Germany is a racist country



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true story

most Germans are racist, whether they are aware of it or not.
the minority that's not racist, are very introspective and they are aware of the problem. they won't deny it.
and you have a bunch of them wearing clothes branded as "wild power" .
but Germany is country with a lot of ignorant people, even tho the educational system is pretty good.
but what can you expect, right?

Tunupa 1 day ago

You are so weird

Every country is racist to an extend. Every country has it ups and downs. Most japanese people wouldn't say anything about a foreigner want to settle down in their country but they will never welcome you as one of them. And Germany has changed so much. I've met better people in Germany, I've met shitty people in my country. Some dumb german saying racist things, some nice german will help me out when they see me struggle. It's not their job to IMPORT problems to their country of course they will be skeptical with a certain kind of people. Saying they are racist when you HAVE friends and family and the good german around you willing to help you out makes you a hypocrite.

Asian girl who loves her country really much but also loves germany 3 days ago

Love Germany

Sorry bro, but I love Germany. My home country is shit, poor, cero opportunities. I’m learning German at really low cost and have an amazing friends including Germans and non-Germans. Never in my two years living in here had experienced a racist situation. I have an excellent job that pays me amazingly meanwhile I’m studying my masters for almost free! I’m having a quality of life that in my country would be impossible to have. So god I’m blessed to live in this country and I bless everyone that’s help me here during my process. Everyone had been amazing people. We can’t generalize. I just share my happy story to everyone because Germany opened my doors to a life I never imagined to have !!!! Peace

What did I just read ? 6 days ago

This is racist.

This is flat out racist.

Decent Human 8 days ago

This headline is idk....

Sure Germany got problems with racism such as every other country but saying that Germany is a racist country is wrong.

Emma 11 days ago

Health care professional

The part about inbreeding and disability is true. I have contact to multiple muslim families, where parents are relatives, as I run an "Augen-Ambulanz" specialised on birth defects at a large hospital in a major German city with an enormous amount of immigrants. Some of these families have 5 children, of which 4 are heavily disabled. A single family like this will cost the German healthcare payer millions of Euros! One family! I have contact to at least 17 families like this. It is very hard, not to develop a grudge against this bahaviour.

Christian Seidel 13 days ago


Don't forget that they have 3 kids by 18

Reply 12 days ago

Racism in Germany

People in this comment section are mostly bat-shit crazy, either German nationalists or people who hate Germans to their core. I think this article makes a good point. There is a racism problem in Germany, and Germany seems to be a country that is reluctant to accept this reality. There is an unfounded belief that Germany is "not a racist country" due to the changes in society that were effected in the latter part of the 20th century. A belief that Germans are "self-hating" and "do not like their country". How then can they be racist when they've apologised and atoned so hard for the holocaust and fascism? This belief has led to a false sense of security that has resulted in complacency in Germany when it comes to handling people of other cultures and races, and a strong tendency towards a "one size fits all" approach to everything. German culture very much reprimands those who dare to believe themselves special or different from others. Thus, when foreigners talk about their problems, these complaints are often met with the feeling that the person is demanding special treatment or considers themselves exceptional somehow. This leads to such complaints falling on deaf ears. There's also a sentiment that: "If my Turkish neighbour who moved here as a child and grew up in our culture can handle it, you should be able to as well.". This is fundamental misunderstanding of the plight of new immigrants compared to people who come later. Many such long established immigrant communities are "More German than the Germans" in some ways these days, but this has been a product of a long and sometimes painful integration of their culture. Germany also lacks a large non-white population. They don't seem to realise that Black and Asian people stand out in a crowd far more than most Turks or even Arabs who blend in more seamlessly with the large number of southern and eastern Europeans present in Germany. This absence of racial diversity means a large number of Germans, particularly those in rural areas, are unused to being around other races and still make faux-pas that have been more successfully suppressed in other nations. Asking people "Where are you really from?" might be an example of that, or referring to racial groups as if they were singular cultures, for example. There is still a lot to be done to convince the German people that cultural identity and racial heritage are not inherently intertwined and for them to truly accept a national identity that acknowledge non-white people as equally German as themselves. Germany is a land of borders and that makes culture very much tied to heritage and cultural behaviours. The modern Turkish-German has the latter but not the former. Making German culture less protectionist and more welcoming to other nationalities, races, and ethnicities is still a task that will fall to future generations.

Some guy 14 days ago

I wouldn't step foot in Germany

It's the LAST place in the world I would ever go. Pure EVIL.

Lindsey 14 days ago

Have I ever been to Germany ?

How can u hate a country u barely know tho? U don’t know the People or the Culture and this is just not ok.

Emma 11 days ago

Anti-German Hatespeech

The amount of anti-german hate and anti-germanism in this obviously unmoderated comment-section is amazing. i think this should be covered by mainstream-media.

Paul Rönzheimer 16 days ago

My thought

You say absolutly wat i think of this piece of crab, its totaly against germans, the writer of this should be banned

Sid 12 days ago


it`s so easy to forever call germans nazis. but sarazzin is right - muslims refuse to integrate since 60 years. they don`t marry german women, they import their own cousins. bitch, that`s incest - and that`s why the disabled-rate among newborns in neukölln is 100% higher compared to the rest of berlin. refusing to aknowledge this fact (among others) is pure ideology, not the books by sarrazin.
on the other hand, i totally agree with the author i what he says about the EINZELFAHRSCHEIN. it's a disgrace.

D. Whiteman 16 days ago

Thank you

Thank you for that article. I'm a white German and I think the things you talk about Are very Important to know. Sure, I might have never personally done, said or thought any of the things you listed but it is always important to know that your country and the society you live in have a horrible underlying problem. Way too often do we look down in horror on the racism in the US and don't accepted that we are not better. I hate that so many people in the comments can't seem to swallow back some stupid sense of pride or whatever it is. I wish we as a society would listen to people who have experienced this kind of racism more. Listen and actually try to do something about it. I will definitely make sure to make my students more aware of this.
I'm sorry to hear your friend reacted like that. I hope she can get over her pride. You and your experiences should be more important to her.

Alina 19 days ago


We definitely have a problem with racism ! But the headline is more than not ok. We have to fight against the racism but making an article and starting with a personal experience like this it looks like the majority of Germans would think like that and this is not true at all.

Emma 11 days ago


You literally assume and generalize a whole country because a few people said racist stuff. How hypocritical and ignorant of you lol. You shouldn't have a voice

Bael 23 days ago

we have to be strong

I as a non-white foreign student here in Germany know that we have to try, study, and work harder than any german here to get the same education and live in the same environment. I try to numb myself, ignore and think "they don't know better" whenever I experience racism or microaggression from germans and non-germans alike, otherwise its just too painful and exhausting if it gets to you.
I will endure it, remember it, keep it in the back of my memories and progress and learn more, know more, do more, be something more than any racist, ignorant, misogynistic asshole out there. Because while you're hating, cursing, spitting and rotting away in your miserable existence, some of us are actually trying to be better and be worth something in this society. And in this society, if you're good at something, there are people, also germans who "know better" and respect you for your hard work (although a minority). I don't expect to be acknowledged or accepted by germans, because I know that they don't grasp the journey, time, money and hard work it takes for me to just sit in the same lecturing hall as they are. And I know that I'll never be accepted into this country, because I am just so not white. But then I guess that's just my life in general. But I still know better than you, sometimes some germans seem so childish and innocent(the good ones, I'd say). So I guess we should feel sorry for those who waste away their numbered days poisoning their minds with hate. Just kidding, fuck them, hope they stay away from me.

justastudent 28 days ago


get out...

j 26 days ago


You, j, need to be sterilized. Who tf you think you are telling someone to get out? Spoiled POS.

