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Jesus Christ, there's people commenting the most racist sh*t in the comment section in the same breath as they criticise the author and still fail to see the irony. I'm a white german, I've had the immense privilege of not being faced with the sheer amount of discrimination happening in this place every single day. Why are white people commenting that they don't see this happening? "oh you must've just met the wrong people then." How on earth do you miss the point so entirely? We have a huge racism problem and most of it goes unnoticed and unchallenged. The amount of times I have heard my very own grandparents and in turn my parents and uncles say the most racist, "ausländerfeindlich" sh*t is insane. The amount of times I have called them out for this and been lazily shut down with uneducated biases and phrases like "It's not racist to want to preserve one's own culture". If you guys can't take valid criticism of your own country then you have no right to use other places in comparison, trying to make Germany look better (than it is). You people in the comments are the literal reason this post was made. Stop blindly defending this shit country, start listening to black voices instead of blatantly disregarding their experiences because you can't handle the fact that your beloved country isn't as great as your fragile ego needs it to be and go educate yourself on the things being brought up in this text. Thank you very much.

Kayla 22 hours ago

true but wrong solution

what's the point of blaming one country with a problem that is spread all over the world? Funny all those people here who hate Germany and can't wait to go back to USA, must be a really open-minded and tolerant country. I am sure, racism is a problem still in too many german heads. As it is in french, polish, american, spanish, chinese ... Having travelled to many other countries my feeling is, we have quite an open-minded, respectful and social community here, at least in West-Germany. Still a lot to do, but many people try their best. All those examples of Sarrazin and Merz ... well, they are hated by the majority of Germans. Still too many like them, I guess it's similiar to other countries: there is a crack in society. About one thing I am sure: hate is no solution. Sorry for you frustration, Jacinta, and all the racism you probably lived through. But your answer to it is potentially "racist" too. Let's try to be better, ok?

Jan 4 days ago

The bias is real

This author is probably a republican. Stupid people are always the loudest, yes there is racism in germany, especially old and bad educated people tend to be racist but in the community I live in, there is absolutely no racism! If you meet only racist people, maybe you have just not met enough people.

A german white person that is - surprisingly - NOT RACIST! 4 days ago

Yes this is true

After living in Germany for more than 10 years, I totally agree with you, it is a racist country at institutional level. Anyone can say, write and publish books with racist content and get away with it

Gege 5 days ago


Because of idiots like you and that kartoffel Armin Laschet, the AFD will win the election, or they will have a coup. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe, one of the fastest growing Militaries, and is the safest country for women in Europe. Just because you don't allow your women to murder their babies, doesn't mean you can't have great women's rights. Just because you don't let Arabs in, doesn't mean that you cant champion great human rights. Cheers to Markus Soder from America

AssCrack 6 days ago


This Jacinta is the RACIST. Racist against the White Indigenous, Ancient-type German People having a Homeland all to themselves. A homeland as they have had for thousands and thousands of years, ever since the Yamnaya settled Germany and all Europe, from the Pontic Steppe. Homeland in which developed the Bell-Beaker Civilisation. And the Corded-Ware Civilisation. And the Hallstat-Celtic Civilisation. The Civilisation in which developed the Indigenous White Indigenous European People with our unique R1b1 Haplogroup. German Civilisation, which has given the world it's infinitely beautiful culture. The culture of Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller. Kant, et al. The printing Press of Gutenberg. The mathematics of Leibnitz. And the inventiveness of Gauss, Diesel, Daimler, ad infinitum. Every race and ethnicity has a Homeland. I'm sure this ignorant, hypocrite who is in love with the sound of her own voice would advocate, for all Africa, Asia, Middle East to have independent homelands for every ethnic group in those continents and regions. But not White People, the most intellectually prolific and accomplished race in the entire history of the World. I do not care what cultural-marxists have to say. They're the same ilk as Humanity-hating scum like the Bolshevik, Trotsky who exterminated no less than 7 million White Indigenous Ukranian People in their own country, via a mass starvation, dressed up as a "famine" during the outrageously under-emphasised Holodomor. And this Anti-White, Anti-German, Racism is intended as a prelude to the genocide of us. The White Indigenous People of Europe. I'm calling it what it is. You don't care about my history. And my Race's suffering. So I do not care about yours. Go back to where you came from. Invader. Parasite.

Joshua Markham 3 days ago


Because of idiots like you and that kartoffel Armin Laschet, the AFD will win the election, or they will have a coup. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe, one of the fastest growing Militaries, and is the safest country for women in Europe. Just because you don't allow your women to murder their babies, doesn't mean you can't have great women's rights. Just because you don't let Arabs in, doesn't mean that you cant champion great human rights. Cheers to Markus Soder from America

AssCrack 6 days ago


Because of idiots like you and that kartoffel Armin Laschet, the AFD will win the election, or they will have a coup. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe, one of the fastest growing Militaries, and is the safest country for women in Europe. Just because you don't allow your women to murder their babies, doesn't mean you can't have great women's rights. Just because you don't let Arabs in, doesn't mean that you cant champion great human rights. Cheers to Markus Soder from America

AssCrack 6 days ago

Hateful Bitch

Jesus Christ, you're just a hateful bitch projecting your insecurities and problems onto other people to make yourself feel morally superior, eh? Please just shut the fuck up.

Fuck You 7 days ago

Sorry what?

Excuse you..But did this person ever curse out Germans directly? They only spoke up about the casual racism that is found here in this country. Talking about a racism issue is not being “morally superior”, but it is human. The one with insecurities is you, dear stranger, because you feel attacked because of the truth. Stop hiding behind your screen to use hateful words towards people who have good intentions.

Moonie 1 day ago

We have to do better

What's the part *you* have to do better? Anything you are going to contribute? Oh, I get it now: your contribution is telling us how all the free stuff you are receiving is not up to your standards. Like health insurance for your children (so inconvenient having to handle insurance cards), Hartz-IV payments not being on top of child benefit payments, and then having to pay for public transport - a racist German concept which is not known anywhere else in the world. Well, I'm sure glad you are around to tell us how you hate us, whatever would we do without you?

Find a better friend, Nina 9 days ago

Ah yes,

because its illegal to criticise things while you benefit from them. What are you, five?

Kayla 22 hours ago

I think it could be a personal problem of your self.

Your absolutely delusional, you are full of prejudice yourself. You have the same Identity politics of an actual racist.
I am left as shit, and you only strengthen discrimination, you look as worse as the Afd.

Mohammed 9 days ago


so i am german and i have lived in germany for my whole life and honestly i have to agree even though i barely know any racist (i know like 2 but i dont talk to them anymore) and i know that a lot of germans would probobly disagree with me but whatever

Your Name 11 days ago

Truth was said

You are absolutely right and it is exactly this entitlement, this annoyance when we talk about how racist Germany is the Gdrmans, that exactly proove that they are recist. Otherwise they would not be bothered by the subject, but would try to listen and get a solution. What of course they dont care, they prefer to diminish a foreigners word who has lived it by saying things like here in the comments "I am German and I never experienced racism, I dont know that much racist" REALLLYY??? GUESS WHY MY DEAR??
I´m moving to another city to analyze if this shit is not so horrible somewhere else. If not I am leaving Germany for good. No one deserves to be treated like shit so often.
l"...ot of Germans, probably the majority, are casually racist. And that Germany, as a whole, is institutionally racist." You said it all.

Me 11 days ago


who cares if they are racist, they committed several genocides, how dumb of a colored person do you have to be to even go there.

ColorDelusion 10 days ago

I am German my wife isnt

My wife, who studied here and lived here since for almost 30years, turned up as per appointment to be vaccinated. The doctor wanted to turn her away despite appointment and and EU Passport on account of being an Auslaender and that she could not produce a Aufenhaltsgenehmigung. This is one of very many examples.

ZeGerman 14 days ago

Hanau was done by a schizofrenic person

This text is racist against germany.
If you dont notoice it,i am sorry.
“I hate Germany like everyone dies?” You sick in the head?

Hanau happened because the government failed to take away the weapon allowance of schizophrenic person who shot himself and his mother.
He had lost his mind. To assume he is a reflection of germans wd assume germans all need to be instituionalised.
The media used it for their own agenda to blame the right wing patty afd instead of the government for failing checking upon that man who had paranoia.

Immidiatly after a black man has pushed 2 people in front if an ICE in Frankfurt it was said he is schizophrenic.
Double standards
But hey its normal as everybody hates germany.


Rebekka 14 days ago

I believe Hanau is done by an organization

Rebekka, Hanau is done by one person, then his whole family died. Do you really are so naive that it was only done by one person? It was a cover up by an organization. People believe it was one person job. I don't know this organization is linked to a crime organization or a secret service. But definetly this was a cover up.

This "schizophrenic" person does his job perfectly. But when everything is done instead of going to prison and maybe tell the truth about it to people and the police, died? And you really, trully believe this person has no communication ? A group or community? In an era of Internet? I really dont believe this is one person only job.

This is from an organization that fooled Germans very easily. And it is all covered up.

Lets say this guy is a loner ok. This was not planned by a group of people and/or secret service. You really believe this guy did not have any friends that he talked? Sypmhatized? This guy had a support group most likely that talked to him discussed with him. But had no idea of his plan maybe.

In the end this is the result of Parallel societies that Germans and Auslanders make. If you really want integration you need to stop making people feel like they dont belong here and embrace them. At least talk to them daily, say hi, share your meal. Be guest to their house, accept guest to your house. Stop fear by acting now. Fear creates fear and everyone is old enough to get over these events.

Onur 13 days ago

You sound like

You sound like a typische scheiß Kartoffel. You can't take criticism at all. Typical germ.

Shawn 8 days ago



Joshua Markham 3 days ago

Ami in Deutschlnd

Agreed. I‘m an American woman who has been living here for 30 years and have German family. Germans are — amongst themselves —unapologetically racist. And arrogant. VERY. Funny— the Leitkultur discussion— was summed up by one German—yes, of course, our culture is all true and good and superior for reasons unknown but obvious, we just Don’t. Say. It.
Can‘t wait to move home.

