Jacob Sweetman: We're so petty, oh so petty...




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Blatant prejudice

And yet... you continue to foster hatred and intolerance with your loathsome attitudes towards Eurovision, the one force capable of bringing us all together as one. Admittedly not in this piece, thus making me another tragic internet obsessive banging on about something irrelevant but, still, you know what I mean.

As for the west of East Anglia, it is indeed a dump. Bury, Wisbech, Ely, if they were all wiped out by an asteroid no-one would even notice, much less care.

Ode to joy more than 7 years ago

East / West

Maybe "fought" was the wrong word, but I still find it interesting how some people cling on to these borders that were, certainly, mostly hated for as long as they were there. Maybe that is just an Engliish perception though. Anyway Cheers Informer and Phil for your comments, always appreciated. Jacob.

Sweetman more than 7 years ago

East / West

Hi Jake, nice piece even though I have to admit that I do disagree with that line: >> ... when it comes to an East/West divide that people fought, together, for so long to get rid of...<<. If I remember correctly almost nobody in East or West "fought the divide", people on both side of the wall tried to live with or ignore it rather until it came down more suprisingly.

informer more than 7 years ago

Great stuff

Brilliant writing Jake

Philip more than 7 years ago

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