Fuck off 17 days ago

! reply

Sterilised........Ok Hitler

J 14 days ago


i am foreigner in germany, italian. i life here since i was 6 months old(1981). german ppl are not racist im my opinon, not more than other countrys. the problem that many ppl make bad experiences is not based on the fact that theyre not german. it´s bc german ppl are aholes in general. there is a culture of cynicism here. every country has it´s own way to be aholes. there is no country i like. for examble, i am italian and i know the bad stereotype of italians is that they are arrogand. spanish ppl even more. but i also know very kind spanish and italian ppl, theyre really from the heart. like i know cynical germans and i know kind germans giving me their everything.its not the name of the country on the passport that makes the ppl bad that live there. it´s bc we are a disgusting race(homo sapience). to say "german" ppl are bad is just stupit/racist. i dont like italians and i am italian. every country has its own way to express the bad in humans. i had been treatet bad, many times. manymanytimes. from ppl from all over the world and from all ethnic backround. it doesnt matter if they where white, germans, christians, muslims, from the us or what ever CULTURE. humans are scum. one can say : no matter what your color, religion or ethnicity is, u r scum in that way u where taught to be scum. there are so many reasons one fits in to a country or not. two different ppl living as foreigners from the same cultural backround in the same country, city, comunity can hv a totaly oposit view of a country. one gets all the love from the "natives" and the other all the hate FROM THE VERY SAME PPL. the article and most of the comments are just stupit. beeing racist is in our genes. all humans hv that reflex. strangers can pose a thread to the group("group" like when humans lived as hunters and collectors). u hate germans? thats ok. i hate every country when they show theyr specific bad stereotypes. but if u r just human we can be friends, i never cared about your cultur. the core of culture is about to be human. if u speak about american, turkish or what ever "culture" i get nausea. i repeat: its not bc of what culture u come from, its because humans are stupit in general. stereotypical behavior is conditioned. bad ppl are evrerywhere. good ones also. but the good ones are scarce. and its getting worse. ppl are getting worse and worse. more and more neurotic behavior. i was treatet the same way in every country i was. man kind is sick and with such articles like above and coments u are just poluting minds. we are animals, one cant deny that fact. but if one ignores it he/she ignores OUR fucking NATURE!!! and in my oppinion, the author from above has some self-esteem issue, is envious of something. sounds like a histrionic personality disorder. sounds like things are made up, i cant proove it, so cant the author from above.
NOSCE TE IPSUM HOMO SAPIENS!! stop stirring shit in to it!!! or just go on with what u do and bear the consequences. your decision....

try to learn, not to be right. 32 days ago

Racis Hate Ignorance

People are ignorant. People are afraid, and what makes it worse is those that critize out loud, created a chain reaction.
If we stop adding fuel to a lite fire, it will cease.
But I do understand about black racisim, and I am white. Why because a black group of racist thought me to see their color after 50 years; they were people in my eyes, no race no color, until it was changed by hate in my job. Now, I am angry at those who changed my thoughts, and making things difficult to ignore hate.

Anne 31 days ago

nailed it

Yeah, you're right most humans are just tribal trash. Naturally, Germans are part of this. Unless someone is intelligent and self-aware enough to see through their own prejudices they will forever be projecting negativity and hatred on others. Still, I find Germans to be less self-aware than most other countries. Atleast, the bad ones. I have met a lot of cool germans in my travels too.

Arv 13 days ago


You are stupid. Leikultur was introduced by Bassam Tibi, am Arab sociologist. You are an ass.

You Suck 32 days ago

The Germans

The people of Germany are DISPICABLE!!!! I hope they rot in hell!!!!

Patty 35 days ago

You're actually cringe

I bet you come from America lol

Bael 23 days ago

Their English Accent

The Germans speaking English sounds guttural and repugnant. Their spoken English gives me a
visceral feeling of disgust.

Georgina 36 days ago


That's legit the same as saying "Ew, turkish people can't speak German right, how despicable." Check yourself. Bet you can't speak German either.

yeehaw 17 days ago

Soll ich etwa deutsch reden ?

Dann könnte keiner mehr etwas verstehen. So pls be Kind most Germans speak at least two languages and the younger ones 3 like it’s normal to have a accent and nothing to be ashamed of.

Someone 11 days ago


Germans also do not like Fat people

b 43 days ago

You don't go outside

You literally don't or else you'd say otherwise

Bael 23 days ago


As a German I do not like Fat People...

Joachim 21 days ago


nobody likes fat ppl

skinny g 16 days ago

Been traveling

alot... Germans are sheeps when they are out of their country. They would like to be welcomed. But everyone hates them. You can’t hide your true colors

Ydddfgu 45 days ago

Be careful in Germany... You should escape their evil while you can

Get out. Those Germans are capable of murder at the drop of a hat. I would run very fast out of there. They are jealous animals in human bodies. They're sick people. Please save yourself and leave.

Avery 48 days ago


please please leave

Good Bye 16 days ago

I hate Germany too! I hate the Germans! They are evil and killed so many people

I hate the Germans! They are evil! They have evil in their genes. They killed million of people! They were animals in their killing! They were so incredibly heartless and NOT human!!! They tortured and murdered children, women and men. How sick!!!! I hope they are BURNING in hell right now for what they did!!!!!

Kelly 48 days ago


Boy you're an ass. Turks have killed over 3 million greeks. But saying that would be racist. The Japs raped 45,000 women in the course of a week. Oh Shit. Better not mention that one. Maybe if the German people and the Jews had guns they could have stopped Hitler. But he took them away. Crap! Maybe if the soldiers in the concentration camps had not been given meth, like so many Californians, they would have realised what they were doing. Dammit. Maybe if the refugees and migrants in Germany did not account for a third of all crimes while representing 8% percent of the population, people would not be racist. Oh Shit again! I should forget about that. Maybe if the German people had known what was going on they would have tried to stop the holocaust. Perhaps you should know what your talking about... The Holocaust was an awful thing started by an AUSTRIAN. The Jews gave a lot of money to Germany before its demise. The refugees today steal from Germany

Isaac Bernstein 45 days ago


The Germans killed, destroyed and invaded countries and people during WWII. They were evil human beings. Enough said and they are rotting and burning in hell!

Kelly 36 days ago

Germ Reply

so did the russians...

Isaac Bernstein 35 days ago

Germ Reply Reply

but they didn't start it.

Sergeyev Imanov 17 days ago

America has killed

more ppl than died in the holocaust since the end of WW2. just saying.

Ameri Killer 16 days ago



USTUPID 15 days ago

SJW Cancer

That's what you are. You're also hypocritical and ignorant lmao

Bael 23 days ago

SJW Cancer Reply

Did you like my explanation

Isaac Bernstein 21 days ago

Majority racist Country?

While someone's views and opinions on such social and political issues are likely to be influenced by their personal experience, including such sensitive issues as "Racism", the way this article claims majority of Germany to be racists is simply stupid and can't be justified in any way what so ever.

I have been in Germany for more than two years as a student, and aware of the presence of the far right crazy kind of people who seem to attract the most attention than most Germans, in my opinion, and also personal experience as someone who has travelled to some countries, I found Germany to be the least racists' country. I have of course encountered a racist situation, but after my two and half years in Berlin, there is no way that I would conclude Germany as a racist country, it simply doesn't make any sense.

If some Germans don't want the mix, it is their wish, if they don't want to speak English, we have to respect that they have the right to exclusively communicate in their mother tongue (I am saying this becasue, many consider Germans to be racist for not wanting to speak English …wtf?)

Want to know what real racism looks like??, go to the middle east (especially the rich ones), Poland, Hungary, New Zealand, Israel then you will understand what it is like to live among majority racist people, and witness how human beings are treated like animals in some of these countries.

Hailu 49 days ago

This is reality

Berlin is a multicultural city and almost everyone is friendly and racism blinded just like every every country's capital cities. Try other cities in Germany especially those towns and villages then you will know you're attacking the poster put of your ignorance! It's been 10years I live here in Germany both in cities and villages and I can tell Germany has the highest number of racist regardless their religions even the Christians are worse and this makes me sick. Living Berlin is like living in paradise in germany man, you don't wanna try villages here! I was also like you in the beginning when I didn't understand a word in german and I was ready to fight anyone who says Germans are bad but after some years, German proved me wrong I had been fighting a blind fight.

Julius 28 days ago

It is true

You are right. Germany is a racist country and it will never change.

Wonderful 55 days ago

You are right

I live in fear since i arrived in Germany in 2012. I wish i am as brave as you.
I lost that confidence to speak up & just become very silent whenever i am outside.
A lot of times I really don’t understand why German people I met randomly in public hate me. I moved a lot within Germany to find “the right” place. Thankfully, the job allows us to have a flexible place to live. Now I am in Bonn and I find that Bonn people are a lot nicer than those in Ruhr area (such as Dortmund Bochum Essen Herne...). Previously i wanted to live in Berlin because it’s famous as being International, but my close friends advised me many times that it is rough in Berlin, many East Germans are there therefore now and then I can encounter them.

I am now waiting for the right time to leave Germany. This covid thing is delaying my plan a little.

Eliza 56 days ago

Lord have mercy on German people

I'm also planning to move out of Germany I've been here a long time and German people makes me have a low self-esteem which is causing me my talents and creativities .

Julius 28 days ago

Moving won't change

You definitely don't go outside cause you definitely have social anxiety lol

Bael 23 days ago

All true.

I have been living in Germany, Southern Bavaria more specifically (One of the most Racist part of the country so i've been told and later on experienced it) The looks...the stares...the general treatment you get, the looking and talking down on you wherever you go is just crazy. And im a white guy from Hungary. I honestly never thought that a white fellow European can get this much racism. I've been in many countries in Europe but i've never been treated like this. Other Germans i met who werent living here told me to move to the North since people are lot less racist there and the south is well known for its racism, but at this point of time after 4.5years i have no love left for this country anymore and the moment this pandemic is finally over i'll leave.

Sem 59 days ago

hungary yes

better go back to your lovely country
hungary is known for its love of foreigners. noooot.

blackboiwhitegirlfriend 36 days ago


Wowww staring and looking at people you usually don't come across is racist now? Boohoo go cry somewhere else bro

Bael 23 days ago

Kraut bastards


Arthur Harris 62 days ago

@Kraut bastards

You will burn in Hell, alien pos.

