Germany is a racist country



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Beatrice 4 days ago

What nonsense

As multi culti Germany is, you must be one of these " it's easier to pull the race card ' people, that feel butthurt, cause what? Some folks didn't bow to your ego? Get over yourself. Just alone for saying that Germany is a racust Country, you shoukd be sued!

Michelle Spenser 4 days ago

A little dense?

Writing a whole article about racism while being racist yourself is just shallow. Go home, bitch. Germany doesn't want people like you.

Clancy 5 days ago


Hitler going to come out of his grave .

Sand storm 5 days ago

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Maud van Ree 11 days ago

Show me a non racist country

I have lived in Germany, France, UK, Canada, China for 5 years + each, and I have experienced racism in all of them. We will never completely get rid of this attitude anywhere in the world. Honestly, the most racist country out of the above in my experience was China. They treated me very differently based on the fact that I wasn't Chinese. Even though I learned the language and tried to assimilate as much as possible, I was always the outsider. But I also understand that neither Germany nor China are historically immigrant countries the same way the US or UK are. Whenever I went to a country, i respected their laws and attitudes. It is not up to me to change people's minds or opinions, especially when I am not from there originally. I am a citizen of 2 countries, but I will always see myself as a guest in the one I wasn't born and grew up in. People are inherently racist anywhere in the world. I don't even believe that you are never racist in any way or that you don't have prejudice towards any other group of people based on nationality, race, culture, or religion. I also think that the author has a little bit of an inferiority complex if they assume casual racism or sense it anywhere they go. If you approach immigrating to another country with this kind of weak attitude you will always put yourself in the losing position. If someone had this weak attitude when applying for a job at my company, I wouldn't hire them.

Peter 13 days ago

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edibiew 15 days ago


This just sounds like an r/AmItheAsshole post. The way you write makes me dislike you on a personal level.. no offense

Bruh 15 days ago

Karma was served

"some cunt from my son's Kita had stolen our buggy
A guy came up to me and spat in my face and called me a Schlampe. "

There it is, it´s called Karma :-)

Nichtberliner 22 days ago

your mum

suck your mother

your mum 10 days ago


I find Germans very unfriendly. Sorry, but it's the truth!

anonymous 22 days ago

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Aisha 24 days ago

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Aisha 24 days ago

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Brenda Elie 31 days ago


Guarding and protecting your cultures and values in your OWN home is not racist. Expecting outsiders to assimilate to your etiquette in YOUR home isn’t racist. They didn’t come to you, you came to them. So how about a little gratitude you narcissistic person

Phil Smith 37 days ago

US slams and Germans

Americans talk about "Nazis", Germans go bezerk. We didnt start using it as Jean in Quora from germany thinks. Goebbels called it Nazi-Sozi first. Then some German political party in Germany just used "Nazi." Jean accused "Amis" for the word.
1926 in Germany. How dare we call Nazis evil. Like Hitler's evil is my fault. He mentioned "commies" & "Jews." Im not either. Im an American. We didnt start that fire.

Lynn Meyers 23 days ago

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your mum 10 days ago


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Elizabeth Powell 40 days ago

Absolutely true

This whole article is so true to its core!!!! The only thing left for germans against better faring and educated immigrants is to try throwing them under the racist bus. I have had my share of experiences where germans in any work position (be it a small one ) create problems so that my work does not get done. This includes unnecessary paperwork including putting down phone as soon as you give your lastname in. They have an unfair or clearly said racist way of dealing to all immigrants. I mean what the fuck are you even proud of: kidnapping, killing and losing wars?

An outsider 41 days ago

read her other articles, she may have the down syndromes

Maybe so, but you people go to this country VOLUNTARILY then bitch about their past and standards? you expats are so stupid and self centered hence why you get treated that way, nothing to do with race. Also who immigrates? losers or winners? think about it, if you are successful in your own country you had no reason to leave.

Dutch 38 days ago


Bolches yarboclos

PAOK 44 days ago

That's all right, but an understatement.

You are right, the Germans are inherently racist and suffer of a ridiculous superiority complex.
If you listen to those "albino apes" as they were so nicely called, they're the only ones who know to do anything, especially work.
If you dare speak out the slightest criticism about anything, the only reply you get is "If you don't like it here, go away'. If you talk about China's economic growth, you get a discourse about the economical power of southern Germany that is oh so much greater than anything else in the world. If you talk about the success of Indian, Asian, Italian or French food, you get a lecture about Thüringer Bratwurst. In the media, anything reported about foreign countries always includes a slightly arrogant tone about those who dare to do things differently than the great master race. They never got over losing every war they ever started, about not getting as many colonies as their neighbours, even the much smaller Netherlands or the -for them -insignificant Portuguese. I left Germany years ago and every time I come back visiting my family, I get the confirmation that keeping away from them was the wisest decision I have ever taken.

Phil 45 days ago


Is this trolling? In Berlin it is 100 times easier to find good quality international food than decent traditional German fare…

And colonies, really? Everyone I know thinks Germany dodged a major bullet by losing its colonies early. Just look at all the issues that colonies caused down the road.

TGC 42 days ago

Hilarious parody

I recognized this as a fabricated parody by the fact the things germans are supposed to boast about, are all mixed up. Sure, buddy. Germans will always talk about the economical power of the south. All these mountain goats in thinly populated bavaria shit gold for sure.
But I agree with you, they should shut up with their food! It's time french quisine or maybe italian cooking became a thing! Like globally! I never hear people talk about foods from these countries, it's almost like they don't exist?

Your racism setting got turned to 'high' by accident my dude

Szymon Smoczek 5 days ago


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Crayon Stark 49 days ago


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Crayon Stark 49 days ago


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Crayon Stark 49 days ago

A philosopher he is not

Merz never said anything about German culture being “morally and intellectually superior”. However, what he did say is that there is such a thing as “German culture”, that it is different from Turkish or Kurdish culture, and that this culture should remain the guiding principle as to how German society organizes itself.

No claim of objective superiority was made, only in the sense that German culture should be the culture in Germany.

TGC 52 days ago

facts please

The Kinderbuchdebatte was not about the removal of the N-word from books. The word in question is “Neger” the equivalent of “negro”. While this word is now not used anymore to describe a Black person, it is incorrect to say that the debate was about the removal of racial slurs. “Negro” or “Neger” was not, at the time when it was customarily used, a racial slur like the N-word (which, in contrast, always was one).

TGC 52 days ago

Racism in the comments

Reading the racist comments by Germans should not surprise anybody. Don't kid yourself that Germans in general have changed. I have my own horror story of a disgusting German nazi who stalked me and yelled horrific racial slurs at me. The fact these albino apes think they're superior is hilarious, since they are what they are because if Roman/Greek civilisation and the Jews (Christianity). Germany should NOT be able to exist as a unified nation. Their crimes against humanity are so horrific and so very recent.

Vic 52 days ago

racism in the comments about comments

“albino apes”… good one

TGC 52 days ago

Germans did nothing wrong

Germany should vanish al immigrants and people that think like you.

Yt 51 days ago

Not be able to exist

It is incredibly offensive to me that you want to deny my country the right to exist.
Do you think we are gonna start a War again? Look to the US, China or Russia if you want to see a great threat.

Me 43 days ago

They should be

especially againt spics who think they are a race, your ancestors were the worst of all, south americans are all product of rape.

FUNAZITARDS 56 days ago

She’s british

fucking retard

yti 51 days ago


she isn't british you knob. she is an immigrant who doesn't belong in any country

Bebebe 32 days ago

Reading this text was a waste of time

“But I don't understand why all the kids aren't just automatically insured for free, like over the Gesundheitsamt" - Health insurance companies are public coperations. The Gesundheitsamt is a state authority. Its tasks are, for example, the supervision of hygiene regulations. Why should we change our entire legal system in order to please you? Do you really think everything is so simple and we are so dull in Germany that all these structures simply mean nothing???

I feel that your problem is that you do not understand much and still think your ideas and thoughts are superior. In my opinion, your text shows this clearly and I really could not finish because it seems so plain.

Artaud 58 days ago

Try to read and listen

The author is not condeming either Germany or Germans,. It's the conscious and unconscious reaction to immigrants......and the behaviours they often showcase towards us ........why do they have to be so arrogant...we aren't germs and besides I'd ratherbe In a state With people who don't think to highly of themselves and lowly to others

Star 49 days ago


As a greek guy in germany I will say that I don't think that the country is racist per se, they try do an integration into the culture with foreign people but still let you participate your rituals and even values from your country. Germany is super multi cultural but they try to make people adapt to them, which is in my opinion fair play.
Yeah germany has some racist idiots and the german mindset is a lot of "I hate everything including my neighbours, my self, the dude that walks quietly at 6 pm before my window". It has nothing to do with racism that's just they way a lot of people are.
Tbh I quiet like germany, I live here since 2005 and the only real racist things I encountered were some idiotic cops once and some stupid jokes in school around 2011 (crisis stuff tho) and the cliche that every greek guy has a restaurant, besides that, I am pretty comfy hear

Not Kiriakos 66 days ago


Αι γαμισου ρε μαλακα

Γαμιάς 48 days ago



Not Kiriakos 20 days ago

You are a guest keep that in mind.

