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Love it!!

What a fresh perspective you bring to surviving as a single mum....

Erik Blomquist more than 11 years ago


Ya well, monkeys or not, Rico is too well balanced and happy for you to worry about Bad Mom shit.

farrfoto more than 11 years ago


Yeah I mentioned the word to a colleague the other day and she thought I was saying Porky-pine, she thought that was a hilarious word for them.

Amok more than 11 years ago


hey amok,
you coudn't find the monkeys because they weren't there! they all moved to the posh west when the wall came down. I mean all the orang utans and gorillas and stuff. there are some very tiny monkeys left in tierpark, but not proper ones.
porcupines is a great word. I didn't expect an animal when I first heard it and then googled it. stachelschwein is so straigth forward.

more than 11 years ago

Whatja gonna do?

Buy a TV so you can watch the football while they sleep, and then afterwards let them become Kika-addicted zombies? Or let them take part in wonderful cultural historical sporting event, albeit with slight disadvantage of a teeny-tiny sleep deprivation. Tis a dilemma!

Good Mum more than 11 years ago

Football matches

How about taking your seven year old to a football viewing till 10:30 before a school day? Good dad or bad dad?

Seymour more than 11 years ago

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