Jacob Sweetman: Reflections on Neukölln and Oldkölln



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We all know that kebabs were really invented by Jesus in the little reported miracle of the feeding of the several when they were far too pissed to make a sensible decision about what to eat and were happy to shovel any old crap down as long as it was smothered in chilli sauce.

Its somewhere in the apocrypha I think.

Ode to joy more than 8 years ago

the outside look from an insider

As someone who lived in Neukölln for almost 10 years until I moved away, thank you for capturing exactly what I loved about this part of Berlin. The friendly roughness, those places where people from different social or national backrounds, live the live beside each other and in the best moments recognize each other as neighbors and share a moment, some words in the waiting line of the Döner place, over a beer outside the gas station at Sonnenallee or on the stairs in the house.

I miss those days. I miss the old Neukölln, while I recognize, that change is not always bad, and I myself was probably a part of gentrification. I miss the people, the old drunk fars at the Hertha Kneipe, that put down the flag for a couple weeks, when Hertha got relegated to 2nd league, the tattoo studio guy who told war stories from his old biker times, the old jewish man who was about 150 years old always who alway said Hi when we sat and drank our beer and everyday declined the invitation to a beer with a smile.

It's just a small article but it made me remember, thank you for that.

And please just ignore Lulus comment. Don't feed the troll. Döner Kebab got reinvented in Berlin. And yes, it's not the point of the article.

PS: See you at the derby. I hope you are ready to sing your lungs out.

bhrgero more than 8 years ago

@ Lulu

Okay, re-invented. Happy? I didnt refer to Turkish people living in Berlin, I referred to some Turkish guys in one kebab place in berlin. If this is ignorance than I'm very sorry, but you appear to have missed the point entirely.

sweetman more than 8 years ago

what an ignorant article

Doner kebab wasnt invented in Berlin. You could perhaps say "re-invented" (that's because of the sauces they use), but certainly not "invented". I do not know about which kebab shop you went to, but the Turkish people living in Germany usually support Germany unless Turkey is playing in a match.

Lulu more than 8 years ago

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