who are insecure and take offense at anything and everything and who believe that their surroundings should adapt to them, not the other way around. (You won't get far with this kind of thinking even if you don't look "foreign".) Then, when that doesn't work out, and it usually doesn't, they start thinking that their shit doesn't stink because they look/are different, in order to compensate for their feelings of inadequacy.

I'm not here to "support people of colour". I don't care about your "colour" which is so important to you. They only thing I care about is what people DO. Unless we're talking about women, then the only thing that counts are indeed looks. Because women have chosen to be about looks and looks alone. My advice to people "of colour" is: Don't make the same mistake. Be about what you do, not about how you look. You can still make sure you look good, but don't fucking rely on it like most women do.

FuckBerlin 126 days ago

Nonsense reply!

The most stupid and nonsense reply ever!

Carolina. 114 days ago


stop making excuses for 'tards. it's bordering on trump-ism and is similarly weird.

tards 104 days ago

A better foreigner

Hi I can relate with this deeply, I used to work in Germany and received a lot of compliments such as "I am different and better than most foreigners, cause I think like a German".

At that time, I thought it was a compliment. But now I do realized, it was not.

An asian guy who speaks german 130 days ago

A poem

People need to hear the white man's cries: "The niggers got my balls in a fucking vice."

Liam 134 days ago


those p*ssy colored balls.... *barf*

barf 104 days ago

Fuck off

With this incessantly stupid bullshit. Just fuck off. You're fat. That's why you're frustrated. You hate yourself and the way you look and that's why you lash out. Cut the sugar and lose weight. You will find that the "racism" you experience will fade away with the pounds. You're welcome.

IchUndMeineProbleme 134 days ago


I'm thin and many German people are rude to me. Sometimes they suddenly become nice when they find out i'm a doctor. Sometimes this pisses them of even more. Haters gonna hate.

Bert 133 days ago

Not everything is about you

But since we're here: Of course everyone is rude to you. You're a doctor. Doctors suck, they are arrogant know-it-alls, most of whom cannot even do their job properly. Everbody knows this, and everbody senses it intuitively, even when they don't know you're a doctor. This has nothing to do with "German people", it's the same the world over.

Case in point: Anyone who thinks they can brush off any and all criticism with "haters gonna hate" is a fucking idiot who deserves all the hate they get and then some.

Be a better human being and the "hate" will go away. You're an insecure crybaby who treats others with contempt and gets offended at anything and everything that does not go out of its way to caress your fragile ego. But you need to be brutally beaten into utter submission first, before you can embark on the long journey towards a restructuring and reconstitution of the pile of worthless rubble that is your soul.

Prepare to suffer. Jesus was right: Salvation comes at no less than the cost of death before you can truly live. One doesn't have to be a Christian or believe in an afterlife to realize the truth in this.

IchUndMeineProbleme 126 days ago

In Germany your value as human is attached to the money you make

I have experience that. After I say I am a doctor the next question is if I practice. If I say I don't the level of acceptance is somehow higher but still low. If I say I do the acceptance level increases. Wtf?

cucu 70 days ago

You Sound Just as Frustrated

How about you own up to your own frustration exemplified in your inability to engage with the syllogism of the article and making ad-humenim comments? 'Fat or thin' has nothing to do with engaging thoughtfully in a conversation, as the two writers you criticize have proven. Maybe you are the one frustrated, or even psychologically obsessed, about body sizes and tend to see that in everything. I believe that you could man up to the argument in a more sensible way.

Observer 106 days ago

This is actually true

People who are offended now because they think this is hypocrite or simply false, I am German, I was born here and I grew up here. Germany is in fact racist, which doesn't mean other people or other countries aren't racist. As someone who has lived in the UK for a few years, I can now understand racism better. I used to think those jokes weren't bad at all and the others should just suck it up. But how arrogant is that. You'll never know how bad it is until you have experienced it yourself on a nearly daily basis.. No matter how many criminal Turkish or whatever country their parents or ancestors were from you have met. That doesn't speak for all of the people. Everyone should just think about themselves first, and I mean in a way as: what have I done recently that wasn't right. I'm sure they'll think of something right away.

Someone 138 days ago

No it's not

To say that "Germany is racist" is total bullshit. Like in every country, there are racists in Germany. But that doesn't make the COUNTRY racist. A racist country has a racist government, racist laws, racist institutions. None of this is true of Germany. In fact, among the top 20 most racist countries in the world there is only one in which the population has a white majority (if you cannot guess it, it's South Africa).

What most people who talk about "racism" nowadays actually mean is bullying using stereotypes about nationalities, skin colours, cultures, etc. This kind of behaviour, these "jokes" are often stupid, but they are NOT racism. Racism is about much more than personal offense. It is bigger than a bunch of people getting offended, whether the offense is rightfully taken or not.

SomeoneElse 126 days ago

Make it make sense

First of all you’re saying Germany as a whole is racist, having lived abroad and seen other countries experiences with racism. Then you move on to say that just because some Turkish people are criminals doesn’t mean the rest of them are. How can you apply this standard to Germany, calling the country and its people racist as a whole whilst saying ‘oh, not everybody is like this though’? If you have lived abroad then you may have noticed that in many other European countries you will encounter similar incidents with people being ‘casually racist’, indeed I am not condoning this, however to say that Germany is so incredibly bad and so racist is just simply untrue. The big cities have a high population of non-German minorities, most of which have managed to live and integrate quite well, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt. Obviously there are a lot of German people out there that are openly racist and the country itself has a past which many still struggle with, however this comment (and the report itself) are incredibly one sided and apply double standards.

LawStudent2756 28 days ago

Im sad

Im sad that people like this can talk without hearing themselves. Why do oversensitive people like you go around telling everyone who dares to make a joke they are racist, while you yourself hate Germans for their skin color. Germany isn't one person. We are Christ, Muslim, Buddhists, Atheists, Black, White, Green, Blue, German natives, Nigerian natives, Japanese natives, right wing, left wing, centrist. But aren't we all human ? Why do some SJW and extreme leftists always have to bring up Race by calling random people racist ? Cant we just ignore the idiots that blabber about race superiority and most of them are gonna die anyway cause they are old and fear change. Just do as Morgan Freeman said when he was asked about his opinion on racism. Stop talking about race.

A random Guy 138 days ago

being white ?

I assume you are white ? as am I. but I am aware that if you are not white you will be treated differently. If you dont want to talk about race, its because your white privilege allows you to say this. if you are not white, and treated badly, I am sure you would be singing a different tune. and just because we are 'multi-culti' doenst mean we are not racist. we are both. celebrate the first, WORK on the second. by being aware of it. its funny she says Germans dont like hearing it, and yet here you are, whining about it. point in case I guess.

BLM 137 days ago

"Point in case"

Your English is a bad as your "argument".

"I am aware that if you are not white you will be treated differently."

Bullshit. Everyone can be treated "differently". Or not. People will find ways to tease you if they don't like you. In Germany, this is decided on an individual basis, not by some "racist" general consensus. We are NOT a racist country. We are a country full of idiots though. People will make fun of your nose if nothing else is available. Stuff that is easily usable because it stands out. Most "racism" is just that. Not a genuine belief that black people are worth less than whites but simply the easiest way to rattle someone's nerves. For example, bullying women is in most cases most easily achieved by talking about their looks and sexual availability. But from that it doesn't follow that our society is "misogynist".

Also, "being aware" is not in ANY way "work". It's just a cheap excuse for piling more bullshit on top of the huge mountain of already existing bullshit instead of getting a proper education and actually DOING something against stupidity and bullying. Bullying is just one of the consequences of stupidity. It makes ZERO sense to merely treat the symptom. Merely TELLING people that they are stupid makes ZERO differences. It just creates more and more divisiveness.