Bomberkiller 30 days ago

Then leave.

As a neonazi I like your article very much and it totally depicts the reality. So yeah whatevery race you are dont come to germany we will lynch your ass ofc :D. You should not come here, nice ad for a more homogenous society, props to the author. People like you with their rich imagination make nazi propaganda obsolet. Love it

Someone 65 days ago


If you are blessed you will in time realise your basic comment if not maybe one day you will learn when your karma comes to knock on your door. Hate always breeds hate.

Your Karma 59 days ago

Enjoy your birthrate.

Nuff' said. :D

Sergeyev Ivanov 17 days ago

You havnt been to Germany

I am a guy living in Germany(NRW). I play football here and every single football team is multi national and people play with each other and after a game they will also party with each other. This is how the majority of people are, they dont care about color. Germans are generally very cautious when talking about someones culture, its unbelievably unfair to put these people (the majority) in the same basket as the most delluded neonazi Idiots who dont give a fuck about offending someone. It is the same thing as looking at a terrorist and saying "Oh look all muslims are bad" while 99.% are good, but the 0.1% are loud and get attention plus media coverage. Or how you put it "the majority of them is casually radical". You know who says stuff like this? Your brothers in spirit, the neo nazis.

ANON 65 days ago

US is worse

The United States is worse, and women of color are the biggest racists. Who is our new South Asian and black Vice President elect married to? White guy. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez dates a white guy. I briefly interacted with a Sikh woman from Modesto who told me that there's no such thing as a good looking black man. I was interested in dating her until she said that and made it clear that she prefers white men. I'm half Danish and half Indian, so I was white enough for her, for now, until she could find a white guy.

It's funny. I was born in this country and I'm half white, and women of color who came here from Mexico a few years ago treat me like I'm invisible. They suck up to white men (even old, fat ones) and speak Spanish with their latin sisters, but anyone who has even the slightest tan is ignored.

Every white German and Scandinavian I have known is far less racist than most American "women of color". I'm fed up with America and I'm planning on spending this summer in Berlin so I can meet some decent people.

The problem with America is that people are so stupid. The schools are horrible and we were flooded with immigrants who are even less educated. So you get all of the bad of immigration -- racist brown people. If you think I'm racist, you're wrong. I'm meta-racist. I am racist and bigoted against racist cultures. I've seen so many non-white immigrants in America, especially women, behave in such a racist manner, I just want to get out of this country. I live in the most liberal part of the US -- San Francisco. The liberal values don't rub off on the immigrants who flood this country. We used to get intelligent immigrants. Now we get the bottom of the barrel and they're never educated.

I think Germany does a much better job with immigration. They're all legal and there's an effort to teach them to fit in. If you don't do that, you're just importing non-white racists into your country.

Rupert 65 days ago


"no one luws me and i think it's because of my color." Yeah you're probably right. Why don't you date white women then if the immigrant women don't want you? Have you considered that most immigrant women want white men because they think it will get them immediate access to "american society" and a quick citizenship route?

I'm full Indian (well, more than 95% atleast) and I found many white american women and half-white half asian women willing to date me. I did find some racism\cockblocks from an armenian woman and her jewish friend once. A taiwanese girl also wanted me to be her boyfriend, she's now dating a Sri Lankan guy. Not everyone's like that. You're just looking for excuses.

Arvind 13 days ago

Mr. Magoo

So why do we keep sending college age arabic men, who are clearly impovereshed because they have IPhones and Expensive pants, to Germany. If you hate Germany so much why do you stay? None of the non Germans with the exception of a few have any ties to Deustchland. Do we really want to repeat 1943? I am Bill Murray, Turd Fergeson, and I.P Freely. Do you like my names?

GenesisTheBandSucks 70 days ago


Really? Genesis sucks? Maybe after Steve Hackett left the band, but, sheesh, they were amazing in their prime...

Bob 65 days ago

This is true

I've been to Germany just for a short period of time, not to immigrate, just to visit it. There is a LOT of stereotypes against every person that isn't, what Nazi Germany claimed, the "Aryan race". Jews, black people, slavs, you name it! I've heard way too many jokes about ethnic minorities.

I think Germany may be one of the most worst countries for immigrants, but that isn't a suprise since they created nazism, so what should I expect from a country that accepted Hitler as their leader.

The writer is 100% correct and all the comments here are just offended germans that deny their racism. If I can see germans just casually being extremely racist WHEN I AM VISTING THE COUNTRY, well then, I guess I can draw my conclusions pretty quickly.

TL;DR: The writer is right and Germany is a racist country. And from the jokes I heard, it's the worst to the people that were in war with them.

Not even a minority 71 days ago

Snowflake lol

You were either bribed or you just have a rich imagination lol.

Bael 23 days ago

What did I just read?

Sometimes I have conversations with imaginary friends too and then I go and write about it in my blog. Not saying your points are invalid, but you come across as a bitter and intense person to hang with. Your article was ripe with racism too. Maybe take a chill pill and check your entitlement at the door.

Ouxh 78 days ago

Anger and racism are not the same thing

You response reads as very insecure and a bit like you know Jacinta is correct but you cannot look at yourself in mirror for fear it reveal the truth. I did notice while I was living in Germany that pretending is a very popular pass-time. Keeps one from having to face all sorts of ugly truths and, in turn, having to act on those same issues

AnnoyedWithPretenders 76 days ago


She's completely right. I live in Germany since I was one year old. Germans don't understand racism because for them it's a normal thing, for example if a mulsim does something bad it's always "them, evil, the religion of evil bla bla bla " and if a German does something bad it's always "poor psycho he needs to get treatment"! God Damn hypocrisy.

Julius 66 days ago


Umm privelage bullshit comment

Your low self Estee 59 days ago

Looking down

May I ask who you are? Just another German who likes to look down? Are you even at that position? You are the proof that whatever this lady said is true. Stfu now. Germans suck....

Thetruth 45 days ago

Loll hypocrite

Defending racism with racism. How funny. You're actually retarded lol. Fuck off American, go choke on donuts and die from diabetes

Bael 23 days ago

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you. 78 days ago

To Mr. Racist German

I think you should go fuck yourself for the rampant racism in your country. Thanks.

Definetly not German 71 days ago

Go back to your hole

Blooming foreigners have messed up Germany and Europe.

Proud German 65 days ago

@Mr proud German

Fuck you!!! You don't sound like real German.... clearly your parents were old German refugees!!!

Ola 28 days ago

Fuck Germany

There’re some good people in that country, being there a lot, living in many cities, travelled most of the country... I’m not surprise they fuck up the whole world twice with their stupid complex of superiority (which is actually not even close to be true). We should never allowed them anymore to reconstruct their shitty country and their stupid prepotent culture. Next time they try (they will and we will kick their ass again) we should just finish them for good...

Damn Germans 79 days ago

Are you stupid?

Unlike other countries Germany has a working and fair governing system now. It's highly unlikely that an old christian lady called the Bundeskanzlerin would suggest to go to war against America and unlike the President of America, the Bundeskanzlerin doesn't have enough power to decide everything for themselfs. And it's funny how you're talking about a complex of superiority when there are americans out there that (clearly like you) think that your Country is superior. I won't say that Germany is the greatest country in the world, but I'd still say it's better than the US.

Idiot 71 days ago


dummy, the girl who wrote this isnt american. but yeah germany sucks because its boring, unfriendly people and you dont invent anything anymore.

brandi bohannon 58 days ago


Yea and the ones who invent are Turks anyways... Germans just got this superiority complex. That’s why everyone hates them.

Thetruth 45 days ago


You're right. Turks invented great stuff like... Slavery and... Genocide. Great people the turks are. They would have been great in the Shutzstaffel

m 45 days ago

Not nice

finish them for good? You are not better than the ones you are insulting in your comment. There are many good people everywhere, even in Germany. By the way, I am not German, I belong to the group "people of colour", living in Germany for about 18 years.

Justa 67 days ago

Go to hell, POS sc.mbag

Thank you very much for showing that you have swallowed the lies of your indoctrinators (about the world wars)perfectly, and thank you even more to openly show your genocidal racism.

You vermin have nothing in common with any human beings. You are not even an animal, you are an evil virus bent on world domination -assuming you are Angloscum.

Proud German 65 days ago

LOL white friend

You are white, Caucasian, pretending to be from a different race, you got problems.

LOL 81 days ago


As a person who is not white German I can tell you that everywhere I go in Germany people think I am white. Everywhere. I am not white, neither am I European. I have blonde hair and blue eyes . Making assumptions about "what" a person is based on how they look is ridiculous. Treating a person like shit based on those wrong assumptions is beyond stupid.

StillAnnoyedByPretenders 76 days ago


If you have blonde hair and blue eyes you're white lol

Bael 23 days ago


Just..Nope. My neighbour has red hair and green eyes. He's dravidian.

