I'm not offended if you buy my drink!



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just commenting to balance out the negative comments

finally someone says it! I was so glad reading this. Every point you say! I mean wtf: you belittle women, you don't fight for them in real life (like when did men protest for more Kita-Plätze and equal pay I don't remember), you don't fight toxic masculinity hence patriarchy, you earn more, don't get asked if you are planning on children at the job interview yet you fucking dare not to offer to pay for me? To everyone saying chill: I am offended and threatend and marginalized by patriarchy every day and I won't ever stop making men pay for it.

yes i know im right 110 days ago

Get some facts

"the fact that it is always – and let me repeat ALWAYS – the woman who stays home when a kid gets sick?"

Just because YOUR ex-husband never stayed at home? Why don't you get a reality check before making such claims

Person 129 days ago


why are you allowing this to be published, exberliner? This was painful to read. Seriously. Very backwards and totally unhelpful.

Another adult woman 140 days ago


You got point, if they earn 30 porcent more and we want equal rights, they should pay more the bill.

camila 143 days ago

Get some facts

Actually, when men and women with the same qualifications do the same work, the pay gap almost disappears to 2%: https://www.payscale.com/data/gender-pay-gap. We've pretty much got equal rights.

The key is to back yourself and call out genuine discrimination when it happens, instead of whinging, whining and feeling sorry for yourself because you're unhappy!

Mythbuster 142 days ago

Don't take candy from strangers

A date is someone you don't know very well. Once you get to know that person that may become the case. Walking into an encounter with assumptions of an individuals salary based on gender is pretty closed minded and sexist in itself.

Adam 142 days ago


Wow very strong blog. Certainly where I am concerned I have no problem buying a girl some drinks. But it is always nice if I have bought a few drinks that they would offer to buy a round back. I do know that the feminist movement in Germany is strong and that's great actually of course.

Oh and it should be pointed out that I don't live in Germany :). I will be there for a visit soon and if I bump into you, as I know how small Berlin is so this is very likely, drinks on me!

Ant from Ireland 144 days ago


This is a seriously toxic attitude to have. An ugly, childish mix of entitlement and self-righteousness. Think whatever you want about Sven, I really don't see how it's his responsibility to buy you a drink because you're unhappy with your life.

Ps. I'm a woman.

Adult 146 days ago



Jennie 144 days ago


Calm down!

uwe 138 days ago

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