Jane Silver: Finding Jesus in a food desert



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Over the other side

There is very respectable Thai in the Big Mama hotel off Koloniestraße. Cafe Pförtner at the uferhallen is lovely, and the Deutscheküche at Uferlos is good. Not to mention the awesomeness of Volta at Voltastraße U. Decent real Italian coffee at Milanese Del Tacco on Stettiner Straße.

Mai more than 7 years ago

*mumble mumble*

Where are Korea Haus and Da Baffi actually located then...?

Lorenzo Tubertini more than 7 years ago


ahhh, Neuköllners who come once a year to Wedding ;) next year try Pierogarnia for Polish (Turinerstr.), Ya Karim for Lebanese (U-bhf Seestrasse), Rebel Room for burgers (crossing Seestrasse/Müllerstrasse), Schraders on Malplaquettestrasse for everything (from great brunch to good quality cocktails in the middle of the night), and for coffee Tassenkuchen or Gilmore's Cafe (Rehberge) :)

sanni more than 7 years ago

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