Jacob Sweetman: All work and no play...



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I love these sporting discussions

Meercats are, indeed, a pretty good call. They are both sarcastic and camp, but I raise you the humble giraffe. Okay, they're not very sarcastic (though dont sit at the dinner table with one, few can chew out of the side of their mouths with such disdain for their company), but they are very camp. From the bandy legged gate and the gucci print skin to those never ending luscious (fake?) eyelashes. It's all about the giraffes.

Sweetman more than 7 years ago

You think fiddler crabs are bad?

Though if there were comments to be made by an animal that was both thoroughly sarcastic and camp it would be a meerkat. Holding its paws as though about to say 'Ooh, get you, handbags at dawn'.

Ode to joy more than 7 years ago

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