John Riceburg: Failing Gina-Lisa Lohfink



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Thanks for this clear take on the case

According to Berliner Zeitung, solidarity with Gina Lisa makes you a false accuser. I kid you not. An expert who was supposed to judge wether Ms Lohfink was on drugs in the video raises questions like, why didn't she go to hospital the next day? Apart from the fact that asking these questions was not his job to begin with, it goes to show what kind of "experts" on sexual violence wash up in the German court system. These are the people who come up with the infamous and infuriating 80%- study which since has been quoted by German rape apologists everywhere: "She kept dating him, so she must have been lying. She wouldn't go through with the charges, so she must be lying. She didn't go to hospital right after so she must be lying. She had sex with him before, so she must be lying. (Uttered here, too, by judge or prosecution, one of the two). She had a happy relationship with someone shortly after, so she must be lying. She kept the baby so she must be lying. She doesn't mention the rape in her text message, so she must be lying. She is a sex worker so she must be lying." Those are this judicial system's experts. I am not one for violence, but if even renowned prosecutors publicly say if their daughter was raped, they would advise her not to charge for it would just be pointless additional trauma, what remains is either living as a victim or... well.

Kantorka more than 4 years ago

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