Jacob Sweetman: The danger of the Youtube boob-show



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I did roll out that classic

many times. Unfortunately it seems that Tijani's youtube clips showed what a beautiful footballer he could be, but not that he was a character that, for whatever reason, didnt fit into the dressing room. Still gutted about him actually, but I think Özbek will do better.

Sweetman more than 8 years ago

That being said...

"The fact that Özbek got 16 caps for the German under-21's and is a Turkish double winner would imply that some of those who actually know the game rate him as a player of considerably more skill than the video equivalent of a cheap bar slagging off would suggest."

I guess you could always roll out the classic "But Tijani Belaid used to play for Inter Milan" line against that one, but I'm still excited about seeing the lad play.

Sohn der Medway more than 8 years ago

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