CasePointer 126 days ago

Truth hurts

I was born and raised in Germany and I Completely agree with. I have been told i will never find a job here because of my hijab, people thought i had a bomb in my bag, i wasn’t accepted to do my job experience at a doctors office, because my hijab would offend other people. People thought i support the ISIS, because of my hijab. They told me they are disgusted by my culture but I’ve never told them from which country my parents immigrated from. It’s sad to see that mainly white people deny this.

S 140 days ago

Well, it's easy

... just take off the hijab and stop supporting ISIS. Problem solved. You're welcome.

ProblemSolver 126 days ago


I am mixed race and lived in Berlin a few years ago. Have to agree with pretty much everything the author says. Some of the reactions seen here in the comments exemplify the attitudes that can be found in Germany towards confronting racism i.e. complete denial.

Peter 140 days ago


Berlin is a shithole, filled to the brim with promoters of identity politics, aka the poison of modernity. Get away from Berlin. Get away from this bullshit.

EscalandoInConfusio 134 days ago


As a person of colour now married to a white Frenchman, I worry constantly about how would I teach my future children how to navigate these issues and situations. The denial is huge but I have managed to convince some Germans through much dialogue about what exactly is racism. Some will always still deny it exists though..

Brown Expat 128 days ago

Not agreed

You're a crybaby spouting jargon. If you hate your skin colour, that's on you. You're the one who is in denial. Fuck off and get a life.

RevengeOfTheLlamas 126 days ago

Are you mad? know im german and i read this right? this is racist

anonymous 140 days ago

You are a hypocrite

Maybe you should read your own publications better. You are everything and more than what you criticise in this laughable abomination of an article.

Wurstbrator 141 days ago

Racist article, should bet banned

Sickening disgusting racist article. Have never seen such an unproblematic, chill country with things being so calm, and blacks everywhere (and a lot of them in every city), nobody minds. Blacks and whites living together, having fun, being friends, going out. Absolute openmindness. This article is completely bs and obviously written by an ultraleftist to push their (ironically racist) hate on Germans/whites. Probably the people mentioned just made edgy jokes, now as we all know the typical ultraleftist can't separate between humor and actual racism. Not with us bigot. Black and white, we standing together against such hypocrisy!!!!

dreysi 141 days ago

your privilege ist stupid

"edgy jokes" = Racism.
check your privilege doofus

blm 137 days ago

Why don't you

check your ASSHOLE. Because that's where all your BULLSHIT is coming from. Privilege my ASS.

CheckYourAsshole 126 days ago

That my friend is the problem!

I am black and I can confirm that Germany is a highly racist country. You claim Germany is chill?! Well, I know the racist and hateful stares I get as a black male when I go out on a date with a white lady. Everyone including waiters (often white German female waiters) think they have an opinion and most do so with non verbal cues! People stare and often with disapproval or disgust! And Germans are hypocrites and chameleons who think they can gaslight non native Germans. They think they have a right to control you and you should worship them for living in their land, which is the hallmark of little minded people. I have driving my car to 26 European countries outside Germany, apart from police checks when I am crossing Schengen borders, I have never been stopped by police. But I have been stopped 5 times by police in Germany, two are checkpoints which I am fine with, three were individual stops. Germans are quick to talk about the racism in US, but the Germans are worse. It is only because here they can use structural and institutional racism to keep black people suppressed. As more and more black people begin to establish themselves, the Germans will become more violent, for now covert means are working. A 2016 UN report on racism in Germany showed that Germans view black people to be at the lower wrung of the German society. This report was not telling me what I don't already know. As a black person you always feel the negative energy of the Germans. They are always quick to want to "guide" you, but immediately feel deflated if you happen to know better than they do.

Godwin 136 days ago

Go then ...

Well , live in Africa then, no one holds you in Europe.
I’m not seeing millions of Whites running to Africa, but I see the opposite. Surprise , not everyone like it, and it’s their right.

No name 136 days ago

We are here, live with it!

Well, whites also came to Africa to steal our resources and now we are also hear to enjoy what they stole from us. Live with it. And your ignorance is so bad. There are plenty of whites running to Africa, they only camouflage themselves as "expatriates" or "volunteers" which are actually corporate thieves and spies who bring disease like COVID-19, Ebola and HIV which white people created in laboratories to Africa.

Godwin 135 days ago


I mean - seriously? What kind of readers do you have, dear Exberliner publishers? (This is not the only impressively deranged comment, there are a few.)

1) Volunteers in Africa = Corporate thieves, and spies?

2) COVID-19, Ebola and HIV = Created by white people in laboratories "to" Africa?

Gimme more, please. Gimme more.

Michael N. 134 days ago


here's some more...

OP said "There are plenty of whites running to Africa, they only camouflage themselves as "expatriates" or "volunteers" which are actually corporate thieves and spies"

which unpacks to

expatriates which are actually corporate thieves and spies


volunteers which are actually corporate thieves and spies

in other words you are dumb ...

dummy chastiser 104 days ago


Wow, you're the most amazing and tangible example of racial tolerance!
Don't worry, many people prefer to go to other accepting destinations, which are by the way English-speaking and have a better climate... Good luck with your aging population and shrinking economy.

Ronja 129 days ago

You should get treated

for paranoia. Or for just being an asshole who gets offended about things that didn't actually happen. Also, stop fucking our women and get back to your country.

Punisher2020 126 days ago

D'accord, dreysi

Nothing to add to dreysi's statement. I unrestrictedly approve. - Dear Exberliner editors, please. I mean: PLEASE. The shallowness of this "article" is mortifying.

Michael N. 134 days ago


"Hey, Germany is a racist country, take my proof:"
-lists up bad impressions that every person in its lifetime casually makes, ignores all good impressions, creating a complete bubble and (ironically racist) bias against Germans-
"And that's why it's a racist country, despite it uhhhhh you know taking the most foreigners n stuff, but I'm an ultraleftist bigot so I'll love to be hypocritically racist while claiming to fight racism."
Wake up, you're really just doing the same thing that you criticise racists for: Which is blaming an entire race/country/whatsoever; generalizing is always racism. Joke's on you.

TheThinker 141 days ago

think harder

but dont forget to look around. racism is everywhere. guess you dont like hearing it ? you must be biodeutsch

blm 137 days ago


You ugly as hell bruh

Your Mother 141 days ago


Someone listens to a loud minority of racists and assumes the nation as a whole is racist. No proper research done, no background information, no context. It doesnt help that this article started with the author being a hypocrite.

All in all its a worthless piece of paper created to stirr the pot thats been off the stove for 60 years.

Racists complaining about racism. Toppled by generalization and a bit more racism.

Dissapointed 141 days ago


Germans are so hardwired with racism in their DNA, that they don't see or acknowledge their racism. The German arrogance of always thinking they are right and superior to others make them think they are immune to criticism. Be humble to accept criticisms.

Godwin 136 days ago



Michael N. 134 days ago


yup. they are in denial.

yup 104 days ago


You're making assumptions.

m 141 days ago

Hispanic is not a race

You are white and quite frankly, kind of a crybaby.5

F.U 144 days ago

what are you on about

first of all, this article has nothing to do with hispanic being a race. i assume you are american and dont like latinos. but the us government recognises non-white hispanic people as a race. this is because hispanics (technically mestizos) are usually of mixed spanish, indigenous or african (usually from a slave imported to latin america by the spanish empire) descent and are therefore usually a darker skin colour than white people of mainly european descent, which white americans are. race is defined by skin colour and a lot of darker skinned mestizos cannot be defined as either white or black, because they are of mixed descent.

ur just wrong 137 days ago

Best summary of racism in Germany

Absolutely agree with the author of the article and can relate to many of the experiences with racism that people mentioned in the comment section.
I’m technically german (mixed race) but ironically I’m only considered german outside Germany. I left Germany at 19 mainly because of racism. In the US and UK there are many issues with racism but at least society is aware of it and tries to work on it. Yes, even in racist USA there are so many white allies who try to fight racism. In Germany people are openly racist without realising and the whole debate is just swept under the rug. All they say is there is no racism here in Germany, only in east Germany and it’s much better than America . At the same time you have hundreds of hate crimes a year , Hanau, NSU, casual every day racism ... the level of ignorance is just breathtaking

GermanAuslaender 144 days ago

You are spot on!