Jennifer 14 days ago

Please do

I mean seriously: how are we forcing you to stay in this horrible place? For 30 years, no less? And what are we gaining from your presence?

M 9 days ago

Every Country is Racist

Lets face it, every country in the world is racist, classist and / or sexist.

China is putting muslims in camps
Muslims are killing christians and see women as property
Americans feel they own the country because the founders were europeans/white
Africans kill their white farmers because they think deserve everything they have
Asians in general arent even holding back about their dislike for anyone but their own people
Indians are classist and racist even among themself, appointing selfworth to the whiteness of their skin

You wont find a single country without racism or sexism and germany wont be anywhere close to the top of the list.
Even fucking switzerland tells their homeless people to fuck off, thats gotta be some-ism as well

Josh 14 days ago

A Syrian

It’s getting extremely savage against Germans.
It’s not that extreme, Take the positive leave the negative and stick to your community.

Adam 15 days ago


After 10 years living in Germany I can tell the worst thing Germany has is the german people.
Most of them are a bunch of racist narcissists dickheads with low self-esteem always trying to proof how better they are than the rest, when they in fact are much worse imo.
Im leaving soon the country, which also is full of censorship and stupid laws made to protect the entitled rich German assholes.

Brendan 15 days ago


Hello Brendumb, you are contradicting yourself with nonsense.

ColorDelusion 10 days ago


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clinton 16 days ago

What a shit article

How is any point ur making leading to the conclusion that germany is a racist country? Calling a whole country racist because of some incidents is the same as saying all black people are criminals based on a few incidents. Its literally the dane locig. What a stupid article pls dont ever again write an article, this is just bullshit with no real reasoning in the whole thing. Just shitty journalism, nothing more. Thanks for wasting my time

GetAnotherJob 17 days ago

Doing better

Oh shut up, leave Germany if you don't like it, native germans owe you absolutely nothing. And there are no "white" germans because all germans are white. You're an entitled c*nt that should go back to whatever sh*thole you crawled out of

Europa invicta 18 days ago


I don't understand what you mean by ''there are no ''white'' Germans because all germans are white'', could you explain that please because if all people travelled out of Africa there must have been some black people here at some point.

More so, if a country was colonised and some of their people brought here (to Germany), would the children be considered German, or, like the author wrote, there is a false sense of proudness in that all Germans HAVE to be white?

Because that in itself is racist.

I have black German friends who get called Ausländer all the time, one of whom suffered a racist attack in Macdonald's because of something he cannot control.. The colour of his skin.

That is not meaining that all Germans are racist, as the author outlined - but there are some behavioural traits and mannerisms that do come across as incredibly unfriendly - such as the disgusted STARING and awful looks I get if I happen to answer my phone in English on occasion.

It is a beautiful country but I feel a lot of hate from people's eyes when I go out to do my food shopping in Adenau (beim Nürburgring)

Nicholas 16 days ago

Hate much?

Wow. You just totally proved this article is true. I don't understand how you can live this life when your rotting from the inside out with cancerous hate. I pity you

Cue 16 days ago

- Hate much?

But do you think that's right with all germans? Do you think every german has an inner hate? Most racism is deeply rooted anyway...

Nah 9 days ago

Self esteem

I really do not get how Germans perceive themselves having a low self esteem as a nation. Ok, showing flag is still a problem for them, but that would be actually something unproblematic and cute.

On the other hand, when German are talking about different nation the conclusion is always the same - we Germans are superior, hard working, honest, the "foreigners" are lazy, dishonest and inferior. And if we are not superior some unfair treatment is preventing us from being better then anyone else, oh and we are not allowed to be proud Germans. Sure, everything is packed into some eloquent defensive talk, but we get the narrative.

They also claim not being racist, but gives explanations like "yeah, I am not racist, I just hate the way those people behave, how they look, basically everything about them" are not uncommon. Or group of Germans making jokes about foreigners every minute? I mean it is already kind of weird, and I have never seen something like that in another countries. And I wonder how they talk about foreigners at home, but I think stuff like that gives us a good estimation.

Political situation is also getting dangerous in the last years. German media are controlled defacto by the state and wont stop talk about Trump being questionable president, I think everyone knows that and do not need to hear it 1000 times more. On the other hand political parties like AfD are gaining voters in Germany.

To make the situation worse - Germany is not attractive to qualified immigrants in particular. We have the social aspect here, but also salaries and more factors are not that great. In result the majority people who wants to live in Germany are definitely not crème de la crème, rather low skilled immigrants from lower social classes in their own countries. Racism, no respect for German laws or culture, xenophobia etc. is quite common among them.

Therefore, Germans often feel validated in their views. It makes the social upward mobility for hardworking immigrants even harder. Not impossible, but difficult.

Marco 18 days ago

Wtf u talking

How can u generalise such statements that maybe a tiny tiny minority are saying. How can u talk such shit about Germany if u obviously have no clue about germans xD get the fuck outta here

Just stfu 17 days ago

A Syrian point of view

A while ago I met a young German lady in a couchsurfing event “she was working as a city planner”.
Long story short we agreed at the end that there are huge challenges facing germany One of them is population, economy and China.
The solution is that young Germans should stop the one night stand lifestyle and start to have real families and children I don’t mean one or two children they need to have at least four children for each couple.
Otherwise more immigrants welcome come myself : D

Adam 23 days ago

F off

how about you dont run away like the 200 million people still in your country?
You syrians wouldnt do shit for us if there was a war here.

SyriansRunAway 22 days ago

The Syrian

It’s now about any war you idiot.
And this is what you were people said.
They told me The birth rate is very very low, even if the AFD will roll the country one day. They need human.
What you need to do right now is to get married and have children, so the future of the country would be more German otherwise : D

Adam 22 days ago

How stupid are u?

Dude for real if there is a country where it is hard to get one night stands in comparison to all other countries of western culture it is fucking germany. What bs are u saying xD

uAreStupid 17 days ago

A Syrian

Nope it’s easy.
Anyways this is not our topic.
I wanna add that people turned extremely savage against Germans. They are cold Yes, they don’t really open up Yes, but people here are saying a lot of bad things about the Them and this is not true.
They are different just keep your connection with them minimal, and live your life.

Adam 15 days ago

Declining German population

The Syrian point of view triggered a memory. I am British and lived and worked in Germany for over 30 years. I once told a British diplomat that the German population was in permanent decline. He replied: "Does that worry you, Moya? I collapsed in laughter. Having just read through the contributions here, to sum them up I would say the Germany is an extremely problematic country to live in over a long period if one comes from the English-speaking world. The writer, Jacinda Nandi, is simply recording her own experiences. She says she chooses to continue living in Germany. Could it be because living in Germany has become a habit and old habits die hard? She is clearly encountering big difficulties but she is now so used to coping with them that leaving Germany seems harder than staying. No-one who has not lived in Germany for a longish time can possibly imagine how hard it is for a foreigner to live there. I returned to London, the city of my birth after 32 years. Being home again was like passing through a door into Elysium. Even now, 28 years later, I am so grateful to be away from Germany, I give thanks the moment I wake up,
Germany is redeemed though by the many good people who live there. To be born German, with their catastrophic past. could be regarded as a misfortune. They are silent about the Third Reich, in the belief that if they don't mention it, it will gradually fade from memory. Former President Gauck noticed the silent and shocked the nation in 2015 with these words: „Es gibt keine deutsche Identität ohne Auschwitz“. If only the Germans could face up to that, they might begin to relax

Moya St Leger 8 days ago

Some valid points, but overgrown with subject bias

While she, and some people in the comment section have some valid oint concerning racism in Germany, you're mixing up terms.

Germans are more xenophobic than racist (I mean Germans, not Bayerns. They are a different breed of racist cunts). I do not mean it in a good way but what do you expect to happen if two vastly different cultures clash at each other in such capacity?
Peope naturally are hateful pieces of shit, while I'd love to see a time where racists/xenophobes/antisemites are a thing of the past, I don't really think you can get rid of something so engrained in the human nature.

Ungabunga 23 days ago


Racism/xenophobia disappears only after all cultures are eradicated and replaced by a single one for everyone. One nation, one religion, one government. Not sure if that is sth desirable.

Feditor 9 days ago

Cynical expat

I googled cynical expat because everyone around me has been getting annoyed at how critical I am towards Germany after almost 4 years of living here and this blog post spoke to my heart

Every single world could have rolled off my own tongue

R 24 days ago

everyones racist

white people, black people, yellow people.. even the cunt that wrote this article. everyones racist in some way or another to other races, even if you dont want to be racist you still are and that wont change, period.

your moms lover 25 days ago

I am Syrian and you are right.

I am a Syrian good looking White skinned man,
And I totally agree with you.
I realize that via dating apps.
I didn’t know where the problem is for a very long time I had 0 days for 2 years, then I changed my name and nationality then guess what oh lord I feel superb : )

Adam 26 days ago


Its simply because woman assume a muslim is treating a girl like a second class human being... #toomuchcultural differences
But do you just want to play ariund or are you serious.
Normally most muslim men do that and then get a submisdive virgin girl 10 years younger from their home country. Now is this racist, sexiest?

Rebekja 14 days ago


So you hate yourself because you are unattractive, You are also part of the people who massacred, raped, colonized and enslaved a whole continent. Hispanics are the absolute worst and yet nobody mentioned them.

Durrr 28 days ago

Persecutory delusion

That's only because we wear it as a badge of honor and would tell you to grow a pair while laughing at you. I don't understand all this irrational hatred of Germans since they've always been the most tolerant people to a fault. Just be a worthwhile person and don't go looking for problems that don't exist. Most people are too busy being productive and don't appreciate this useless drama.

Juan 14 days ago


Jacinda, congratulations on the epic trigger. Its been over a year since you wrote this article and the comment section is still going strong. Says something about the readers here.....