I get your point, you have made here some valid arguments, but you seem to not understand here something, Germany is not your home, not your country, you are a guest, you are merely tolerated, nobody asked you to come here, nobody asked you to be here, you have to prove your worth to our society, our group of people. It is that simple, you are an outsider, and you have to make an effort to change this, if you want to belong to us you have to earn it it is that simple. You can critcize but you are in the end a guest, and guests have to behave, it is that simple. If you don't understand it you can go, nobody forces you to be here. This goes for everyone who is going to immigrate in any country, in NZ for instance the requirements to become a citizen are incredibly high and this is how it should be, you can't expect a country and government to accept you and welcome you as you are a lost son or daughter. Keep that in mind, you do not deserve special rights, and the only reason why you are here is because you are a tool of globalism. This is the reality, this is the bitter pill you have to swallow, and you can decide to deny it or live with it. I wish you the best for your future. And I hope not everything you saw in Germany is bad, Berlin is a bad example of what Germany is like, since it is very different from the rest of German, I think Berlin is not even German, it is more of a cesspool than anything.

Erik 66 days ago


And that's racist, dude. And writing int - you prove all she wrote :D If someone lives in a country - even if he's a 'guest' treating him/her like dirt, because he is NOR 100% 'true Deutscher' - is very bad stuff. It's not the case of lack of tolerance but PERSONAL CULTURE!!!

lol 61 days ago


Man, you sound like such a racist! Your superiority just gets through. You are no better than anybody else, doesn’t matter if you were born here or not.

Morie 55 days ago


Are you for real. Coming from a German with the blood of millions on your hand.

Vic 52 days ago

What blood?

What or whos blood does he have on his hands? Im pretty sure he wasnt alive when the Holocaust happend. Or are all germans guilty of that, no matter when they were born.
Dont make people responsible for something they had no control over.

Paul 43 days ago

A typical example of a German

Point proven.
Don't dare to NOT like anything here, as soon as you do "Please remember you're a guest, you're barely tolerated, if you don't like it, go home" is the only answer.
Wherever you utter criticism, people will either agree or understand that everything isn't perfect and debate it. But not in Germany. No. Don't you dare not to agree with the sheepishly submissive Volk that actively supports the ones who exploit it, the ones who take a look in your garbage cans to check if you separated your trash properly. If you dare to do this, you should go back where you belong, to the minderwertige People. No wonder the world doesn't like you.

Phil 45 days ago

You are a guest keep that in mind.

Hey Erik. Your brain is infected buddy. Get a check up. The idiots like you makes Germany a hell place to live. I am living in Germany and I find lots of good Germans . And an albino ape like you fucker.

Tushar sharma 12 days ago

To put it in context

Racism? Well, as a german I hate everybody. I don't care if you're black, white, yellow, green or pink - I hate you. You are german and were born two cities away? - I still fucking hate you.
See, we hate people in general. It's just that simple. Nothing to love about this mankind.
And I am not joking, because ... well, we germans are not funny.

Franz 66 days ago

fr fr

fly on the fucking wall

This Ho over here 66 days ago

German, no nothing about it

Im half German and i know nothing much about that side except my grandfather was mobbed up. and i never asked questions to say the least, because afraid to find out my german roots were racist. I dont know what to even think anymore and everytime i see an article like this it makes me steer away more and more from taking a DNA kit.

Katarina Lombardo 66 days ago


Even some African countries are sick of neo liberal colonialists pushing their agenda in other countries. You are the inly one's in the world - get over it.

My name 66 days ago


I hope we are as racist as you say we are, that would mean that most people here are still normal.
And God, I wish we would be against multiculturalism as much as you say we are. If your pea sized brain doesn't understand how (forced) multiculturalism is the death of cultures in itself because its literal americanization and globalism, I'm very sorry for all the people that have to deal with your stupidity in real life. It's funny how people like you don't understand that pro homogeneity is actually pro diversity and NOT pro hatred. Berlin IS a shithole, let's be honest. Ever wondered why? Could it be because it's the most multicultural and leftist part of Germany? Ever wondered why not one German has ever complained about Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese or Chinese foreigners? Could it be possible that the reason why is because those people actually behave well and have respect for the native germans? The answer is yes. Stop being an entitled brat.

Marie 70 days ago

Amazing comment

I am amazed that there are actually people like you out there and have still there common sense.
All what you said is true, I have never read in my entire life an article about the annoying/negative people from Korea, or Japan or India. These people are usually hard working and respect out culture and country sometimes even more than the Germans here. Fühl dich gedrückt, denn du bist nicht allein.

Erik 65 days ago

Based as rick

((They🔯)) want to impose globalism on everyone

poltard 51 days ago


You are absolutely right and I agree with you fully. Couldn't have said it better myself

OJK 15 days ago


Racism is fiction.
Germany is a White Germanic conglomerate of White tribes.
You have no place there. Get out and go live in misery in your own broken country.
Another ungrateful third worlder whining because she's surrounded by racially superior people and she can never be like them.

Germany 71 days ago


and superior pilled.

Marie 70 days ago


and redpilled. Fühl dich gedrückt, du bist nicht allein.

Erik 65 days ago

grow up

Change takes time and progresses bit by bit. Not everyone is a well-off expat like you some people have to struggle to survive working shitty low paid jobs and have a different set of priorities especially in the east. Trying to enforce this level of moral purity is totally counterproductive and obnoxious. If you hate Germany why do you live there?

- a new Zealander in Germany

Isaac 72 days ago

Hi there Kiwi

I am planning on becoming an expat for NZ, my girlfriend is there as well, I love how the government cares about the immigration and that not everyone can just be there and stay, it looks like a save haven for me. Hope you have a great time in Germany, Kiwi-expat.

Erik 65 days ago

Just not true.

Just to say it right now: I'm german amd have been born here. Woth that out of the way i I personally can confirm that this statement is just untrue. The facts she claims don't check out at all and "casual racism" is, in fact, not normal in germany. It is, im fact, a very touchy subject and almost everyone will avoid racists or even argue with them even though it won't do anything because racists are mostly not the brightest. Statements like this are just sad and show how little someone can know germany while living here. Sad person. Just sad.

Florian Uwe Fischer 76 days ago


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fu 80 days ago


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fu 80 days ago


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fu 80 days ago

...the fuck?

why the fuck is this stupid post shown on ALMOST ALL google searches? I type "US law is fucking bullshit" and this dumb exberliner post pops up.

For that alone I hate you Jacinda.

R.R. 88 days ago

Move if you don´t like it here

Stay in your home country or go back to it if you don´t like it in Germany.

If you want to live in a country as a stranger you have to adapt to the country and its culture and not vice versa. If you hate a country and its people don´t move there. Very simple.
There are many foreigners I cannot stand at all, backward cultures that clash with mine, people who think they can come here and tell me as a German how to behave, what I have to accept and tolerate and what to think. Dream on.
I like what I like and no one will ever force me to like a certain culture or a certain type of person. There are foreign people I like and there are foreign people I don´t want in my country because I cannot stand them and no one will ever force me to think differently. This is my personal choice as a human being. And just because of our history, the crazy criminal Austrian who ruled this country a few decades ago, I will not shut up for the next 1000 years and let idiots and criminals take over my country and my life no matter what country they come from, no matter what religion they have.

Haters of Germany have their opinion and voice it and I as a German have an opinion and voice it. You don´t like it? Your problem.

Me 100 days ago

German criminal type

German culture is backwards.

Adolph 94 days ago


Some of the people commenting seem to be all too happy being racist human garbage and refuse to evolve or make any effort to be good people.
What pathetic, miserable scum.

Yo 87 days ago


"Go home if you don't like it" rather than recognizing the problem and doing your part to better your country - how counterproductive and stupid. Okay some racist pieces of shit are content with remaining racist pieces of shit, but progress toward a better world requires people trying NOT to be racist pieces of shit. Snotting about how someone should just "go home" just makes you part of the problem.

And no, I won't go home. I'd rather stay and correct people like you.

Awesomeness 87 days ago

You prove her point

Of course you can think however the fuck you want to, but bitch you ain't gonna be able to force her to leave. She can leave. She can stay. She can make her own choice. And if she is a German citizen, she can vote to help change Germany. That scares you? Bring it on, bitch!

America 74 days ago

Who the fuck

Reads an article that says "there are things you don't understand emotionally and personally" and decides to go make it about themselves and start screaming "OH I'M THE REAL VICTIM HERE BECAUSE YOU CALLING OUT MY RACISM HURTS MY FEELINGSSS!!!1!!!1"
Grow the fuck up people. Learn to take criticism

Bananaphone 112 days ago


Same goes for you, learn how to take criticism and FACTS

MN.. 106 days ago

Google Is Biased And Loves To Bait

Sergey Brin dipped his pen in company ink while married,jewish sinner.