You have spoken from the heart. Especially the part, "All they say is there is no racism here in Germany, only in east Germany and it’s much better than America". That is so true. Germans are so racist that they are quick to deny and sweep their racism under the carpet so they can continue to be racists!

Godwin 136 days ago


100% correct.

100 104 days ago

Still racist after all

I am white, German, and I have been living in the USA, New York, since 2006. I am working to be aware of my white privilege, systematic racism is alive and well in the USA. Germans love to hate America, shake their heads over America’s failures. Yes, Racism is ingrained, baked into the everyday. But for what it’s worth there is discourse, even willingness of some people to stare injustice straight in the eye. It’s imperfect, there are many, many failures, but I would never hear the kind of unchecked, casual racism in my progressive city, that I do hear out of the mouths of everyday Germans when I go visit. Does no one call you guys out? Shit, I do except my friends to tell me if I say something offensive. That is their right, and I want to be told. If we want to have a civilized country, we damn can’t all be that frail and defensive about our racism. It’s a long, rocky process. And I am just talking about the casual, everyday. Not about the big, systematic, grossly violent stuff. But if we don’t take on common racist rhetoric today, we for sure can’t take on the future battles. Germans need to wake up! You are still racist!

Nina 145 days ago

Thank you Nina

As a person of colour, when I lived in Berlin as a university student, I often wanted to point out the casual racism but did not feel strong enough to do so. And even now as an adult, married to a Frenchman, I hear these sort of casual racism here also in France. I am now actively speaking up about it and explaining to the people around me. You are right in all your points but what is extremely powerful about your statement is that as a white person, you acknowledge understand and willing to stand up for what is right. And that's how change begins for us...

Thank you :)

Brown Expat 128 days ago

Worst place on earth!

I lived in DE for 3 and a half years. Worst. Time. Of. My. Life. Im a white ( does this even matter? it does, in germany) young female with professional background. I have never suffered so much as I did when living there. Faced prejudice for being a female single foreigner. Heard things from work colleagues that ANY normal citizen in the western world would be horrified, it basically goes against any basic human right. It started to deeply affect me and my self-esteem. Was pointed and laughed at on the streets for no reason. It reached a point where I couldn't go to the supermarket without hearing a stranger say something offensive to me out of the blue. My simple existence was offensive to them. I had to annulate myself in every way, shape and form and nothing got any better. Leaving the house was a nightmare. They explore the weakness of others: they will offend you for no reason and try to take advantage moneywise if they can. Everyone is paranoid over there, they follow and spy on each other, especially if you are a foreigner, they look at you as if you are someone not to be trusted, when, in fact, it is the other way around: I had neighbors that knew me stealing my post and packages. This is nasty. When I started having my post stollen I said to myself: you know what? This is not for me. I don't have to be here. And a few months after I left and returned to the UK, where I live in peace! I can go to the supermarket and the cashier is actually polite. People mind their own business. My work colleagues are lovely. My neighbors knock on my door when my post is lying around. I still have post-traumatic stress due to the time I spent this HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE land.

But now I am in peace and recovering. German society is sad, depressed, angry, jealous and I don't have to fit in there. Nobody does. I will never set foot there ever again. They can keep living their sad and unfulfilling lives. They will never know the meaning of the word humanity.

Alex 158 days ago

Maybe YOU are the problem

I feel like you wouldn't say that if you were in Japan or china . Maybe if everyone's pointing out something about you chances are that YOU are the problem and not an entire nation of 70million (I don't count the diverse people here ) . Why are you only doing this in white countries ,try the English Midlands or Irish province you think it will be much different there .you are delusional ,Germany is the least racist country .just name it you hate white people ,and you hate that we still have countries and society's of our own. A white person in Nigeria would be subject to way more serious racismn than your fragile ass is in Germany ,

Fuchs 155 days ago

She mentioned that shes white tho

And that ends your whole point because you are just talking about race, learn to read

Germanhater10k 151 days ago

Oy maybe you?

I lived in 6 different countries, including the "third world" ones and I have NEVER EVER witnessed so much racist / xenophobe behavior than in Germany. I don't say all people people but many for sure. If you are a Asian expat it's probably the worst place to live. You pay MUCH MORE tax than an average German but you are treated like an "Untermensch" everywhere. Why you compare Germany with Nigeria Fuchs?

Ronald 147 days ago


lol, your claims are ridiculously stupid. taxes are the same for everyone; obviously. Unless you are a big company but those get too many privileges in any country, that's a different topic. Stop trying to act as if asians pay more tax omfg what a ridiculous claim lmaoooo. Have never seen such an open country as germany. blacks and whites living together, never seeing any problems. it's amazingly open-minded!

asd 141 days ago

shut your privilege hole

"germany is the least racist" - acknowledges there is racism. wow. there shouldn't be any. fool.

blm 137 days ago

You lie!

I am Nigerian, whites who have been to my country feel so welcomed. Have you ever been to Nigeria? Nigeria is not racist at all, we are disorganized and yes some of us live on the fast lane and their unhealthy behavior apply to everyone and not white people. in fact as Nigerian we treat white people too nicely and that is why they don't respect us. And yet, see the lie you have concocted. Must you descend so low to lie like that.

Godwin 136 days ago

Typical German Gaslighting...

Hahaha That's what I heard from so many germans. Typical gaslighting german manipulative behaviour. You can try that with newbies, but I am vaccinated against it.

Fuchs, saying that a foreigner is a problem for only being a foreigner is the definition of xenophobia. What kind of other problem could I bring into this society? I could go on and on about all the reasons that I was never a problem in that country and how hard I tried to fit in, learn the culture, the language, etc. But I also learnt that I don't have to explain myself to germans, anything you say, they will use it against you. So am I the problem for people stealing my things? WOW man, thats f*ed up. But that's how your society behaves. Giving the slap and when you confront them they hide the hand and say you are the problem. Sure, you were stolen from your own neighbour, but you are the problem. Sure, they pointed and laughed you at the street for speaking another language on the phone, but you are the problem.

And about other countries? I have lived in many, from south america to the countryside of England. Discrimination, racism and xenophobia exists everywhere, no denying that. But there is one thing I haven't experienced in ANY of these places, as a society: the nastiness. The dirty playing. The manipulative behaviour. The sly attitude. The act of bullying you and cowardly say they did nothing and that you are the problem. Fact is: my own existence is your problem. And that is something that you as a society have to treat.

My veredict? Put fences around this country and this place becomes a mental health institution, there is serious historical trauma going on in this place.


Alex 136 days ago

yep i agree

Vast majority of them just seem mentally ill..quite clinical.

ican'twithgermans 46 days ago


nah rat. you people are the problem. OP is right. disgusting lot. The Internet will slowly spread the message. only a bunch of ... could follow you-know-who.

Hattori Hanzo 104 days ago


thats so racist!!!

anonymous 140 days ago

Brown Foreigners are looks at like animals there

I was treated with absolute indignity and had to work harder than my stupid white colleagues the whole time I was in Germany and Austria. They hated the fact that I am intelligent. Every convo was like "oh, do you have Internet/water/trains___" in your country. The place I lived didnt even have Uber.