HereForTheComments 29 days ago

German people are abusers

The fucking german people even abuse and rape asylum seekers looking for shelter in their country. Remember what they did to a turkish origin soccer player in the world cup. They abuse asylum seekers with N-words. All people defending German people herein want to deny the facts cause Germany relies on goods exports and they want to polish their disgrace face. If you don't buy their goods, they are basically fucked up.

Jim 29 days ago

The Borerline

Germans- Why you are here?
Immigrant - Because you were there ;)

Anyways, why do people forget that after world war 2, Germany was never freed from allied forces, Germany was not allowed to grow military and had to keep it low as possible due to which the country 100% invested in technology and upgrades such was in japan too, two parallel countries were under protection of USA (till now).
As the technology grew so the work forces is equally required and not all germans are born Einstein, so it immigrants who come here are maximum cream population of their countries, immigrants are doctors, nurses, engineers, pharmacist etc.

Germany has no agriculture or oil or gases, which country runs on technology and patents, it require all cream population of the world, Many germans are rich due to inheritance but are not top educated and they have to fight with a PHD for a similar job on the other hand any international company will choose a person with a multicultural intelligence rather than a single minded native, also companies are loyal to no one they want to earn and get cheap labour.
Fact is, their are factors Germans self need to work upon is-
1. Gaining Multicultural Intelligence (Non - Stereotypical)
2. Stoping being proud of big companies such as Bayer or WV, these companies are loyal to no one.
3. Be loyal to your company, money is not always biggest factor.
4. Try to talk to more international people by not asking stereotypical questions such a do you eat dogs or i eat curry hahaha it sounds so stupid, try to know their history, background etc, blv me this will improve your Multi-Kulti skill which will benefit you in your international meetings,
4. Immigrants are not always poor they can be fucking rich and do bring money from their countries.


Anku 35 days ago


Maybe you are the real racist?! I'm a German and I don't know many people over here who are racist.
Racism exists everywhere. Like we can easily tell from your article. This is a very disgusting and biased article from a person who is racist her self.
And when I read the comments. There are some pretty sick people around here. People who are to dumb to see their own hate. Hate without any reason. Hate by people who don't have the highest IQ as it seems.

You are Nazis yourself. 37 days ago

Germen are fascists.

Most germen are racist deep inside their minds and their behaviour during pandemic speaks for it.They use N-word to and rape to bully immigrants.

Ater 29 days ago


Oh the n why don't you go cry to your mommy about it because you as a black person are so mentally strong...

Durrr 28 days ago

I had a stroke reading this

Im sorry for the rude question but are you mentally a child? If not please think before posting stuff online. You didn't even take you time to check or Words/Grammar.
If u have been under the influence while writing this crap im a deeply sorry for commenting.

Friendly German dude 22 days ago

It is racist -but some immigrants don’t make it easy

Some people are racist in Germany, true. It all comes down to “what the immigrants are doing for the country they want to make their own”. I am an immigrant and I do as the Germans do. I work, I don’t bother anyone, I don’t live loudly or disturb peace, I don’t cover my whole body in black sheet so everyone sees who I am. If other immigrants would do the same, it would be a different story. But I also agree that many Middle Eastern people don’t make it any easier to like them. Some do... but the negative ones are always the most memorable, we all know this. I live in Bremen, there’s a lot of trashy people both White Germans and Colored Immigrants (like myself). The only time I was called a Schlampe was from a Turk. You see them driving fancy cars super loud, listening to music inside them pretty loud, and being just attention seekers —you just have to crrrringe at their sight. They do not match with this beautiful country. Then you see black women strolling their baby cars around, having no money and obviously donated clothes... You wonder “why the H do they have children if they can’t afford them? Here I am planning and saving for a baby, waiting for the right time, and there they are popping them like candy and then crying to the German State for help. Absolutely ridiculous”. Another immigrant friend of mine thinks the exact same way I do, and we’re not alone. Being an immigrant makes you wonderful, untouchable, worth of pity and social welfare? No. You need to earn the love and respect. It is the immigrant’s duty. But most of them don’t want to and that makes many White Germans think “just why do we have to bare with this nonsense when we built a estable country for our own which is now being dragged down by this people?”. I totally get it, that’s why even if I hate my job I would never leave it, I don’t want social welfare, I have a duty with Germany that I’m not gonna break, I love what they built, I admire them, it is only our duty as immigrants to not destroy what the Germans have worked so hard for. I find it funny and weird how they are, true, but then I look at the cities, at the parks, at how well it all works... and I feel respect. I will always try to the good immigrant despite the racists, only that way they will learn to be ok with us (at least us the Latinos). I am married to a White German and he thinks like I do. We do not like people who don’t make the effort to be good citizens.

Lola 38 days ago

Wow, someone with a brain

Thank you for this comment, I am German with migration background myself and you hit the nail on it's head.
I live in Cologne in on of the, lets say, not so good neighbourhoods becuase the rent is so bonkers high here so I have very much experience with said obnoxious, cringy, Benz-AMG-driving pseudo-gangsters who live with their mom because Hatz IV and dealing shitty weed is just to get money for show. I mean they live in social housing with the whole family in a building that looks like it's made of manure and an apartment that looks like a crack den, but lo and behold! They drive a fucking 150k€ Benz AMG with 600 PS blaring the worst music you can imagine: Kanacken-Rap.

Ungabung 23 days ago


Most of your points a valid and not stereotypical, but however please don't generalise like when you say black women having many kids, I know black women here in Germany who have built their careers Doctors, engineers and students, at least those are people i get to interact with, generally that is true but not all black women are like that. Mostly those who did that are those who requested the Refugee status(Most of them are from a specific country I cant mention, yet still from the same countries, I know women who are building their lives). As for the Turks I have have experience with them, not all of them are like that, but the loud music in fast and expensive cars I have seen it.Showing presence in those cars, its lack of Self Esteem. Very likely that someone like me gets a lot of hate from a Turk than a German.....based on experience. As for Germans, every place has nice and bad people, but most of them are really nice. I am black woman, studying to become an Electrical Engineer, just so you know.

Nana 16 days ago

Pot calling kettle black

I'm not sure who do I dislike more- entitled germans, or muslims pulling the race card every time anyone points out how savage and silly their religion/culture is. I guess both.

Ahmed de Goatshagger 38 days ago

"White" German friend

I know this is an interesting topic to talk about but the moment I saw your article start with "white German friend" i started to have my doubts and the more I read, the more I recognize the same racist thinking patterns in your way of thinking.
You need to understand that racism is not something only black people can experience. I suggest you to think about this.
There is no need to draw the line between black people, white people etc. There is no need to separate our kind. The humanity.

Arthur 39 days ago

Wake up

Actually no, people like her don't understand that not only whites can be racist. They excuse every single wrong doing or failure of theirs with the racism card and that they themselves can't be racist because morally they were the ones who were done wrong by the others, thus anything they do or say against those others is justified. In their mind at least.

She does have one thing right, Germany is a nation of insecurity. But lets not forget that the muslim religion is literally built on the insecure male ego. There is nothing more insecure in the world than islam and it's countries and it can be seen in anything related to them/it.

Nohing 35 days ago

The whole world is racist

Not just germans, not just europeans, not just caucasians. Everywhere you go you will find people who don't like other people because of they are not the same culture or color.
Saying negative attitudes belongs to one etnicity is racist

Ma 41 days ago

Dub dub dub

Well, the whole tv industry is dubbed. It's absurd talking about protecting art when you hear Oscar winning actors being dubbed. Worst of all is that in old Hollywood movies which had nazis and speak German in the English version, speak French in dubbed version.

Mike 42 days ago

Your a racist.

There are more "nazi's" living in america today then there were in the German army, that was controlled by a political party known as nazi's.
Germans were not evil, nor monsters, nor racists as allied propaganda has brainwashed people into believing.
Keep you dumb shit to yourself ya racist fuck.

GO fuck yourself 44 days ago

nazi fucks germans

germans are evil nazi fucks. i spent a year learning their language and 2 years getting my master's there.
that was 13 years ago. now i do not hire people with german surnames and i throw their resumes to trash. i also fired 2 german employees who were on H1B visa the next day after i got promoted to manager.

fight those nazi bastards back, don't give them jobs or rent them houses send them back to germany

regards, an engineer in manager position in a tech company (fortune 500)

eren 51 days ago


Wow you're a regular Hitler. Good job you fuck

Cashee 50 days ago


That’s an elaborate way to announce how uneducated and bigoted you are. Next level cringe. I almost pity you.

styx 49 days ago


Wow. Not even mentioning your reasons for anything. I think nobody wants to work for someone like you. You know that nazis in the 1930-1945 did the same with jewish people with jewish surnames. You behave like one of them. The joke is on you.

glad that I don't know you 47 days ago

You piece of shit.

Your a limp dick little racist peice of shit that deserves to be strung up by your fucking balls.
Germany owns Lamborghini Bentley Rolls Royce Bugatti Porsche Mercedes BMW Star Wars Marvel.

I kill people like you bud, Now i'm gonna kill more people like you for fun Ya limp dick fuck up.

Go fuckyourself 44 days ago



Hans 35 days ago


Since when is Disney german? And all the germans here thinking the guy is a racist fuck are really enforcing the stereotype that germans have no sense of humor. The guy was being sarcastic and is on your side.

Some guy 35 days ago


So you really think that you are better than this racist..? I don't think so..

... 7 days ago

Who is the racist?

With this comment you exposed yourself as a racist.

Racists do not judge people on the basis of their individual actions and statements, but rather attribute group-specific characteristics to them.

You state that all Germans are Nazis.

So you say that all Germans are brutal and merciless figures who consider themselves to be of higher value than other people and who want to brutally murder them.

You do not judge Germans based on their individual actions and statements, but rather attribute group-specific characteristics to them.

So you are a racist.

I rest my case.