GoogleBroughtMeHereNoRelatedSearch 113 days ago


I always understood Leitkultur the way that every country has norms and habits that are kept and celebrated by the majority. The way that if you could chose to emigrate into any country you would choose based maybe on landscape, climate and the way people usually live there. People have a different way of living in Mexico, Japan, Ireland or Germany. That is what I would see as "Leitkultur", the culture of the land that is established there, even if there are immigrants that have a different culture. If I emigrated to Japan, would I want people there to live exactly the way we live in Germany? With the same traditions, sayings, norms, games, way to spend free time, habits, ways of living, food etc.? I probably wouldn't. Otherwise, I could just stay here. That is what I would understand as Leitkultur, the distinct culture of a country formed by the majority of people living there over the past couple of hundred years. That does not mean that this culture is not influenced by its immigrants. Germans today have a different way of living that Germans 50 years ago, even if we ignore everything technology and inventions have changed about our way of live.
But why not admit that countries have different cultures shaped by both the majority of people that there for the last couple of hundred years and, often to a lesser degree, by immigrants, that are fewer and often have not been living there as long? I mean, Chinese people immigrated to the US and still we would not say that the US are a country shaped mainly by Chinese culture.

Saying "Germany is a racist country" or "black people are racist" (equivalent in the generalisation) does nothing but make some people fearful of saying of doing the wrong thing in the presence of others and maybe avoiding that presence for that fear.
Better criticise specific things, especially of friends who shall remain friends. There are many things we can criticize about Germany, other countries, specific groups such as single mothers, CEOs, white people - but often, it will not help if we make individuals feels as if they are a problem because they belong to one group. Either we criticize things politics has to change and say which way we think the change should go or we criticize things individuals may do wrong and suggest changes in a positive way ("could you do x instead of y when face with z the next time, because y has the effect of a to certain people?").

Would you keep a male friend who constantly tells you that "women are a problem"? Probably not. In the same way, Germans probably don't like to hear that Germany is a racist country, but rather, what specific things they as individuals might change (and then they should still have the freedom to judge for themselves if they feel that criticism is valid!).

Frederica 118 days ago


Frederica says, “Would you keep a male friend who constantly tells you that "women are a problem"?” - no, because I don’t want a friend who is a sexist.
But that’s different from say immigrants telling Germans that Germany is a racist country. We are at the receiving end of that racism. A guy constantly saying that women are the problem is NOT at the receiving end of sexism. What a weird, ass-backwards logic lol

Becca 105 days ago

Strawman slaying

After reading enough articles, about Ms. Jacinta Nandi, I must say it's quite amusing, to see the typical strawman slaying. She is one of the typical people, that trys to potray herself as such the hero in the story, yet misses to admit her own misstakes. Such as the generalization, of a whole country, or it's people. It's the typical acting, of someone that only screams, what should be different and how it should be changed, yet does nothing actively. Sure, everyone can write an article, in which a nation, it's people etc. are critisized. But when it comes to do something active against it, she pushes her own responsibilitys away, by saying it's enough to talk/write about it. Of course, she sees herself not as the bad guy, yet it would be interessting to know, how often she does thinks/acts/speaks in a way, that falls in her own critical view. Aside from that, let me tell you something: Auf Worten, müssen Taten folgen. That goes not only for the people, that have to change, but also to the ones, that only talking about it, yet don't wanna make their hands dirty.

But since she has to pull the most clichee people out of her hat, to give her own article some substance, says quite enough. But looking how her work trys to makes itself important, on the bases of the Bild, I am not surprised at all. It's always easier to blame everyone else, other than taking your own responsibility serious. "But I am not the problem, but the nation is, the goverment is, the other people are etc." Thats what I am seeing here, and reading in her articles. Not to mention, that she has to use provocations, her own arrogance, and other strawmen, to spice her articles up, is pathetic. Well, your articles don't get much views, if you do it on an actuall, professional level, that has not to exaggerate your own words. Now, is everything perfect in germany? Course not, you won't find an perfect system, opinion or people. But going into the other extreme, is not better at all. So just to binde it up, you dear author are rascist in your own way too. So, before pointing on someine, think before you speak. ;)

Mr. X 123 days ago

Aditional note

P.s. Oh and one more thing dear author, the way dou are potraying here the whole nation, it's people, it's goverment etc. is also quite racist. Because you assume, that all of the above mentioned, are automaticly rascist, based on their nationality. So in other words, you are not part of the solution, but rather part of the problem.

Mr.X 123 days ago

Additional comment

P.s. Oh and btw. dear author, looking how you assume that people are all racsist, just because of their nationality or skin color, is quite racsist by yourself. So you are not part of the solution, but rather of the problem.

Mr.X 123 days ago


I agree with your reply. I am German American and grew up being called a Nazi, Racist, and all sorts of terrible things. Yes, My grandfather fought for Hitler, but he hadn't a choice other than the fact that he would have been shot dead on site if he didn't do what he was ordered. I do admit, he was racist with Jewish people, but that was brainwashed into all of their soldiers. Germany and the citizens of Germany are a very civilized people, even though the awful WW2 may be pinned on the German people as the propaganda is still forced into every German life. Let's put it this way, they are very welcoming people, have more hospitality than southern folks and us, the offspring of the people who were forced to fight for Germany or die are pretty much held responsible, ridiculed, beaten, and everything you could think of since the end of the war. We are now over 74 years and it won't end. Yes, we may be the product of our forefathers, but we do know the difference between right and wrong and good or bad. Like the Jewish, we are being blamed for many things, like black people , oppression because they had different color skin, the death of hundreds of thousands aren't to be blamed on us, maybe our ancestors, but they were forced to do what they did otherwise they would be dead. Do any of you think that the people forced to do what they did during the war had any choice but to do what they were ordered? My grandfather was a German Sailor and he was part of a Uboat crew. I'm not proud to know what he and our nationality did to live, but the fact remains that we did nothing. The ancestors of him or any other German are not responsible for the racism. I hate racism and have friends of all nationalities. German folks are brought up to accept all other cultures and I feel the statement made here, that Germany and Germans are racist is uphauling and absolutely false. Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. Germany didn't start this and I'm sure there were others to blame, but that doesn't mean Germans or Germany are racist now. How the hell did this ever come up anyway? Is there somebody trying to cause more problems for them? Germany was already blamed as the cause of WW1 and then fucked with badly to actually draw them into the 2nd world war. This was not just done by Hitler, it was also forced to action by the Russians, the US and many other countries because they didn't want the Nationalist Party to ever succeed. Food and supplies were cut off from Germany far before the war began. Hitler asked for ever country's hand in peace, and all of them walked away while they destroyed any pipeline to feed Germans from any other country, cut off all supplies and even screwed with the German economic markets to destroy the German citizen's ability to even by a single loaf of bread every pay day by skewing German markets, lowering the worth of German currency to starve the people. Then Polish Jews started massacring German folks in Danzig.

Marco From Stuttgart 70 days ago


Hitler couldn't stand there and taking seeing 300 beheaded German citizens in the old German/Lithuanian owned provinces, then the Polish Jews decided to raid a German radio broadcast and broadcast on German radio what they did to the innocent citizens of Germany. Germany had no other way to go and get the citizens from these areas and train them back to the WW2 German owned homeland to stop the massacre. This started the Holocaust. I'm not one to ever think this was right, but the Jewish people did things to compromise the economy of Germany as well, control the press, propaganda and everything you could possibly imagine to make Germany look so terrible, which I know wasn't right, and never stated that it should have ever happened. But, if I am correct, the bombing and killing of millions and millions of civilians was worse and more deadly than the Holocaust ever was. Nobody will ever forget what transpired and I know it won't ever go away. The main thing I support here is the fact that every race, religion/creed has their own story of absolute mayhem and wrong doing by somebody. Yes, I agree that everything that we know as horrible is wrong and was wrong, as well should never happen again, but the fact remains that maybe our ancestors were involved in something terrible, and I do believe that racism, persecution, slavery and many other things shouldn't be blamed on any race, creed, religion, color of skin., etc. We're all the same color underneath and if you all can't get that through your heads, you could all go suck a dick.

Marco from Stuttgart 70 days ago

Strawman slaying

This page is hilarious and far from any reality in Germany but I can see where it comes from by googling your company. Shalom my friends

Abraham sucks Dick 120 days ago


First of all, keep in mind this post was made by one side of the argument. It could have easily been changed to make the German seem more deranged. Also if Germany is so racist, why do we take in tons of immigrants? Also germans are anything but unhappy, we have good healthcare and school systems, awesome festivals which are very fun, a low crime-rate as well as a pretty good waste disposal system which leads to Germany being relatively clean. Also remember that the racist “German” comments could have easily been made by trolls, or a single person that changed their name a lot. I live in Germany and know exactly one conservative, middle aged man who could be considered racist. Otherwise people are completely normal here, especially the younger generations.

Can’t think of a name XD 125 days ago


I lived in France and I find France way more racist. Traveled and lived for some months in Suisse, and... super racist. Italy, unbelivable racist. I live now in Berlin, and no more racist than France, or Suisse, Italy.., actually the opposite. In France they have no problem making racist comments in your face. Absolutely disgusting.

Alessa 130 days ago

Germany is a miserable place most of the time.

