Seymour Gris: Hitler's long shadow



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Local media

You can hardly fault the foreign media. If you were to believe some locally-produced drivel (the TAZ springs to mind), there are neo-Nazi skinheads under every bed and lurking behind every street corner waiting for the chance to beat you up.

Andrew more than 11 years ago

Foxy Nazis

My Live8 coverage for the NY Daily News was cut to one line, as they had only sent me there hoping for a Neo-Nazi riot, but all there was was aggressive beach ball behavior.

D. Strauss more than 11 years ago

Crap good

Looking for some crap food? Here the worst restaurant in Berlin:

Seymour Gris more than 11 years ago

People flouting the smoking ban

Times have changed, when I did my internship at Guardian they told me to look out for stories on a) cool people living in Berlin b) cool DJs lving in Berlin c) cool artists living in Berlin d) cool polar bears living in Berlin and last BUT NOT the least e) Neo-Nazis. However at they asked me to fundamentally focus on stories about peope flouting the smoking ban and naked hikers. I hope that's cleared things up a little

Jacinta more than 11 years ago


I once worked for a German news agency in Britain and I was told to look out for stories about: 1) orthodontics 2) crap food 3) the Boer war 4) humour 5) Dresden

Never found any.

Konrad more than 11 years ago

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