Michael Pfeiffer 39 days ago

Pretty stupid

Over here you wouldn't last long as a manager with your facist believes. You know why? Cause Germany fights facism like no other country in this world. Du bist einfach ein Vollidiot.

YOU are the real facist! 37 days ago

You are unemployed

AHAHAHAHAHAHA - fortune500, hahahaha. Please, just get a Zeitarbeiterjob and shut it.

Hans 35 days ago

i hope thats satire

otherwise you are racist

your mom 25 days ago

Sure bud

You sure are an engineer in a tech company buddy, you sure are and we are so proud of you!

No stop eating those crayons and go change your diaper, you're 45, mommy shouldn't have to do it for you anymore big boy!

Ungabunga 23 days ago

I‘m an immigrant in Germany

I only read half of it and I really don’t wanna read it to the end because it’s just soo untrue. I don’t understand how you think your weird friend could represent all Germans?!? I myself am a foreigner from East Europe I grew up here and I love it here. Germany is such a loving country and maybe there are some racists in such cities like Chemnitz but it’s still nothing in comparison to countries like USA. Never in my live have I experienced racism besides one guy in my 5th grade that called my a dirty rumanian because I dumped him - but that’s it! I also have Russian, Muslim and Black friends and non of them would say that Germany is a racist country. They all love it here and Germans are very nice and polite to everyone. Some school have this one racist student but everyone is making fun if them and calling them „Nazi ___“.

Maria 53 days ago


Ur lying... Germany nazi party never died. It’s been spreading all over the world since it was created... ur lying sry

Ur lying 46 days ago

You don't know what you are talking about

You are an idiot and you should read less conspiracy theories.

YOU are the real facist and a liar. 37 days ago


He is stupid, but the german Nazi party truly never died. It just rebranded itself as the NPD and can still be voted for.

Some guy 35 days ago

That's sad to hear

I am sorry to hear about those experiences. All the time I was thinking about how this text has made me feel as a german person. In a way it was helpful to see how much it bothered me because you described yourself being discriminated... and in a way while I was reading that text I felt the same. You will hate me for this: You and I seem to be quiet similar.

Your text has some aggressive tone in it and I guess that it is because you are upset. I am also upset when I read about that tragedies you mentioned in your article. I care about people in general even if your article implicates that I am not. If you would switch the perspective you would see that your article seems to be a big hate-speech about germans.

I am not racist, but your text actually is. I am sorry. I think you had some good points about some aspects though but you weakened your arguments using stereotypes.

Janina 53 days ago


I’m sorry but there is NO such thing as racism against white people! Leave that term alone for the million of poc, asian or other ethnicities that actually suffer and die from it. You are a priviledge white european from the richest country in the european union so no, nobody is racist to you. By thr way I live in Germany and I love it here but racism is a big thing here

Lukas 45 days ago

Ok what

in the flying

floof 22 days ago

You don't know anything about me, Lukas

I am not denying the fact that there is racism. Hanau, Halle, Solingen.. That are real tragedies and no one should ever forget the victims!

I don't know if you ever traveled for a long time but you have to damit that this text implicates that no german will ever be tolerant and some other foreigners (not anyone in germany that i know) also think so. It would be great if we could get a chance to proof that we can do better!

And you are naive of you think that racism is only a white people problem even if i didn't even mentioned anything about it before.

Janina 7 days ago

Germany IS racist

but every country is.
saying that the majority of germans is racist would
mean that it’s over 50%.. do you really think that over 40 million people in germany are racist? there are places in germany that are known for being racist and having a lot of neo-nazis and far-right people (like dortmund or chemiz for example).. but that also doesn’t mean that everyone from these cities is racist either. most likely not even half the people are. that’s the same thing with all of germany. we might have a bigger problem with (mostly causal) racism than some other countries, but not all of germany is racist.. especially not the majority. and i’ve been living in germany for 17 years.
also.. to some of the comments here: comparing modern day germany to the way it was during ww2 is stupid. most of the people that were old enough to know how to live on their own back in like 1940 are dead or will most likely die within the next few years. i haven’t met a single person who thinks that the bs that happened back then was okay or should happen again. and it’s not like we never tried to fight against it. there we multiple assassination attempts on hitler... and have y’all ever heard of people like sophie scholl? trying to fight against what hitler and his followers did usually resulted in death and/or torture.

yes, our government can be quite racist and I'm not even trying to deny that cause I can’t. we have laws that are just straight up racist and we need to change that. but yk, the citizens don’t really get to decide what kind of laws there are. and i’m pretty sure that most germans are well aware that our government fucking sucks ass.

and to the inbred part with middle eastern people.. I’ve met many turkish people (and generally people from that area) that have relatives who are married to their cousins or other family members. it’s something that’s just... normal there. and yes, that’s 100% incest. and we all know what inbreeding can do. and i’m not saying that germans don’t inbreed, have kids with their relatives... it’s just not as common. but like said before, incest is rather normal for turkish families which equals in a larger amount of disabled children.. and that’s just a fact. incest doesn’t always equal disability but it increases the chance immensely.

but also.... humans in general are just terrible. especially germans are terrible. but not because they’re all racist scum. we’re just fucking assholes, I hate the people here, i hate the sometimes painful honesty...

but i’m still happy that my education is for free and that we usually have a decent healthcare system which, to that, is also cheap.

TL;dr: putting over 80 million people in a box just cause you had some bad experiences is stupid. not everyone and everything is terrible. a tree isn’t fully made up of bad apples, neither is a country made up of only bad people.

Stupid Piece Of Shit 54 days ago

Wow, so much hate and racism even in the comments!

I stumbled upon this article after actually typing a curse aimed at google (which showed me mainly articles about female prostitutes from my country in Germany while I was looking for statistics to women's political participation!) and glad that I did. Thank you for sharing. I have had very similar experiences. I chose Germany as a "Wahlheimat" and lived here for about 15 years. Every time I was complaining about something (sustained by proof and logical arguments) that was obviously wrong, broken, harming many people (including Germans), a weaknesses in the system or sth. that should be absolutely unacceptable by any sane and rational human being, I found myself being harshly put down and viciously contradicted by a few "friends" (the same 2-3 being especially harsh and passive-aggressive). It took me 12 years and a few years abroad (in between) to be able to see things with an emotional distance. I realized then that I was actually being sanctioned and emotionally punished by those few people when I was criticizing something about the system, the country, the political decisions etc. Funnily enough, one of those people is someone engaged in humanitarian work, supporting refugees, diversity and so on. Since I have thankfully realized this, I have been observing these specific and many other people around in this respect, as well as the system. As to the humanitarian friend it turns out that they are somebody who "helps" refugees but from a perceived superior position (morally, financially and as a human); somebody who is all in for diversity, but only if we, the "diverse" Germans shut our mouths and we do not dare to make use of our right of opinion and speech if it's defying the mainstream. If I had choose to stay in the country where I was born, no one of the people around me would have had the idea to deny me the right to my opinion...well, they couldn't have, cuz it wouldn't have occur to them that they can complain and I can (why if they consider me an equal national, as they claim)? And of course I can criticize things here as I can in the country where I was born when I see something's off.
Also: with which argument would your friend have rejected the same complaints if they were made by a "real" German? Anyways, since that epiphany moment years ago I have observed and sadly seen confirmed my suspicion that I am actually treated with a lot of racism by many people, in many ways and more so in the institutionalized versions. And I also realized that I myself have been brainwashed for over a decade and believed the mainstream storyline that Germany is open, equalitarian, fair and welcoming. When you fight to make a living, you are too busy to count and see all the obstacles that are being put your way.
So I'm very thankful that you speak up. It is harsh when your reality is being denied for so long and soothing to find the others with similar experiences.
P.S. I disagree and with the term "white", I'm from a "white" yet oppressed people.

A 64 days ago

Ey bro chill

Man, look I know I'm an illiterate shit so I don't read the fucking text but I just want to ask you guys one thing: Why the Jerrys keep fucking bombing my fucking apartment? If you say that they don't have internet in 1940s then fuck you. I need to sleep in the fucking train station you fucking bitch. Man no hate to any Germans or anyone but can you please stop bombing my apartment you cunt? I'll appreciate it. Thanks

John F. Kennedy (no relation) 65 days ago

Rejection or stupidity

Hard to say whether this text was written out of rejection of pure stupidity. I am half British and half German, lived in both countries and can tell you that Germany is by far the less racist country of the two ;)

Ben 77 days ago

I don't think she was comparing

Lived as well in both and I agree, Germany is less racist than UK. After all, there are very few countries in the world that have been less racist, through history, than UK has been ...So, it's not a reason of pride for any country to say that it's less racist than UK... ;-)
And rejection is just what you are doing: someone is sharing their experience and you are denying it.

A. 64 days ago


Brexit is wonderful for England.EU is a very unfair system.

Graeme Wiggins 86 days ago

Anglo fascists

That is great for England. But what right do you have imposing Brexit on my country Scotland? It is time you anglo fascists got what is coming too you.

magnus barelegs 32 days ago

Jacinda chunk

I am German with Persian ancestors. And this Jacinda-scum disgusts me for posting that audaciously disgusting picture of here alone.

Why for fucks sake would you dare to present yourself like that if you are that obmoxiously ugly and vile looking? Is it trying to be repulsive on purpose? Has it ever heard of sports? Of appropriateness? Of taste? I am so fucking sick of this vain, shallow shit culture coming from the USA and Israel, making every basic bitch believe they can just say and do whatever they want without any consequences.