Because the weather is so bad, the food is shit and all they do is work, Germans are jealous of other countries where people actually know how to live. There seems to be little inherent talent for living in Germans. Racism towards people from southern countries is couched in this jealousy!

Ausländer 132 days ago

All they do is work?

Germans work fewer hours per year than any other country and seem to do more outdoor activities than people in any country I've ever been to. What are you even talking about?

J 112 days ago


German folks are the hardest workers I've ever seen, more so than Ecuadorians and Mexicans, but they have pride in everything they do. Why is it that the scum of the Earth can't leave us German folks alone? Is it something we were blamed for during WW1? Can't anybody leave the past where it is and move on? Everybody makes mistakes but that doesn't mean the German ancestors are responsible for the wrong doings of our ancestors. That would be like saying the Europeans that moved to the Northeast US after WW1 were responsible for black slavery even though we weren't even here in the US yet to even think of this. German people are not responsible for Black racism in the US, get that out of your mind. Southerners long before German migration started that shit. It was Southern Americans that enslaved the blck folks from Africa, The Germans freed these people, they freed the Iraqi's from the doom of British Rule, Muslims loved Hitler, and they still somewhat follow the principle of what Germans have done for their freedom. WTF is wrong with you people, by yelling racism you are all causing more racism than there should be. Racism is the definition of those unworthy and weak of being free and civilized. Racism needs to be eradicated and you who speak of it only intensify it. I'm as German as they come but you all who preach racism need to be shot in the temple. Youi are breeding racism, not us. As far as I'm concerned all you racist mother fuckers could all go sucj a dick

Marco from Stuttgart 70 days ago


Your words are the furthest from truth. German folks know how to live have fun and they definitely know one thing. How to deal with the most embarrassing situations, as well be blamed for something they didn't do. You have your country blamed for a world war for no reason. They were blamed for causing WW1 and were never relieved of the blame, even though it was well known that they didn't cause the war. This develop[ed bad blood within them as they knew they didn't do any such thing. They were the ones blamed and held responsible for something they didn't do, then the abolishment of them being part of any other country's good deeds were banned, they were removed from international trade because the rich and powerful feared what they may do, and it caused Hitler to figure out ways to get Germans to survive by working for free, then paying the citizens later to grow the economy back again. They succeeded and the rest of the world that made billions from the German Economy after the results of WW1 and the Treaty of Versaillles attacked anyway they could . Hitler even asked for some peace after 7 years of blame after WW1 was even over. Hitler asked for everybody's hand in peace, it's too bad nobody offered, they all refused and Hitler had no choice but to try and save his people by pushing his tropps through Poland to save German citizens when they had no access to get to their German owned territories. The entrance to Poland was the cause of the war even though every country's history states otherwise. They were forced into this position and the only allies that held true to them were the Japanese. They never attempted or even considered taking over the world, they would be mad to even try. Look how smalll Germany is? Do any of you think they would have ever had a chance? No they wouldn't have, even if they had working technology to fight as they did since it was so much in it's infancy. German people are not racist, however they are sick of dealing with the scum refugees of Morocco and many other places. The people don't even fight back, what makes all of you think German people are so bad? They are the nicest, hospitable and civilized people I have ever encountered, and I am a German American ancestor . 3rd generation of WW2. This is the most ridiculous article I have ever written. Exberliner my ass, this is written by some pissed off racist POS that doesn't know their ass from their elbow. Fuck what history has written, it was all compromised.

Marco from Stuttgart 70 days ago

Germany is a racist country

Foreigners coming from Islamic countries are not at all friendly, helpful but they are very greedy for power, money and especially their arrogant Islamic obsession. Halal-Lucrative-Infectious

mahmud 134 days ago

Dating a german? LOL

Why would anyone date a german? I guess only huge loser expats would.

fuexpats 135 days ago


Definition: 'prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.' You are being racist

Not a racist 99 days ago

What was the goal of this text?

Whatever the goal of this text was,
the result was a comment section full of people expressing their hate towards foreigners on the one side and people expressing their hate towards Germans on the other, both stereotyping, overacting, assigning characteristics to groups.

Perhaps the way Jacinta rhetorically tries to handle the problem in this now fashionable way is not the way to fight the problem but only adds fuel to the fire.

I don't see a way how a real discussion could result from her text. On what basis?
She speaks of hate. So it's clear that hate follows.

white trash necromancer 136 days ago

wtf is with the nazi comments

from the comments it's pretty clear: nazis can't read. or write. or think. sadly. disgusting how these people claim to not be racist and then go on and spew the most racist shit in the same sentence. nazis raus aus deutschland

könig 139 days ago

bester kommentar

gegen die frau

person 115 days ago

how the fuck...

... do all you triggered snowflake kartoffeln read that article and yet comment such hateful shit?

i understand, most if you are afd nazis and too far gone. but to those who aren't, i encourage you to re-read this piece and really think about why you are so triggered by it and if that is a normal reaction to the respective sentence.

you need to understand that saying "germany is racist" does not mean "the one dominant ideology in all of german society and politics is racism". it means that some institutions and some people are doing racism regularly. that is true and that is bad and needs to be fixed.

and by not even acknowledging that and being triggered, you position yourself, maybe unknowingly, as defending racism. why do you want to position yourself like that?

judging by many of the comments, many are actually drifting towards an actual militant racist ideology. and it all started by being triggered and unable to deal with that like an adult. take criticism and improve.

yes racism is happening everyhwere, but we are discussing what WE can do about problems in the german HEIMAT you pretend to care about so much. and racism is one of them.

becoming a nazi to trigger the libs still makes you become a nazi. be an adult and take criticism as an adult. let's just make germany less racist, that way you wouldn't even need to read arricles like this

könig 139 days ago

Germany is the most racist country

I moved to Germany with my wife in 2013.
She is from Greece and I am from Canada (complicated I know!).

Anyways, here is my two cents. Because I am from Canada, Canadians are taught to accept other cultures and ethnicities and not stereotype. I have had a number of situations that prove to me, racism isn’t situational on the person (he is racist or she is racist) it is a general unspoken (because there are laws) mentality.

I work at a brewery, one day there were people from “Zoll”. They basically are a government branch that checks on companies to see if they are legally running properly. One guy tells me to give him my identification card to see if I am allowed to work in Germany. I was not worried. I have dual nationalities and because one is Greek, I am allowed to work in Europe. The guy asks me why am I not “german”, i replied that if I change my nationality in Germany i need to forfeit being Canadian and Greek and i don’t want to do that. He got mad and then, The guy then tells me I need to show him my passports. I said no problem but they are at home, he took my drivers license and said I should go home and get the passports. I told him I need to drive home, and without a license that is illegal. He said if something happens I should say he has my license. I had to leave my post, loose money, drive without a licence to show this idiot I can work in Germany. Nobody at work said anything. Bosses, supervisors or others that work side by side with me. It was like nothing happened.

Secondly, my kid fell down and hit his head one day playing with toys (he was 2) and my wife called me saying blood was coming out of his mouth. I called my kid’s doctor and he was on vacation. So I came home took my kid to the hospital (make sense right?). They made me wait 2 hours to see a doctor and they stuck a flashlight in his mouth and said he was ok. I mean ok I wasn’t expecting something serious but they didn’t want to do tests or check his head. They told me my doctor for my kid should see him because the hospital is not responsible for his health, only when he is about to die. I mean really? I also said that because I missed work, can they write something for me at least that I was there for the last 3 hours so that I won’t have a problem? Answer? No.

The other German kids got to see the doctor in 10 minutes, and they got lollipops. Yeah awesome.

Last one is the worst.
My wife was 9 months pregnant, we had from our doctor a scheduled birth date.
When we went to the hospital, the nurse asked us where we are from, gave my wife a pill to start Labor and sent her to her room on a different floor. When my wife was suppose to give birth, a German mother was in the other room. 3 doctors and 2 nurses. She was ok, no complications. We were alone.

My wife was in extreme pain. Nurse just looks at us and said it is normal and left us alone again, my wife was almost blacking out.

My wife was going into shock.

Then the doctors came.

Matthew 144 days ago

How do you know it was racism?

I am sure you had some bad expériences but how do you know that they were based on racism?

For example, your experiences with the Zoll (customs officer): as far as I know it is your legal duty - as a EU citizen - to carry your passport when at work, customs check working spaces such as construction sites on a regular basis also in my opinion to protect workers (because illegal employement keeps them away from health insurance, labour rights etc). You MUST carry your passport, if you fail to do so it is, as far as I understand a Ordnungswidrigkeit (infringement) and can be fined. And the argumentation of the customs officer seems correct: you are not German, therefore, your ID Card is not sufficient, therefore you MUST by law show your passport and cooperate with the police. You failed your legal obligation in the first place. Instead you seemed to be complaining and involving him in stupid discussions. He even told you how to react when a police officer asks you for your drivers licence. (And please, stopp complaining about being forced by him to do something illegal, I am sure your explanation would have been perfectly sufficient, and if not you would have received a fine of 10€ for not having the drivers licence in your car and you could have written a formal complaint about thatafterwards and hand in proof of your statement).