Dee 77 days ago

I'm from Germany

I am from Germany and know that there are bad things going on. There are people who support discrimination and there are some racist groups. Racism is there, but not in the majority of the educated citizens. A problem is, that many of those racist have no problem in showing it. Actually, the conservative parties experienced a surge on votes only in the last years.
But come on, to say that the majority of us are animals who naturally react like racist isn't fair.

Also, many people are looking for this website on purpose. I have hard times finding anyone with any nice experiences.

Ben 170 days ago

I'm also from Germany

And a lot of Germany are casually racist even the ones who think they aren't. It's not like the majority of Germany think that for example POC are lesser then them if they make a thinking exercise and think about in a rational matter but there is a whole lot of ingrained racism here where people say things that are supposed to be funny but aren't. Same goes for sexism btw.

Claudia 152 days ago

I agree

Sadly, I agree, but it has a lot to do with the lack of identity culture. The lack of a real identity in a culture that they dont have, make them freightend against other nations with a lot of culture, especially from mediterrean.
Also, East Germany, is poor, and demagogue politicians are manipulate the citizens, offering they a better life, and giving the guilt to the foreigners.
Germany is indeed very racist, but its a smart racism which is very dangerous.

Kai Uwe Schröder 179 days ago

Best explanation

Im an Middle eastern guy living here for about 4 years!
It hurts so much that im the only foreigner in the class!
The majority behaving way unnatural with me.
Nobody discriminated me directly in this 4 years! But! This Smart racism ..I feel it everyday! The way people look at me everywhere on the street, supermarket, etc..
Even at work! I’ve been ignored like i don’t even exist!
Very strange and negative vibrations around!
Sad sad sad ....

Alireza 144 days ago


That is the German way. Their Nazi racist DNA thinks they are too superior and they will be descending so "low" to your level to associate with you. They are horrible racists. So cold and mean. Think that associating with non Germans is doing the non Germans a favour. The problem is when they travel outside people treat them nice. Outside Germany, I will stay far away from Germans as a plague which they are. They are chameleons. When the travel out they quickly pretend to be nice people. But when you are her, they want to use negative vibes, gaslighting and avoidance to make your life a living hell. When I finished my studies in Magdeburg, I heard a few weeks later that a Cameroonian student committed suicide. I immediately thought "they have killed him". Because I know how the mean and cold nature of the Germans can drive people to commit suicide. Coincidentally, I went on a date with a German girl I met on okcupid in Berlin. And she told me that her sister knows the Cameroonian guy and that one of her sister's friend was his girlfriend and that he felt they did not treat him nice which contributed to his suicide. I have never melt cold heartless people like the Germans. You can go to a pub and no one will ever come and talk to you. They are so important that being seen with you is like shit on their clothes. Shame on them.

Godwin 136 days ago


I so agree with "they're chameleons . when they travel, they pretend to be nice people" this part is so true and have seen it. Very duplicitous people. I would never trust a german as far as i could throw one.

ican'twithgermans 46 days ago


You can’t chat about racism whilst calling whole of German people Nazis still and making yourself out to be the victim just so you can attack a whole nation and its people 🤨 I mean really? All Germans are so cold blooded, they’d just randomly kill someone? Okay....but then you are actually the one who is pushing random stereotypes and grouping 84mio people together.

103112 28 days ago


nah it's dumb racism. very dumb. rote learning education system at the route of it.

nah 104 days ago

Germans Are Racist

Germans Are Racist!!! Ohne wenn und aber!!!

Paolo 180 days ago

Germans are More Than Racist

I’m a white American. At age 24, I moved here to marry my German husband. These people hate ANYONE who isn’t German. Last week I was talking to my Greek friend from my language class in a coffee shop. This oma kept scoffing, glaring, and shaking her head for 30 minutes. I guess after that she had enough – she slammed her newspaper down on the table and left like I just offended her and three generations of her family. I hate anytime I have to go outside my house. Usually when I return home I end up crying over someone yelling at me “Das ist Deutschland!”
I admit, I have not been able to learn the language here in the four months since I’ve arrived. But if I even try to speak German to others, they give me a blank stare and walk away. I feel less than human. I hate it here. It’s so bad that I will probably be divorcing my husband so I can go back to the US to stop this torture.
The minuscule amount of prejudice I’ve experienced here probably pales in compare to nonwhites. I can’t imagine how a nation of people can be so cold and hurtful to a fellow human.

Gigi the Christmas Snake 210 days ago

I know...

I'm half German, half non-European, not born here but grown up in Germany, and now it's a part of me. Feels like cancer. But at least I have this specific obsessive-compulsive disorder that makes me love order. Sometimes it helps.

Yurigan 195 days ago


don't forget to wash the stench of their dysfunction from your soul after you leave. very sick people.

soul 104 days ago

Hope you didn't divorce him...

Seriously though, you divorcing him just lets them win.

I realize that maybe it's not worth fighting certain battles, but don't let them destroy your relationship over the fact that they still have way to much of the Third Reich still pumping through their veins. Just take a moment, and spitefully remind them of who lost World War II, and what Hitler, der 'glorious' fuhrer, did to himself in a bunker just outside of Berlin.

In reality, this is probably just me being as petty as they are, but it sounds like they need a cold reminder of what they did wrong in the past, whenever they start going down that racist, bigoted, "purity" path.

T-Prime 189 days ago

WW2 and WW1

In WW1 the entente and the central powers signed a white peace. But then guess what happened, the Treaty of Versailles. Because of that the germans thought they got tricked into surrendering, which increased the hate towards the Allies. Hitler was one of the upset ones and started WW2 because of that.

mhm 141 days ago


If you mean Germany with "they", then congratz, you are a racist #hypocrisy

asd 141 days ago

Racism in Germany

I am so, so, sorry to have heard of your extremely unpleasant experience in dealing with this overt, in your face racism in Germany. I am actually an asian canadian living in Vancouver, BC. Even in our supposedly "Multicultural Mosaic" in Canada, there is indeed racism here. The current Covid-19 Pandemic has exposed the ugly underbelly of racism in both Western and even non-Western towards East Asian Individuals who are being racially blamed - collectively, for the onset of this horrible pandemic. Thank you for acknowledging in your comment that even though you are a white female, by experiencing the harsh reality of the coldness and even brutal nature of racism in Germany, you are able to have some empathy for what non-whites are experiencing in western countries on a daily basis. I myself always wondered whether the German people really have changed in the 75 years following the end of WWII in 1945. Have they atoned and shown any deep remorse for what their grandparents generation did in their nation's past? Sadly, your experiences tell me that there may indeed be some superficial atonement or remorse but deep down the cancer of racism and xenophobia is still there. Only a few years ago, when working late at night, I had some good conversations with a top notch executive chef who was originally from Japan and we discussed world history and the second world war in particular because the war in the Pacific impacted our parent's generations lives. When the topic got to Germany, he looked me directly in the face and told me, point blank, "You may not know this, but though there may be much to admire about German culture and Germany efficiency, they really do HATE outsiders." After reading your comments, I think I can now understand what he meant. Once again, I am so sorry to have heard that you had such a horrible experience with racism in Germany during your time living there.