As foreign-looking German I can heart warmingly say that Germany as a whole is not racist. The Verfassungsschutz is racist and highly criminal. The politicians are pro-Israeli arse licking scum and also do whatever the US orders them to do. Germany after all never was a free nation after World War II. Wir sind ein beschissenes Besatzungsland unter Fremdherrschaft Amerikas und Israels.
In that regard, sadly, we are among the top three conteibutors to global terrorism in the name of the US and dirty Israel with their continuous genocide on Palestine, Syria and many more. Without the Ramstein base in NRW or the Base in Stuttgart for 'operation Africom' US war crimes, plunder, thefts, rapes and assasinations in the entire middle east and nine countries in Africa would be impossible.
So Germany is still among the worst nations in the world. But it is soley by virtue of our politicians; mainly the parties of CSU, CDU, Die Grünen and SPD. They constitute the entirety of German scum-ism, especially polit-whores like Julia Reuss, that disgusting piece of shit.

But Germans are not racist. Jacinda is just a plain ugly, characterless psychotic bitch who thinks nobody would snitch on her disgusting obesity. You are not empowered. You are not critical. You are merely a reality and self-deluding, self-worth serving fat obnoxious birth accident that this world has far too many of.

kill yourself.

KlötusPerserus 96 days ago

no credibility to this comment

KlötusPerserus, there is nothing credible about your comment as very little of it has to do with engaging in the content of the writer. Rather, you seem to think it is at all relevant what the author looks like in one photograph. This is not relevant. Your comment is useless. You also seem to have some of your own issues around race to deal with. I recommend you consider finding help with that.

Brother Earth 96 days ago

Kill yourself

No one cares what you consider credible, Jacinda. And by the way, Klötus is right, no matter what he/she said about your awful exterior.

Hans 35 days ago

bRoThEr EaRtH is a bit trisomy

Also, most of KlötusPerserus' comment seems to exactly fit the topic. More than half directly addresses the topic to be exact which would count as passable in school and university. The response even includes critical thinking although no source, but sources are not really needed in this case since the background of German's Verfassungsschutz is very much known. But you are not that smart, are you now...
In addition, I do not see any racism in his/her comment, so what is your point actually? -Again, no one cares, it was a rhetorical question.

Hans 35 days ago


Lol retard, you lose all credabilitie when you say "GeNoCiDe", how is it genocide when Palestinians population keep increasing and Israel is 25% non-jewish, that's more than Germany, no?

Christopher 82 days ago

where the hell do idiots like you come from?

Christopher there is really nothing neutral I can say to this. You are simply an ignorant, israeli dumb fuck. Just because you are a jew does not mean you have to be for Israel, you pathetic idiot.
Your comment does not make any sense at all and any UN criticism towards Israel (no nation on this planet ever received more contempt by the UN than Israel, not even the US) proves you wrong.
Increasing population has nothing to do with genocide you awful birth defect.

Hans 35 days ago


Germany is USA's little bitch since ww2 ended. Politic of Germany is self destruction. It's not guilt of Israel, or USA, it's guilt of people of Germany who are rather playing PlayStation and walking cats than solving issues.

Thomas 64 days ago

As inappropriate the insults towards Jacinda's truly disadvantageous looks are...

...this still seems like one of the few comments (others were great too) that makes sense and contains some factual backbone.

I am glad someone sees that Germany is not all bad and differentiates between deep state/state actions vs the actual citizens of Germany and their believes.
The government here in Germany makes decisions diametrically opposing the desires of its population, just like France, GB and the USA.
Therefor, if you do not consider this discrepancy and its subsequent devision of the people in order to artificially incite a political apartheid state, you truly have not understood a thing (I am talking to you, Jacinda, bRoThEr EaRtH and cRiStOpHeR).

I also must admit that Klötus' outrage over Jacinda's exterior is kind of deserved...sorry. If you care so little for you appearance (I mean everything in nature and on this planet is designed by nature to be rather attractive rather than appalling and repulsive), your weight and factual backgrounds (or simply causality) than MAYBE one should not show themselves this blatantly and MAYBE one should really shut their mouth and think before typing awful, pseudo-journalistic third class blogging articles. Because in that kind of obnoxiousness of Jacindas lies a true pandemic and I hereby state my approval to relating this as direct cause by America and Israel:

Because these are the terror nations on this planet that make this cultural absurdity possible and allow it to happen and even promote it. -Just look at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2018; an event where Israel should have never been allowed to take part in (>>EURO<<vision). Just look who "won" and WHY that fat, idiotic chicken did win... because it was a media-political scam in order to promote Israel despite its war crimes. And a famous German Journalist and caricaturist, Dieter Harnitzsch, of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, lost his job right after this event, for criticising this bullshit event.
Not to mention the whole transgender insanity that was actually known as a mental disease (because that is what it is), named "Gender Dysphoria since the 60ies before it as removed from the DSM-catalogue (of psychopathic illnesses) SOLEY due to the ostensible stigma against so called "transgenders". And now all the world is supposed to believe that there is no such thing as binary gender and we are supposed to hail a bunch of insane people who cannot decide whether they want to be a bunny or a breath taking war goddess... This is called "Tugendterror", virtue terrorism.

So ya... kind of inappropriate, KlötusPerserus, but so is Jacinda. And by that I mean in her whole being.

Hans 35 days ago

you are a good man thank you

finally someone mentions it

your moms asshole 25 days ago



FUCK KRAUT CUCKS 107 days ago

Take an advil

Calm down there Mohammed

... 107 days ago

Open your eyes

I find it ridiculous that many people feel the need to fight against other people's experiences. If you haven't been on the receiving end of uncomfortable stares, being spat at, being flat out ignored, and some of the other, truly horrible experiences people have faced, then you have absolutely no right to comment on it.

You cannot possibly know how it feels to not quite fit in, simply because of the colour of your skin, your ethnicity or your heritage.

This truly angers me.

Open your eyes. Yes every country has racists which means you need to accept that some germans can be racist too.

I 111 days ago


Now sweetheart you complain about how you have been treated? I am not suprised! You behave like you own the world, play the race card and you have the nerve to tell others what they are allowed to comment on? ROFL.........nice try.

Let me assure you that I will say what I want and you won´t restrict my freedom of speech.

Germans are not racist at all. But Germans are not stupid and they do not like foreigners who rape, steal and lie, kill their daughters and sons and/or tell them what to do in their own country.

You were being spat at? ROFL!!!!!! Try and tell that to some braindead muppet who will believe your fairy tales.

And here is a hint from a German who is tired of people like you:
If it feels so awful that you don´t fit in because of the colour of your skin, your ethnicity or your heritage - leave! You don´t have to stay here, you are free to go. We gladly accompany you to the border of your dream country.

No one will ever force me to like and accept a stranger I cannot stand in my own country, the country my forefathers have fought and died for.
No libdem will force me to like every human being on earth, no dictatorship, no one!
I chose which person I like and which person I don´t like. You call it racism and I call it freedom of choice and thinking.

And believe me you cannot possibly know how it feels when your own government imports tons of foreigners from cultures who are stuck in the middle ages and worse, non civilized awful people I have nothing in common with at all. That truly angers me! I have not been asked!
So you will not downplay how bad it is for me and my people to have masses of uncivilized beings roaming the streets, masses of people who have no respect for the people of the country which feeds and houses them. So back off. You have no right to demand anything from anyone in this country!
What you get from this country is given "freely"! So at least try to behave in a civilized manner - you are just a guest!

Deirdre_Scotty 48 days ago

You are a funking racist

Leave. Well, Germans around the world should also leave those countries and come back to Germany. You stink. You while comment is reflective of the narcissistic and racist German mentality.

Contributor 12 days ago

I disagree

This girl is living in a made up bubble which has nothing to do with reality. Talking about privilege...she should move to my neighbourhood and take a walk when it is getting dark...lets see how she is discussing racism as the main issue germany then.

Sarrazin might be an idiot, but the fact that she quotes something from his book that is acutally true and tries to make it to be an argument for racist views in germany is just showing she does not know what she is talking about. Almost ALL of the big family clans marry within the family, she should google things like "cousinenheirat", "kreuzcousinenheirat" etc etc. It is a scientific FACT that this leads to an increased risk of genetic disease and disabilities.

Wanna know what the problem is besides racism and all the OTHER problems we have? That people like her try to shut down every discussion about topics like this by marking them as being racist. It started in the US years ago and it is so sad that people in europe always find a way to copy this bullshit without question.

This is coming from a dude who is a migrant himself, living in a huge german city, who can assure you the biggest problem germany has isn't racism. And especially not the racism coming from "old white men".

I just feel Jacinta has her own problems, frustration and uses this like some kind of outlet for her emotions. Which is sad. Calling out the majority of this country for being casually racist is so incredibly ignorant and I really don't know why people like this get a platform like here. Hate is hate. Stop hating. Start discussions without being biased by your false-beliefs and be opened to ALL arguments and then rebuttal properly with arguments if you disagree.
But this rambling brings us nowhere.

Joaqin 119 days ago

Germany IS racist

I have never been asked so often about my blood and demanded to explain the ethnicity of both of my parents. Not in any other country I've been to or lived in. Germany is obsessed with race and I get to experience it regularly. Funny though, white people (not just Germans!) don't believe it exists and refuse to discuss it. Discussion is the first step.

Amy 96 days ago

Courious not racist!!

Amy, that's because we are curious and interested in other people's stories.
It is totally normal to ask people where their parents or ancestors are from.
Among Germans we naturally speak about where we or our parents were from, and if we had Polish, Italian, whatever ancestors, too.

Or if our family fled from Silesia or East Prussia. And what funny words we use, and the dialect in the region we grew up.

When somebody asks where you or your parents are from, or if you are German, and from which region, or if you are mixed - and you make out it is some super sensitive topic, you are just being annoying and passive-aggressive snowflaky.

Just TELL "my dad was such-and-such, my mom is from minority x. in country z., they met at the embassy ball in y. and I was born in Kassel, but grew up mostly in France but getting into Uni is easier here, and I absolutely don't mean to leave Berlin, EVER."

What's the deal about refusing normal information?

And if you have a super light kid, and are super dark yourself, just tell the people, "mixed kids are always a surprise - one really never knows, how they come out! He really IS my son."
And then you can grin and be proud of each other in a cute way, and instead of a "racist" situation, it's a nice, neighbourly, informative learning experience, as it should be.

