Jacob Sweetman: The Dutch and the Deutsch



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I agree

@ Ian, yeah mate, its not the same as it was- and is worth as well remembering that in San Siro that day were 3 AC players playing for Holland (at home) and 3 Inter players playing for Germany (at home). It was a derby within a derby, so there was always going to be a bit kmore needle. Last night would have been better if Holand didnt play a scared child at left back too. germany roll on.

sweetman more than 8 years ago

Blood and Snotters

Nice article article. I was listening to Simon Kuiper on the radio this morning and he was suggesting that things had moved on from what our tabloids would have probably dubbed "phlemgate". Apparently the two nations are more in harmony these days and that those who were hoping to see a full blooded derby game similar to the Poland v Russia game are in for a disappointment. Pity.

Ian Robertson more than 8 years ago

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