And were you charged with a fine for failing to carry your passport or did the police pull you over? No, I am sure nothing happed to you.

Artaud 58 days ago

Berlin the most racist

I'm from Chicago, but have traveled all over the world. Berlin was the most racist, depressing place I have ever visited.

Sara 145 days ago

Nigger shit tf up

Nobody cares stupid nigggaaaa

Joe Biden 114 days ago

Yes there are problems

I do find your article to be a little on the bias side. Yes, racism is a problem... everywhere! Not just Germany. Just looking at the comments it seems there are a lot of haters towards Germans.
All I can suggest is that people focus on their own issues, and deal with them. You can blame racism, nationalism, all sort and yes they will make things harder - a lot harder. But you just gotta spit in the face of it and keep pushing. Put yourself into a position where you can change things... that way you can contribute activley against racism.
And all you weird Hitler and WW2 dudes... just move on.

CatMast 146 days ago

I don’t hate Germany or Germans

Try renting an apartment from a German as a foreigner.

Try getting a German tax advisor as a foreigner.

Try as a foreigner working in gastronomy and not have racist innuendos at least 10 times a day.

Try as a foreigner going a day without someone laughing at your accent.

If you don’t experience what I am suggesting, I suggest you keep your opinion to yourself

Matthew 144 days ago

Similar racism in Egypt

With the exception of working in gastronomy - I experienced each distinction of racism you described when I was employed in Egypt. I am Norwegian.

Racism at its essence is simply any double standard that is race based. Does it happen in Germany? Yes. Does it happen in African and Asian countries? Yes.

I like the idea of large scale, sustained ethnic pluralism and harmony. But it has yet to happen throughout human history. I'm not holding my breath.

RealityBites 139 days ago


I´m confident that this conversation never took place to begin with, since nobody wants such a self-righteous imbecile like the author as a friend or even acquaintance. This article seems is just another example of the leftists' "wHiTe PeOpLe RaCiSt" bollocks. If you hate Germany and white people that much, then how about you just leave? I guess you are just a dumb attention whore.

Well Well 147 days ago



F U C K O F F 148 days ago

What a Loser

Your mama should have swallowed you sack of shit

Sara 145 days ago

Fuck all German

Every single German man is a potential pedophile. In German culture they taught them to fuck and rape minions. It is part of the German heritage and culture.

Scheiss Deutschen 138 days ago


That comment is disgusting. To call every man a pedophile is a defamation.
Your words are untrue and inhuman. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Alexandra 136 days ago


Well look at what they did to the Namibians.

Adolph 94 days ago


Those poor minions

Learn to spell 125 days ago

Ausländer untermenschensau

Shut the fuck up you verschissene Ausländersau, go back to your muslim asscrack country and rape a goat

Dreckiger Ausländer 109 days ago

I Adolf would come back...

It would end up exactly the same way it always does.
Germans would start shit and get fist fucked. Adolf would take the cowards way out and blow his brains while loaded on pervetin. The majority of Germans would then make a 180 and claim they were FORCED to be nazis.
Because yeah, Germans are not only racists. They are also a bunch of pussies

Felipe 111 days ago


Halt die Fresse du grenzdebiler Schmock

Irgendwer 96 days ago

You don't like our country?

Then go back to the shit hope you came from. That easy. And take your fucking critical race theory with you. It's nothing but Marxism with workers and factory owners being replaced with whites and other races anyway and we see right through it. Go back, don't ever come to Germany again and see how well you fare in the third world shit hole you came from. If you don't want to go, shut your mouth, integrate and be grateful for the chances Germany has given to you!

We hate communists 154 days ago

A short reminder

Your two german neurons seem to have a hard time cohabiting in the same narrow mind. Let me bring a little bit of light into your german washed nugget brain.
According to the universal history you didn't read – because it seems that for you purely being born a german is enough as an accomplishment for the rest of your entire pitiful life – Germany haven't been giving anyone or any nation shit. On the contrary, all y'all folks have been doing is taking and destroying with your over inflated self-esteem and unbelievable entitlement. Even today, Germany is nothing else than a beautiful decorated façade for the rest of the world, and a pathetic joke inside. I've been living in a few other European countries before formulating this option. Your health system sucks balls in reality, I haven't seen such incompetent doctors in countries as Bulgaria😅. The tipical german speaks only german, most of the times a drug and/or an alcohol addict, and usually the guy that everyone avoids working with because of his clumsiness, bad attitude and laziness. This is what you are. A country of opportunistic leaches who never actually payed for their misdeeds. Your country would be a ruin without all the eastern european and other foreign workers. Y'all have no idea how shit actually gets done. So I do wish there will be a day when the majority of foreigners would leave this shit hole and let you take care of your beloved country by yourselves.

Ah, and another small detail, the majority of the best this country had to offer in terms of genetic material has been lost in WW2, the rest fled the country. Y'all the inheritance of the loosers who didn't even qualified to fight a war.

Bee 153 days ago



Matthrw 144 days ago

Such a little biased bee

It's so funny seeing you, to make such accusations avout germany, yet you have not even the courage, to write from which country you are. I wonder why that is? Maybe, so no one can critisize, what things are wrong there? Or can make an compairement, between the two? But of course, that is only the typical, german mentality, right? Not just a coword, hiding behind the internets anonimity. But looking at the majority of the written things here, and the articke itself, that only deals with strawmen and clichees, I'm not surprised.

Mr.X 123 days ago

Read what the bee has to say

Touché my friend - good piece of mind.

StuckinGermany 71 days ago

I did

And I'm glad I ain't paying taxes for people like you ;) German engineering seems to be working!

Yuck Fou 150 days ago

Does it?

BMW and others ales number and stock price seems to disagree with you.

G 146 days ago


Fck this Peace of shit germans

FckAllGrmnPeople 137 days ago

Let me remind you, Germans!

You German need to calm down. You guys are bunch of loosers who would declare war if you don't eat at least twice a day. You are complaining about the foreigners who are coming here while you don't mention the foreign firms that are creating millions of jobs here in Germany. Don't forget all these foreign firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, McDonalds, that are creating millions of jobs in this country. etc. Germany is so dependent to China as well.. You guys, even bashed American Firms a all know just complain and that's it. Oh, WW2 killed millions of innocent people just because you guys think that you are superior when in fact you are inferior! Who the fuck would believe Hitler? You guys even complain about the Asylee coming here in Germany, when you German people migrated too during and after WW2 esp in South America. You guys always complain about every little things. You blamed Jews, the foreigners etc. I understand that some Foreigners are a burden in this country but remember your own people are a burden too!

Katherine J 129 days ago

I agree

Now kill yourself nigger

Hitler 156 days ago

fuck them niggers

ride on a dab on a nigger, expect patronum on a nigger

niggatron3000 109 days ago

My own German experience

I am a woman of 72 and a Brit who has lived here since 1970 and can relate with a lot of what you write. I came here as was offered a good job in Berlin working for the French Consul at that time. Later I also worked for the US Army and then met my husband and stayed. He is a Franke from Würzburg. As long as I was in Berlin I never really noticed that much racism or hate. Having said that my mother was born here but of Polish,French parents who came here to work before the war. So I do know NRW and a lovely part called the Baldenyesee since childhood and can remember a lot from then like being asked constantly where is it better, in England or here. Of course here haha.

Although as a child I noticed something was amiss, coming to Germany was an experience and so different from St. Johns Wood in London. But what really opened my eyes was living in Würzburg in the seventies as a married woman with two little girls. The town with the most churches and yet so biggot and awful. That is church goers for you. Not really the milk of human kindness in them. I experienced an older German couple sweeping all my goods I was going to buy off the supermarket checkout where I was waiting to pay. The only reason was because I was quietly speaking english with my girls. I spoke French to them too as we wanted them to grow up bi-lingual. My goods flew all over the place on the floor and my daughters aged nine and eleven were crying with shock. It was dead quiet. No one said a word, no one helped us pick them up either. Another experience was having a whole group of children and teens standing below the balcony of our flat and singing Thommy go home. Or that every time it was my turn to clean the hall and stairs of the flats we lived in (and they were not dumps as civil servants living in them so it has nothing to do with being badly educated, in fact the educated Elite are the worst!) some stupid German woman would sprinkle salt on the floor to see if I had done it at all. Or being stolen from in the shops in a time period when there were not automatic Kassen. This happened very often and really cheeky things like giving them twenty DM and getting change for only ten DM. You could think it was a mistake but the same shop had done it before. When I pointed it out she said I better not go there if I felt like that. It was a Tante Emma Laden and I was buying cheese and other things.

I was the only Ausländer in the area. There was skyline with Americans at the top of the Sieboldshöhe but they did not mix with the locals and were autark. I can speak fluent German and was invited for coffee by other mothers and then when they asked where I was from there was no longer any mention of an invitation. Everywhere you went as soon as someone knew I was english, despite speaking German without an accent, I was getting "Du verstehen"!! and pidgin German. Yes it is racist here. The Jewish institutions have to guarded.