If you are blond in southern India, I would expect your friends would also ask you where you got that hair from.

I am mixed, and I am very happy to explain my dark hair, and am myself rather intrigued by the lottery of alleles and family likeness.

Funnily, fellow Germans rarely notice my admixture, but Turkish people have frequently been baffled by my blond relatives, and in Germany "foreigners" usually are the ones to ask me where my parents are from..

Oh, yes, and with Americans I just LOVE to guess their ancestry. I'm always wrong, but it is super fun to find out the black haired bloke with glacier blue eyes who looks like an Israeli on steroids is in fact a swedish-italian blend.

How about some cultural sensitivity, here? In Germany, we don't think "race" like USA, just relax and relate your family history, it's fine! And we will listen and remember.
And we are very likely honestly interested.

Hello Amy =) 66 days ago


You must feel very insecure about your background if you do not like to be questioned about it.
If you hate Germany and the Germans so much - leave! We´re looking forward to it!

Deirdre_Scotty 48 days ago

I agree

I fugging Agree

AGreed 92 days ago


Clearly nobody ever told her no...

I just did 126 days ago


Clearly nobody ever told her no...

I just did 126 days ago


How about just grow up and have some backbone. Racism won't just go away. Have a joke back with them and it won't be a problem. This Jacinta lady hasn't faced much adversity in her life or learned how to properly write a story. Either this. Is purely a story shes made up in her head because shes the actual racist or she doesnt have thick skin.

Casher 127 days ago

Racism will go away

Darling, racism can and will go away! Blaming the victim usually doesn't speed this process up and Germany should know that by now.

History 96 days ago


Isn't it surprising how many people blame the victim, aggressively so, and get upset that someone shares their experience? Wow! If this is the answer to the world's problems, most of us would be still working in factories or in the fields from dusk to dawn, with no human rights and freedoms, little water and food etc., little access to whatsoever we have now, because...Well why to fight for anything (that humanity has achieved) when the nature enabled us to "build a backbone" and thus be able to deal with any kind of oppression? Why didn't all the victims/ survivors of anything tough in life didn't just took this "simple" solution? :-))

A. 64 days ago

Shut your mouth hole

Youre a fuckin retard

Casher 61 days ago

In terms of psychology/Humanity

I am a 23 years old female artist from Afghanistan who came to Germany in 2015 through Familienzusammenführung (Family reunion) before the refugee crisis. At first, I didn't mind or cared about being called Ausländer or Flüchtling (Refugee), I couldn't understand that many people look down on me, without knowing my story just because I have black hair or because somewhere on their mind my country is just a desert of war. No matter how many times I went to german counsels for advice about my study or work, they always mentioned that I can't join university because it's only for rich people. I couldn't understand it was just out of jealousy! I always had this feeling of being hated even after being nice to people but I couldn't explain. Now after all these years when I think about how I and others like me have been labeled here, how I'm considered as a low-standard refugee, although I'm a person with high standards. The main problem of some Germans is that they cannot think from a different perspective and they judge everyone too soon and then feel superior. I feel a deep and strange sadness inside me and every time I hear the word Ausländer, it is as if an arrow is shot in my heart. Humans become disappointed if they are alienated from the rest or when they're treated like an unwanted guest. These are the people who divided the earth, otherwise, the earth belongs to every being. The main problem of some Germans is that they cannot think from a different perspective and they judge everyone too soon and feel superior.

YM 129 days ago


If you don't like germany, go back to afghanistan. try being an artist there!

U suck 127 days ago


so poorly written comment, you order somebody to leave a country as it is really YOUR country?? lol, you are most likely living literally from the Ausländer incom taxes , your mama and grandma are also getting the health care from those Ausländer Money, you are so poor to order somebody to leave a place

Ozu 117 days ago


what makes you think he's german

h 113 days ago

Ich bin ein Rassist...

es viel mir erst garnicht so auf, beim täglichen GTA Online zocken als ich grade dabei war mit meinem TM 02 Panzer etwas Chaos in der Stadt zu verbreiten, ein herrlicher Tag wie immer. Wurde ich durch ein mit Spieler kurzzeitig gestört, da er der Meinung war er müsse sich mit mir anlegen. Da seine kinderversuche nix brachten, klar ne Panzer und so, hatte er eh schlechte Karten. Normalerweise wäre ich über den wixxer einfach rüber gefahren, das ging nur nicht aus seinem Nickname entnahm ich das er Jude war. Na klar ein deutscher im Panzer der nen Juden überfährt. Oscar verdächtig, während ich mir also Gedanken machte wie ich aus der Situation am besten raus komme ohne den Stecker aus meiner Konsole zuziehen. Während der Kollege weiterhin auf mein Panzer eintrat wurde mir schnell klar. Das ich mich durch diesen Juden Bengel voll runter auf seine Rassistenschiene ziehen lassen habe. Ich habe meinen mit Spieler auf seine Herkunft reduziert und das macht mich auch zu einem von euch ihr Systemrassisten Danke schön ihr müsst noch länger in der Vergangenheit leben und euch mit damaligen wixx Gedanken befassen. Auf meinen online Missionen spiele ich ständig mit bimbos, tacostechern, reisfischern und sonstigen Krüppel volk, aber ganz ehrlich zusammen in Raubzügen und anderen bettels. Spielt die Herkunft keine Rolle wichtig ist nur als Thema zu funktionieren. Sich auf einander verlassen den einzelnen nicht zurück zu lassen oder sogar eine Kugel für ihn einzufangen. Das alles funktioniert ohne Sprache ohne euer 1900 denken. Wir sehen das was wirklich zählt, zusammen an einem mega heist zu spielen der uns so mega reich macht das wir uns zusammen eine neue Erde kaufen können in einer anderen Dimension wo wir euch voll spacken endlich abschieben können um euer Gejammer nicht mehr ertragen zu müssen. 95% der menscheit hat nur damit zu tun, gegen sich selbst Krieg zu führen. Menschen töten immer noch Menschen. Und die letzten 5% der Menschen weltweit die zusammen ein Ziel verfolgen, sind damit gefährlicher für euch weil wir vernichten euch und euer Faschismus denken.
Also ja dann bin ich halt Rassist... mir egal, durch mein meth Konsum geht mir eh alles am arsch vorbei... ihr Hippies. Und ist ja wohl logisch das ich bei den rechtschrdgh fähler n nur bis 6 klasse gekommen bin. Aber das war nebensache, geiler war es deiner hure von mutter in den arsch zu ficken total auf Kokain.
Jetzt ernsthaft Dreckiger Polaken Juden taco wixx piss italo Griechen spasst. Cool das war gut... So ihr spacken ich geh mich jetzt wieder mit normalen Leuten umgeben.

DeineMuDDa 29 days ago

Völlig zum kotzen diese Auto Korrektur

Liest sich völlig Banane. Oh man

HaHa 29 days ago



FUCK KRAUT CUCKS 107 days ago

Exactly the typical reply of a racist 100%

Thanks for proving the point that the article is making.

A. 64 days ago

Are you

Jacinta commenting on your own type up?

Tripper 127 days ago


yeah guess what, the world isn't like in a fairy tale. In EVERY country on this planet you will find racist people, people with prejudice etc etc. Also, the idea that the earth belongs to everyone is cute...but naive. It is human nature to live in tribes, these days we see modern versions of those tribes but the behaviour is basically the same since...forever I guess. A world without borders where everyone can go and live everywhere and where everyone does what they want will never be, because it simply won't work. It would be total chaos and in the end lead to war inevitably.
Before this changes humanity needs to make a step forward evolutionary-wise.

That being said, just be grateful that you found shelter unlike dozens of people who died on the way or in the countries they wanted to flee from. Make the best of it. And try to see the good side of life instead of only the bad things. Like I am a migrant myself and I am far from being racist or unfriendly to people, but believe me that the refugee-crisis was one reason why the place I am currently living is completely falling apart.
You have to understand that more close-minded people will tend to have prejudice way faster and maybe arent as welcoming to "foreign" people...even tho you have nothing to do with the shit thats going on here.

Thats just the way life goes.

Joaqin 119 days ago

Be thankful you can live here

"The earth belongs to every human being" lol no it does not..the earth belongs to no one. People just claim territories and mark them as their own property. What do you expect germans to treat you like a little princess? Why do you emphasize on being different to refugees that came to germany via the crisis? Does it make you a better human being?? Are those other refugess worth any less?? Hahaha You are quite a hypocrite yourself by pointing out you dont want to be considered a "refugee" yet you demand germans to think of you equally as one of them even though you dont do the same with people of your own country. Get a reality check lmao and Im afghan as well and live here in germany. There are good and bad people like everywhere else although the majority of old germans dont really like "Ausländer" but I couldnt care less. People who look down on me and feel superior to me make me laugh because they need to blame some stranger for their own misery. Just be thankful you can live a somewhat peaceful life here in germany compared to living in afghanistan where you wouldnt even last a day as female "artist". You are also probably the type of afghan that give up on being a muslim the day they step foot in western country lol.

Fellow afghan guy 103 days ago

Thank you

Your comment is beautiful, very emotional (thus most Germans cannot perceive it). I wass leaving in Germany for 2 years myself, it is a miserable place. My advice to you; leave! There are better places. Come the the Netherlands! It totally different class of people here.

Max 66 days ago

Try to see our side, too!

