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she obviously just needs more sex

Chilling Con Carne more than 11 years ago

jesus... chill out and learn some skills

could the author of this "article" (which is being way too generous due to the really poor structure, writing, creativity, flow and grammar) be any more whiny and bitchy? Good god... you are trying too hard to rant... its not even remotely funny... I just cant take these small time volunteer written, street papers seriously.

DaMan more than 11 years ago

German TV

What about those Tv shows where you have to guess the name of a German town like B*n* or something you drive on called A*t*b**n and the girls keep on taking their clothes off and like shrieking a lot and they're really non-sexy and Berlin-baker about it, only they're half-naked? They are BRILLIANT. I always thought (actually it wasn't my idea) that it would make a great play, one of those shows, seven tarty Berlin girls sitting around shrieking and waiting

Jacinta more than 11 years ago


I thought Cerman Television SUCKED when I only got three German, one Turkish and one American military channel. Now the talking heads have multiplied and become even more stupifying. The telephone sex adds are atleast direct. And lastly, I have seriously laughed my ass of with German friends over the years; the can be humorous. Most of the funny Germans I know now are english speakers...I wonder if that makes it easier to find their humor wave length?

farrfoto more than 11 years ago


Really enjoyed your last two pieces here. I have been puzzling over the telly-biz for a few months, but there is much humor in the german print press. Or at least my broken translation makes it funny.

sepoy more than 11 years ago


I totally agree - the germans are hilarious! Sometimes I can't decide if they're trying to be funny though.

Jane more than 11 years ago

Wetten Dass

I really enjoyed Kevin Costner singing on Wetten Dass.

Larry more than 11 years ago

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