“I stand with Hengameh.”



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You must be aware that's a misogynistic slur? I'm appalled and maybe nobody cares but think for a bit how often you hear that word describe a man unironically. A woman is "bitchy", a man is "opinionated"; nonbinary notwithstanding as you showed how you feel about that when you used this word.

Nemo 15 hours ago

Thank you!

Thank you Jacinta for explaining this situation, and for translating the original article by Hengameh Yaghoobifarah. I will go and read it now. I'm disappointed by the other comments that have been left here, I had expected a better from Ex-Berliner readers, but it also proves your point completely.

Karen 15 days ago


Good God, what a bunch of drivel. Hengameh is a privileged middle class whino and whiter than Michael Jackson. She is hawking the chip on her shoulder to foster her career as an angry black man. Btw, the minister is not pressing charges.

Samantha 18 days ago


Thanks Samantha for you words of reason and one can use the same words for the author herself. This is not the GDR and no one is locking you behind the Anti-Fascist wall here in Germany. If it really is so racist you are free to leave- goodbye

Kropotkin 17 days ago

classic white supremacist

"you dont like it here ? go back to where you came form."
never mind you get to complain all you want and no one will ever tell you Geh nach Hause.
Deal with the criticism, the content, try to engage in conversation ( I knoooow, sooo difficuuuult...!) instead of just dismissing people and their opinions

privileged white male 14 days ago

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