Jacob Sweetman: I actually don't hate Americans



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Kim Il Sportsdesk strikes again!

Well, with fewer fashion tips (don't wear a Dallas Cowboys shirt) and more obscure Greek deities (was v impressed with Moros) this could have been a contender. If only you weren't such a terrible communist stooge of course.

Also no matter what you think of Madonna and MIA (some of whom I have heard of) I have no doubt they are much, much, much better in every possible way than John Coltrane. Ghastly.

Ode to joy more than 9 years ago

Damn vuckin`right

Cheers Jacinta, I always though the same, and being a good englishman would always (still do) use the classic two finger salute. I thought I was dismayed about MIA joining in on a rip off of all of her songs to give some coolness by association to Madonna, but now I realise that it was just because she used the single finger. Sell out. Keep up the good work mate, Jake

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


was better than The Who a couple of years ago, but that ain't saying very much- They were abysmal. I dunno, she ticked all the right boxes for a superbowl show, but was disappointed to see MIA there at all, let alone the phony controversy stirring. In her favour, Madonna sure knows how to put a show on- and having sat through hours of men wrestling with each oother over a ball interspersed by a million adverts- Im not really in a position to say otherwise.

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


When I was a kid, I always thought the V-sign was for "fuck off" and the finger sign was for "fuck you." Read this article:


JACINTA more than 9 years ago

Ahh, clarification

Thanks to you, Jake, I now know that the Super Bowl was something more than just that "thing wrapped around M.I.A.'s middle finger". But you also have to admit Madonna's halftime show was actually freaking great, too!

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago

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