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Perhaps it's a matter of classification. To my mind, Anti-semitism, hatred and all forms of discrimination are not primarily political, but MORAL issues. Politics is just the way in which we set about organizing our polity. Fighting matters of factional interest in areas such as footbal dosen't serve the interests of what is essentially a private realm. Morality, questions of right and wrong on the other hand, belong in every sphere of life. So let's stop thinking Right / Left and start thinking right and wrong. This immediately counters any claims of politicizing innocent pasttimes.

Andrew Smith more than 9 years ago

is everything political?

Perhaps it's a question of classification. To my mind, racism, hatred, anti-semitism, discrimination etc. are MORAL questions, which are sometimes politiized. We too often forget that morality stands above politics football and what have you, and as a result, should take precedence in these areas. Forget politics - all it is is the way in which we want to organize a polity - and think man, women, right, wrong.

Andrew Smith more than 9 years ago

everything's political

Of course football's political....as is everything else. Don't be fooled when they tell you" to keep poltics out of it"..sport, education, health care etc etc etc. The very statement is a political act. Fascism needs to be fought on all fronts. Rosa Luxemburg, quoting Lassalle, said "ist und bleibt die revolutionaerste Tat, immer 'das laut zu sagen, was ist". Keep going, Jacob. No pasaran!

la pasionaria more than 9 years ago

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