Red Flag: Fighting eviction with H48




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Keep up the good work

I thought it was unfair for this article to only get insulting, not thought through comments from what I can only assume is a troll farm.

So I'm posting one encouraging one: keep calling out speculators and speaking out for the common folk/majority of renters!

The Cheshire Cat 51 days ago

Visited the H48 website

Ari, one of the squatters says "I love the comfort of my large flat, where I live alone"

Another says "I love my work commute, since my office is downstairs"

These are a bunch of people entitled without titles. Hope they get kicked out fast.

NIMBY 54 days ago

Nice Trash Pile

Oh God. Made the mistake to check their pictures.

That poor little girl, living in filth.

How are the social services not involved? The place looks like an health hazard.

Puking 53 days ago

Quality Journalism

This article: Rent bad uga buga

Clown 54 days ago

You are just a bunch of leftist senile anarchists

Sounds about right.

I don't see a problem here...

Conformist 54 days ago

In this article

A warden of the state rants about how he should become even MORE of a warden of the state.

We aren't your parents Nathaniel, we cannot continue sponsoring your lifestyle :)

Nathaniel's Mom Bank Account 54 days ago

Terrible Article

Even as an opinion read, these is awful. It's very difficult to understand what point the author is trying to make, other than disliking having to pay rent.

Facts are deformed and presented incorrectly. Does anyone at ExBerliner read what they publish?

One can be leftist and still make sense / be literate.

Mr. Mafioso 54 days ago

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