Jacob Sweetman: The new race for space



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Stick to the topic in hand...

Jakey boy was letting Eurovision off lightly. A complete and utter farcical vacuous tour de shite. I can point out Baku and Malmö on a map despite having nil interest in that backscratching jingoistic horsetrade. Stick it up your grand prix and enjoy the delights of the Berliner Bezirksliga instead.

Helmut Honecker more than 7 years ago


Typical Eurovision bashing. Did you watch the glorious event this year? No? The year before? Can you point to Baku on a map? Or even Malmo? You should be ashamed sportsdesk, ashamed! And, as Eurovision teaches us, there is more to life than competition; true glory (like Eurovision) also requires an element of co-operation.

I trust this has set you right and there will be no more of this sort of thing.

Ode to joy more than 7 years ago

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