Jacob Sweetman: Hertha's dwindling belief in the monarchy



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Thanks Ian and Stephen (I think)

and of course to you Keßler. Admittedly there is a mistake in there about Lell, but to suggest an anti-Hertha bias from me is completely insane, and based on no facts whatsoever.
Perhaps you could explain to me where these mistakes are, and why the situation at Hertha is actually (to quote Toots and the Maytals) sweet and dandy. If not, then kindly piss off and buy the new issue of No Dice magazine, in which I have written several thousand complimentary words about Hertha, and many of them are about the man you are monikered for- Georg Keßler. I'm sure you can turn your critically discerning eye to them.... (thanks also for giving me the chance for a nice plug!). Jacob.

Sweetman more than 9 years ago

So Correct

Pretty valid report if you ask me. Hertha have taken 7 out of the last 30 points available to them. Contrast that record with that of Freiberg under Christian Streich and it is not too hard to see the point Mr Sweetman is making about both the team and management at Hertha.

Ian Robertson more than 9 years ago

So WRONG!!!!!!!111!!!!!

Hertha are the best team in the worldiverse.

Stephen more than 9 years ago


anti hertha bias. Keep writing about your favourites across the city. You no nothing about Hertha BSC. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WRONG.

Keßler more than 9 years ago

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