Seymour Gris: Germany's greedy churches



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A law requiring one to tell the Government their religion

At the back of my mind there I think we mght have read something in history class which could indicate this may not be a terribly good idea but right now I can't really put my finger on what it might have been ?

Mike more than 3 years ago


Assuming, for example, one has not registered on the forms as being part of any church (but you were baptized in your home country but do not practice the religion). If one were to apply for and official Kirchenaustritt and leave the church now would you still be responsible for paying Kirchensteuer for all the years you were working in Germany before you made it "official"?

AC more than 5 years ago

Not only Catholics or Protestants pay church tax

According to Wikipedia: the state is also collecting taxes for the following churches:
die Freireligiösen Gemeinden (Landesgemeinden Baden, Mainz, Offenbach und Pfalz) (Free Churches in those countries only)
die Unitarische Religionsgemeinschaft Freie Protestanten (free Unitarian Protestants)
die jüdischen Gemeinden (the Jewish Parish)
And I am missing a link to a quick exit: (unfortunately only in German but maybe google translate does the job).

Michael Schmitz more than 6 years ago

The German way

In the rest of the world, "there's an app for that". In Germany, "there's a form (and a fee) for that".

Richard Ure more than 6 years ago


Does the taxation also applies if you are not Romano Catholic but Orthodox ?

marius more than 6 years ago


Marius, no it only applies to Roman Catholics and Lutherans.

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago

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