Henry Quon 185 days ago

German Canadian chiming in here

I've read your comment , i was born to a German father and a Canadian mom who is also mostly German by blood .
I find this article to be hypocritical at best and downright insulting at the worst . I have lived in Burnaby for years .people like her ingnore all the facts .Germany never asked for foreigners .they asked to come to Germany in 1958 the first Turks arrived in Germany ,it was a fully developed econonomy by then ,the Germans had used the American aid and rebuild their country from scratch ,not unlike the Japanese Germany became an economic powerhouse .we did this by ourselves ,although many Turkish propagandists will tell you it was the Turks and migranten who rebuild Germany .this is a lie that is often even used by Germans liberals themselves .the truth is that the Turks and Italians begged the German government to let their people in ,because of the dire economic situation in their home countries they needed the dividends to save their failing econmies .Germany gave in and welcomed the first gastarbeiter mainly from turkey and Italy .and here is my point .Germany is not a country for immigrants . especially not if they come from a completely different culture .the sons and grand sons of the first migrant workers are assholes .even the real Turks hate them when they visit turkey on summer vacation ,flexing on the locals with their German cars and antisocial behaviour .the Turks despise these idiots .and they know it .they aren't Turkish ,yet they love to let us Germans know that they think they are better than us .I can't count the times I have heard Ausländer insult Germans and Germany as a whole .in some puplic schools there are 90percent Muslims and it becomes a torturous event to attend class everyday for white Germans .I find it funny that this woman talks about "white people " in her awful article ,do you also go to Japan and talk about "yellow people "??dude we lived here like forever .it's OUR country ,there is no such thing as "white people " here .you are insulting us before even trying .and then you pretend that we don't have feelings .we do .and we don't like people not appreciating our culture ,we feel your envy and resentment before you even open your mouth maybe that's why everybody hates you here .you didn't even try to show the least amount of respect for our history .of course you would bring up the recent shootings in hanau .who started the practise of murdering innocent people in puplic in germany and Europe and the us ? It was Mohammed atta (9/11) ,Anis amri (Berlin massacre) and the Paris attackers .migrants openly raped dozens of German women on new years Eve in cologne .I grew up with people like you calling me "kartoffel" and robbing me at knife point because I'm German . Go hang your head in shame for this article jacinda and we don't want you back ,not in Germany and not in Canada .have a bad day .

Fuxius 167 days ago

Germany never asked for foreigners??

Germany never asked for foreigners?? Oh boy...Hahahaha. You should first inform yourself, and then make a statement.

Oldexpat 166 days ago

You're all this article so about

Germany is no longer an "ethnically German" country, when will you realize that? Germany belongs to the Muslims here just as much as it belongs to your Christian grandparents, and there's nothing you can do to change that. The children of immigrants are just as much german as your children are/will be, and there's nothing you can do about that. It is rather you who needs to accept the change and stop segregating Germany's population by race, religion and origin. You and your ways of thinking are the very definition of racism, and while you might already know it yourself, you are an extremely arrogant, racist alman.

Hanna 164 days ago

Regressive leftist white girl alert

Why is it that you can spew your anti white ,anti German hate speech without any societal repercussion ? You demand that Germans and white people make ROOM for foreigners in unprecedented numbers .yet you claim to be against racimsn .I am glad to hear that our Irish kartoffel friends our white british brothers in arms and many many other white europeans are waking up to your regressive and genocidal agenda .you are allied with the Satan . And the allamani .lol who were the allamani ? A Germanic people native to southern Germany and Switzerland .my family is from schlesien you implant ,and I'm proud to be a kartoffel .I know it's not the IN thing at the moment but guess what ? There are now more white people alive then at any point in history .why don't you call the Japanese racist for not accepting foreigners ?

Fuxius 155 days ago

Regressive racist alert

Because those people pay more taxes than you, living in your little town in Schlesien. They contribute more to German society than you, they pay for roads, hospitals and state pension system.

Fred 147 days ago


So tell me Hanna .if it's only white nations who have to change for some weird reason .what will happen to European culture? In your book every nation seems to have a God given right to have a territory except for white people . We are the only race that has a political class that lets in millions , MILLIONS of often times hostile foreigners .and it's not about Alman (I'm not from the allamani tribe ,if at all I'm suebi , Slavic) learn some ancient history before you blare out nonsense .Alman wow what a great insult .yeah the allamani were great warriors .however they are form Bavaria .again learn history .not that i mind being called an Alman .it just shows your embellished sense of entitlement. Why aren't you going to china or japan or Korea and tell them they are not a "yellow " country anymore ? They would laugh at you first and then given your seriousness throw you into jail . Islam can fuck off to were it came from and so can everybody who hates white people ,or want to instill guilt in us .you are a genocidal ,dangerous puppet used by criminals to further their agenda .you are buying into this bullshit because you are a wealthy little white brat who hates her rich daddy . The working class blue collar whites of Europe have had enough .when I talk to my friends in Ireland and Britain and Canada ,we put our differences aside and we unite ,because they had had enough as well .enough Muslims enough white guilt enough rape enough terror .we will take that shit back .now have a bad day

Fuxius 155 days ago

Sounds rather unpleasant

There is no way I would live there. European countries dont have as broad or open an outlook like the US. Its just the nature of what they are. Talk to your Hubby and go back to the US. He will thank you later.

Ed 182 days ago


Hey, killed any black people lately? Ignorance speaks volumes about people like you.

F.U 144 days ago

true perspective about german society

i think for you its only being four months and you are finding it hard. Imagine a brown skin guy like me an educated masters degree holder and learned german till B1 and was sacked from a job because my german was not enough. i have non german name and face so alot of job rejections are also i faced. There was influx of refugees in germany in 2015 and the local germans judged even educated people like us as refugees and give us strange looks as if we are living on their tax money.

the boy who lived 179 days ago

Now you get it

Sorry you went through that but as a black person living in the US now you understand how racism feels like. Sadly some of us cant just back and leave whenever we deal with racism. I hope this changes your perception when you go back. The US is also deeply racist, if not worst. Cops shooting unarmed black people, people yelling to go back to Africa, hate crimes has more than tripled since trump won the elections. I mean I'm sad for you but find it interesting that you're from a country who treats black people and minorities so poorly as well. We just suck it up. Dont divorce your husband because of this. Perhaps move back or figure it out. Dont let others come between you and your marriage!

Kate 164 days ago

Sorry you are suffering

It's a real shame you have to experience this... I am dark brown, and I really feel bad for you..don't believe the u.k. Is any better though.. I grew up there and was insulted by teachers every day, punched, spat at, and had no option but to fight physically. Then it got worse with the snide comments from lecturers at university, being marked down in assignments, being accused of stealing books, police raiding my digs...and it still goes on..then you go to the pub and people say..."there's no racism in England, we are so tolerant"

Andree 163 days ago

Germans are racists

I'm on a project for a few months in Bonn Germany and these whites here are the most racist mutherfuckers I have ever had the misfortune to come across. They are also rude. One woman has deliberately coughed on me and told me I brought coronavirus because I'm Black. Another woman, a store clerk slapped my hand off my own debit card when I was trying to pay for Groceries. I hate these White German people. I hate them with a passion. The racism is so overt. So humiliating. So tell your friend from me, that she can go straight to hell.

Germans are racists 213 days ago


So, why do you choose live amongst these 'white (is there any other kind) German people' who you 'hate with a passion'?

Surely, the best thing for you to do, for the sake of your mental health and self respect, at least, would be to go home, and leave those who you have behind you.

Anil Gooneratne 172 days ago


reading comprehension. "I am on a project for a few months". implied in all of this OP doesn't live in Germany and was just sent to Germany for work.

qi 171 days ago


Exactly this whole article is disgusting .the author should be ashamed of herself .do you go to Japan as well and call the Japanese "yellow Japanese " in their own country ?

David 167 days ago


Ive noticed that a lot of let's say less attractive women are very bitter.

F.U 144 days ago

That is the agenda!

We won;t leave and go home. We are here to join the Germans to enjoy Germany just lie white people enjoyed our lands. colonized us and stole our resources to build Europe. We are here to stay! Live with it. You hate and negative vibe which is intended to make us leave will only make us stay. Well, you clever "Surely, the best thing for you to do, for the sake of your mental health and self respect, at least, would be to go home, and leave those who you have behind you." is right out of your racist agenda. When white people went to other people's country and they did not like the natives, they killed them and took over their land. US, Australia and even South Africa (thank God for the black stubbornness which means they are beginning to recover their land from white people) easily comes to mind. I hope Muslims and middle eastern/Turkish take over Germany in future and make the Germans humble! I am not Muslim, I am black and Christian. But the coldness and hatefulness of the Germans makes me wish for this to happen. I will be smiling!