Arvi 13 days ago

merry go round

It's kinda funny and sad at the same time.
While your points are valid, the way you voice your criticism doesn't make you appear much better.
Stupid and/or hateful people can and will be found anywhere in the world (as we can see oh so well in this comment section).
However jumping from the fact that racism exists in germany to the conclusion that 'the majority of the german people is racist' seems very prejudiced.
The "alt right" is spouting their bullshit here as loudly as anywhere else and some of the comments here make me question my belief in humanity as a whole, but just because those bigots are loud and get a lot of undeserved (media) attention doesn't mean the majority of people here support that kinda crap.
They are still and hopefully always will be a small minority, albeit a loud, disgusting and obnoxious one.

Tom 83 days ago


Everywhere is racist! People naturally prefer their own race. Fact.
That’s why people from Bangladesh who come to London, go live where all the other Bangladeshis live. They wouldn’t want to live amongst in an all white or all black area.
Trying to destroy racism is a hopeless task.

M 84 days ago

Mike Rotch

Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that.

Bill Murray 83 days ago

And you just made her point

Did you mean people naturally prefer to be around people who share their own culture? I believe you are confusing race with everything else.

AnnoyedWithPretenders 76 days ago


Wouldn't it be better for people in the world to live in their own societies and trade with each other and be free from conflict. That way you could visit Turkey for good Turkish food. Not Londanistan

Did you like my title?

Bill Murray2 72 days ago

Stupid americunt

Says the drake and spic infested shithole known as the USA LOL! aren't you cunts minority white at this point?

Bomber Harris 62 days ago


I am English

FU 45 days ago


the white man does not believe in keeping to his own place,, he goes all over the world mixing with other peoples and colonizing and stealing other peoples resources

paul 56 days ago


I would prefer my city to have little neighbourhoods of nationalities so I don't need to catch a stupid plane and file visas to get some authentic cuisine of another culture. My country is pretty diverse but I miss seeing foreign faces.

Arvi 13 days ago

Absolute bullshit


Reading alot of trolls writing crap 59 days ago

Du bist dumm wie Scheiße.

Halt deine Schnauze du Schlampe, pack deine Sachen und verpiss dich aus Deutschland. Und lass deine Freundin Nina aus deiner komischen Agenda. Offensichtlich mögen dich Leute einfach nicht, also drehst du es jetzt um und versuchst diese als rassistisch darzustellen. Netter Versuch.

Ich ficke dich anal. 98 days ago

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Du bestätigst damit, was im Artikel steht.
"pack deine Sachen und verpiss dich aus Deutschland"

Han Solo 95 days ago


I don't think this kraut can actually read English and hence is unable to realise that with this comment the points made in this article are just strengthened.

Here is a mind blowing fact for you random internet kraut, there are other languages in this world besides German!

KrautGas 79 days ago

@Kraut Gas

Bleep your mother, piece of angloscum. You are a perfect representative of your god-forsaken race.
And do you want to gas us? Congratulations, genocidal sc.mbag, for showing your true colours yet again.
BTW, it is you who are too stupid to learn foreign languages. All you have ever done in history is to slander, kill, maim, and hate. You are orcs, not humans.

BTW, just because your mother is Americuntia's greatest c.mbucket and you have got a thousand fathers, all bastards like you, you don't have to blame my country.

Die very slowly and go to hell,

Proud German 65 days ago

Proud German

Boy do I love your views

Bill Murray 63 days ago

Just, why?

You're just reinforcing the rather silly points made in the article and original comment here. Please, for the sake of Germans and their public image, shut up.

Love from France, xoxo

Sherm 57 days ago

And another one

Disgusting person. You are the reason why people hate germans

Dyr 45 days ago


People do not hate us, but orcs do, like this invader, this cow of a writer.

Aliens get out 30 days ago


God, you are doing nothing but proving her point. Rude ignorant asshole, you are an utter embarassement to our country.

Alina 19 days ago

Heinie babble

Screib auf Englisch, du bloeder mutterficker. We all know you were babbling bullshit.

Heinies Stink 43 days ago


Do us a favour: get Covid and die.

Angry 30 days ago


You sound like every black person in a predominantly white society. You also sound racist.
You can fix your living issue and hatred problem toward white people if you just moved to a country that is predominantly black.
Let's say like the "Democratic republic of the Congo". 99.9℅ are black people, so that means you will have 99.9℅ of the population that have the same view as you.

I always get a kick out of folks like you. Claiming someone is racist and in the same breath you say that white person or that pink person never just referring to them as a person or by their name. It's always the color with you folks. And that my dear is racist. Claim like all the American blacks do, (that black people can't be racist). Although their claim is ignorant and history backs that up. The first time the term "racism" was not used when speaking of black or coloureds. It was spoken in reference to Jewish people.
And if you actually look up the definition of racism you will find that oh yes you can be racist and black!

Like I tell all of our whining black people in America::
Start packing your bags and get out, in your case get out of Germany!

Sheryl 100 days ago

I.P. Freely

Well Put! Get out if you hate it so much. You probably aren't even contributing to society much anyways. Believe me, they won't miss you.

ZZ Top 100 days ago


Reading comments like yours makes me wonder how much you have progressed IPFreely. The solution to discrimination is not hate or as your comment says to leave. People everywhere should be treated fairly and not stereotyped. When you marginalise a race or people you show your self esteem and self worth. Judging by this post you have you have very low amounts and the chances are you haven't achieved much or are young in age.

G 59 days ago


You are exactly right. But why do Indian Americans hate whites so much then? And blacks in south africa? They really love white people. The only way germany wont be racist is if they dont see the negative impact migration has on germany. They all see the negative impact

IPFreely 21 days ago


You are exactly right. But why do Indian Americans hate whites so much then? And blacks in south africa? They really love white people. The only way germany wont be racist is if they dont see the negative impact migration has on germany. They all see the negative impact

IPFreely 21 days ago


Does probably more than you do. What you gonna go when the whole world hates you for acting like a damn german

Dff 45 days ago


Nah, we'd rather make you the minority in the US and let history repeat itself with you on the receiving end, that is what you are so afraid of, isn't it?

Les 92 days ago

Nah reply

Wouldn't you be happier with your own people to murder? The only reason racism exists is because blacks want to be black and whites want to be white. Multiculturism is good in one example. America. But even here the socialists get their kicks by calling everyone a racist. How do you think that makes people feel? People like you, Les, have no place in a succesful society. If you are so accepting why do you hate Whites so much? Fear? Anger?

F U 83 days ago

Still nah

Don't want to murder anyone, just pointing out the misguided belief driving the "go back to where you came from" ideology. Just because European immigrants have a bloody and abusive history in the U.S., not to mention how they abused their majority status, doesn't mean that EVERYONE thinks along those lines. Lets be honest, the right wing white people in the states, like Sheryl here, are worried that things are changing, best case scenario, they will loose their privileged status, worst case scenario they will be on the receiving end of some kind of Jim Crow v.2 .

The first case WILL happen in the next 20 to 30 years, tough shit. The second case will not, its just the usual right wing nut job "white genocide" paranoia.Kind of like how you just assumed I want to murder case you missed it, I am very much implying you are a right wing nut job :)

Les 79 days ago

Still nah reply

I see what you're saying. Do you like Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie better?

F U Choo Choo 72 days ago


Apparently non-white people moving to "somewhere else" is the solution of all complicated problems of the world. Non-white people must have such celestial abilities that their presence or absence makes such big differences?

KrautGas 79 days ago


Hi all, I’m a half German half Nigerian born and raised in the UK. I’ve spent a lot of summer holidays in Germany growing up and my only experience as a kid was getting stared at a lot, which didn’t really bother me or my brothers much. However a few years ago I visited with my girlfriend, who I was trying to convince Germany was a nice country. After going for dinner in Lenip with my Opa we noticed one or two black people walking around, then a few second later driving out we saw spray painted onto the side of a house “Nigger go home”. I was so shocked and embarrassed - here Id been telling my girlfriend how progressive Germany was and then we see something as grotesque as that. It was a stark reminder that Germany has a lot of racist people, especially in small towns.

Duv 109 days ago

Roles reversed

If white people went to Nigeria, how would they be treated?
Do you expect Germany to be better than Nigeria?
At least you wouldn’t be kidnapped in Germany

M 84 days ago

Duh, yes!

Of course I expect that! Germans HATE to be told they are wrong and hate it even more when they are told they are racist. For a bunch of people who love to expound on how virtuous their country is with all its recycling, pollution laws, bicyclists, laws for every single thing and pseudo-intellectual artists I can only laugh at how much bullshit that is. Stop paying lip service to how liberal and elite you think you are there and actually BE that way.

Annoyed with pretenders 76 days ago


What a troll like response. You sound like a young dumb unsuccessful incel

Troll hater 59 days ago


Germany isn't racist yet. If it were racist the government would not stand for all these refugees. They would not get everything for free. This happens because Germany is afraid of its past. This is changing though. Because of all the migrant related crime the Germans are feeling, if you might say, betrayed by their country. Germany wasn't made for Syrians. The refugees must get out before the racists rise again. Watch how it will shock the world. Just today Germany has bought a new assault rifle and now that the U.S. has moved on to more important matters in Poland, Germany will be increasing its Army strength. Once Merkel leaves and the CDU loses the bubble will burst.

