Red Flag: Union Busting in Berlin



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New day, new lazy post by Mr. Flakin. A well-researched article could have been written on the whole situation. But that would have required an author that knows how to read

Dante 18 days ago


My housemate works for gorillas, conditions are brutal and he had to take a week off for back pain from carrying heavy loads. Obviously you could not give a fu*k about people like him. Try reading the f*cking article before you comment ya lazy f*ck libtard (the frre market is gonna save us blah blah blah). The only thing thing the freemarket has given us is slave wages, a housing crisis, a global pandemic and is now pushing us to mass fu*king extinction through climate change.

Conchobar 7 days ago

they might change it all!

those strikes are new because these workers are not striking for more wag. General strike and political strike are (incredibly) illegal in Germany, but only because of a sentence. All strikes are allowed in Europe. The escalation of Gorilla is amazing because they are challenging this rubbish.

vanessa 18 days ago

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