Godwin 136 days ago

Informative and relate-able

So, I will have lived in DE now for more than a decade. I wasn't aware that I could stick out until I moved here. I'm Hispanic (American citizen with Mexican heritage) I've stayed for my German husband mainly. I don't think that what you have written are exaggerations at all and yes, Germany can be a xenophobic and prejudiced country. That said, so is my home country the USA and others. For me, the experience has been a mixture of ups and downs. I've wanted so badly to belong and I've adopted so many traditions. My in-laws and my husband's friends treated me like a mail order bride initially. I learned German right away to be able to communicate. I competed my C1 and actually many Germans, I would say, treat me as any other nowadays. The truth is, I am here as a choice and it has taken me a great deal of time to realize that I CAN leave. It breaks my heart, because I have begun this life with my children and my husband, but I will judge a country by the way it treats its weakest. As a whole, I think Germany tries is best. However, we as immigrants need to understand that Germany is a predominantly homogeneous country - unlike the United States or Canada. It can be very relieving to finally acknowledge the racism. I'm not so sure it's healthy to confront it though. It's not your problem and it's not mine. Racism in Germany is a German problem. Plus, I have actually done this before and you know what? No change. It's ok though, I don't think this country owes me anything, but at the very least safe distance. Distance is a word racists cannot understand, because the source of their energy comes from a dark place or the way the person was educated. I have decided to make the best of of my situation and I am so so grateful my grandparents migrated to the USA. A country I do owe something to. Why? Because, it's where I learned and became tolerant or open. My point is that you ARE right, but some people feel safer in denial. It's ok. We're going to be OK and you're not alone. However, it's time to love Germany. Love conquers ALL! Take care! Stay positive!

PS sorry if I sound a bit rushed, I am.

Andrea 214 days ago

Just some info

In case some people make assumptions, I have graduated university with a business major, speak 3 languages, and have worked with Germans. So, if you think you've got me all figured out, you haven't. 😊

Andrea 214 days ago

Germans are racists

Nonsense. Just because they are a homogeneous country doesn't mean they should act like animals and now show human respect. And you Hispanics are also anti-Black. Without Black people in America fighting for your civil rights, a lot of you who are immigrants will be deported. Germans are as racist as White Americans are but no white Americans has ever coughed on me and accuse me of bringing coronavirus to Germany. I'm only here for a few months but I've endured much racism in 3 weeks in Germany than anywhere else in the world. They're nasty, uncivilised people. Now I get why Hitler is German and was able to get away with his crimes for many years . Trump is also German. Nasty group of people

Hateracists 213 days ago


Hitler was from Austria.

Mel 199 days ago

Germans are racists

Nonsense. Just because they are a homogeneous country doesn't mean they should act like animals and now show human respect. And you Hispanics are also anti-Black. Without Black people in America fighting for your civil rights, a lot of you who are immigrants will be deported. Germans are as racist as White Americans are but no white Americans has ever coughed on me and accuse me of bringing coronavirus to Germany. I'm only here for a few months but I've endured much racism in 3 weeks in Germany than anywhere else in the world. They're nasty, uncivilised people. Now I get why Hitler is German and was able to get away with his crimes for many years . Trump is also German. Nasty group of people

Hateracists 213 days ago

not homogeneous

check german demographics. germany is not homogeneous. it is stratified by it has high levels of immigrants to a degree similar to the UK.

qi 171 days ago

quite the opposite

well actually, many of germany’s immigrants who were seeking asylum and arrived as refugees were only accepted on the terms that they can be repatriated once they are no longer in need of protection. Though after the acceptance of syrian refugees in 2015, the benefits began presenting themselves in 2018 when syrians began boosting the economy by entering the workforce. If you read some german articles, you can see quotes of employers and politicians who talk about these immigrants as if they are nothing more than a chess piece when all they could do was complain that they’re resources are being wasted when they were first accepted in 2015. To be so against an ethnic group just trying to survive, see that they are boosting the german economy and suddenly wanting them to stay when it is benefiting you..? I mean, i’m not saying they’re intentionally being racist, or know they’re being racist, but to a non-german eye...that screams cultural bias and racism. Also 80% of the german population is German so.

bet you wanna know 170 days ago


The comment in reply to immigrants being "useful" to the work force was in response to right wing criticism of refugees doing nothing but live from social welfare and thus stirring up sentiments of hatred among there voter-base. Yes, there are racists in this country, but I am appalled by comments just throwing everyone living here into the lot based on an out of context comment.

Flo 161 days ago


the goddamn niggers are the scum of the earth

Nig mode 166 days ago

Obvious you are a scum

You are a coward who hides behind the keyboard. If you are brave enough, put your real name and lets meet.

Godwin 136 days ago

About Ego and Racism

Sorry, but you are racist , too : „ ...her pink german skin..“ !!! I am german and I had never pink skin...vica versa!! And: you only go what you „experienced“, very selfish, the same like racists do...but: the racism you talk about has nothing to do with a nation, it has to so with HUMAN BEINGS!! With a person decision not (!) to be negative because of bad personal experiences!! You are the same as Sarrazin!! I met him once.The only reason he became so negative and racist were personal bad experiences with Muslims! So: you are the same as Sarrazin! A big Ego makes people to racists. Everywhere in the world...

Anna 235 days ago

Germans are racists

You have pink, wrinkled skin. A lot of you age from age 15. You are hateful inside and outside looks hateful. Your skin is pink not white.

Hateracists 213 days ago

pink skin

Typical immature comment from a german; most of you behave like adolescent brats! I've lived in four other countries and never experienced such a backwards and hateful group of people, the arrogance as well, a country ranked eight in the world for homelessness, so that is an indicator of what germany is. I find it disgusting that in this town where I live, and hopefully only for a few months more, there is this monument dedicated to the fallen WW2 comrades of two local regiments, and in fact, a wreath has been laid there every year in November for the past two years that I have been stuck here. I find it insufferable how the germans try to separate their army from the SS, but fact is that their army committed terrible atrocities as well, and with regards to these two regiments honoured with a wreath, two of their generals were tried and executed for war crimes, one the British captured and tried, the other captured and sent to Greece and found guilty there for the mass murder of civilians on Crete, and here they are laying a wreath at this monument and no one does anything about it, much like it was here 80-90 years ago to look the other way. I had quite a few relative fight against germany in the wars and fortunately they survived, but two helped to liberate Buchenwald, Dachau and Flossenburg death camps and they had complete disdain for the local germans who said they knew nothing about the camp despite the fact that the smell of death extended beyond their towns near the camps. One would think that from this horrible time that they might have tried to change, but I don't see it here at all, but then the nazis got 54 percent of the vote in this region in 1933, so their open disdain towards my wife and me shows that they learned nothing. Just to note I found a comedy skit on german tv extremely offensive, but then germans aren't known for comedy, but still found it shocking that the skit included three german actors, one, who portrayed a german who was sympathetic to German Jews; the other two were dressed as German Jews with the Star of David on their raggy clothes.....shocking! The scene repeated itself with this sympathetic german hiding these two Jews in his house, the first time behind the door and couch, then he put a lamp shade on one and hid the other one behind the curtains, so each time the two gestapo searched, they were found immediately, so the third time they just surrendered themselves...sick humour, then the two actors dressed as gestapo also wore swastikas on their uniform sleeves?! I thought this was illegal here, but you get the general picture of how germans think and realise that nothing has changed. I find it disgusting enough that people dress up as Native Americans and black face, but it I really found it disturbing that this comedy skit was on national german tv?! Anyway, the audacity of a german to call you hateful, but they are thin-skinned and always throw it back.