I.P. Freely 132 days ago

lalalal I can't hear you.....

Germany has always been racist. It carries a collective guilt about its history and has in turn decided it will be the moral and upstanding beacon of the EU. Pretending to care about what is right and good only seems to have worked when this small country did not have to deal with racial and cultural issues. Hence the phrase "it is our moral obligation to take in refugees and we are indignant about any other country not doing their moral duty"......even though we hate having anyone visibly different from us. It's happening all over white Europe.

AnnoyedWithPretenders 76 days ago

Why are you making your life difficult?

To me it sounds like you should make the effort to live somewhere where you feel more comfortable.

Phrases like 'her pink GERMAN skin looks whiter than ever' sound very racist. I can almost hear the thoughts you have that but were not brave enough to type.

Life is short Nandi, do you really want to live in a country that makes such hate bubble out of you? Reflect on it seriously.

AL 133 days ago

Bullshit is brown like Nazi Color

Well today NRW internal ministry found 5 chat groups in which policemen & policewomen were posting Hitler signs & Nazi symbols.They were talking about gas chambers for refugees. The ministry expects a lot more chat groups be found in the near future. Just a bit flavor of "welcome culture & tolerance of Germans".When I read the comments with title "Bullshit" about German tolerance, I just couldn't stop laughing and were thinking how exactly the content matches to the title i.e "Bullshit". Social system is not everything, honor, dignity and not feeling as a second class person in the society is more important. The result of such "Bullshit" mindset would be ending in totally divided society which happens now in Germany. Germans are talking about integrity but integrity has two sides, if the foreigners want to integrate but Germans dont accept, the result is a failure of the integration. The situation is so bad that some time a go a black gentleman who brought me a rent car to the door, just asked me how many Germans are living where I am living. I was quite surprised. I answered, here not too much foreigners,mostly Germans. He sadly told me then this place is not good for me since in my previous district of the city, nearly all people were German and nearly no foreigner living there. He explained "I had big issues, feeling very badly since permanently Germans were watching me out as if I was a kind of criminal". Good luck with such society. Discrimination is often origin of violence like the Rampage in 2016 in Munich. The poor foreign teenager killed 10 other teen foreigners to prove he is different from them. He has to justify himself to German teens that he is different/better from other foreigners and that resulted in hate of other foreigners. He mad other foreigners responsible for not being accepted among German teens.

Amir 133 days ago

Thank you for sharing

I am a German, I was born here and so was half of my family members. My dads from abroad which is why I have a ‘non-German’ surname. As a kid I always wonderred why German kids really avoided me, when growing older, studying and engaging with the topic and most of all getting out of this place made me realize: The problem isn’t the foreigners, the real issue is being created and maintained by casual Germans - from gen to gen. What you observed, witnessed and get angry about is perfectly legit - in psychologial terms your causing most (not all) of your German recipients that will impulsively and/or categorically deny what your are saying a ‘cognitive dissonance’. When you are being fed nationalist shit with an attitude of ‘aber wir in Deutschland habens ja wenigsten gut’ you cannot stand a mirror that shows you how ridiculous all the ‘guten deutschen Werte’ are. Thanks again for your courage to share this and good luck! I wish you and your kids all the best <3

By the way: The ‘Bullshit’ comment in this comment section serves living example of what is being said. People like him/her are trapped in their German fantasy ;)

FMB 135 days ago

Thank you for sharing

I am a German, I was born here and so was half of my family members. My dads from abroad which is why I have a ‘non-German’ surname. As a kid I always wonderred why German kids really avoided me, when growing older, studying and engaging with the topic and most of all getting out of this place made me realize: The problem isn’t the foreigners, the real issue is being created and maintained by casual Germans - from gen to gen. What you observed, witnessed and get angry about is perfectly legit - in psychologial terms your causing most (not all) of your German recipients that will impulsively and/or categorically deny what your are saying a ‘cognitive dissonance’. When you are being fed nationalist shit with an attitude of ‘aber wir in Deutschland habens ja wenigsten gut’ you cannot stand a mirror that shows you how ridiculous all the ‘guten deutschen Werte’ are. Thanks again for your courage to share this and good luck! I wish you and your kids all the best <3

By the way: The ‘Bullshit’ comment in this comment section serves living example of what is being said. People like him/her are trapped in their German fantasy ;)

FMB 135 days ago


The whole world wants to live in Germany. I have an American work colleague. He moved here because Germany has a better social system than the USA. In addition, there are all the refugees who also want to go to Germany. We are the most tolerant country in the world! My girlfriend is half Polish. In Poland German conditions are unthinkable. They are not so stupid and let their country be ruined!

Edna Konrad 136 days ago

Edna Cockrad

Fuck off you unfeeling lil bitch! Nazi cocksucker! Racist motherfucker!

realtalk 102 days ago


I think all white people should move to a predominantly Black Country and start complaining about why their country wasn’t built for them

M 84 days ago

RE: Reverse

They already did that and it is known as "colonialism". You would have known that if you paid a little bit more attention at school. But I guess you were busy complaining about non-white people.

The Peasant 79 days ago

@Edna Cocksuck

Back to the whorehouse you have escaped from, racist c.nt. Your sandn..ger bucks are waiting for you.

Proud German 65 days ago

Lollll hypocrite again

So you call him nazi cause he's german. How funny

Bael 23 days ago

Yes they are racist

I am living in Germany since more than 12 years got my Master in Engineering here, with 12 registered patents & wherever I worked, my German colleagues after a while admitted that I put most of the engineers in my pocket regarding knowledge and experience. Beside all difficulties I have got during job seeking and lots of rejections since I am coming from middle east, I was once in a city called Lohr am Main and I just asked a young German man, I am sure he was not older than 18 years old, in German language about taxis and bus arrivals. He told me I dont understand you and turned his back to me in a very unfriendly manner. Suddenly another German young man came from the other side of the street, seems to be embarrassed by the reaction of the first German and answered my questions without being asked directly from my side. Apparently he has witnessed the situation. I was asking myself how come the second guy could understand me and the first one couldn't and how shit should be the environment of the first young German in which he has been raised. As a 18 or 17 years old young man, you couldn't have built your mind about foreigners so firmly in such a racist way, unless you have been raised in a racist family.

At university, we needed a specialist in writing codes on GPU(Grafic Processor Unit) and a Bulgarian gentleman could do it from another department. He was a Phd student. My professor just told me I pay him this little money, I forgot the amount after twelve years, he should be more than happy. What could he earn in Bulgarian if he goes back there. Even this amount is much for him. He suddenly realised speaking his mind loud then left the room immidiately.

These are just two examples from many which I experienced during last couple of years.

I have two kids and I dont want them being raised in such racist country. I decided to leave Germany. By the way I applied for lots of companies in Germany, I got just once a job confirmation from a German company, the other confirmations which I got were from big international ones which racism is not playing any rolle in their recruiting procedure. So as a foreigner come to Germany and study here but don't waste your time here more if you are qualified. In a country in which AFD party gets up to 30% approvals in some cities, let German thinks they are the best race. The Germans are losing any how since all new technolgies are comming from USA just look at apple, Tesla, Amazon. I think if the American hadn't pump so much money after WW2 in West Germany, Germany wouldnt have experienced such an economical surge to get them in a point now which they got the illusion that they are superior.

Amir 146 days ago

So true

Dann true

Dffd 45 days ago


Very well, then. Good luck and live well. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Angry 30 days ago


Ich bin jemand von denen, die man getrost als weiße Menschen bezeichnen kann. Daher ist es auch offensichtlich, dass ich keinen Rassismus erlebt habe und genau das ist das Problem: ich konnte meinem besten Freund nicht glauben, dass er so oft von der Polizei angehalten wird (schwarzer Deutscher) und meinem Ex-Freund nicht, dass er hin und wieder im Bus beleidigt wurde (gebürtiger Indonesier).
Nun gut, verstehen konnte ich es schon, aber nicht wahrhaben. Und das ist genau das, was ich aus den BLM-Protesten gelernt habe (und hoffentlich auch viele andere). Als jemand, der sein ganzes Leben nicht mit diesem Thema konfrontiert war, sollte in der ein oder anderen Situation einfach still sein. Und genau dafür schäme ich mich, dass ich es nicht getan habe.
Ich habe jeden Satz deines Berichtes gelesen, der auch gut nacherzählt, was teilweise schon Jahrzehnte her ist (da war ich noch ein kleines Kind). Ich sehe, dass es noch viele Dinge gibt an denen wir arbeiten müssen. Ich weiß nicht, inwieweit die Bundeswehr oder das Gesundheitssystem rassistisch ist (über die Polizei wurde ja schon viel geschrieben), aber es liegt sicher noch ein weiter Weg vor, den unsere Gesellschaft laufen muss und auch wenn er unbequem wird (aber sowas von!), sollte man ihn gehen.

