Jacob Sweetman: Swimming against the tide




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maybe its the flagwaving circlejerk that tempers my enjoyment of the BBC coverage a little. It was just that lline "no one deserves it more" about a swimmer who came fourth that really bugged me. I like the personal stories to the olympics, and undoubtedly when someone has worked their arse off for four years they deserve credit*- but it shouldnt be forgotten that it is, after all, a race to see who is fastest, not who swam in the shallowest sandpit as an impoverished child.
*or in the case of Michael phelps four years ago, he deserved to smoke a joint in the wake of the greatest week in olympic history, and not to be pilloried by the entirity of the American press for setting a bad example to our children (won't somebody think of the children)

Sweetman more than 9 years ago


Not so sure that anyone thinks that Claire balding is a national treasure but for what it's woth I think that the BBC HAS done a pretty good job covering these games

Ian Robertson more than 9 years ago


I believe the correct party line is that the BBC has done great and Claire Balding is now a national treasure. Which is nice. If you like that sort of thing.

Ode to joy more than 9 years ago

Schadenfreude Rules

They just want to thank their lucky stars that they are not Australian. They'd be about as welcome as a case of Ebola back in Sydney. The Aussie press makes the "Sun" look like a paragon of balanced reason when commenting on their sporting failures.

Ian Robertson more than 9 years ago

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