Hi, YM! This sounds super sad. I don't understand why anybody should say University is for rich folks only, but if you need the state to support your studies, you are probably screwed just now.
Whether you are German or foreigner, if you want money, they likely will be nasty, and yes, Germany has a really strange caste of cruel minor official, who have had bad rap since 1800s!
(Preussisches Beamtentum..)
But please try to see our side, too. For decades, a number of muslim immigrants have been making trouble, have beaten up the other kids in school, have scrounged on the state, have refused to assimilate and hated on all things German and European. Then islamism kicked, there was terror, hijabs sprouted left right center, girls refused to go to swimming lessons, parents threatened teachers, muslims keept going crazy and having huge protests over imaginary sleights, people were threatened - and killed.
We can't have an open debate anymore, we can't treat muslims like normal people who also need to rethink their attitude - and then 2015 happens, and through a misunderstanding all the world and their Grandmother come here and want our money, our houses, and a very visible number of them cheat, misbehave and treat us like dirt.
And all we are allowed to do is be kind, be generous, be open, when, in fact, we are SUPER critical of muslims by now, many of us don't have much money, either, and many Germans just don't want anymore immigration just now.
And in all truth, refugees are and have always been unbidden guests. Everywhere. When Jews back in the 1930s fled to England and America, they were not given an overly warm welcome.
When Germans were refugees inside of Germany after WW2, they were unbidden guests and it took them years and hard labour, to convince the other german people to accept them.
You can't expect all Germans to be accepting and open towards muslims or muslim looking people after all that happened.
Of course that sucks. Of course that hurts.
But all the hate we have experienced by people hating on the "West" the "German Sluts" etc. - when many of us NEVER thought anything bad and accepted immigrants as fellow Germans. You know, that hurts, too!
All you are guaranteed, if you have a right to asylum, is to be safe from the persecution you face back home, and have your basic needs met.
You are not entiteld to citizenship, you are not entitled to be loved by everyone.
And if you have no money, even when you are German, some things will be tough
I just hope, you found at least some friends, and I am really sorry, that Germany has not been kinder to you. But I fear just now, with society so split and frustrated, and immigration and islam being such an issue, we are not the open, welcoming Germany you might have found ten or twenty years back.
Even if you are the least islamist, most liberal, most welcome, sweet person imaginable. Just now, it's tough. Good luck & keep going - and let's make both our countries better in the long run!

Hi YM.. =/ 66 days ago

Stupid you!

> the idea that German culture is morally and intellectually superior

Well, that’s just a fact.

Hermann 132 days ago


Can’t tell if you’re being serious...but if you are, you‘re wrong :-)

Jimmy 131 days ago

reply to Hermann

LOL ,,, most stupid closed minds people i have ever met was belonging to this cult

gege 117 days ago



KRAUT CUCK 107 days ago


Pathetic and evil blooded Germans. Germans invaded many, many countries during WWII. They killed millions upon millions of people. Germans are of an evil blood line. They are clearly and utterly inferior in every sense of being. They are of animalistic nature.

Claire 107 days ago


your comment is just as bad as the latter. If you think labelling an entire ethnicity “evil”, then you are actually stupid.

yum yum-chicken flavour 104 days ago

true story

most Germans are racist, whether they are aware of it or not.
the minority that's not racist, are very introspective and they are aware of the problem. they won't deny it.
and you have a bunch of them wearing clothes branded as "wild power" .
but Germany is country with a lot of ignorant people, even tho the educational system is pretty good.
but what can you expect, right?

Tunupa 136 days ago


Most people called Tunupa are idiots, wether they are aware of it or not.
See how this kind of arguments are childish af? If you assume bs like this at least base it on facts...otherwise you are just babbling like the racists do when they talk about migrants and refugees.

Joaqin 119 days ago


The educational systahahahahahha

sot 106 days ago

You are so weird

Every country is racist to an extend. Every country has it ups and downs. Most japanese people wouldn't say anything about a foreigner want to settle down in their country but they will never welcome you as one of them. And Germany has changed so much. I've met better people in Germany, I've met shitty people in my country. Some dumb german saying racist things, some nice german will help me out when they see me struggle. It's not their job to IMPORT problems to their country of course they will be skeptical with a certain kind of people. Saying they are racist when you HAVE friends and family and the good german around you willing to help you out makes you a hypocrite.

Asian girl who loves her country really much but also loves germany 139 days ago

Love Germany

Sorry bro, but I love Germany. My home country is shit, poor, cero opportunities. I’m learning German at really low cost and have an amazing friends including Germans and non-Germans. Never in my two years living in here had experienced a racist situation. I have an excellent job that pays me amazingly meanwhile I’m studying my masters for almost free! I’m having a quality of life that in my country would be impossible to have. So god I’m blessed to live in this country and I bless everyone that’s help me here during my process. Everyone had been amazing people. We can’t generalize. I just share my happy story to everyone because Germany opened my doors to a life I never imagined to have !!!! Peace

What did I just read ? 142 days ago

This is racist.

This is flat out racist.

Decent Human 143 days ago

Straight up

It really fuckin is. This lady has some demons she needs to let go

Casher 127 days ago

This headline is idk....

Sure Germany got problems with racism such as every other country but saying that Germany is a racist country is wrong.

Emma 147 days ago


These hispanic people pretend to be a race but they are not and they should look how they raped plundered and colonized South America.

SunSkinned 112 days ago


fuck you cocksucker

brent 12 days ago

Health care professional

The part about inbreeding and disability is true. I have contact to multiple muslim families, where parents are relatives, as I run an "Augen-Ambulanz" specialised on birth defects at a large hospital in a major German city with an enormous amount of immigrants. Some of these families have 5 children, of which 4 are heavily disabled. A single family like this will cost the German healthcare payer millions of Euros! One family! I have contact to at least 17 families like this. It is very hard, not to develop a grudge against this bahaviour.

Christian Seidel 148 days ago


Don't forget that they have 3 kids by 18

Reply 148 days ago

Health lady is pretty racist

I suppose no Germans have children with birth defects at your clinic? Surely Germany has absolutely no history of inbreeding ever. And with more interracial couples everything should be fine then?

who is moderating 96 days ago

Racism in Germany

People in this comment section are mostly bat-shit crazy, either German nationalists or people who hate Germans to their core. I think this article makes a good point. There is a racism problem in Germany, and Germany seems to be a country that is reluctant to accept this reality. There is an unfounded belief that Germany is "not a racist country" due to the changes in society that were effected in the latter part of the 20th century. A belief that Germans are "self-hating" and "do not like their country". How then can they be racist when they've apologised and atoned so hard for the holocaust and fascism? This belief has led to a false sense of security that has resulted in complacency in Germany when it comes to handling people of other cultures and races, and a strong tendency towards a "one size fits all" approach to everything. German culture very much reprimands those who dare to believe themselves special or different from others. Thus, when foreigners talk about their problems, these complaints are often met with the feeling that the person is demanding special treatment or considers themselves exceptional somehow. This leads to such complaints falling on deaf ears. There's also a sentiment that: "If my Turkish neighbour who moved here as a child and grew up in our culture can handle it, you should be able to as well.". This is fundamental misunderstanding of the plight of new immigrants compared to people who come later. Many such long established immigrant communities are "More German than the Germans" in some ways these days, but this has been a product of a long and sometimes painful integration of their culture. Germany also lacks a large non-white population. They don't seem to realise that Black and Asian people stand out in a crowd far more than most Turks or even Arabs who blend in more seamlessly with the large number of southern and eastern Europeans present in Germany. This absence of racial diversity means a large number of Germans, particularly those in rural areas, are unused to being around other races and still make faux-pas that have been more successfully suppressed in other nations. Asking people "Where are you really from?" might be an example of that, or referring to racial groups as if they were singular cultures, for example. There is still a lot to be done to convince the German people that cultural identity and racial heritage are not inherently intertwined and for them to truly accept a national identity that acknowledge non-white people as equally German as themselves. Germany is a land of borders and that makes culture very much tied to heritage and cultural behaviours. The modern Turkish-German has the latter but not the former. Making German culture less protectionist and more welcoming to other nationalities, races, and ethnicities is still a task that will fall to future generations.

Some guy 150 days ago

Reply to some guy

Asking people „where are you really from?“ should not be offensive. It’s fairly normal wanting to know someone‘s heritage, there‘s not always racist intent in asking that. Having said that I still don’t particularly like Germany, even as a German native, but I don’t think Germany is a racist country. Of course there are racists, but that doesn’t mean the country is racist.

Jimmy 131 days ago


Asking a person where are you really from is 100% intrusive and racist. The answer to such question should always be : None of your F-ing business you tribal idiot.

John 112 days ago


Make me...

bastard 107 days ago

nope, not normal

It is not normal to want to know someone's ethnic history. Not at all. Nationality, sure, but more than that is some weird obsession. Just watch what happens if someone asks where your blood is from and you say it's none of their business. They get aggressive. That's not normal!

Guest 96 days ago

I wouldn't step foot in Germany

It's the LAST place in the world I would ever go. Pure EVIL.

Lindsey 150 days ago

Have I ever been to Germany ?

How can u hate a country u barely know tho? U don’t know the People or the Culture and this is just not ok.

Emma 147 days ago


Shut your bigoted mouth

666 127 days ago

You wrote what i tought

This sentence explains my wasted six years.

Engineer 124 days ago

Anti-German Hatespeech

The amount of anti-german hate and anti-germanism in this obviously unmoderated comment-section is amazing. i think this should be covered by mainstream-media.

Paul Rönzheimer 152 days ago

My thought

You say absolutly wat i think of this piece of crab, its totaly against germans, the writer of this should be banned

Sid 148 days ago


When somebody blames you it is a good tactic to blame the other one. :)))

Engineer 124 days ago



KRAUT CUCK 107 days ago

@asshole "K.C."

Shut your utterly stupid piehole, dumbsack.

N.N. 18 days ago


it`s so easy to forever call germans nazis. but sarazzin is right - muslims refuse to integrate since 60 years. they don`t marry german women, they import their own cousins. bitch, that`s incest - and that`s why the disabled-rate among newborns in neukölln is 100% higher compared to the rest of berlin. refusing to aknowledge this fact (among others) is pure ideology, not the books by sarrazin.
on the other hand, i totally agree with the author i what he says about the EINZELFAHRSCHEIN. it's a disgrace.

