Jacob Sweetman: Boateng down the doors



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Sam Bavin more than 8 years ago


I've been holding silence for some time now but, having seen that Ruud Van Nistelrooy line, I can do so no longer. Jason, this blog's great. Massive props.

Sam Bavin more than 8 years ago

Great blog

I agree, after that move he can smash as many cars as he wants.

Z more than 8 years ago

Yeah, I know the legends

, and I know he's relevant to berlin for many people (actually the only single song of his i like was made here, "sound and vision"), but that whole scene just stinks to me. Junkie always shit Bowie with Junkie used to be good Pop. Chuck in junkie used to be good Reed too if you like. Give me Ideal every time.

Anyway, what about the Van Nistelrooy line? Ive never been so proud of myself

Sweetman more than 8 years ago

Bowie on Ku'damm

Legend has it that David Bowie rammed his drug dealer's car on Ku'damm with his own car while cruising with Iggy Pop.

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

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