Nica Gordon 160 days ago

Sprinkling salt

It was to get rid of you, not check to see if you cleaned. In Greece they do this too…

Matthrw 144 days ago


You are so full of shit, I can smell it from hundreds of miles away.

Liar liar, pants on fire. 135 days ago

we didn't invite you

Africans stop being hypocrites, you didn't want white people in your continent and now you want us to accept you? Stay in your own continent and you won't experience any racism like nature intended.

BallZ 161 days ago

You're alls fucking racist

We all are different, have different cultures and we see ourselves in better positions than "foreigners". The whole world is racist because it is easy to see and tell that someone is not from "here" but "there", different. Your problem, Jacinta, is not racism, the problem is that you are just a human piece of shit, an asshole, no matter where you come from or what you look like and the same counts for everyone else here in the comments. If you are a piece of shit and meet your own ethnics they will point out that you're a piece of shit. If you meet another etchnics, they will they will still treat you as shit because you're a piece of shit but you'll play racist victim. Maybe talk to more locals and you'll see they cann face the same problems as you when they are just as shitty as you. And you'll meet foreigners they don't have your problem becaus they are not shitty people that everyone wants to avoid.

Fuck you Jacinta 166 days ago



Kraut 170 days ago



KRAUT RETARDS 170 days ago


According to that logic, you need to kill me as well. My mother is a Kraut. So was my grandfather who was sent to WWII at the age of 18 and came back a broken man. No choice in the matter whatseover. You hate Nazis? Funny, you sure as hell sound like one.

Catherine 170 days ago

note to "kraut retards"

So called "Krauts" have a lot os Slavic blood mixed in. Not to say that is bad.

Also the "Kraut" composer Bethoven was quite dark, probably not white enough for americans of the same time period. Who knows. he may have been lynched had he been living in the north american territory back then for passing as white.

The Americans and Spaniards killed a lot of indigenous people. Nobody complains too much about this today.
The spaniards in colonial times did not kill all indigenous people and today's population are of mixed ancestry. I am sure many white Americans do not approve of this race mixing.

I guess no bid deal about the north american genocide of Amerindians.

Rolf. M 162 days ago


person: invents ac
ac: makes lives of everyone better
german: VERBOTEN

Also Kraut: It's OnLy HoT hErE fOr TwO wEeKs In SuMmEr

Type away and thank me later and have fun exposing the fraud of Krautland.





If you are still unsure...Take a look at the comments

Said all there is to say :)

Raiden 171 days ago



DON 171 days ago

Hmmm not really

If you write this, you sure as hell have a reason to hate Germany, no doubt. Believe me, I've been there in my head. However, throwing atomic bombs isn't the way to solve anything...

Catherine 170 days ago

These krauts overstep their limits all the time

Ya I had it that old ugly kraut banshee today and more will come. These krauts routinely cross the line, what do these retarded krauts feel superior man.. backwards, hateful nasty and uncivilzed and again sweating in this heatwave with no fan/ac bacause bio, are these krauts totally demented and deranged. If these retarded krauts start another drama, then atomic bomb will fall and these krauts will be obliterated, it time to fight fire with fire.

Truth about krauts 170 days ago

Couldn't agree more

As a person of African heritage who was born and raised in Germany, I cannot agree more.

Germany is profoundly racist, as well as sexist, and overall a very bigoted place.

That said, I don't know that other European countries are so much better. It's the old-world shit, a bunch of frustrated white boomers who know they are on their way out. Fuck them. I moved to Montreal years ago and feel much better as a result.

Now, there is racism in Canada too, don't get me wrong. It's a colonial country, with a lot of shit simmering under the nice diverse surface, especially when it comes to the native populations. And it's not spoken about sufficiently. However, it's to a lesser extent, at least for black people.

I cannot even remember how many times I was called a Neger to my face, growing up, and even as an adult working in the freaking Bundestag as a scientific researcher. Germans just love to humiliate other people in public. It's in them. And it that person belongs to a minority, well, wie kann man da widerstehen?

There is no way I will ever live there again. I was born thinking I had a fair shot and turns out I had to leave to find peace. Again, not to say everything is perfect in Canada, or that every German is a dick. That is not the case.

But the shit you chose is easier to handle than the shit you don't, and so far, Canada has treated me way better than Germany will ever be capable of for as long as I live.

Oh, and fuck this pseudo hip place Berlin - poster child of gewollt und nicht gekonnt.

Auf wiedersehen...Not!

Catherine 171 days ago



abc123 170 days ago

You need to qualify under a Candian immigration program

Unless you find a Canadian to marry you, you must qualify under one of the economic programs:

Careful though. Canada has a very clean image and it is the better country to live in for me, however, their racism is covert and passive-aggressive. Don't expect this place to solve all your problems.

Catherine 170 days ago


Wow, do they still call people "Neger"? I mean, adults?

The place might be modern, but the vibe I have got is that they are many unsophisticated, peasant types there. I stay away from the place... ;-) Greetings from Sweden.

Viktor 164 days ago


Jesus Christ, there's people commenting the most racist sh*t in the comment section in the same breath as they criticise the author and still fail to see the irony. I'm a white german, I've had the immense privilege of not being faced with the sheer amount of discrimination happening in this place every single day. Why are white people commenting that they don't see this happening? "oh you must've just met the wrong people then." How on earth do you miss the point so entirely? We have a huge racism problem and most of it goes unnoticed and unchallenged. The amount of times I have heard my very own grandparents and in turn my parents and uncles say the most racist, "ausländerfeindlich" sh*t is insane. The amount of times I have called them out for this and been lazily shut down with uneducated biases and phrases like "It's not racist to want to preserve one's own culture". If you guys can't take valid criticism of your own country then you have no right to use other places in comparison, trying to make Germany look better (than it is). You people in the comments are the literal reason this post was made. Stop blindly defending this shit country, start listening to black voices instead of blatantly disregarding their experiences because you can't handle the fact that your beloved country isn't as great as your fragile ego needs it to be and go educate yourself on the things being brought up in this text. Thank you very much.

Kayla 178 days ago

That double irony...

DUMB FUCK! THEY LITTERALLY VOTED FOR HITLER. How the hell are you too dumb too differentiate this, while at the same time telling us that we are all racists?

I fucking hate dumb fucks like you.
Kill yourself du Spast.

Klötus 174 days ago

true but wrong solution

what's the point of blaming one country with a problem that is spread all over the world? Funny all those people here who hate Germany and can't wait to go back to USA, must be a really open-minded and tolerant country. I am sure, racism is a problem still in too many german heads. As it is in french, polish, american, spanish, chinese ... Having travelled to many other countries my feeling is, we have quite an open-minded, respectful and social community here, at least in West-Germany. Still a lot to do, but many people try their best. All those examples of Sarrazin and Merz ... well, they are hated by the majority of Germans. Still too many like them, I guess it's similiar to other countries: there is a crack in society. About one thing I am sure: hate is no solution. Sorry for you frustration, Jacinta, and all the racism you probably lived through. But your answer to it is potentially "racist" too. Let's try to be better, ok?

Jan 182 days ago

The bias is real

This author is probably a republican. Stupid people are always the loudest, yes there is racism in germany, especially old and bad educated people tend to be racist but in the community I live in, there is absolutely no racism! If you meet only racist people, maybe you have just not met enough people.

A german white person that is - surprisingly - NOT RACIST! 182 days ago

Fuck krauts

Better tell your compatriots then in this racist hole.

Abc123 170 days ago

Yes this is true

After living in Germany for more than 10 years, I totally agree with you, it is a racist country at institutional level. Anyone can say, write and publish books with racist content and get away with it

Gege 182 days ago


Because of idiots like you and that kartoffel Armin Laschet, the AFD will win the election, or they will have a coup. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe, one of the fastest growing Militaries, and is the safest country for women in Europe. Just because you don't allow your women to murder their babies, doesn't mean you can't have great women's rights. Just because you don't let Arabs in, doesn't mean that you cant champion great human rights. Cheers to Markus Soder from America

AssCrack 183 days ago


This Jacinta is the RACIST. Racist against the White Indigenous, Ancient-type German People having a Homeland all to themselves. A homeland as they have had for thousands and thousands of years, ever since the Yamnaya settled Germany and all Europe, from the Pontic Steppe. Homeland in which developed the Bell-Beaker Civilisation. And the Corded-Ware Civilisation. And the Hallstat-Celtic Civilisation. The Civilisation in which developed the Indigenous White Indigenous European People with our unique R1b1 Haplogroup. German Civilisation, which has given the world it's infinitely beautiful culture. The culture of Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller. Kant, et al. The printing Press of Gutenberg. The mathematics of Leibnitz. And the inventiveness of Gauss, Diesel, Daimler, ad infinitum. Every race and ethnicity has a Homeland. I'm sure this ignorant, hypocrite who is in love with the sound of her own voice would advocate, for all Africa, Asia, Middle East to have independent homelands for every ethnic group in those continents and regions. But not White People, the most intellectually prolific and accomplished race in the entire history of the World. I do not care what cultural-marxists have to say. They're the same ilk as Humanity-hating scum like the Bolshevik, Trotsky who exterminated no less than 7 million White Indigenous Ukranian People in their own country, via a mass starvation, dressed up as a "famine" during the outrageously under-emphasised Holodomor. And this Anti-White, Anti-German, Racism is intended as a prelude to the genocide of us. The White Indigenous People of Europe. I'm calling it what it is. You don't care about my history. And my Race's suffering. So I do not care about yours. Go back to where you came from. Invader. Parasite.