D. Whiteman 152 days ago

Thank you

Thank you for that article. I'm a white German and I think the things you talk about Are very Important to know. Sure, I might have never personally done, said or thought any of the things you listed but it is always important to know that your country and the society you live in have a horrible underlying problem. Way too often do we look down in horror on the racism in the US and don't accepted that we are not better. I hate that so many people in the comments can't seem to swallow back some stupid sense of pride or whatever it is. I wish we as a society would listen to people who have experienced this kind of racism more. Listen and actually try to do something about it. I will definitely make sure to make my students more aware of this.
I'm sorry to hear your friend reacted like that. I hope she can get over her pride. You and your experiences should be more important to her.

Alina 155 days ago


We definitely have a problem with racism ! But the headline is more than not ok. We have to fight against the racism but making an article and starting with a personal experience like this it looks like the majority of Germans would think like that and this is not true at all.

Emma 147 days ago


I agree with both of you, in the sense that it’s wrong to generalize 97% of Germans as racist, but also that we have a problem (which is worse than in the U.S., but portrayed to be less of a threat btw.), and people are way too proud to admit that.

Jimmy 131 days ago


You literally assume and generalize a whole country because a few people said racist stuff. How hypocritical and ignorant of you lol. You shouldn't have a voice

Bael 159 days ago

we have to be strong

I as a non-white foreign student here in Germany know that we have to try, study, and work harder than any german here to get the same education and live in the same environment. I try to numb myself, ignore and think "they don't know better" whenever I experience racism or microaggression from germans and non-germans alike, otherwise its just too painful and exhausting if it gets to you.
I will endure it, remember it, keep it in the back of my memories and progress and learn more, know more, do more, be something more than any racist, ignorant, misogynistic asshole out there. Because while you're hating, cursing, spitting and rotting away in your miserable existence, some of us are actually trying to be better and be worth something in this society. And in this society, if you're good at something, there are people, also germans who "know better" and respect you for your hard work (although a minority). I don't expect to be acknowledged or accepted by germans, because I know that they don't grasp the journey, time, money and hard work it takes for me to just sit in the same lecturing hall as they are. And I know that I'll never be accepted into this country, because I am just so not white. But then I guess that's just my life in general. But I still know better than you, sometimes some germans seem so childish and innocent(the good ones, I'd say). So I guess we should feel sorry for those who waste away their numbered days poisoning their minds with hate. Just kidding, fuck them, hope they stay away from me.

justastudent 164 days ago


get out...

j 162 days ago


You, j, need to be sterilized. Who tf you think you are telling someone to get out? Spoiled POS.

Fuck off 153 days ago

! reply

Sterilised........Ok Hitler

J 150 days ago


That was fuckin hilarious

Troop 127 days ago


i am foreigner in germany, italian. i life here since i was 6 months old(1981). german ppl are not racist im my opinon, not more than other countrys. the problem that many ppl make bad experiences is not based on the fact that theyre not german. it´s bc german ppl are aholes in general. there is a culture of cynicism here. every country has it´s own way to be aholes. there is no country i like. for examble, i am italian and i know the bad stereotype of italians is that they are arrogand. spanish ppl even more. but i also know very kind spanish and italian ppl, theyre really from the heart. like i know cynical germans and i know kind germans giving me their everything.its not the name of the country on the passport that makes the ppl bad that live there. it´s bc we are a disgusting race(homo sapience). to say "german" ppl are bad is just stupit/racist. i dont like italians and i am italian. every country has its own way to express the bad in humans. i had been treatet bad, many times. manymanytimes. from ppl from all over the world and from all ethnic backround. it doesnt matter if they where white, germans, christians, muslims, from the us or what ever CULTURE. humans are scum. one can say : no matter what your color, religion or ethnicity is, u r scum in that way u where taught to be scum. there are so many reasons one fits in to a country or not. two different ppl living as foreigners from the same cultural backround in the same country, city, comunity can hv a totaly oposit view of a country. one gets all the love from the "natives" and the other all the hate FROM THE VERY SAME PPL. the article and most of the comments are just stupit. beeing racist is in our genes. all humans hv that reflex. strangers can pose a thread to the group("group" like when humans lived as hunters and collectors). u hate germans? thats ok. i hate every country when they show theyr specific bad stereotypes. but if u r just human we can be friends, i never cared about your cultur. the core of culture is about to be human. if u speak about american, turkish or what ever "culture" i get nausea. i repeat: its not bc of what culture u come from, its because humans are stupit in general. stereotypical behavior is conditioned. bad ppl are evrerywhere. good ones also. but the good ones are scarce. and its getting worse. ppl are getting worse and worse. more and more neurotic behavior. i was treatet the same way in every country i was. man kind is sick and with such articles like above and coments u are just poluting minds. we are animals, one cant deny that fact. but if one ignores it he/she ignores OUR fucking NATURE!!! and in my oppinion, the author from above has some self-esteem issue, is envious of something. sounds like a histrionic personality disorder. sounds like things are made up, i cant proove it, so cant the author from above.
NOSCE TE IPSUM HOMO SAPIENS!! stop stirring shit in to it!!! or just go on with what u do and bear the consequences. your decision....

try to learn, not to be right. 168 days ago

Racis Hate Ignorance

People are ignorant. People are afraid, and what makes it worse is those that critize out loud, created a chain reaction.
If we stop adding fuel to a lite fire, it will cease.
But I do understand about black racisim, and I am white. Why because a black group of racist thought me to see their color after 50 years; they were people in my eyes, no race no color, until it was changed by hate in my job. Now, I am angry at those who changed my thoughts, and making things difficult to ignore hate.

Anne 167 days ago

nailed it

Yeah, you're right most humans are just tribal trash. Naturally, Germans are part of this. Unless someone is intelligent and self-aware enough to see through their own prejudices they will forever be projecting negativity and hatred on others. Still, I find Germans to be less self-aware than most other countries. Atleast, the bad ones. I have met a lot of cool germans in my travels too.

Arv 148 days ago


You are stupid. Leikultur was introduced by Bassam Tibi, am Arab sociologist. You are an ass.

You Suck 168 days ago

The Germans

The people of Germany are DISPICABLE!!!! I hope they rot in hell!!!!

Patty 171 days ago

You're actually cringe

I bet you come from America lol

Bael 159 days ago


Are you aware that WW2 ended in 1945 and the people who had a part in it are, like, 99.999 % dead by now.

Sincerely, a german 131 days ago

Their English Accent

The Germans speaking English sounds guttural and repugnant. Their spoken English gives me a
visceral feeling of disgust.

Georgina 171 days ago


That's legit the same as saying "Ew, turkish people can't speak German right, how despicable." Check yourself. Bet you can't speak German either.

yeehaw 153 days ago

Soll ich etwa deutsch reden ?

Dann könnte keiner mehr etwas verstehen. So pls be Kind most Germans speak at least two languages and the younger ones 3 like it’s normal to have a accent and nothing to be ashamed of.

Someone 147 days ago


I don’t like the German accent neither, but what I like even less is people saying something like that. At least half of Germans speak English, so 40 million people, I‘m pretty sure there aren’t 40 million fluent german speakers in the U.S.. Also, the younger generation speaks pretty much accent-free, so stop.

Jimmy 131 days ago


Germans also do not like Fat people

b 178 days ago

You don't go outside

You literally don't or else you'd say otherwise

Bael 159 days ago


As a German I do not like Fat People...

Joachim 157 days ago


nobody likes fat ppl

skinny g 152 days ago

Been traveling

alot... Germans are sheeps when they are out of their country. They would like to be welcomed. But everyone hates them. You can’t hide your true colors

Ydddfgu 181 days ago

Be careful in Germany... You should escape their evil while you can

Get out. Those Germans are capable of murder at the drop of a hat. I would run very fast out of there. They are jealous animals in human bodies. They're sick people. Please save yourself and leave.

Avery 184 days ago


please please leave

Good Bye 152 days ago

I hate Germany too! I hate the Germans! They are evil and killed so many people

I hate the Germans! They are evil! They have evil in their genes. They killed million of people! They were animals in their killing! They were so incredibly heartless and NOT human!!! They tortured and murdered children, women and men. How sick!!!! I hope they are BURNING in hell right now for what they did!!!!!

Kelly 184 days ago


Boy you're an ass. Turks have killed over 3 million greeks. But saying that would be racist. The Japs raped 45,000 women in the course of a week. Oh Shit. Better not mention that one. Maybe if the German people and the Jews had guns they could have stopped Hitler. But he took them away. Crap! Maybe if the soldiers in the concentration camps had not been given meth, like so many Californians, they would have realised what they were doing. Dammit. Maybe if the refugees and migrants in Germany did not account for a third of all crimes while representing 8% percent of the population, people would not be racist. Oh Shit again! I should forget about that. Maybe if the German people had known what was going on they would have tried to stop the holocaust. Perhaps you should know what your talking about... The Holocaust was an awful thing started by an AUSTRIAN. The Jews gave a lot of money to Germany before its demise. The refugees today steal from Germany

Isaac Bernstein 181 days ago


The Germans killed, destroyed and invaded countries and people during WWII. They were evil human beings. Enough said and they are rotting and burning in hell!

Kelly 171 days ago

Germ Reply

so did the russians...

Isaac Bernstein 171 days ago

Germ Reply Reply

but they didn't start it.

Sergeyev Imanov 153 days ago

America has killed

more ppl than died in the holocaust since the end of WW2. just saying.

Ameri Killer 152 days ago



USTUPID 151 days ago

Germans knew about the holocaust

" Maybe if the German people had known what was going on they would have tried to stop the holocaust."

Yo, check out the museum Topographie des Terrors. There were posters plastered all over the streets that said, "kill all Jews". People were killed in the street, beaten in the street and there were public shaming. The hitler youth sang songs with the lyrics being "kill all jews". So yeah, Germans knew damn well that the holocaust was going on, they just played dumb and lied when the Allies came so they wouldn't be punished. And the allies believed them... oops.

history 96 days ago

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