Christian 187 days ago

Im Übrigen

Finde ich viele Kommentare einfach nur unmöglich. Nicht nur diejenigen, die das Problem schönreden wollen, sondern auch diese unsäglichen Nazivergleiche. Dem soll sich mal bitte ein Admin annehmen.

Christian 187 days ago

Article is in english

When the article is in English reply in English please

Jam 136 days ago

I am sorry

But I can express myself better in German

Christian 123 days ago


Need more Germans like you

Dyff 45 days ago

A place to live

What I do not get it why you would choose to live in a country were you dislike the politics, the people, the culture, etc..
What is keeping you there, if you hate it *a normal amount*?

I did not like the politics in my home country, so I left when I was old enough to do so. The country I live in now is not perfect, either. But I don't feel I am in a superior position from which I should judge.

Do you think you could do better? If you don't, why not be a better person yourself instead of thinking you are superior? The way you write about your "friend" is terrible.

Yui Han 191 days ago


I also do not understand this. I came here 4 years ago and sorted myself out with 0 German at the start – that is not hyperbole. I also elected to make this my home, and I believe there is a responsibility to respect what is in place culturally (generally speaking, don't freak out – I am not condoning racism). Shitty this or that? Ticketing system oder was auch immer? There is a history that built this place. If it's not suiting you, you really have the following choices: grapple with it yourself and make peace with imperfection (which is, like others have said, relatively minimal to other places, or, in my opinion integral to the character of the place), work on changing it constructively, if you decide you must, or go someplace else. Fuming rants do not qualify as constructive change.

I am white, and, on a good day, when my accent is right, no one bats an eye at me. Surely I have benefited from a stream of luck and goodwill that I am not aware of in building my life here, but I don't think this is actually about skin colour, if I may hazard a likely wholly unpopular opinion. I have friends here of colour and not of colour, and the defining thing that marks their experience and mine is attitude. It's a big city, and life in the big city is hard, but I don't see the point in buckling under the temptation of 'hate' and feeling victimised. No one comes to your rescue but yourself, ultimately. More constructive is to actually consider what you can change either internally or externally (not by berating your friends about how shitty their country is).

I guess my point is simply that there is a limit to the value of the rant, and you're not changing any German minds by telling them that they're racists. This is and has been German land for all the history that matters, and whether you find their national history deplorable or not, these guys live here and run the place and are far and away doing a better job than many others in sorting their dirty laundry.

Integrate and make them respect you, or I fear the venom and vitriol will find you lying further on the margin.

name 183 days ago

White racist response

"I am white, and, on a good day, when my accent is right, no one bats an eye at me. Surely I have benefited from a stream of luck and goodwill that I am not aware of in building my life here, but I don't think this is actually about skin colour,".

That says it all, you are denying your white privilege!

I spent years making excuses for Germans, always telling myself maybe I should be nicer. But after 7 years, I finally concluded on what I have known all along, they are narcissists!

Truth be told 18 days ago

Most entertaining comment section ever

Reading through these comments is a nice temporary cure for depression.

wahoo 193 days ago

Enough Already

The gas-lighting in the comments section here is cringe-worthy. "Its just jokes, you're too sensitive" , "look at other countries"..etc etc.... Due to some strange cultural quirk, emotional intelligence isn't a strong point among a lot of Germans, but that's exactly what you need to pull off any form of social engineering, including gas-lighting. Trying to deflect in such a clumsy way shows both insincerity and immaturity, you'd get a lot more respect if you dealt with your issues, including the ever present systematic racism in your country, like adults.

Alex 196 days ago

The circles you move in

I made the experience that your idea of what a culture / country is like, in terms of racism and other issues, 100% depends on the circles you run in. Of course, if you only know people from the underclass (aka the 'working class' but it is more of an intellectual underclass that has nothing to do with how much money they have), who are almost always fans of the US and are heavily influenced by Anglo-Saxon culture, then Yes!, you will come away thinking Germans are racist and dumb.
The highly educated Germans (who still run the country and economy, unlike the US where fascists have taken over the country) you probably will never get to know personally are not racist.

It's all relative anyway - even I who will admit that Germany is racist (if you move in the wrong circles) think that it is still a wonderful heaven compared to deeply racist and fascist cultures like Japan.

Yes, maybe you should live in Japan for a couple of years and then come back to Germany. Trust me, you'll never think of Germany as "racist" ever again.

Chris Sotomayor 199 days ago

Germany is racist and fascist

Do we really believe that a country with that history is going to give up on racism so easily, nazis are still alive and they raised nazi children, it takes more time to completely get rid of this history. It's only logical. Also Germans do not have low self esteem, if anything they are narcissistic entitled people. They believe what they do its the absolute best and everyone else is not worth it. Prove me wrong

A 207 days ago


they are very weak mentally. hence wannabee bullies. actually strong germans would be an issue ... and would be healthier for them.
very sick people.

weak 202 days ago

Not your meme world

You shouldn't mistake your 4chan and Reddit memes for actual reality. Racism and fascism is well alive in the world today, but Germany is the least place you'll find it.
Rather, the same people who fought German fascism in WW2, i.e. Anglo-Saxons, allowed fascism to rise in their own backyard.
Actual fascist countries today are Japan and Russia. Countries that have taken a turn towards fascism are the US and the UK.
Germany is only accused because it is doing so well nowadays while the US and UK are sinking into chaos and despair - even though they won the war, they are now desolate societies with little hope. Germany on the other hand is now the shining light of democracy and hope in the world.
In a perfect world, I would love to have the good countries like Germany, France, and the Scandinavian countries cooperate with China to once and for all end the cancer of Anglo-Saxon influence in the world. China has the numbers and the nukes, France has nukes. Germany has the brains to pull it through. Only this time it will be a just war and Germany won't have to rely in diseased cultures like Japan to pull it through, they will have 2 billion people (India and China) who still have a bone to pick with the Anglo-Saxon influence sphere behind them.
Only when Anglo-Saxon culture ends its death grip on the world will mankind be able to truly shine and progress.

M. Basinger 199 days ago

No nothing

Do you even know what people the Anglo-Saxons are? I'm Anglo-saxon but I'm mostly Scandinavian. I'm however American first.
Scandinavians don't anymore to do with China the the rest of the world.


Sheryl 100 days ago

No clue

India join with China and Germany against Anglo Saxons? Lol Dream on. We don't have any beef with anglos anymore. Only the fascist ones. China is more racist than all Anglo countries put together. I discovered that when I flew from Canada to HK. China and the CPC are hell on earth.
Many Germans are nice, but I've met a few prejudiced managers in my previous company from that side of the world (Germany, Denmark etc.). Americans and Brits are on average, less racist and nicer, atleast on the surface.

Arvi 13 days ago

By nature

Or by passport?

Greetings from germany, spot on, i hate it for reasons you didn’t mention.

Wilhelm 193 days ago


Then move abroad. But whatever you do, don't come back. Ever.

Angered 30 days ago


I am not a fan of a lot of german personality traits, but that doesnt mean you are not a massive racist for saying Germans as an entire ethnic group are narcissistic entitled people. Its completely baffling to me how people can pat themselves on the back for "spotting" how racist germany is when the rest of the world is literally the same. I look at China systematically erasing entire ethnic groups for hundreds of years now, i look at the genocides still going on today in Africa or what the US is still doing to the black community. Are you calling germans racist for being worse than them or is everyone racist and this entire debate pointless? I cry every time i think of what my grandparents had to go through when they were kicked out of Poland after my family lived there for 300 years, when my dad had everything taken from him after the Stasi found out he wanted to run away to the West. Its been 75 years since the war and you talk about the Nazis still alive today like its an actual group of people, a person that was 18 by the end of WW2 would be 93 right now, that means they were children during the war and certainly not Nazis, unless you see all germans alive during WW2 as Nazis. Honestly screw you and the fact that even today i have to justify why i am not a Nazi to a world that has treated me like one since the day i was born.

Random German 182 days ago

Virus in universe

Hates humans

Adolf 124 days ago

Very correct!

You’re definitely right about the narcissism and the gaslighting. It is truly in unbelievably epic proportions to the point where you wonder “did he/she just tell me A is B and B is A?”.... truly epic.

Fred 119 days ago

disappointingly shallow

it is very dangerous to write like this. i would even say, this negative attitude towards germany, increases "spaltung" not decreases. regarding the question of how racist is germany: more objective facts are more helpful, like surveys of this kind e.g.:
i m proud that my country is far more advanced regarding job chances for people of different race then most other countries in the world, and this does not mean we cannot improve.
i lived in foreign countries as a german for 13 years, and it s like everywhere, as a foreigner you have also a responsability to embrace the culture of where you live and identify to be part of it. there is always aspects to improve and you can try to do that together. but independently from that you can choose to love a country/culture and embrace it. this is an emotional question. this feeling will come back and it s a highly healthy feeling for you and society as a whole.
i love other countries and i love my country and am willing to integrate. but emotional effort has to come from all, not just blaming a "racist culture", that s to easy and - sorry - zero self reflective. self reflection is a necessary condition however.

lovepeople 213 days ago

yup racists

yup racists. stop making excuses.

yup racists 202 days ago

Lol you absolute monkey

Get your head out of your ass that you lovingly call twitter. It's killing your braincells

Bael 23 days ago

Lol you absolute monkey

Get your head out of your ass that you lovingly call twitter. It's killing your braincells

Bael 23 days ago

I agree

I agree completely with your comment. Self reflection is absolutely key. I am an American with Italian grandparents. I have lived in Germany for 25 years. Like EVERY society in Europe, the older generation is sceptical of foreigners. I still get "that look" from people, I believe because of my darker skin, however this is not racism.