Pinky 197 days ago

Please stick by your name

What the f*** is this comment please? You’re the one spewing hateful crap (which is just really not true...when have you ever seen someone with PINK skin?) Most Germans are indeed white as they are a predominantly homogeneous country. But comments like this that add nothing of value need to go please.

Let’sGetIt 28 days ago

Cue the defensive comments from Germans.

It never ceases to amaze me how people from a dominant culture can read an article that makes perfectly true and valid criticisms of that culture, and instead of reflecting on how they can do better, they just defend and deflect. Really sad and unproductive. White people in my country are the same way.

And, Jacinta, you're really funny.

Shaunessy 236 days ago


I agree , but „pink German skin got even whiter“ sounds racist as fuck to me. Check Urself as well as Germany.
Thank you

Leon 237 days ago

20 years oO

You are living in this country since 20 years and are still not able to write an article in German? Just the fact that you can get away with such an absurd thing is proof that this country can't be that racist.

Bastin 237 days ago

Where is your common sense?

This is an English website. Articles on English websites tend to be written in English.


Maybe you should actually engage with the premise of the article instead of trying to make yourself sound smart?

Jeremy 237 days ago

Presumptuous much?

Articles on English websites tend to be written in English. Her writing in English here is hardly proof that she doesn't speak German.


You might want to watch the xenophobic assumptions in the comment section on an article about racism and xenophobia. The irony is a bit over the top.

I also doubt you would have reacted differently to this article if it had been written in German anyway, especially since there are numerous articles written on a regular basis with the same premises.

Jeremy 237 days ago

Tells you about the German racism

It is common knowledge that non natives learn languages faster if the natives are friendly. It is the cold disgusting mindset of the Germans that means non natives do not have much interaction with them and hence can't learn the language quickly. I have been on a date with a German girl when I first arrived and I told her how I will like to meet a native for language tandem. The usual manipulative and gaslighting German girl (like most Germans) immediately made me look needy. She told me I don't need a native German to learn the language, that I can learn with other foreigners who are on the same German language level as me. On the face of it, nothing sounds bad from what she said. While still on the date, i observed that her English was impeccable. And i commended her and said "your English is so good, how did you get learn it?" Now wait for her response! And it is "I lived in Australia for a few years, when i got there I tried to make friends with the natives so I can learn the language quickly". There was I sitting down there thinking, when I mentioned making friend with local Germans she made it look like I was saying nonsense, but when she was in Australia she did the same. That is Germans for you, racist, deceptive, manipulative Chameleons who think they are more intelligent than others. So before you blame foreigners for not learning the language, spare a thought that it is not a lack of effort. It is because the racist and xenophobic German society leaves most foreigners with little interactions with the native Germans. It is a vicious cycle. Even, the few interactions with Germans have no substance. the monotonous and boring questions about where you are from and how long you intend to live in Germany is all the Germans care about. No substance, such myopic people. I have lived in Germany for nearly a decade, I have hoped for a day when a German will be interested in my hobbies and interests, but it is an endless wait. In 2018, after 7 years of living in German, I made peace with myself and will never have any close social interactions with the Germans again no matter how long i live here. I am self sufficient and will remain a foreigner here which I am fine with.

Godwin 136 days ago

yep yep

not only leaves foreigners with not a lot of interactions but literally after 2.5 years of living here, i actively try to avoid them on any level other than surface because they ain't worth my time/effort/breath. They just make my skin crawl.

ican'twithgermans 46 days ago

baby vs bathwater

erm, this bit: "It's not racist for the police to assume Turkish people are criminals, if a lot of the criminals they deal with on a daily basis are Turkish" - this is an example you use to demonstrate racist thinking, right? but isn't it the same deduction you use for calling all germans racist? because you have examples in the press, or daily life, of some germans being racist, and therefore all are?

i'm not sure if two wrongs make a right. i don't think the example you use of leitkultur is fair either. it sounds to me like a pretty bleak interpretation of the idea that trying to set a good example/doing the right thing is an implied inherent demonisation of everyone else, or their behaviour.

I agree, we can do better. but as rihanna says: the only way through this is working together. we can ALL do better, no? rather than using an us vs. them approach, or a polarising term like racism, why not show how people can better include each other? if you can include yourself as a non-german german who chose to be here, than why not include other "non-ethnic" people as examples of non-racism?

instantly aligning those having fear of the other with hardcore racists strengthens the right wing hordes and totally alienates people to a colour-based way of thinking. "no matter what i say, i'll be racist because my skin is white". sound familiar? you can't tell a fair skinned kid with "ethnic" parents or friends that she hasn't experienced the racist treatment of people she loves, and therefore will always remain the enemy! YES many white people have avoided experiencing racism (privilege) and unwittingly absorbed racist tropes and behaviours. but why not encourage those people who want to do right, by raising each other up?

Of course there are attitudes behind closed doors, and this evolves from a culture of tradition fearing outsider intervention, as exists in all ethnicities– across asia, europe, the middle east. of course there are those that fear change and irrationally reject the other, simply because it's not "how it has always been". I don't think that this automatically equates as implying other races are lesser or worse, purely based upon colour.

No, i am not dark skinned. but i can assure you, just as between different castes in india, or different tribes of africa, there are white folk who experience exclusion based on their perceived "otherness". (they usually think i'm spanish, tbh)

exploiting differences between people is still the most simple way to keep the masses fighting each other, rather than improving a society for the benefit of all. perceived racism is one of many injustices that i think we could improve more actively by abandoning "call-out" culture for one of celebrating positive individuals and practices. instead of giving more oxygen to the afd etc, why not have massive rants about over-worked carers, teachers or female muslim clerics that have united and inspired communities?

don't let the bastards grind you down

herr james 238 days ago

*bath ring

furthermore, i'm gonna dig in deeper by saying the obvious – most racism i've experienced has been by one ethnicity toward the other. turks about arabs, koreans about chinese, prenzlbergers about schwabians... i think people should be able to have friendly rivalries and a sense of humour about their differences as a means to dialogue, which ultimately defuses tension and allows people to get to know each other. how do you think trump, brexit or afd happen? lack of acceptance and demonisation of slightly dodgy thinking, pushes people experiencing perfectly normal thoughts of exclusion or fear or random irrational perceived injustice toward REAL assholes who actually want to manipulate them into doing really shitty things to others. america never learned from the manson family, so they got trump. lets all learn from germany's past and instead help each "other" out when we recognise troubled thoughts, and y'know... lead the way ;)

herr james 238 days ago

*ring around the tub

furthermore, i'm gonna dig in deeper by saying the obvious – most racism i've experienced has been by one ethnicity toward the other. turks about arabs, koreans about chinese, prenzlbergers about schwabians... i think people should be able to have friendly rivalries and a sense of humour about their differences as a means to dialogue, which ultimately defuses tension and allows people to get to know each other. how do you think trump, brexit or afd happen? lack of acceptance and demonisation of slightly dodgy thinking, pushes people experiencing perfectly normal thoughts of exclusion or fear or random irrational perceived injustice toward REAL assholes who actually want to manipulate them into doing really shitty things to others. america never learned from the manson family, so they got trump. lets all try to learn from germany's past, and instead help each "other" out when we recognise troubled thoughts, and y'know... lead the way ;)

herr james 238 days ago

Typical Excuses

Your long-winded and uninsightful comments are perfectly demonstrative of the problem. You want to talk about social problems in countries other than Germany (which aren't relevant in this context), but newsflash: biases that people in Prenzlauer Berg have against Schwabians are not the same as the generations long and institutionalized animus toward Turkish people and non white immigrants. It’s also very telling that you have the hubris to believe that you as a white person are the expert on the prevalence of racism in society. How many articles are written every week about discrimination and club entrances, gyms, by the justice system, etc? But you know better.

