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read the article please. Nowhere do i condone violence. Nowhere do I imply that fan culture is in any way, shape or form related to violence. Just read it man (woman, arse, whatever)

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


While war tormented the world, Rio de Janeiro’s dailies announced a London-style bombing on the pitch of the club Bangu. In the middle of 1943 , a match was to be played against Sao Cristovao, and Bangu’s fans planned to send four thousand fireworks aloft, the largest bombardment in the history of football.
When the Bangu players took the field and the gunpowderthunder and lightning began, Sao Cristovao’s coach locked his players in the dressing room and stuck cotton-wool in their ears. As long as the fireworks lasted, and they lasted a long time, the dressing room floor shook, the walls shook and the players shook too, all of them huddled with their heads in their hands, teeth clenched, eyes screwed shut, convinced that the world war had come home. They were still shaking when they stepped onto the field. Those who weren’t epileptic must have had malaria. The sky was black with smoke. Bangu creamed them.
A short while later, there was to be a game between the Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo teams. Once again, war clouds threatened and the dailies predicted another Pearl Harbour, a siege of Leningrad and other cataclysms. The Paulistas knew that the loudest bang ever heard awaited them in Rio. Then the Sao Paulo coach had a brainwave: instead of hiding in the dressing room, his players would take the fiald at the same time as the Cariocas. That way instead of scaring them, the bombardment would be a greeting.
And that’s what happened, only Sao Paulo lost anyway, 6-1.

Football in Sun and Shadow 1988

No Dice more than 9 years ago

Condoning violence?

People like you seem all too happy to condone violence in soccer stadiums. And what for? All in the name of "fan culture"? I think that you need to get over yourself. Criminals should be banned from soccer. Period. Though that may leave the stadiums empty ;)

Brrrrlin more than 9 years ago


Excellent article, Jacob! In Britain successive governments have chipped away at the collective glue which holds us together and makes life more bearable (and fun) to the point where we'll all end up just sitting in front of screens. Good job we've got you and Ken Loach to remind us what's important. He might have been miserabalist, but his more recent films have been more celebratory and cheerful - The Angel's Share is a hoot (though I could have done with subtitles as it's in Glaswegian). Go and see it!

la pasionaria more than 9 years ago

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