Intellectuals in the time of Corona



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profound lack of empathy

A sports friend told me back in March 2020 that "who cares, just old people and sick people will die". He said this not wearing a mask and standing too close to me as I kept trying to move back and back from his water droplets. I said, "I LIKE OLD PEOPLE!!!!!" He laughed and didn't say anything. I did not mention that despite seeming young and healthy I have an immune system disorder. It simply illustrated the inability to consider any one else's life situation.

Fountain of youth 141 days ago

This proofs it again

You are so hopelessly dumb as you are ugly. You fucking disgust me.

That German 'intellectual' was right, you dull, vain, adipose bitch. Kritisches Denken liegt dir wohl nicht so, hm? Mindebemittelter Abschaum.

KlötusPerserus 141 days ago

Much ado about nothing

What is going on with the hysterical press and media. Go take a look at the Office for National Statistics web site and check out seasonal flu deaths. Corona is truly, truly insignificant.

Brian R more than 1 year ago


Hippies are notoriously crypto-Fascist. "Karma" is, after all, the most cheerful doctrine of victim-blaming ever conceived ("those concentration-camp inmates must have had it coming to them") and Hippies just love invoking it. Years ago, I had a mega-Hippie yoga-teaching girlfriend who was all het up about the travails of Tibet, but when I had just got news that an old friend had been killed in the night-club bombing in Bali, this same Hippie said (direct quote): "Shit happens."

I mean, look no further than the fact that an International symbol of Hippiedom was the VW Beetle, right? Think about it...

Steven Augustine more than 1 year ago


... for the "German Intellectuals". Could it be that Berlin is a little more immune to the hysteria-inducing propaganda most consumers seem to find so tasty, in the West, because the "German Intellectual" culture can still, on some level, remember the OTT propaganda campaigns of the 1930s? We Yanks and Brits are just so pathetically *trusting* of our Govs and their Propaganda Organs, eh? I can still remember the Refugee Hysteria of a few years back... when Reactionary YouTube had declared Kottie (across which I was walking every day) a refugee-infested no-go zone: beatings, stabbings, wild packs of strange-gods-worshipping youths: pure hype. Ditto the Zika scare. The Ebola scare. The H1N1 scare. And all the scares to come.

Insanity is defined by some as doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result. But that's a pretty good definition of Late Stage Social Media Capitalism, isn't it?

"Nothing makes me feel less like a German intellectual than the German intellectuals' extreme indifference to the Corona bug."

And nothing makes *you* seem sillier in comparison?

Steven Augustine more than 1 year ago

No, you aren't better

No, Germans are not better for not caring if many people die.

history 141 days ago

World in despair

Detoxing huh? No matter how some old people might be bitchy and a pain in the ass, fact is we still love them and want them alive. And I don't know if this is funny or simply sarcastic. Sorry you met the section of Germans who are fascist. There are a section who are simply sweet.

Isaac more than 1 year ago

Intellectual or just well-informed?

Those are not even the right symptoms. If you’re going to panic, at least be informed. Maybe therein lies the rub

amanda more than 1 year ago

Well put!

I know this feeling of being made to seem - through these ultra-rational comments on the situation - almost naively caring and compassionate! It also seems so odd when otherwise Germans are otherwise so focused on health matters...

Jenny more than 1 year ago


What an enjoyable writer are you, Jacinta! Very talented. But, please, do not generalize, as you seem to do. Not all Germans, not even German intellectuals, not even many German are like your two characters. Facebook yesterday was full of interviews of young Neapolitaners who said very similar things. Would you think that all Neapolitans are fascist?
Anyway: write, write, write: you have a real talent.

Piero more than 1 year ago


There is nothing talented about her writing. What the hell is wrong with you?

Unfassbar 🙈

KlötusPerserus 141 days ago

Corona and the intel's

Jacinta, I really enjoyed that read! I'm one of these boring German mums - and, to be honest, all the thoughts you describe in yourself and Natascha and Kristen have crossed my very own mind. It's kind of hard to figure out for oneself what actually is at stake - and like so oftentimes, the truth is probably somewhere halfway forwards. Statistically, risk IS really low of a) getting an infection with serious symptoms, and b) even if you (or me, I'm 40) get COVID-19, the statistical risk of dying is even lower. But that should certainly not free us from the responsibility against those who are more at risk, i.e. older people and those with chronic conditions (yep, not only cancer!). I guess what these moms do is just some sort of avoidance-tactic so that they don't have too much to think about it. Thinking about it, denial is a great strategy! ;-) Unless you get sick. Anyway - I just wanted to try to give another perspective - on the matter, but also on the German mums :-) (Oh, and: I didn't stock up on anything. I do have stocks for a few days anyways. But I do wash my hands more often. And sneeze in my elbow. And … OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GO FIND A DOCTOR!!!!)

Ninjamom more than 1 year ago


They are just a lot smarter than you are because they have not refused their entire life long to think for themselves.

Du hohle Schlampe

KlötusPerserus 141 days ago

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