Joshua Markham 181 days ago


Wtf are you talking about?? You sound deranged. Go read a book

Vic 52 days ago


Because of idiots like you and that kartoffel Armin Laschet, the AFD will win the election, or they will have a coup. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe, one of the fastest growing Militaries, and is the safest country for women in Europe. Just because you don't allow your women to murder their babies, doesn't mean you can't have great women's rights. Just because you don't let Arabs in, doesn't mean that you cant champion great human rights. Cheers to Markus Soder from America

AssCrack 183 days ago


Because of idiots like you and that kartoffel Armin Laschet, the AFD will win the election, or they will have a coup. Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe, one of the fastest growing Militaries, and is the safest country for women in Europe. Just because you don't allow your women to murder their babies, doesn't mean you can't have great women's rights. Just because you don't let Arabs in, doesn't mean that you cant champion great human rights. Cheers to Markus Soder from America

AssCrack 183 days ago

Hateful Bitch

Jesus Christ, you're just a hateful bitch projecting your insecurities and problems onto other people to make yourself feel morally superior, eh? Please just shut the fuck up.

Fuck You 185 days ago

Sorry what?

Excuse you..But did this person ever curse out Germans directly? They only spoke up about the casual racism that is found here in this country. Talking about a racism issue is not being “morally superior”, but it is human. The one with insecurities is you, dear stranger, because you feel attacked because of the truth. Stop hiding behind your screen to use hateful words towards people who have good intentions.

Moonie 179 days ago

We have to do better

What's the part *you* have to do better? Anything you are going to contribute? Oh, I get it now: your contribution is telling us how all the free stuff you are receiving is not up to your standards. Like health insurance for your children (so inconvenient having to handle insurance cards), Hartz-IV payments not being on top of child benefit payments, and then having to pay for public transport - a racist German concept which is not known anywhere else in the world. Well, I'm sure glad you are around to tell us how you hate us, whatever would we do without you?

Find a better friend, Nina 187 days ago

Ah yes,

because its illegal to criticise things while you benefit from them. What are you, five?

Kayla 178 days ago

I think it could be a personal problem of your self.

Your absolutely delusional, you are full of prejudice yourself. You have the same Identity politics of an actual racist.
I am left as shit, and you only strengthen discrimination, you look as worse as the Afd.

Mohammed 187 days ago


so i am german and i have lived in germany for my whole life and honestly i have to agree even though i barely know any racist (i know like 2 but i dont talk to them anymore) and i know that a lot of germans would probobly disagree with me but whatever

Your Name 188 days ago

Truth was said

You are absolutely right and it is exactly this entitlement, this annoyance when we talk about how racist Germany is the Gdrmans, that exactly proove that they are recist. Otherwise they would not be bothered by the subject, but would try to listen and get a solution. What of course they dont care, they prefer to diminish a foreigners word who has lived it by saying things like here in the comments "I am German and I never experienced racism, I dont know that much racist" REALLLYY??? GUESS WHY MY DEAR??
I´m moving to another city to analyze if this shit is not so horrible somewhere else. If not I am leaving Germany for good. No one deserves to be treated like shit so often.
l"...ot of Germans, probably the majority, are casually racist. And that Germany, as a whole, is institutionally racist." You said it all.

Me 188 days ago


who cares if they are racist, they committed several genocides, how dumb of a colored person do you have to be to even go there.

ColorDelusion 187 days ago

I am German my wife isnt

My wife, who studied here and lived here since for almost 30years, turned up as per appointment to be vaccinated. The doctor wanted to turn her away despite appointment and and EU Passport on account of being an Auslaender and that she could not produce a Aufenhaltsgenehmigung. This is one of very many examples.

ZeGerman 191 days ago

Hanau was done by a schizofrenic person

This text is racist against germany.
If you dont notoice it,i am sorry.
“I hate Germany like everyone dies?” You sick in the head?

Hanau happened because the government failed to take away the weapon allowance of schizophrenic person who shot himself and his mother.
He had lost his mind. To assume he is a reflection of germans wd assume germans all need to be instituionalised.
The media used it for their own agenda to blame the right wing patty afd instead of the government for failing checking upon that man who had paranoia.

Immidiatly after a black man has pushed 2 people in front if an ICE in Frankfurt it was said he is schizophrenic.
Double standards
But hey its normal as everybody hates germany.


Rebekka 192 days ago

I believe Hanau is done by an organization

Rebekka, Hanau is done by one person, then his whole family died. Do you really are so naive that it was only done by one person? It was a cover up by an organization. People believe it was one person job. I don't know this organization is linked to a crime organization or a secret service. But definetly this was a cover up.

This "schizophrenic" person does his job perfectly. But when everything is done instead of going to prison and maybe tell the truth about it to people and the police, died? And you really, trully believe this person has no communication ? A group or community? In an era of Internet? I really dont believe this is one person only job.

This is from an organization that fooled Germans very easily. And it is all covered up.

Lets say this guy is a loner ok. This was not planned by a group of people and/or secret service. You really believe this guy did not have any friends that he talked? Sypmhatized? This guy had a support group most likely that talked to him discussed with him. But had no idea of his plan maybe.

In the end this is the result of Parallel societies that Germans and Auslanders make. If you really want integration you need to stop making people feel like they dont belong here and embrace them. At least talk to them daily, say hi, share your meal. Be guest to their house, accept guest to your house. Stop fear by acting now. Fear creates fear and everyone is old enough to get over these events.

Onur 190 days ago

You sound like

You sound like a typische scheiß Kartoffel. You can't take criticism at all. Typical germ.

Shawn 186 days ago



Joshua Markham 181 days ago

Ami in Deutschlnd

Agreed. I‘m an American woman who has been living here for 30 years and have German family. Germans are — amongst themselves —unapologetically racist. And arrogant. VERY. Funny— the Leitkultur discussion— was summed up by one German—yes, of course, our culture is all true and good and superior for reasons unknown but obvious, we just Don’t. Say. It.
Can‘t wait to move home.

Jennifer 192 days ago

Please do

I mean seriously: how are we forcing you to stay in this horrible place? For 30 years, no less? And what are we gaining from your presence?

M 187 days ago

Every Country is Racist

Lets face it, every country in the world is racist, classist and / or sexist.

China is putting muslims in camps
Muslims are killing christians and see women as property
Americans feel they own the country because the founders were europeans/white
Africans kill their white farmers because they think deserve everything they have
Asians in general arent even holding back about their dislike for anyone but their own people
Indians are classist and racist even among themself, appointing selfworth to the whiteness of their skin

You wont find a single country without racism or sexism and germany wont be anywhere close to the top of the list.
Even fucking switzerland tells their homeless people to fuck off, thats gotta be some-ism as well

Josh 192 days ago

A Syrian

It’s getting extremely savage against Germans.
It’s not that extreme, Take the positive leave the negative and stick to your community.

Adam 192 days ago


After 10 years living in Germany I can tell the worst thing Germany has is the german people.
Most of them are a bunch of racist narcissists dickheads with low self-esteem always trying to proof how better they are than the rest, when they in fact are much worse imo.
Im leaving soon the country, which also is full of censorship and stupid laws made to protect the entitled rich German assholes.

Brendan 193 days ago


Hello Brendumb, you are contradicting yourself with nonsense.

ColorDelusion 187 days ago


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clinton 193 days ago

What a shit article

How is any point ur making leading to the conclusion that germany is a racist country? Calling a whole country racist because of some incidents is the same as saying all black people are criminals based on a few incidents. Its literally the dane locig. What a stupid article pls dont ever again write an article, this is just bullshit with no real reasoning in the whole thing. Just shitty journalism, nothing more. Thanks for wasting my time

GetAnotherJob 194 days ago

Doing better

Oh shut up, leave Germany if you don't like it, native germans owe you absolutely nothing. And there are no "white" germans because all germans are white. You're an entitled c*nt that should go back to whatever sh*thole you crawled out of

Europa invicta 195 days ago


I don't understand what you mean by ''there are no ''white'' Germans because all germans are white'', could you explain that please because if all people travelled out of Africa there must have been some black people here at some point.

More so, if a country was colonised and some of their people brought here (to Germany), would the children be considered German, or, like the author wrote, there is a false sense of proudness in that all Germans HAVE to be white?

Because that in itself is racist.

I have black German friends who get called Ausländer all the time, one of whom suffered a racist attack in Macdonald's because of something he cannot control.. The colour of his skin.

That is not meaining that all Germans are racist, as the author outlined - but there are some behavioural traits and mannerisms that do come across as incredibly unfriendly - such as the disgusted STARING and awful looks I get if I happen to answer my phone in English on occasion.

