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Nike is hitting a nice punchline here. Don't get me wrong, the graffiti was my favourit and I hate not seeing it anymore. It filled souls. Gave strengt... but....
If you look closer, you won't see two brasilian player.
You will see two halfbrothers...
Two professional soccer player from the same mother, but different fathers.
One, which grew up in the "ghettoish" Kreuzberg the other in clean Charlottenburg.
One is the calm nice guy playing for Bayern Munich and Germany: Jerome Boateng.
The other the ruff guy who is famous for not being so conform, playing for Schalke and Ghana: Kevin Prince Boateng.
Both together are used by the media in germany to represent the bottom and the top of society.

me myself and i more than 7 years ago


okay.. lets nut say "nice".. take "not so bad as in the first moment" instead... ;)

me again more than 7 years ago


Well don't I look stupid, I hadn't actually paid enough attention to notice it was the Brothers Boateng, thanks for pointing it out. And you are exactly right about their use in the media, too... kevin was never forgiven for crunching Michael ballack and for choosing Ghana over Germany.

is there a Niko Kovac one?

Sweetman more than 7 years ago


or a Thomas Hitzelsberger? ;)

myself more than 7 years ago


of course... black = brazilian ;) ... nevermind their jerseys..

and i more than 7 years ago

Embrace change

I have to say it looks much better now ... And I've never bought a Nike sneaker in my life. Who can say that of himself ... And just because you don't want things look too commercial in your neighbourhood doesn't mean your not part of it all.

Uwe Stöpfner more than 7 years ago


aaaw sorry , but the conservative article is missing the point ,,,,
its not nike , nor adidas or some big brand who`s destroying local neighbourhoods ,,,,

its your best friends hustlin for mo money , renting out once cheap apartments airbnb style to stack quick cash ......
fuck change ! thats an eloquant comment .....

tom more than 7 years ago

great article

Mr. Sweetman...now pass me a Bucket full of blood red paint !

Monkeymen Int more than 7 years ago

"Riskier Alles"

"Riskier Alles". Seems to be the personal slogan of Fifa and many local politicians too.

Jeff more than 7 years ago

Spot on

Fuck Nike. Is that an eloquant enough comment?

Sean more than 7 years ago

Don't just fuck it

boycott it

Maurice T Frank more than 7 years ago

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