Also, conflating the police dismissing multiple neo-Nazi murders as gang related for no evidentiary based reason other than the fact that the victims were Turkish, is hardly comparable to claiming that a white society with a history of ethnic-based genocides is largely comprised of racists. That comparison is intellectually bankrupt and plainly made in bad faith.

You claim you don’t want to do divide people, but your misguided and self-serving version of "unity" seems to be based on the fiction that pointing out racist behavior and the damage that is caused by the perpetual ignorance of the white majority is the source of problems, instead of the ignorance and racist behavior themselves.

Yes, there is a reason why white people should be called out specifically for their racism, and no it isn’t to hurt their feelings. It’s because they hold all of the institutional power, and they are the ones most likely to be seduced by particular (racist) ideologies. It’s a shame that you’re more concerned with white people getting their feelings hurt as a result of them or their behavior being called racist, then you are about the people of color who keep getting murdered as a result of their racist indifference to the plight of their countrymen (and/or immigrants) who aren’t white.

There is a lot of utter ignorance among Europeans about their colonial history, and most don’t even know that the precursors to the German death camps were used on victims of African genocides against the Herero and Nama peoples, both of which were carried out by the Germans decades before the Holocaust. There is this very prevalent mentality that since the Holocaust all racism in Germany ended, which is patently absurd and false. If white Germans actually care about these problems and want real change, they’ll stop trying to talk over the people who point them out and rationalize their way out of accountability with deflections and excuses.

You should read this book by Beverly D’Angelo called White Fragility. She analyzes the rhetorical patterns in discussions with white people on racism within a US context. There’s also a great article about in Der Zeit (for a German context), but I honestly have the impression that you’re more interested in trying to talk over people who speak about racism in German society.

Jeremy 238 days ago

natron oder essig?

first off, calm the farm, man. making a few observations in a comment section by no-means proclaims one an expert on racism in society. oof! breathe chile...

i did make the error of using the term "all" when criticising the author's example. she did clearly speak of a majority of germans "probably" being racist, which could in fact be true. i do stand by the sentiment that making generalisations about a whole group based on behaviour of some members of that group to be making the same error, but majority could indeed be right.

other than that, jeremy you prove my point entirely. by stating i am not dark-skinned, i by no means implied i'm white, but that's your perceived battle line. and i don't think that's working– for people in germany or anywhere right now, tbh. in fact it seems to be working well for the other side: those that seek division and destruction of multicultural societies.

while it doesn't at all excuse racism to say it also happens elsewhere, or in other cultures, isn't it relevant to examine this as a human problem, rather than argue as if we could just call out white racism in germany, we'll fix the problem and that's that? this isn't intended as deflection or excuse, but if there is an ethnicity you could give me with no evidence of poor treatment of it's "other", (tribes, neighbours, or own people, for that matter) i'm dying to hear it.

germany certainly takes ownership of it's past failings to a greater degree than many other nations, but as you observe: this alone does not erase racism. so what would you suggest? if my suggestion of "self-serving unity" is so offensive, perhaps you'd care to offer an alternative? because blame culture aint working, unless your aim is to divide.

and i don't know where i mentioned wanting to talk about social problems in other countries? i mentioned fear of the other as occuring in ethnicities across continents... but sure, your american book-club recommendation is probably waaay more insightful about german racism– or at least as you frame it: a whites-only problem of fragility.

ps. if someone could delete that double-post i'd appreciate it. because: y'know off-white fragility

herr james 238 days ago

Your Hubris Knows No Boundaries

So you made a point of mentioning what skin-color you aren’t, but it’s me perceiving the fact that your own perception of reality is directly to your skin color? If you say so homie. So what “race” are you, if you’re not dark-skinned and not white? Why not just say what you are (or are perceived to be) instead of engaging in rhetorical tap dancing so you can jump back and pretend you weren’t begging the question from the beginning? Why bring it up at all? Your bad faith motivations are floating to the surface again . . . . .

The breakdown of multi-cultural societies (in the West currently) is the result of indignant white people who are more content to blame impoverished migrants and minorities for their woes, than the white plutocrats who are the actual source of their immiseration. The attempt to flip the script and point the finger at the people who call out their hypocrisy and racism isn’t going to cut it.

The acknowledgment of recurring phenomena as human problems does not have to include blatant attempts at minimization and deflection. Conversations about racist dynamics in other contexts should occur in their own right and with a sincere desire to analyze and address these problems, not as a transparent attempt to shift focus away from the society or nation under discussion.

And no, Germany does not take ownership of its past mistakes in anything other than symbolic ways, as is demonstrated by the stubborn indignation of officials when confronted with the the many instances of institutionalized racism that have been in the public eye over the past decades. Saying they’re sorry for the Holocaust, while simultaneously electing a party as blatantly xenophobic as the AfD is hardly indicative of some great culture of reflection and tolerance.

My suggestion would be to have honest conversations about the nature of racism and to work on reeducating the Mehrheitsgesellschaft so that immigrants and non white Germans are more included in society, instead of whinging about the “blame culture” the white majority has no problem with when they’re utilizing misleading crime stats to demonize minorities and refugees. It can be a painful experience to become sensitized to prejudices that have long been reinforced, but there’s no avoiding that. It will require a lot of self-reflection and integrity, but again, not hurting white peoples’ feelings should not prioritized over the safety of minorities.

My mention of Beverly D’Angelo was because many of your “arguments” are analyzed in great detail in her book, and her Zeit interview is expressly about Germany. Also, I mentioned that countless articles are written about racism in Germany about 5 paragraphs before that comment. But let’s not let the actual facts get in the way of your smugness. You could check out Alice Hasters book on racism, but you won't. You just want the last word. Pro Tip: Stop saying “chile” if you’re not black while making insensitive statements about racism. It's not cute.

Jeremy 237 days ago

futuristic thinking

james, i love you. you understand there is a bigger picture to look at and that "blame culture" won't fix anything, we need more of that! Don't eveeeeer lose that positive/pro active attitude, you're way ahead of your time and you know it!

ells 180 days ago

law, culture, priorities, rules

"Germans" set the law, culture, priorities and rules in Germany. they drive politics. That is why their bias is more significant within the bounds of Germany.

qi 171 days ago

Get you

Thank you for saying your honest opinion and trying to be democratic. Don' be discouraged. If I get you correctly we all have prejudices (I think there are so many different types and levels that even experts cannot know all as it varies across countries). Some of those have manifested in worse ways than others (arguably as we can only rely on what we know e.g. we all know about the atrocities that happened in Germany (and
occupied territories) during WW2 as it happened relatively recently and was recorded, on a large scale and was in the interest of the allies that we all knew. But we don't have detailed records of tribal wars from centuries ago for example.). But what you are saying is continuing to have the same vitriol towards each other regardless of who is wrong or right, is not going to solve the problems and can push those who are unsure into the hate box where some people choose to live. Basic summary. Correctish? To many people this is naive and not confronting the issue. I argue that people like yourself (examples from history) are the ones who end up bringing people to the table and eventually breaking down a few more bricks in the wall of prejudice. BTW I am a black African who grew up in Southern Africa which is not short of a racist past itself and I have experienced simmering racism that I think is the most prevalent nowadays as well as some instances of more overt racism all over the world (I wouldn't usually say this as I genuinely want to relate to people above colour.). I am assuming you are not black from your description (not assuming you are white either) so wanted you to see that someone from a different background can relate.Mehrheitsgesellschaft

Agreed 165 days ago


Please ignore the 'Mehrheitsgesellschaft' at the end. I had copied it to paste into google later as I did not know what it meant and mistakenly pasted it in the comment.

Agreed 165 days ago

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