John Riceburg: I don't have a womb and even I'm pissed off!



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Would hate to break it to that woman

that Jesus doesn't exist.

joker more than 7 years ago

Yessss... all of this. And for those who wonder, yes, 218 still exists, it just isn't actively investigated anymore in the "usual" cases so you can get an abortion (within the first three months and after counseling and a three day waiting period) without going to prison even though it is not technically legalized. That's why you can't advertise it too.

Because as a foul compromise, they created this "grey" area to ease the old West and East German laws together - West: as above; East: legal within the first three months. And even that happened only when a phalanx of mostly women in the parliament ganged up and voted across party borders. Or was that in 1996, when this coalition of mostly women had to vote for the illegalization of rape in marriage, which was effectively legal up until then, because the majority of political parties couldn't be bothered to stand up for this?

- Add to that that the more you are marginalized or dependant, the harder it gets to get protection (teens, illegals, etc pp); that you have to privately pay for the pill etc pp (no insurance covers any contraceptives unless you are a minor getting the pill for medical reasons)...

The "grey area" thingie is, btw, an oftenfound thing in German law - see: gay marriage, which is no marriage at all but a "legal partnership". Hardly any gay couple gets to adopt btw.

Kantorka more than 7 years ago

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