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too many matches

Freiheitsweg was Regionialliga venue in the late 1990s. The sweet smell comes from a chocolate factory in Wittenau, some say. In the olden days (before 1989) this sweet taste of freedom came across to us in Wilhelmsruh and Pankow quite often. - Nonetheless, altthough I prefer club over country anyway, there a more useless fixtures in the calender for the "national" teams (let us call them FA-selections rather), e.g. in August, June or February. The problem is this inflation of qualification matches in Europe, the the FA invited to join UEFA will be Kosovo soon. Will Mr. Platini ever scrap the format the World Cup/European Championship qualifiers are beeing played?

informer more than 8 years ago


Informer, maybe I am mate. You can tell by the way the sun bounces of the phlegm dangling in my hair. I knew I sjould have double checked the Reinickendorf stadium namme. I've only been there twice, and missed the firrst ten minutes both times because i got lost... Why does Reinickendorf smell of cocoa, by the way?

Sweetman more than 8 years ago

does it matter

Are you Rudi Voeller, whinning about a international friendly, huh? There other year the German selection have beaten the dutch 3-0. It mattered. - liberty or peace is mattering too, anyway: Freiheitsweg, not Friedenstadion.

informer more than 8 years ago

wotchit, sonny

Good article, but why oh why oh why do you have to be so anti old ladies? Ageism and sexism at a stroke. Just watch it, sonny.

la pasionaria more than 8 years ago

spot on

That's exactly what I said. And I stand by it. Look at the table, for goodness' sake! FOUR POINT SEPARATE FIRST AND NINTH! Crazy.

(Although, have a look a Zlatan's goal last night. It was better than most goals in the Berlin-Liga. http://youtu.be/EQhuE3b_GBU )

Stephen more than 8 years ago

As the stones said..

"baby, youre out of time".. Well, as much as i like to be called baby, its not that likely it was aimed at me, but this was written, obviously, yesterday before the friendlies took place. A technological error meant we have only just been able to post it. It was obvioulsy also before Zlatan decided to make my words about boring friendlies about as prescient as a Joe Hart headed clearance from outside the box. Still, at

Sweetman more than 8 years ago

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