The fact is, I AM different than most of my fair-skinned neighbors, and I am not ashamed of that. If I am met with scepticism or doubt, I work hard to break through that. Say Hallo or even begin a conversation. This works. You can't just judge people because they treat you with caution, especially if you ARE in fact different.

Remember that it was not that long ago that Germany was almost completely destroyed in WWII and many people grew up in squalor and poverty thereafter. The mindset past down by their grandparents / parents due to that will leave ANYONE sceptical of that which is unfamiliar to them. This will take time to work out, and the people whose fault it is are long gone.

There is no more or less racism in Germany than anywhere else in western Europe.

Robert 190 days ago

I have experienced racism even the upper class

As an employee in Germany with a very high salary I was able to travel every day in first class to Munich. Some germans could not stop looking at me (german starring?) and some called der Zugbegleiter to check my ticket (how can it be that someone like me is able to travel first class?), that happened several times. Am I having troubles with the integration?
When you apply for a job in Germany and you come from for example, a developing country your experience does not count, there is always doubts around the validty of your qualifications and you are also treated accordingly at your workplace (I have experienced entitled germans thinking they know more just for the sake of being born and raised in a developed country rather than openly discuss and realize that because I spent six years studying the topic, I did have more knowledge on the subject). In my country germans are seen like gods, all doors are open...Germans cannot compare their experiences to those that the nationals from developing countries have when imigrating...Germans are expats, the rest of us are inmigrants.
How can it be that a bachelor degree in LATAM that lasts 5 years is the same as a bachelor in Germany that lasts 3 years?
Germans live in a bubble and do not realize how privileged they are and when meeting people from other cultures they criticize their behavior experiences and decide to label the "german experience " as the valid one, as the one that everyone should have had. For them is strange that one has not traveled a lot ( "how can they not?they are so stupid "), well maybe because traveling is not a priority when you have to pay for you education or your trying to survive.... People in LATAM are so dependent on their families ( Is irritating how people live with their parents while they are studying), well many of us do not have parents that can pay an apartment for us, the option of working part time next to your studies does not exist or it so bad paid that there is no chance you can pay for a place.
Do I have to embrace this kind of culture? Before coming here I dreamed about going abroad, I never imagined Germans would be so not open minded and so racist.

Cucu 169 days ago

Yes you're clueless

The whole world knows Germany is filled with neo-nazis. Nothing to be surprised. I don't know why people even deal with Germany. I would never buy one of their cars

ABC 13 days ago

Can’t agree downright!

Sorry you have made discriminating experiences here. I myself am of colored race, but I have made lot of good experiences living about 25 years here and yes it is my Wahlheimat. Well no country is perfect and there are idiots everywhere and everywhere there is room for improvement. But what is so wrong about having a Leitkultur? Chinese can have it, Japanese, Indians, Turks, so do african nationalities and so on. But as soon as a predominately “white” country speaks of Leitkultur it is racist! That’s not fair either! I have seen even elderly people open up in farthest corners of Bavaria, after maybe an initial caution or prejudice. I think if you go around with less hate you might encounter better responses!
To say you hate Germany is bullshit!

Lisa 213 days ago

talking nonsense

which african countries have a "leitkultur" which gringo expats are supposed to wait...?
i'll wait...

right 202 days ago


supposed to follow ...?

wait 202 days ago

I really don't agree with that

Germany is not RECIST country the respect people they took they learned from the past years. I traveled around and you can see Norway.

Hassan 215 days ago

I totally agree

First of all I am actually German, like born in Germany and white skinned.
Although it is very sad to read this, I just have to agree with you. I know, I will probably never completely understand how it is to be the victim of this problem, but what I do understand is: It is a problem! Even if it doesn´t chance anything for now and doesn´t let it disappear; I´m feeling very sorry for everyone who is affected by racism.
I think the reason why most Germans deny racism is that they don´t feel it by thereselves or just don´t want to see it, but by doing this, it only gets worse.
I agree on you saying that you can do both: feel angry about the country and still kind of like it. I would even say one should do both. Only if you can get angry about it and not accept it as it is, you can see the problems and help to improve it. Only if you really care for the country, you can feel this hate which you have discriped. So now everybody may finally understand that this hate you are feeling isn´t about really hating Germany but about caring for it and want to make it better as it is by now.

Additional I read in the comment before that we should have more aspects of the topic racism in schools. Well, at least in my school we are working on that topic by now and in a rather deep way. Of course manly because of the current events, but nevertheless that proves that the protests already have brought a little bit of change. Maybe it is short-time and not the change that is longed for, but it is a small achieved profit, which may help to keep hoping.

Laura Herrmann 218 days ago

I completely agree

It's so sad to read this and I understand your hate for Germany. I know people deny racism in Germany because they have never experienced it themselves or while being with a friend who's Black or a POC. People also see Racism as something individuals do, which is not the only racism you mention in your text. I know the privilege I have being born white in a country where the majority is looking how I am looking. I am so sorry to read the comments of foreigners and Germans not "looking German" enough to be treated equal. Why is it so hard for people to accept racism happens every day. And that the white "normality" is not everyone's normality. Why is this for so hard for people to accept that their mindset is the part of the problem? All those answers of white people in the comments are the same: denial or claiming to be colorblind? That just shows how deep racism got into society. Not only German but all European (not to mention US and Australia) societies.
We should have the topic racism in school and not only the NS perspective but beginning with the trading of African people, to the genocide in Namibia, colonization and missionary work until now and how were socialized into a racist society and accepted it as a norm.

RacismSucks 219 days ago

You are right!

Hello thank you for this contribution,

I am a migrant and grew up in Germany. Unfortunately, I can agree with you! The problem is that many Germans do not fully accept foreigners or do not see them as equal.
By foreigners I don't mean white people from the States or Great Britain, but black people or People of Colour.
When you have a conversation with them. they suddenly talk about "culture and origin"! Then it's all about...namely your origin and they know more about your origin than you know.

they have many prejudices! I think because they are still afraid of foreigners.

That makes it difficult for me as a migrant to be integrated into their society or culture! I am very western and I also see myself as European, but unfortunately not as German, because I don't feel accepted by most Germans!

Another problem is that they simply have a big problem with their identity. They are not patriotic or nationalistic and they also criticize Germany and Germans, but as soon as you do that as a "foreigner", you are immediately sanctioned!

The Germans are very sensitive when a non-German criticizes them!

I think the worst thing is when they constantly correct you in a conversation and have to explain everything to you first, or rather enlighten you, because as a "foreigner" you are not equal to them.

I would love to exchange with you about your experience!

Vavaxoxo90 220 days ago

think they know

think they know more about your origin. in order words almost always wrong.

think they know 202 days ago

Used to live in Berlin

I think the problem is that there is casual racism and then there is hardcore racism that most Germans are thinking of (the far right). This is not only a German problem but perhaps a European one. The two are completely different. I personally didn't see much of casual racism in the Nordics (lived in Sweden, Norway and Finland) but I have read and heard of people talking about and their experiences should also be validated. Ironically I was told by the immigration authorities before leaving Germany to Finland that Finns were more openly racist but in my experience especially in professional settings this was not the case at all.

Many casual racists will admittedly tell you that they do not support the far right but certain "jokes" or "comments" that they make are not funny. And when informing them about it, they get extremely defensive and say they are not racist. And that's where I think the roadblock starts for many (not only Germans but Europeans). In the North of Europe where I have lived, people in big cities (Oslo, Gothenburg or Helsinki) are usually very polite to me and I have not had the sort of experiences that I have had in Germany (I actually lived in Berlin for 3 years) or France. I will not say that Northern Europeans are not racist because the same issues for employment regarding people of colour is also prevalent there. However, it's quite rare to see someone in public flinging insults at you or looking/staring at your with disdain in big cities (something I have personally experienced in public both in Germany and in France).

Personally for me, that level of discomfort when I was in Germany was so huge, that I decided to leave for the North of Europe and I was extremely happy I did and I felt personally much more accepted and integrated in their society. I had 7 beautiful years in the North of Europe before I had to come to live in France due to work and I am facing similar issues as I had when I was first in Germany.

I have gotten some progress explaining the crux of the issue with some of my French and German colleagues. And attitudes can change for the better, but it does take some time to unlearn them. When Germans or (other Europeans) support people of colour like us and accept us and help us, we want to do the same in return for you and contribute back to your society positively.