It is a beautiful country but I feel a lot of hate from people's eyes when I go out to do my food shopping in Adenau (beim Nürburgring)

Nicholas 194 days ago

Hate much?

Wow. You just totally proved this article is true. I don't understand how you can live this life when your rotting from the inside out with cancerous hate. I pity you

Cue 194 days ago

- Hate much?

But do you think that's right with all germans? Do you think every german has an inner hate? Most racism is deeply rooted anyway...

Nah 186 days ago

Self esteem

I really do not get how Germans perceive themselves having a low self esteem as a nation. Ok, showing flag is still a problem for them, but that would be actually something unproblematic and cute.

On the other hand, when German are talking about different nation the conclusion is always the same - we Germans are superior, hard working, honest, the "foreigners" are lazy, dishonest and inferior. And if we are not superior some unfair treatment is preventing us from being better then anyone else, oh and we are not allowed to be proud Germans. Sure, everything is packed into some eloquent defensive talk, but we get the narrative.

They also claim not being racist, but gives explanations like "yeah, I am not racist, I just hate the way those people behave, how they look, basically everything about them" are not uncommon. Or group of Germans making jokes about foreigners every minute? I mean it is already kind of weird, and I have never seen something like that in another countries. And I wonder how they talk about foreigners at home, but I think stuff like that gives us a good estimation.

Political situation is also getting dangerous in the last years. German media are controlled defacto by the state and wont stop talk about Trump being questionable president, I think everyone knows that and do not need to hear it 1000 times more. On the other hand political parties like AfD are gaining voters in Germany.

To make the situation worse - Germany is not attractive to qualified immigrants in particular. We have the social aspect here, but also salaries and more factors are not that great. In result the majority people who wants to live in Germany are definitely not crème de la crème, rather low skilled immigrants from lower social classes in their own countries. Racism, no respect for German laws or culture, xenophobia etc. is quite common among them.

Therefore, Germans often feel validated in their views. It makes the social upward mobility for hardworking immigrants even harder. Not impossible, but difficult.

Marco 196 days ago

Wtf u talking

How can u generalise such statements that maybe a tiny tiny minority are saying. How can u talk such shit about Germany if u obviously have no clue about germans xD get the fuck outta here

Just stfu 194 days ago

A Syrian point of view

A while ago I met a young German lady in a couchsurfing event “she was working as a city planner”.
Long story short we agreed at the end that there are huge challenges facing germany One of them is population, economy and China.
The solution is that young Germans should stop the one night stand lifestyle and start to have real families and children I don’t mean one or two children they need to have at least four children for each couple.
Otherwise more immigrants welcome come myself : D

Adam 200 days ago

F off

how about you dont run away like the 200 million people still in your country?
You syrians wouldnt do shit for us if there was a war here.

SyriansRunAway 200 days ago

The Syrian

It’s now about any war you idiot.
And this is what you were people said.
They told me The birth rate is very very low, even if the AFD will roll the country one day. They need human.
What you need to do right now is to get married and have children, so the future of the country would be more German otherwise : D

Adam 200 days ago

How stupid are u?

Dude for real if there is a country where it is hard to get one night stands in comparison to all other countries of western culture it is fucking germany. What bs are u saying xD

uAreStupid 194 days ago

A Syrian

Nope it’s easy.
Anyways this is not our topic.
I wanna add that people turned extremely savage against Germans. They are cold Yes, they don’t really open up Yes, but people here are saying a lot of bad things about the Them and this is not true.
They are different just keep your connection with them minimal, and live your life.

Adam 192 days ago

Declining German population

The Syrian point of view triggered a memory. I am British and lived and worked in Germany for over 30 years. I once told a British diplomat that the German population was in permanent decline. He replied: "Does that worry you, Moya? I collapsed in laughter. Having just read through the contributions here, to sum them up I would say the Germany is an extremely problematic country to live in over a long period if one comes from the English-speaking world. The writer, Jacinda Nandi, is simply recording her own experiences. She says she chooses to continue living in Germany. Could it be because living in Germany has become a habit and old habits die hard? She is clearly encountering big difficulties but she is now so used to coping with them that leaving Germany seems harder than staying. No-one who has not lived in Germany for a longish time can possibly imagine how hard it is for a foreigner to live there. I returned to London, the city of my birth after 32 years. Being home again was like passing through a door into Elysium. Even now, 28 years later, I am so grateful to be away from Germany, I give thanks the moment I wake up,
Germany is redeemed though by the many good people who live there. To be born German, with their catastrophic past. could be regarded as a misfortune. They are silent about the Third Reich, in the belief that if they don't mention it, it will gradually fade from memory. Former President Gauck noticed the silent and shocked the nation in 2015 with these words: „Es gibt keine deutsche Identität ohne Auschwitz“. If only the Germans could face up to that, they might begin to relax

Moya St Leger 185 days ago

No kids.

Having a bunch of children is bad for the planet, which is already overpopulated.Besides, kids are annoying, expensive and grow up to be shitty adults. Sterlize everyone.

Me 87 days ago

Some valid points, but overgrown with subject bias

While she, and some people in the comment section have some valid oint concerning racism in Germany, you're mixing up terms.

Germans are more xenophobic than racist (I mean Germans, not Bayerns. They are a different breed of racist cunts). I do not mean it in a good way but what do you expect to happen if two vastly different cultures clash at each other in such capacity?
Peope naturally are hateful pieces of shit, while I'd love to see a time where racists/xenophobes/antisemites are a thing of the past, I don't really think you can get rid of something so engrained in the human nature.

Ungabunga 201 days ago


Racism/xenophobia disappears only after all cultures are eradicated and replaced by a single one for everyone. One nation, one religion, one government. Not sure if that is sth desirable.

Feditor 186 days ago

Cynical expat

I googled cynical expat because everyone around me has been getting annoyed at how critical I am towards Germany after almost 4 years of living here and this blog post spoke to my heart

Every single world could have rolled off my own tongue

R 201 days ago

everyones racist

white people, black people, yellow people.. even the cunt that wrote this article. everyones racist in some way or another to other races, even if you dont want to be racist you still are and that wont change, period.

your moms lover 202 days ago

I am Syrian and you are right.

I am a Syrian good looking White skinned man,
And I totally agree with you.
I realize that via dating apps.
I didn’t know where the problem is for a very long time I had 0 days for 2 years, then I changed my name and nationality then guess what oh lord I feel superb : )

Adam 203 days ago


Its simply because woman assume a muslim is treating a girl like a second class human being... #toomuchcultural differences
But do you just want to play ariund or are you serious.
Normally most muslim men do that and then get a submisdive virgin girl 10 years younger from their home country. Now is this racist, sexiest?

Rebekja 192 days ago


So you hate yourself because you are unattractive, You are also part of the people who massacred, raped, colonized and enslaved a whole continent. Hispanics are the absolute worst and yet nobody mentioned them.

Durrr 206 days ago

Persecutory delusion

That's only because we wear it as a badge of honor and would tell you to grow a pair while laughing at you. I don't understand all this irrational hatred of Germans since they've always been the most tolerant people to a fault. Just be a worthwhile person and don't go looking for problems that don't exist. Most people are too busy being productive and don't appreciate this useless drama.

Juan 191 days ago


Jacinda, congratulations on the epic trigger. Its been over a year since you wrote this article and the comment section is still going strong. Says something about the readers here.....

HereForTheComments 206 days ago

German people are abusers

The fucking german people even abuse and rape asylum seekers looking for shelter in their country. Remember what they did to a turkish origin soccer player in the world cup. They abuse asylum seekers with N-words. All people defending German people herein want to deny the facts cause Germany relies on goods exports and they want to polish their disgrace face. If you don't buy their goods, they are basically fucked up.

Jim 207 days ago

The Borerline

Germans- Why you are here?
Immigrant - Because you were there ;)

Anyways, why do people forget that after world war 2, Germany was never freed from allied forces, Germany was not allowed to grow military and had to keep it low as possible due to which the country 100% invested in technology and upgrades such was in japan too, two parallel countries were under protection of USA (till now).
As the technology grew so the work forces is equally required and not all germans are born Einstein, so it immigrants who come here are maximum cream population of their countries, immigrants are doctors, nurses, engineers, pharmacist etc.

Germany has no agriculture or oil or gases, which country runs on technology and patents, it require all cream population of the world, Many germans are rich due to inheritance but are not top educated and they have to fight with a PHD for a similar job on the other hand any international company will choose a person with a multicultural intelligence rather than a single minded native, also companies are loyal to no one they want to earn and get cheap labour.
Fact is, their are factors Germans self need to work upon is-
1. Gaining Multicultural Intelligence (Non - Stereotypical)
2. Stoping being proud of big companies such as Bayer or WV, these companies are loyal to no one.
3. Be loyal to your company, money is not always biggest factor.
4. Try to talk to more international people by not asking stereotypical questions such a do you eat dogs or i eat curry hahaha it sounds so stupid, try to know their history, background etc, blv me this will improve your Multi-Kulti skill which will benefit you in your international meetings,
4. Immigrants are not always poor they can be fucking rich and do bring money from their countries.


Anku 212 days ago

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