Brown Expat 227 days ago

Berlin sucks, but so do you

The North of Europe is actually far more racist and xenophobic than Germany. Your personal anecdotes count for nothing in regard to any judgements of how racist entire countries are. (In particular, Berlin is not representative of Germany at all. Berlin is a shithole.) Most "racism" in Europe is experienced by people who are insecure and take offense at anything and everything and who believe that their surroundings should adapt to them, not the other way around. (You won't get far with this kind of thinking even if you don't look "foreign".) Then, when that doesn't work out, and it usually doesn't, they start thinking that their shit doesn't stink because they look/are different, in order to compensate for their feelings of inadequacy.

I'm not here to "support people of colour". I don't care about your "colour" which is so important to you. They only thing I care about is what people DO. Unless we're talking about women, then the only thing that counts are indeed looks. Because women have chosen to be about looks and looks alone. My advice to people "of colour" is: Don't make the same mistake. Be about what you do, not about how you look. You can still make sure you look good, but don't fucking rely on it like most women do.

FuckBerlin 225 days ago

Nonsense reply!

The most stupid and nonsense reply ever!

Carolina. 213 days ago

Thanks for proving my point

Fuck you Carolina, you stupid ass fuck-ugly BITCH.

FuckBerlin 81 days ago

you don't get it

Well, when someone gets stared at in a disdainful manner for simply existing, it has to be for their looks. To say it "doesn't matter" is just asinine.

Arvi 13 days ago


stop making excuses for 'tards. it's bordering on trump-ism and is similarly weird.

tards 202 days ago

A better foreigner

Hi I can relate with this deeply, I used to work in Germany and received a lot of compliments such as "I am different and better than most foreigners, cause I think like a German".

At that time, I thought it was a compliment. But now I do realized, it was not.

An asian guy who speaks german 229 days ago

A poem

People need to hear the white man's cries: "The niggers got my balls in a fucking vice."

Liam 233 days ago


those p*ssy colored balls.... *barf*

barf 202 days ago

Fuck off

With this incessantly stupid bullshit. Just fuck off. You're fat. That's why you're frustrated. You hate yourself and the way you look and that's why you lash out. Cut the sugar and lose weight. You will find that the "racism" you experience will fade away with the pounds. You're welcome.

IchUndMeineProbleme 233 days ago


I'm thin and many German people are rude to me. Sometimes they suddenly become nice when they find out i'm a doctor. Sometimes this pisses them of even more. Haters gonna hate.

Bert 231 days ago

Not everything is about you

But since we're here: Of course everyone is rude to you. You're a doctor. Doctors suck, they are arrogant know-it-alls, most of whom cannot even do their job properly. Everbody knows this, and everbody senses it intuitively, even when they don't know you're a doctor. This has nothing to do with "German people", it's the same the world over.

Case in point: Anyone who thinks they can brush off any and all criticism with "haters gonna hate" is a fucking idiot who deserves all the hate they get and then some.

Be a better human being and the "hate" will go away. You're an insecure crybaby who treats others with contempt and gets offended at anything and everything that does not go out of its way to caress your fragile ego. But you need to be brutally beaten into utter submission first, before you can embark on the long journey towards a restructuring and reconstitution of the pile of worthless rubble that is your soul.

Prepare to suffer. Jesus was right: Salvation comes at no less than the cost of death before you can truly live. One doesn't have to be a Christian or believe in an afterlife to realize the truth in this.

IchUndMeineProbleme 225 days ago



Cfgffff 45 days ago

In Germany your value as human is attached to the money you make

I have experience that. After I say I am a doctor the next question is if I practice. If I say I don't the level of acceptance is somehow higher but still low. If I say I do the acceptance level increases. Wtf?

cucu 169 days ago



Dffddft 45 days ago

Oh now we know

Germans LOVE to know what your profession is. Cause they will treat you accordingly. Disgusting culture

Ffdd 45 days ago

You Sound Just as Frustrated

How about you own up to your own frustration exemplified in your inability to engage with the syllogism of the article and making ad-humenim comments? 'Fat or thin' has nothing to do with engaging thoughtfully in a conversation, as the two writers you criticize have proven. Maybe you are the one frustrated, or even psychologically obsessed, about body sizes and tend to see that in everything. I believe that you could man up to the argument in a more sensible way.

Observer 205 days ago

This is actually true

People who are offended now because they think this is hypocrite or simply false, I am German, I was born here and I grew up here. Germany is in fact racist, which doesn't mean other people or other countries aren't racist. As someone who has lived in the UK for a few years, I can now understand racism better. I used to think those jokes weren't bad at all and the others should just suck it up. But how arrogant is that. You'll never know how bad it is until you have experienced it yourself on a nearly daily basis.. No matter how many criminal Turkish or whatever country their parents or ancestors were from you have met. That doesn't speak for all of the people. Everyone should just think about themselves first, and I mean in a way as: what have I done recently that wasn't right. I'm sure they'll think of something right away.

Someone 236 days ago

No it's not

To say that "Germany is racist" is total bullshit. Like in every country, there are racists in Germany. But that doesn't make the COUNTRY racist. A racist country has a racist government, racist laws, racist institutions. None of this is true of Germany. In fact, among the top 20 most racist countries in the world there is only one in which the population has a white majority (if you cannot guess it, it's South Africa).

What most people who talk about "racism" nowadays actually mean is bullying using stereotypes about nationalities, skin colours, cultures, etc. This kind of behaviour, these "jokes" are often stupid, but they are NOT racism. Racism is about much more than personal offense. It is bigger than a bunch of people getting offended, whether the offense is rightfully taken or not.

SomeoneElse 225 days ago


It’s about the culture. Get that first.

Ffffffy 45 days ago

Who made these surveys?

I don't believe any of these surveys. Most white people who are aware of the need to look PC would lie on these surveys to make themselves look "moral" while whispering about the supposed inferiority of foreigners among each other.

not-gullible 13 days ago

Make it make sense

First of all you’re saying Germany as a whole is racist, having lived abroad and seen other countries experiences with racism. Then you move on to say that just because some Turkish people are criminals doesn’t mean the rest of them are. How can you apply this standard to Germany, calling the country and its people racist as a whole whilst saying ‘oh, not everybody is like this though’? If you have lived abroad then you may have noticed that in many other European countries you will encounter similar incidents with people being ‘casually racist’, indeed I am not condoning this, however to say that Germany is so incredibly bad and so racist is just simply untrue. The big cities have a high population of non-German minorities, most of which have managed to live and integrate quite well, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt. Obviously there are a lot of German people out there that are openly racist and the country itself has a past which many still struggle with, however this comment (and the report itself) are incredibly one sided and apply double standards.

LawStudent2756 127 days ago

Im sad

Im sad that people like this can talk without hearing themselves. Why do oversensitive people like you go around telling everyone who dares to make a joke they are racist, while you yourself hate Germans for their skin color. Germany isn't one person. We are Christ, Muslim, Buddhists, Atheists, Black, White, Green, Blue, German natives, Nigerian natives, Japanese natives, right wing, left wing, centrist. But aren't we all human ? Why do some SJW and extreme leftists always have to bring up Race by calling random people racist ? Cant we just ignore the idiots that blabber about race superiority and most of them are gonna die anyway cause they are old and fear change. Just do as Morgan Freeman said when he was asked about his opinion on racism. Stop talking about race.

A random Guy 237 days ago

being white ?

I assume you are white ? as am I. but I am aware that if you are not white you will be treated differently. If you dont want to talk about race, its because your white privilege allows you to say this. if you are not white, and treated badly, I am sure you would be singing a different tune. and just because we are 'multi-culti' doenst mean we are not racist. we are both. celebrate the first, WORK on the second. by being aware of it. its funny she says Germans dont like hearing it, and yet here you are, whining about it. point in case I guess.

BLM 235 days ago

"Point in case"

Your English is a bad as your "argument".

"I am aware that if you are not white you will be treated differently."

Bullshit. Everyone can be treated "differently". Or not. People will find ways to tease you if they don't like you. In Germany, this is decided on an individual basis, not by some "racist" general consensus. We are NOT a racist country. We are a country full of idiots though. People will make fun of your nose if nothing else is available. Stuff that is easily usable because it stands out. Most "racism" is just that. Not a genuine belief that black people are worth less than whites but simply the easiest way to rattle someone's nerves. For example, bullying women is in most cases most easily achieved by talking about their looks and sexual availability. But from that it doesn't follow that our society is "misogynist".

Also, "being aware" is not in ANY way "work". It's just a cheap excuse for piling more bullshit on top of the huge mountain of already existing bullshit instead of getting a proper education and actually DOING something against stupidity and bullying. Bullying is just one of the consequences of stupidity. It makes ZERO sense to merely treat the symptom. Merely TELLING people that they are stupid makes ZERO differences. It just creates more and more divisiveness.

CasePointer 225 days ago

And this

Is what Germans don’t get.. looks like you don’t get it too

Ddffy 45 days ago

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